SlamToons Creative Captions Contest

12/19/2008 - last update

Match your wit and sarcasm with others by adding your captions to the following Slamtoons. Click an image to proceed.

The Mormon Temple Sword.
The Mormon Temple Sword
Lady Godiva and Helaman.
Godiva and Helaman
Moroni twin trumpets - Two Moroni's = Moronus.
Moroni Twin Trumpets
Jeffrey Holland speakking in tongues with his tongue.
Speaking of tongues
Gordon B Hinckley, Boyd K Packer and Thomas S Monson carry Penis Pedistal.
The Priesthood Pedestal
Gordon B Hinckley and Thomas S Monson sing togehter.
Monson and Hinckley Sing
Gordon B Hinckley's card.
President Hinckley's Card
Gordon B Hinckley and Mark Hofmann 20 year reunion.>
Hofmann Hinckley 20 Year Reunion
Boyd K Packer and Sheri Dew model mormon garments.
Boyd and Sheri
Hill Cumorah action.
Action at the Hill Cumorah
Joseph Smith tar and feather.
Tar & Feather Action
Thomas S Monson and the Pope.
Thomas Monson and Pope Benedict XVI
Boyd K Packer, George Bush and the Pope.
Pope Paul, Boyd Packer, Laura and George Bush - Lying in State

Hitler, Hinckley & Packer
Boyd K Packer and Sigmund Freud.
Sigmund and Boyd
The Mormon Missionary accident.
The Accident
Mormon men in white.
Men in White
The eye.
The Eye
Gordon B Hinckley and Larry King live.
Gordon Hinckley
on Larry King Live
Mormon missionary blinders.
The Mormon Blinders
First presidency and Relief Society mixer.
The First Presidency
Relief Society Mixer
The First Presidency Speaks
By the usual sign.
By the Usual Sign
Joseph Smith preaching to the Lamanites.
Joseph Smith
Preaching to the Lamanities
Mormon elders in naked truth.
The Naked Truth
Boyd K Packer and Thomas S Monson at nude beach.
Monson and Packer
The Sands of the Sea
Mark Hofmann, Gordon Hinckley and Boyd Packer.
Mark Hofmann Among Mormon Prophets
Sure sign of the nail.
Sure Sign of the Nail
and the Morgbots
Gordon B Hinckley crazy like Noah.
Hinckley Noah

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