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Terrestrial Slamtoons - For psuedo-intellectuals, Sunstoners, fringe-ites and those who cross their fingers during temple recommend interviews. Temple ceremony and ritual is fair game here.
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Telestial Slamtoons - Blasphemy of the more graphic nature including some "F" and "GD" words. Hazardous viewing from employment work stations in Utah, Mesa, AZ and Southern Idaho.
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BYU - Brigham Young University Slamtoons - Blasphemy on the Lord's University campus.

General Conference Slamtoons - Sacred silliness and slapstick.

Outer Darkness Slamtoons - Blasphemy of the pornographic nature including vulgar language. Frontal male and female anatomy with hazardous viewing from employment work stations anywhere. Most people find these more shocking than funny.

Creative Captions - Contribute your own captions to popular slamtoon images

General Authority Look-a-likes - Parody pictures created in their images

The Mormmy's - The apostate hymnal - parody tunes from perdition

Jokes - With a Mormon slant

Mormonism in the Animal Kingdom - Noah meets Brother Dolittle

General Authority Trading Cards - Pokemon meets Brigham Young

Comment Section

hey you`re totally sick person i wonder how wicked are you doing all these stuff, you`re such a loser with wrong mind incorrect perception and wrong grammer also, you`re such a dumb! even if i dont want to say this. let all those curses upon your mouth be upon your head and you`ll see how good things to you will turn at its dark side and you`ll experience what you`d have to, im not doing his o argue with you its just im telling you the consequences that you`ll never want to, for you`re thinking about logic i would like to say that im smarter than you`re even after all the science breakthrought ive benn throught, i didn`t lean with those knowledge for i know and feel how good was the church is, it is an organization which goal is to save all those soul and reach their potential to have eternal life and to help all members that suffers from people like you! you`re such a zeezrom let the wisdom be with you brother till we meet again at the lords feet and second comming you`ll be judge according to your work, deeds, and thoughts. be with it! - 02/11/2010 - anon


Of course we can laugh at ourselves. Your ugly, demeaning words aren't funny. Using your logic you're implying that someone who is overweight should laugh when you call them things like 'Fatty' or 'Pig.' I'd leave my email address but with the hate and disrespect you are all spewing I don't care to have my mailbox filled with your kind of "humor." - 02/05/2010 - Shannon


I too testify that Slamtoons is of God. - 04/15/2008 - Jay Kamisese


The idea of MY family being eternal is enough to make me terrified at the very thought of Mormonism! I can't imagine why they use that in their advertising campaigns; you'd think they'd add it to their list of sacred/secret teachings. - 04/14/2008 - Disabused


Who did the "Getting to know Elder Boyd K Packer" slamtoon in the Celestial Slamtoons section? I really love all of these, they just kill me everytime (and help to lighten the burden of my past Mormon life), but that Packer one just really was special! I guess it is so funny, because it there is so much truth in it! - 10/29/2005 - zelphrules
Editor's Note: Image created by Adversary Bob 10/28/2005.


Regarding the parody work of Stray Mutt:

For me, I did go through a bitter and angry time when I left. As that faded, it was *then* that I was able to laugh about it. During my bitter and angry stage, I was too mad to be able to see the humor in any of mormonism. The ability to laugh about it, IMO, is more likely to show that one has already reached and conquered the bitterness stage rather than that one is wallowing around in anger. Just my opinion.

I only know Stray Mutt from his posts here, but I don't see anger in them. I see a lot of wisdom, a lot of humor, and a lot of help for those who are still hurting. - 10/21/2005 - thought they were Funny


My kids love the slamtoons section of your site. Of course I only let them read the "Celestial" ones, but it's a riot at our house every time a new one comes out. - 12/22/2004 - Bob


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