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Once a public relations giant, BYU football, now ranked second to worst in it's division...guess it still their fruits you shall know them. - 11/02/2002 - from P.T. Brigham

Harry Potter, Anna of Green Gables and The New Era

08/11/2001 - from Hank

I read this article in the New Era, why I don't know, it had a picture of a cute teenage girl and it was just sitting there in the foyer. anyway it was about this little girl with a big imagination who got scared when she was left home alone. She tried television and a few other things. then she started reading her scriptures and BINGO she feels good. Not aftaid any more. The scriptures, a spiritual lifeline.

Why doesn't someone get that child a copy of Anna of Green Gables or something like that to read? Not Harry Potter, too wierd and might really upset her. Definitely not this website. Might cause a total cerebral melt down. It would be like putting a gun to her silly head and pulling the trigger. Bang! she might wake up in....REALITY???

10/17/2000 - anon
Okay, here's the story: a young girl volunteering to give blood thinks she is going to die in the process. A touching lesson in faith and sacrifice; only the heroine is a Soviet schoolgirl giving blood for the Red Army in WWII. I about died when I learned from Russian friends that this version of the cherished LDS story was part of their indoctrination in school at the height of the cold war. Those copy-cat Mormons: even their "faith-promoting rumors" are plagiarized.

10/05/2000 - L. Snell, Sacramento, CA
A logical mind will reason that one CANNOT be at home reading a book to one's child while simultaneously attending a teacher's meeting, setting up for a conference, making props for a play, going to the temple, writing in one's journal, doing one's genealogy, canning peaches, picking up investigators to take to a meeting, baking cookies, leading scouts (no homosexuals allowed, except those gutless enough to remain in the closet where they belong, of course!), making one's own clothing, mending other's clothing so it may be worn longer, having the missionaries over for dinner, reading the latest SNOOZEFEST by the "Prophet", Reading the latest DRIVEL in the Ensign, Reading the mindless PABLUM in the Gospel Essentials or whatever the hell it's called (traumatic memory loss, I suppose), helping out at Deseret Industries, going on interviews to see if you are "good enough" to go to the temple, talking to your neighbor about (not God, but) the "Church of Latter-day Ain'ts, and OH YEAH, putting in 40 plus hours so you can pay your bills.

01/22/2000 - Kira
I was disgusted this morning when I turned on my television to watch cartoons with my children and this commercial came on with this adorable little girl asking her daddy to read her a story. I watched in fascination ( what the heck is this...?) and at the end came the answer. It was a MORG commercial. They really want us. And they'll do whatever they can to get to us, even showing cute little commercials that sell the idea that the church will make your father want to read a book to you and be around more. What a crock of sh**!

When my husband and I were active members of the church we were expected to go out almost every night of the week (except Mondays OF COURSE!) I always had a problem with this. I was very clingy during those time, but who wouldn't be? I was constantly being bombarded with this image of what I was supposed to be like (molly). Which was the opposite of what I really was. Yikes! Anyway, it really ticked me off that the MORG is trying to get at my (and yours too, if you have any) through these hideous lies.

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