The Foyer

LDS Mormon foyer whisper.LDS Mormon foyer whisper.LDS Mormon foyer whisper.LDS Mormon foyer whisper.

Want to find out what is really going inside The Church Formerly Known As Mormon? Forget about The Ensign, The Church News and General Conference! Join us in the foyer, where all the latest inside news and gossip awaits you. Enquiring minds and testimonies want to know. Many contributors to this section also post on the Recovery from Mormonism bulletin board.

Resignations & Excommmunications Former Mormons share official LDS correspondence to and from.
Apostles' Paystubs How much do the "servants of the Lord" get paid?
Attendance How many really attend "soul saving" meetings?
At The Feet of the Prophets Forget the PR propganda, let's get real.
Bishops From Hell Holy horror stories from the bishop's office!
Bogus Baptisms Creative ways to dunk the converts and pad the reports
Budgeting For The Poor and Needy How much of the billion dollar budget really goes to for humanitarian aid?
BYU Bruh Hah Hahs Contention at the Lord's University
The BYU DNA Genealogy Project So where are those Lamanite genes anyway?
The Church Education System Priestcraft, politics and power plays among administrators of Seminary and Institute.
The Church Handbook of Instructions The Law Mo-Says in action.
Church Publications The Ensighn, The New Error, The Fiend, The Church Snooze and
Church Security Modern day Danites and gum shoes.
Conspiracy Theories in Mormonism Secret Combinations behind the Zion Curtain.
Correspondence with GA's Letters to and from General Authorities.
Elect Family Tree How To Inherit The Kingdom of God On Earth And In Heaven
Ensign Peaks Advisors Controlling the billions in LDS assets.
Facts and Figures of the Kingdom Apply your celestial slide rule and calculator here.
Fellowshipping Fiascos When friendshipping backfires.
Homes & Voter Registrations of the Apostles How many live west of State Street and how do they vote?
Gay and Lesbian Relatives of the G.A.'s A double bind for the families?
Jackson County - New Jerusalem The New Jerusalem development? What's happening now.
The Masons and the Mormons Can you belong to both? What similarities?
Mass Membership Resignations How many are officially leaving the fold?
Misbehaving Mishies Tilted Halos R Us
Missionary Mischief Scandalous photos from "the field"
Mission Presidents From Hell Survival stories from mishie boot camp.
Mormon Mainstreaming Drowning in the riff raff river of religion.
Now Let's Be Nice The nicer you are the more Mormon you are.
Porno For Sale At Deseret Book Support a missionary, buy smut.
Rants Ranting and renting of garments here. Holy tirades.
Seminary Teachers From Hell Turning the youth's brains into mush.
Tattoos & Piercings Righteous Mormon body art really rocks!
Tithing Tales The Windows of Heaven or Hell?
The Ward From Hell As the Ward Turns - Celestial Soap Operas
Word of Wisdom How wise was Joseph Smith?

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