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Humorous Sites

The Book of Zelph Another Testament of The Book of Mormon - translated by Josh Anderson - 2005

Xcommunicated Mormons Drinking Team Why have just one?

South Park "All About Mormons" episode - aired November 2003 - reviewed by Deconstructor

Anti-Mormon Training Center by PhilosopherExMo

Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin

www.fannyalger.com - Gospel-porno-punk-southern-fried-lava-rock entertainment group

LDS Skinny Dipper Connection Families Forever, Naked and Not Ashamed

Not A Mormon.com Bulletin board and more for Never-Mormons and Ex-Mormons wanting to connnect in response to the predominant culture of Utah

The Mormon Name Generator - They're a funny old bunch, those latter day saints.

Jaron's Whacky Tales - Funny novels about Mormon culture.

Famous Mormons The famous and the infamous.

The Sugar Beet The LDS version of The Onion.

International Sites

Kolob Expositor Symposion - German language Ex-Mormon issues, gatherings and humor.

Media and Music Sites

Mormon Girl Preaching Punk , a rock band with a "special" new name.

You may listen to The Apostate Mormon Show which is web cast from Free Thought Radio. Click on the link and find the show in the daily schedule.

MTV's Julie - BYU Coed on Real People

Serious and Sober Sites

Formons http://formons.blogspot.com A place for those leaving Mormonism - Former Mormons

Gordon B. Hinckley and the Mormon Faith www.gordonhinckley.org Leading or Misleading? - 2006

Pull your questions off TheShelf.com A site for exploring the traditional questions of Mormon History and Doctrine. The Mormon Truth Alliance: Exposing the evils of Mormonism!

The Truth About Mormons The Mormon Truth Alliance: Exposing the evils of Mormonism!

Latter Gay Saint A compendium of thoughts, experiences and observations of a gay ex-Mormon

Miroer Press- Zion's Darkness, a novel written by a former member of the Church

Exmormon.org Recovery From Mormonism - sounding board for those who have left or are leaving Mormonism

Rethinking Mormonism - Here you'll find a collection of thought-provoking writings that encourage you to look closer at church history, culture and lifestyle.

Ex-Mormon Bishop's thoughts on spirituality - Including his letters to Jeffrey Holland - after clicking scroll down to see links to the letters

Post Mormons Support for post Mormons organized as chapters around the country. Activities, articles and papers dealing with post Mormon life.

The Wives of Joseph Smith - Acknowledge and remember these largely forgotten women

www.exmormon.meetup.com Ex-Mormon Meetup, for former members of the LDS church to get together.

Richard Packham's Web Page - extensive resources for those questioning Mormonism created by a retired linguist and attorney.

Tapestry Against Polygamy - "Creating a choice and a voice through education, advocacy and support."

MormonNoMore.com Overview on how to officially resign membership from LDS Church

The Anti-Mormon Preservation Society books published in the 1800's and early 1900's about the Mormon Church

Gerald & Sandra Tanner They have been telling the other side of the story for several decades now. Covered wagons full of stuff.

Jack-Mormnon.com Asking the "not so golden questions

Dr. Shades' Mormonism Page What they don't teach you in Sunday School!

Mormons In Transition Institute For Religious Research

The Masonic Moroni A Site Devoted to the Question of Mormonism and Freemasonry

The Real Mormon History Truth Stranger Than Fiction

Mormonism's Believe It Or Not - "Biographies of early Mo leaders, ex-Mo's and prominent Mo-apologists and scholars."

Ex-Christians Webring for those sick of religions

Truth Seeker Website about Jehovas Witnesses and cults

John's Home of Psycho Ranting A returned missionary's passionate rant about Mormonism

The Exmo Website That Time Forgot Bryce Anderson at his best.

Mormon Letters To The Editors Seriously Syndicated Sillness

Zion's Fiction e-pubs of Moroni Smith's adventures. Professional site.

Mormons On The Internet Load Of Links To Mormon Related Web Sites

The Truth About Mormonism A personal and powerful site.

Foundation for Apologetic Information & Research, Inc Apologetic organization dedicated to providing answers to critics of LDS doctrine, faith, and practice.

Anti-LDS Point/Counterpoint Extensive Mirrors of many anti sites.

www.olivercowdery.com Dale Broadhurst's stomping grounds

www.sidneyrigdon.com another great site by Broadhurst

www.gatheringofisrael.com a pro-LDS site monitoring how LDS missionary work is gathering the blood of Israel from the four corners of the globe.


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