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Brett, 2008

I read Thomas Merton, Raids on the Unspeakable (New Directions Paperbook) and then Zen and the Birds of Appetite (New Directions Paperbook) followed by a recommendation of the Tao Te Ching Zen and then other beliefs spoke to my heart in a way that no longer allowed me to believe that this faith could be the one true word of God. I have five siblings in the faith and am thankful for the spirituality and community togetherness this religion taught me as a child. It's factuality , however, is rubbish.

David Hyatt, 1991

After grooming (beginning age 11) was full tilt TBM (True Believing Mormon) until age 26.(1975) Many callings, mission, temple marriage, yada, yada, yada. Took me another 16 years of study to finally have the integrity, honesty, courage to send in resignation. What a feeling of relief that washed over me after posting the letter. Two weeks later, that feeling over whelming joy washed over me again when I realized that for me, ALL religions were bogus. There was no bogey man in the sky waiting to chastise me. No bogie man sitting on my shoulder "tempting" me...No devil, nothing that said I was unworthy.

I was the only one in charge of my life. I had all the guidance I needed and always had it. It was innate and inside of me. I was to live the best I could and not give a rip about what others were saying about me. My life job was to love me and trust others to love themselves and figure out life one day at a time, making adjustments as needed.

JB & BJ, 5-6-04/6-18-07

My bride (2nd) of 22 yrs & I excommunicated the Church within two weeks of each other. Like Paul Toscano, I was entranced by the theology, studying it for ~55 yrs, until the member abuse under Gordon B Hinckley came to a head for me. I sometimes feel I was a bonehead compared to others who woke up much sooner. I started a blog soon after to decompress all the anomalies that had bothered me during that time. My reasons for leaving are found here:

Part of what pushed me over the edge was some of Eric Hoffer's books, starting with The True Believer and culminating with The Ordeal of Change. When I saw what I was becoming, and what the 15 Apostates had become, I realized this was not the way of the Nazari that Jesus lived by. But I didn't stop there, investigating the origin of religion in earliest history. Along the way I had my suspicion confirmed that the same basic problems infesting Morgdumb also infest Chrisitanity, Islam, and Judaism.

Today I believe in myself and my experiences, not creeds or cults or what is passed off as science. My bride and I are happy. Our personal code of conduct and values did not change significantly upon leaving. Our only regret is that we took so long to wake up. Life is precious, we only get to experience this phase once, and we tend to waste too much of our lives living by someone else's rules or agenda. When GBH wrote his book about "standing for something", I did, and cut them all off ecclesiastically speaking.

David, 2010

There are numerous reasons why I left. But the straw that broke the camel's back and ensured I would never return was when the bishop "presiding" over my grandmother's funeral chastised me for being a bad Mormon. Note, this was during the eulogy he was giving purportedly for the purpose of celebrating my grandmother's life. As I'm grieving the death of the woman who was essentially my second mother (and who played a bigger role in raising me than my birth mother did), this obese asshole decided that this moment was the opportune time to call me out in front of the ward for being a less than stellar Mormon. He did it with a smile on his face. I'm sure he was looking to shame me (and maybe hoped I'd return to the church), but instead it had the opposite effect. All it did was anger me and solidify my belief that the church itself was shameful.

Michael Sharpe, July 2012

After 32 years I was excommunicated for disobeying the laws of the church but what that meant was I confessed to being gay. Did not believe I would cope but guess what - I have and have never been happier. I miss certain things but in the process of discovering who I am I also discovered the church is NOT true. Not a bad organisation and does some very good things along with many good memories but no longer for me. At the time when I needed support I was DUMPED. I am no longer alone, still have a relationship with God and believe it or not I have the holy ghost with me even though in my letter I was told I was not worthy. Rubbish i say.

Tony, June 22, 2014

My mom used to use Mormon doctrine to justify the abuse she put my family through. I figured out that she and the Magisterium were both wrong and was the first black sheep, and my sibling and dad were the second and third. Got one brother left to help out. I sent in my letter today, and I know it's just a minor detail since I haven't been to church in years but it's ridiculously comforting. Fuck these mind games, fuck the dogma, and fuck TSCC (The So Called Church). I quit.

David Allen Mackley, Summer of 2010

I went on a mission, I said my prayers, I read the holy books and I believed. The fall began when I worked for the Portland Oregon Temple. I saw the wizard behind the curtain ;) and it was rather disappointing. What I saw was not Christianity, but capitalism and Republicanism masquerading as a world religion. Oh yeah, I also started accepting the facts about the religion and about how it baits and traps you. Good riddance!

Jen, February 2014

Hubby, I, and 6 kids resigned 10 weeks ago yesterday. We are doing great and life is moving right along.

Some of the battles I was fighting early on in my discovery that the church wasn't true and during the time of our resignation have been replaced with newfound peace, freedom, and sense of well-being. I was really struggling with my identity and with fear just a few months ago. Today I have a much clearer sense of who I am and it's just getting better everyday. I have discovered that I am still me...loving, kind, honest, and loyal. Those characteristics didn't disappear just because I learned the church that had taught me those things was a fraud.

The fear has all but disappeared. I can see now that I was simply lied to when I was taught things like I could never have "a fullness of joy" outside the gospel. I was lied to when I was told that my children would be lost without the gospel. I am happy, and in fact I am HAPPIER now than I ever was as an adult in the church. My children are happy. My teenagers are HAPPIER now to be out of the shame and guilt based culture that is the church.

I have more time to enjoy my family now. We spend Sundays doing family activities now like picnics, movies, going out for a meal, or meeting once a month for a potluck with our local CALM chapter (Community After Leaving Mormonism). We have met AMAZING and KIND people through CALM, and we continue to gain support and clarity through that "live" group, as well as the Mormon VIP Lounge Facebook group. I also like to read through the recovery board every few days as well. We have found amazing new friends and lots of virtual support during our journey out of Mormonism. This board was particularly helpful to me during the weeks prior to our resignation and the weeks following the resignation.

My dh and I came up with our own rules of conduct for our family to live by. We have chosen to hang onto a few of the guidelines we were taught as members that make logical sense to us, to throw out all those rules which we feel are irrelevant or ridiculous, and add in other characteristics we've been striving to teach our children all along. We are teaching OUR BELIEFS to our children now, rather than the beliefs of a fraudulent corporation.

I have tried coffee twice now (ewwww! I've heard it's an acquired taste!), had a pomegranate margarita (too strong!), a sip of beer (YUCK!), and 2 glasses of mimosa...which I loved!!

Upon leaving the church and learning everything that was NOT TRUE, I became fascinated by all that IS TRUE...meaning, I've become a science junkie!! We've been watching the PBS series Cosmos together as a family and it is AMAZING!!!!! I've also watched part one of Your Inner Fish, and loved it as well. I'm now following a few different scientific pages on Facebook, and spend a bit of time each day learning about who I REALLY am and about my universe. I love evidence. I love facts. I love truth.

I have a greater sense of wonder, awe, and reverence for life now than I ever did as a Mormon. I'm a better person now as well. Now that I'm out, I see how judgemental and prejudiced I was as a Mormon. I was an elitist. I had the truth, and those who wore tank tops or drank wine did not. Those poor souls. Now I see people as part of the human race, and have more love for ALL PEOPLE than I ever did before. I am open-minded, and clearer minded. I love and accept my children more unconditionally now too. I am a much more loving and relaxed mother now.

I am living practically guilt free for the first time in my adult life. As a member, I was particularly prone to the culture of guilt in the church. I felt guilty over EVERYTHING as a mormon mother. Now, I simply live and love. There is little to stress over and everything to celebrate. And because I no longer have a list a mile long of everything I "should" be doing, I have the time to do the things that make me happy, to love more fully, and this makes for a healthier family and marriage.

I am continuing to learn about the church and this continued learning is helping me in my recovery. I have had a few therapy sessions with a religious trauma expert. I am fascinated by the psychology of mind control, brainwashing, and cults now. I learn more through John Dehlin, Mormon Stories, Ex mormon Foundation presentations, I Am An Ex Mormon youtubes, and the like. There's a ton of great resources out there!!

To anyone that is doubting the church or struggling with your belief, I would encourage you to DIVE INTO YOUR DOUBTS rather than "doubt your doubts." Though the diving may be painful at times, the truth is worth the journey. I found these sources particularly helpful in my research of the truth claims of the church:

An Insider's View of Mormonism by Grant Palmer

youtube talk: Ah-ha Moments by Grant Palmer

youtube video: The Lost Book of Abraham

youtube video: The Book of Mormon and DNA Evidence

To anyone that has already concluded, like I did on January 10th, that the LDS church is a fraud, just know that you will be alright!! I know it feels like your world is crumbling at times, but know that that feeling doesn't last for long. What you will be left with in a few weeks time is more clarity and peace than you could ever imagine. Hang in there!!

Jeremy, 09/12/2014

It's a hard journey. So many false judgments made on why people leave, awful retribution in the name of so-called "Unconditional Love". If Mormons weren't such terrible hypocrites I would never have even considered unearthing the mountains of history and proof against it. Just remember when you cast stones, you will cause ripples.

Lacey Vaughn, 11/2013

I Am Free. My Life Is My Own And I HAve Never Felt so Alive. So Happy To Be Here And To Be Past All Of The Nonsense. I Am Free. My Life Is My Own And I HAve Never Felt so Alive. So Happy To Be Here And To Be Past All Of The Nonsense

Alphabetical Roster of The Black Sheep

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Aaron, November 16th 2008

I was offically excommunicated from The Mormon Church November 16th 2008. I recieved the letter confirming my excommunication on November 18th. I am now offically out of The Mormons for good.

I left because I could not deal with the church's efforts to whitewash history and I could no longer make myself believe that God was a man with a body of flesh and bone who lived on a planet called Kolob who was able impregnate the Virgin Mary but had to outsource his omnipotence to the holy spirit. the only thing I can say that kept me sane was the true God of the Bible not the false deity of Mormonism. Now the real healing begins.

Jenny Abbot, 10/25/2004. I discovered the truth about Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and the rest of the LDS church's history. I have immense gratitude for people such as the Tanners, Richard Packham, and Kathy Worthington for their dedication in helping others break free of the cult's mind control.

Heidi Abbott (also known as Hasani), September 2, 1999 - The Reader's Digest Version --- after a lifetime of trying to "make" myself believe the doctrine, I finally decided to trust my heart and instincts.

Adam and Sheryl and 4 children, we were officially resigned on December 1, 2003. Sheryl came upon the truth at www.exmormon.orgwhile researching a temple marriage lesson for Young Womens. Reasons? Temple ceremony/Masonic ceremony, Book of Abraham, The First Vision problems, Joseph Smith's greediness with money and women, editing of D & C, Book of Mormon problems etc. So many things that can't be listed here. We felt the need to resign so we could NOT be counted in the Morg's deceptive numbers game!

Ami Adkins and children, San Diego - mailed official (signed, notarized, and registered receipt mail) resignation letter to SLC Records office July 28, 2005; forever known hereafter as AMI'S INDEPENDENCE DAY! I have been unhappy in that church for 25 years and finally decided I'd had enough. When I realized I did not believe one single thing that church teaches or preaches, not to mention I greatly feared the damage the indoctrination was doing to my kids; I wrote out the letter and mailed it two days later. We're done. End of story. I truly feel free.

Alan, 12/08/2008

I grew up in an large, ultra TBM family with roots tracing back to the origins of Mormonism on both sides. I am the only one in my family who has gotten out. My relationships with family members are now practically non-existent. It all started when I did an internet search and found the Tanner's "Changing World of Mormonism." I became inactive within a year of reading this book. I spent the next 11 years researching LDS history and doctrine before officially resigning. I now recognize the LDS as a destructive cult, and I have come a long way in understanding, conceptualizing, and recovering from my experience, though even today I struggle at times. I am proud that I was finally able to take the last step and resign. It was tremendously hard for me to do, but so worth it. I am now an atheist, and I have never felt as happy or fulfilled.

Alea, 2010

I was born and raised unfortunately. I started separating my own beliefs and those from the church at 12 years old. I spoke up and was criticized for questioning. I had a physically and emotionally abusive mother who punished me for not believing in the church. Had to read the scriptures and pray with her for hours after school each day and memorize the articles of faith and my blessing. Was told to "tell the bishop the truth" so I can attend the baptisms for the dead. The abuse went on until I was 18 and out of the home. I am glad to be who I am!

Jeffrey Francis Allred,Aug 30 2002 On behalf of my ancestor Solomon Allred, one of the original 4 Allred brothers, I Jeff Allred, his kinsman, I do revoke, and recant his baptism of the dead, I send the curse back to all those who baptised him against his will, a religion and faith that he would have abhorred. His good Allred name has been brought to an open and public shame, his descendents gone apostate, gone a whoring after Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. May their eyes be opened and their hearts reconcilled to the true God of their ancestor.

Joseph Almond, September 1, 1999, After being denied restoration of my Priesthood blessings following 19 years out of the church, then one year of faithfulness, I was so crushed and in pain that I came home, got on the internet search engine to see if there were any others who had experienced such devastation.

Typed in "ex-Mormon" then I spent the next 4 very long days, reading 107 stories of others who were out of the Church for various reasons. (Recovery from Mormonism)

What a shock!

I discovered, for the first time, that there were several First Visions; that the Book of Abraham was fabricated; that the accurate history of the church was being hidden and denied; that the front the Church maintains is just a facade: that there is turmoil and strife which necessitates excommunications in order to control damages.

It was less than a week later when I shared the salient points with my wife (a 1 year convert), and we both wrote joint letters requesting that our names be removed.

Now, we are at peace. Greatly disturbed at all we've learned, but thankful that we are out.

We are free. Joseph Almond and Shirley E. Almond

Dev and Carl Amos plus six or our eight children, 1999, Mesa, AZ We officially had our family's names removed in 1999. My husband Carl, and 6 of our 8 children also. We were active members, and had a son serve a mission!

Our Reasons for our quick departure: The people suck! The atmosphere sucks! And it very loudly dawned on us that where EVER the TRUE Spirit of Christ is would NEVER suck!

Gary Anderson, (Feb 2001) After six years of thoughtful research, I couldn't put the Genie back into the bottle. Integrity then dictated that I resign my membership.

Ross Anderson, My resignation was about 15 years ago. I don't know the date. I left because of coverups, changes and inconsistencies in history and doctrine. I went on to find a personal faith based on God's grace and love rather than guilt and expectations. I took the step of formal name removal because I am now a Christian pastor and I wanted to leave on my terms. I didn't want the church to initiate something against me for apostacy because of my public position.

Ann and Wallace, We left in spirit in April 2001, but made it offical Aug. 31, 2003, taking our two young children with us. We are free and happy and our lives are better than ever before. Happy are we! Our reason? Mormonism made us miserable.

Anonymous woman's viewpoint- 1995

I left the church in 1995, I have found myself wishing that my parents had never had me baptized at the age of eight because I was never given a CHOICE if I wanted to become a Mormon or not.

I was taught about the War In Heaven and how Satan wanted to MAKE PEOPLE BE GOOD and I later found out that this is what the Mormon church is doing to their members. They are following Satan's plan and not the plan of our Savior Jesus Christ. There is no such thing as Free Agency in the LDS church. I found out that Their Way or the Highway.

I hated the thought of HAVING to attend my assigned ward and was not given a CHOICE in which ward I wanted to attend. The only way I could be a member of another ward was to MOVE to another location. I think the LDS church could easily be sued for this practice. The expense and other problems of moving is certainly not an easy task.

For anyone who is wondering what ward they are assigned to they can find out on

All of the LDS buildings say VISITORS WELCOME and it is an absolute LIE for anyone who wants to attend more than a few times. Try it if you do not believe me and you will find out fast that you are asked to leave.

I was never given a CHOICE and therefore I wanted to have my name removed from the Mormon church. I strongly believe that everyone should have a choice in all of life's decisions.

I was never given a choice if I wanted to attend Young Women's or Relief Society when I became 18 years of age. The only way out of having to attend Relief Society was to teach in one of the other programs such as the nursery, Primary or Young women's.

I did NOT have a CHOICE if I wanted to have Visiting Teachers IF I I did not want to be in their circle of the REBELLIOUS SISTERS gossip.

I did not leave the church because of the teachings but I left because of my lack of being able to make choices for myself.

The three hour block system meetings were very boring. I wanted to learn more about Jesus Christ and I seldom even heard His name. I heard Him mentioned in the Sacrament Hymns and at the end of prayers and in some of the testimonies in Fast and Testimony meetings.

I normally only heard the words usually "I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God I also heard that President Hinkley is also a true prophet of God followed by I know that the LDS church is the only TRUE church and is the only religion with the Fullness of the Gospel.

AnonyMs and Late DH- October 2003

Just days before my 60th birthday and after years of inactivity, I resigned. It was my gift to myself. Years earlier my late DH had resigned and I thought he was so brave. That was before the internet and

The best part of our story is that we didn't raise our children to be mormon. And now our grandchildren are not mormons.

It was the best choice we ever made.

Scott Applegate, 1997 The church isn't what it claims to be, based on the evidence. I'm not bitter or vindictive--just a lot wiser than I used to be... I let myself be led around by emotions that everyone told me was "the spirit." When I began using my brain, I was told I must have "lost the spirit." The spirit = blind faith, and they were right--I lost it (on purpose).

A.Arakelian, Count me in also. I was resigned in 2004. There was no reason to be counted under this disingenuous corporation's membership anymore.

Jim Ashurst, Excommunicated About 1975, or 76, don't remember for sure - I left Utah and the church on my 18th birthday when I enlisted in the Air Force. Every time I'd move somewhere it seemed like pretty soon here were the MO's calling to have their home teachers over. I kept telling them I didn't want them over. Finally one time in Phoenix, AZ this deputation of half dozen or so brain dead MO's showed up at my apartment and demanded that I have my home teaching lesson right then or write a letter asking to be Ex'd. I wrote the letter and was duly tried (didn't attend) and got a letter saying among other things that I no longer had the right to tithe. What a shame.

Arnold Astels, March 13th - 2002. I couldn't take the mental gymnastics anymore.

Mr & Mrs Aumann , October 2002 My husband and I were inactive for various reasons. Because my husband and I were disabled and he is also legally blind, the LDS church would shun and allinate us. Also when they helped us move, the brethren decided in order to be easy on them, to throw away a box that had my only copies of wedding pictures and an antique stuffed animail I could never get back. I researched for several hours and found it. There was alot they were not telling me or practicing themselves. What is this elite club of rich families that used us as church points. What finally "took the cake" was when a certain visiting teacher verbally abused us in public. That is my story about the Mass Franklin Ward. Baaa...

T. Robert Axelson, 1980 (Jonathan, through a veil... very darkly) excommunicated for being a homosexual, rejoined to please my mother in 1996, had my name removed 1998 because I realized that church could never accept me as I am (they don't even tell the truth about who *they* are [!]) and my mother had to, no matter what. Families are forever? Not even! And, don't get me started on the "gay thing". Subscribe to a gayexmormonlist!

Jack B , August 2004

After comparing the 1830 version of the Book of Mormon to the current one (line by line) and marking the differences, additions, deletions, anachronisms, and plagarisms from the King James Version of the Bible, I realized why nothing else that is uniquely Mormon makes sense. Joseph Smith lied - period.

Jenny B , July 2001 - What a crock the LDS organization is...I'm sorry I didn't figure it out sooner.

Eugene S. Barnes, 12/13/1996. Early Christmas present that year. I left because of GD (Goofy Doctrine), and I didn't want to be part of a cult and a fraud.

Helen Ashford-Barnes,12/13/1996. Early Christmas present that year. I couldn't make the Church true even though I danced their dance and sang their song. When we stopped going we considered ourselves no longer members. However I dragged my feet making it official and said, "let them think what they want". When I began to realize that leaving my name there was an indication I condone the doctrines, policies, and practices of the Church we sent our request. Thank you Gene for waiting 18 years for me to be willing to request my name be removed. We sent the invitation to repent and come back to the Church back to them. How dare they call us to repentance for not believing a false Church.

Michelle Barney Slaughter, October 11,2005 There is nothing better than seeing the so called "church" in the rearview mirror.

David C Bauer, 9-11-2009

I write this not for me but anyone who may follow after me.

I echo the feeling of embarrassment and sadness for not having the balls to do this in my twenties Although this feeling is somewhat mitigated by my current age and life experiences that have given me better insight into the control that can be exerted on a person through the control and manipulation of basic human needs (feeling connected to others, feeling loved, feeling respected) and group think by self interested and self perpetuating cultish entities (regardless of whether they are seen as good or bad ). It is also mitigated by the true happiness and feeling of freedom I have experienced in the time that I have finally full extracted myself from the injection of mormon influences in my life.

More specifically, the time since finally getting divorced from a more mildly conflicted Mormon who quickly (we are talking about a little over 6 months from the divorce being final) found and married in the temple her dream mormon fella. I will note here that I am sincerely happy for her and her new spouse. I am even happier though for finally ditching the last bit of mormon ideology or influence in my life (her parents were marginally active, but very 'devout' when it came to telling us how to live our lives).

Some background for the interested. I was raised in a Mormon family, though wasn't active in my "teens". It was labeled rebellion. I felt very bad about rebelling and what in my naiveté perceived was the cause of my family's extreme and basic unhappiness (through being told by by family it was the cause of their unhappiness). I thought that I would be a "better person" and make up for the inflictions visited on my parents and family for my "rebellion" by giving mormonism a shot from 18-25. I even graduated from BYU in engineering.

Par for the course, during that time my circle of friends and family became increasingly isolated to active mormons and thus allowed further judgement of my character to be based on this paradigm. Like so many other's before me it was damaging to my emotional health and personal integrity over and over again as I could not reconcile being subjected to the rules of what I knew was not a true religion, the pressures of such close and intimate involvement with others who subscribed to this belief, and what I was willing to actually do with my life. I found some temporary peace "sneaking" in beer/coffee a couple of times a year or so, much to the chagrin of my then quasi-mormon wife and her parents. Intense personal and interpersonal conflict of an emotional and cognitive nature was never ending during that time and it proved nearly impossible for me to live happily.

Well, it has been two years since I have been truly and fully Mormon free. I have not imploded. I have not become the drug addict, alcoholic, or sex addict that I believe the tenuous but previously existing mormon relationships in my life thought I would become (or even more laughably thought that I actually was). The strains of living in a quasi-mormon (though very inactive) relationship are behind me and it has amazed even me at how easy it is to be happy without these people in my life.

I lay no blame for the wasted years on anyone but me and my attachment to my then wife. It was me who did not have the internal fortitude to not marry a mormon when at 26 I realized and stated openly that there was just no way I could delude myself that mormonism was something I could subscribe to. Though again in my defense, I was attending BYU and was SURROUNDED by tons of hot mormon chicks. I mean for gods sake, a dude has needs. Anyhow, I digress. It was me who allowed my then wife to linger on, in her false hopes (that was constantly kindled by her friends, parents and mine), that I would some day just let my 'doubts' go and 'come around to embracing mormonism' and becoming a 'good man'. Though in my defense, I always stated to her, her family and my parents that there was just no way I was going to 'come around' to it. Thanks be to Zeus, the Sun, the Moon or whatever that there were no children in the 11 year marriage thus allowing the tie to be cleanly cut between me, her and an, although indirect but insidious, relationship with "the church". If I had just "resigned" my membership back in 1999, right after I graduated from BYU most of this would have just taken care of itself back then.

Robert Baumgardner, 1989 I found my heart, my brain, and developed a sense of humor.

Flip and Patty Behrens, November 2011

We discovered the scam. That was all it took. Both BIC (Born in the Covenant) recommend holding tithe paying, EQP, YWP, members at the time. We read Mormon Think on a Tuesday, and resigned on a Thursday.

Kristopher Bell, 1998 Found I couldn't believe in the existence of God, (which kind of precluded me from being a Mormon!). Also, the guilt, shame and social pressure that accompanies the Morg was just too much to bear.

Ben, official resignation April 2002: My fiancee was about to blindly follow me into the Mormon church. Feeling the need to verify that what I had been brought up to believe was true, I investigated the church from the point of view of an outsider. It did not take long to realize that the church is indeed a fabrication. a great non-biased resource for me.

Ben Benson, 2000 The world is older than 6,000 years. It’s more like 4 billion. Evolution is fact and has actual evidence in its favor in every field of science unlike creationism. The world was never flooded to the highest peak. The story of Noah and millions of species on an ark is ludicrous. Donkeys don’t talk. Language doesn’t stem from a tower built too tall. Native american DNA proves the Book of Mormon false and stupid. Prayer doesn't grow limbs back. Our generation can now read and understand Egyptian unlike Joseph Smith. It’s amazing the crap believed by so many. Fairies are just as likely as Elohim or Allah.

Wendy and Gerald Berg and three children- April 1, 2005

We received our official letter dated April Fools day. We thought this telling of how big of a fraud we discovered the church to be. What led us to the truth was discovering DNA evidence and how it proves that the American indians are from Asia. article was written by a Mormon using BYU research and was our ticket out. We have never been happier and are never going back.

Tanya Bergstein, June 2008

I resigned after joining the church in '03, becoming in active about 3 months after my baptism because it was so stifling to have all these people coming over all the time, resigned after 6 months of activity trying to make it work. I started working on my resignation letter after the conference talk that was about sexual abuse. After a quick mention of those who were victims there was about 10 minutes about those who commit those crimes begging them to show repentance and come back. That repulsed me and further reading and research showed how false it all was.

Mary Jane Bigley, AKA MJB, I left many times, finally resigned in December of 2002. Received my official letter in June of 2003.

It's just not true. What other reasons are needed?

Bill , I mentally left the church in 1995. I am not anti-mormon as much as I am anti-ignorance. My family is still mormon so I still have patience with relatives who label me apostate or inactive. I love mormons but don't like mormonism. My web page explains in detail why I am not a mormon anymore at,

Justin Bill- 1995

I did not know that having my name removed was an option, so I requested an excommunication. I am living a normal, healthy life without any church involvement.

Kelly Jean Blanpied- 11/15/1999

I left Mormonism 21 years ago to see how the rest of the world lived and realized how much I love *reality* ;) Twenty-one years later, November 15, 1999, I rec'd a delightful present informing me that I am no longer a member. I was prompted to take action on paper for the bigotry exhibited over the LDS Church's political activities regarding the Knight initiative in CA. The freedom I feel from this patriarchal cult is, after 21 years, more palpable than I expected. It feels GOOOOOD!

Bob- 1980

I left the church in 1980, after 19 years and a Melchizedek Priesthood holder. Their claims were lies, and their weaknesses were hidden. Joseph Smith, I am convinced, was a charlatan. I left and have never regreted my decision. But never forget that Mormonism has been called a soul-destroying religion. Those who leave are usually leaving in a state of spiritual chaos. Often they turn against all organized religion. I would urge everyone to stay away and avoid this damnable church at all costs.

Stuart Bodie- January 2007

Cognitive dissonance...mental gymnastics...intellectual integrity...freedom...true happiness.

Ken Bolingbroke - March 2001

Official resignation March 2001, unofficially sometime in 1999. I trustingly believed everything I was taught, and worked hard at my various callings, but when I got around to investigating the church for myself, I found it had no substance.

Luke Bonner- I was born into a Mormon family. Well, actually I was adopted and became a Mormon at the ripe age of 1 month old. I gave up on the church when I was around 12 or 13, and I've not been to church in 2 years. My dad's a Stake President, so that wasn't fun.

But anyways, on with the story. I haven't actually resigned from the church, for one reason. I was adopted, and I find it easier to deal with my parents if I'm "still on the rolls." I actually sent in a letter, but being that my dad's a Stake President, it was intercepted and sent to him. He and my mother begged me not to remove my name, as it will nullify our "eternal bonds."

I find this very thought to be at the same time ridiculous and repulsive. How the F*CK can anyone continue to believe a church when it's, apparently, based on paperwork. It's as if God somehow relies on membership records of the church to keep track of who's together for eternity. Riiight. All-knowing, I guess, eh? Sacred covenenants are only sacred on paper!

Anyway I decided not to take my name off the roster for the sake of my parents. I figure if it makes them happier in their delusion, why not? Besides, my dad gave me his car shortly after that conversation. And there's no way for me to get my name off the rosters without him finding out - he's the one I'd have to go through to get it done, and even if I found a way around that, he'd be the first to know. And he'd probably take his car back. Either way, I told him I don't want to be contacted by missionaries, and apparently he has the clout to make that happen. So, everyone wins.

Put simply, as far as I know and feel, I'm not a member. As far as "God" (and my parents) knows, I am.

Hey, if they're right (HA!), maybe I'll get into heaven on some sort of weird paperwork loophole!

Signed and whatnot, Luke Bonner.

John Botts, February 2002. I haven't attended Mormon church or believed in any Mormon doctrines for nearly 20 years. Yet, they seemed to track me down wherever I moved. I decided to make it official so they can no longer claim me as one of their supposed 11 million members.

I see the Mormon church as a cult founded on outright fraud. Joseph Smith's "translation" of ordinary Egyptian funeral texts into the "Book of Abraham" settled any doubt I may have had regarding its untruthfullness.

I don't believe any God requires you to know a secret handshake or secret name to get into heaven.

I am sad to see the Mormon church control and deaden the lives of many of my family members.

I'm so glad to be OUT.

Larry & Tammy BraithwaiteWe left the Mormon Church in September 1992 after having 35 years of 300% full time membership.

While serving as assistant supervisors in the Manti Utah Temple for two years we had the opportunity to see from the inside what the Mormon Church was not. We spent several thousand dollars in our research and found the Church to be totally false and wrote a book with our experiences called A Mormon Odyssey..Journey to the Center of my Soul. The book is free online at

We have helped thousands in the past 10 years leave the Mormon Church those who were questioning and needing answers via the Internet, our Book and word of mouth. We now live a very, very happy and peaceful life with no more "pay, pray and obey". Finally we are out of the Mormon prison, thanks to Joseph Smith the false prophet.

Brett, 2008

I read Thomas Merton, Raids on the Unspeakable (New Directions Paperbook) and then Zen and the Birds of Appetite (New Directions Paperbook) followed by a recommendation of the Tao Te Ching Zen and then other beliefs spoke to my heart in a way that no longer allowed me to believe that this faith could be the one true word of God. I have five siblings in the faith and am thankful for the spirituality and community togetherness this religion taught me as a child. It's factuality , however, is rubbish.

Kerry Brinkerhoff- 1997 - I along with my wifeLinda and five children Jonathan, Jeremy, Kara,Jessica and Katrina left the Mormon Church in 1997.Mainly we left because we chose to follow theteachings of Christ as found in the Bible, instead of the Christ created by Joseph Smith and Mormonism. Or to put it bluntly, we see Joseph Smith as anti-Christ.

Camile (Clawson) Brown- July, 1984. I was raised and baptised Mormon by my grandparents (he: a life-long alchoholic and twice a bishop!) At 16 years old I finally had the backbone to stand up to my grandmother and tell her- no more seminary, no more hypocrisy, no more endless meetings, peer pressure and people with that small town mentality always gossiping and watching eachother for slip-ups! I am now part of the (happily!) heathen portion of the family tree. You'll see us at family get togethers- we're the ones in the kitchen mixing drinks, taking smoke breaks out on the back porch and laughing at how deluded we were.

Margie and Mike Brown, March 29, 1995 I (Margie) could not get out fast enough after we went to the temple and I read "The Miracle of Forgiveness". That is one hideous book. My husband did not care if his name stayed on the membership records or not, but he officially got out for me.

Michael A. Brown aka D.C.vd, 29 July 2004 While reading the local newspaper I read about DNA - Loosing a Lost Tribe by Simon Southerton. Being half native (Inupiat, Alaskan Native) I was outraged! So, I resigned! Those bastards lied to me, I thought I was Jewish! lol

Bug61- 1993'ish

I have been excommunicated from the LDS church twice. Once in 1982 for the reason of having an extra marital affair. Second in about 1993 because I chose to be. I could not be a hypocrite any longer.

D_, P_, K_, D_, D_- Feb 1991, Reason? Just that....REASON. After "reasoning" with doctrine that condradicted itself, we as a family finally found that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was/is a cult.

Larry Burgess- August 1996

Age 61. Joined "the Church" at age 13 in Alaska. Momma married a Mormon...and after a relentless missionary campaign I prayed about the Joseph Smith Story (pamphlet) and received a positive "spiritual witness."

Served a mission to Chile '64 - '66. Married in the Manti Temple to the girl who waited. Raised 6 great children. Stopped believing in "the Church" at age 32. Became deeply involved in reading Mormon History, diaries, etc. Appalled at the lies and deception about the Church's past. Felt very angry for a long time.

Most of my hostility is gone about all those years as a mental slave to Mormonism. Managed to stay married to my wife, who continues to this day to be a true believer -- now 38 years -- but had to put up with a whole world of hurt during the growing-up years of the children. Wife would try to force it down their throats, but I was always there to allow the freedom of choice that Mormons say they believe in but don't! 5 of the 6 chose mental freedom, along with DAD.

I am, however, still angry at the "general authorities" who must know the whole thing is a sham, but continue to mislead the weak minded.

Would be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me from missionary days, etc.

Ron Burr, Aug.-Sept. 2012

I was BIC to a loving parents. I went through all the usual LDS things....dunked @ 8, Cubs and then Aaronic priesthood @12...on through to being ordained an elder when I was 21. BUT, from the age of about 13 I was just going through the motions. I NEVER read the Book of Mormon or wanted to. I also never once thought going on a mission was what I wanted. So when Dad asked the question I said no. End of discussion. I went to Ricks for 2 semesters in '66-'67 and being in an LDS 24/7 atmosphere sealed the deal on my walking away from the church. Also, I should mention that I started smoking at age 14 and drinking at 16 and never once felt the slightest guilt at doing either. I married a wonderful Catholic girl in 1973 with the blessing of my folks and raised two wonderful kids outside of organised religion. My relationship with my parents was fabulous and Dad and I farmed together for many years. Finding out that I was not alone in my abandonment of Mormonism and that I could actually resign was an eyeopener. So I took the plunge in 2012. Ron Burr, Lethbridge Reprobate, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Mara Call, Can't remember, not important

It's been at least 4 years since I requested a name removal and was removed from the church records. It was more a matter of principle than anything.

I had the same experiences, as far as them sending me forms, requesting I meet with the Bishop and then the Stake Pres. Finally I just found out where to send my 3rd (no less) letter to, and I was officially "granted" my name removed from the church. It took a year for this small feat to be accomplished.

My neighbors luckily know that we are not to be bothered and we are pretty out spoken about "you keep your views, let us keep ours". We still live in the heart of Mormondom, in their world, but not of it. haha. Like many former members myself and my husband have emotional scars revolving around guilt in one area of our lives or another that we still are working through at 40 yrs of age. It takes some time to get over the years of being mentally and emotionally controlled, sexually repressed, told how to dress, how our hair should be, how many earrings we should have in our ears, what we should drink or not drink, how we should spend our free time, what we should read or listen to (or not read or listen to), and the list goes on and on.

We have also sat through many an uncomfortable meeting with the Bishop or Stake Pres who have delved into our deepest and darkest whatever's. We think it's complete garbage that anyone who is a not a professional in the field of counseling, psychology, or medicine, should be giving anyone counsel as to how to fix their marriage, whether or not masturbation is o.k., sexuality, or sexual orientation.

Frankly, it's not any of their damn business. But life goes on and so have we. Although we think that religions are not to be taken seriously anyway, we have found many benefits from some eastern practices such as yoga and meditation, as well as living our lives as we see fit. I hope that all readers are able to find that place for themselves and live well.

Nicole Cannon - June 10,1998 - To think for myself, to act for myself, and not fear the Mormon Thought Police (MTP) is in itself enough reason to rejoice that I (finally) have my real sense of free agency back.

Charlene- 2002

I had discovered too much racism, sexism, and dishonesty to remain in the Church after attending BYU for 2 years (mid '90's), but I didn't officially resign because I had a brother on a mission and I wanted to still have contact with him. I knew that he could be in trouble for associating with an exmorm.

A few years passed and I finally decided it was time. In January of 2002 I sent in my resignation. It was denied with a letter from Salt Lake saying I would have to go and meet with my bishop and stake president. I decided to use the SLC Winter Olympics as a bargaining tool. I wrote back saying that I knew the Church claimed to believe in "obeying the laws of the land" and that in our Constitution it guaranteed religious freedom. By not allowing me to leave, they were violating that.

I threatened that if they didn't remove me from their records immediately, I would take action. I said that at a time when the whole world is looking at Salt Lake and the Church, I was sure they didn't want bad publicity. I said I would contact every media outlet I could and hire an attorney. Within a week after sending the letter I got one back saying my name had been removed!

chettibo,March 10, 1994

While working in Yosemite Park in 1973, I had a mormon roomate. After some months he had worked on me to the point that I became convinced that he was convinced and convincing starts with a "con," while promised that I could get a wife and all that and more. Well I attended BYU, graduated in 1977 got married in the SLC temple to a Mexican Mormon, had five kids.

I soon found out that Mormonism is mammonism! So, in 1994 I wrote the stake prez requesting that my name be removed from the LDS church.

The marriage flew south in 1999, single and back in San Francisco for over a decade. I met so many "Mitt Romney's" that all used priesthood meeting to talk about making money and how much they hated Obama, just recently that was experienced while helping a Mormon friend with his business in St. George. His wife, Becky, a devout member and regularly abused by her husband.

David Christensen, 1987

I grew up in the church but was lucky to have a fairly liberal and intellectual family. When I was nine I had an epiphany while sitting in a Sunday school class. I just realized that if there were a God he would have better things to do than make lists of "sinful" substances such as tea. I knew then I would not remain in the church, although I did play along for a while longer. When I was in my early 20s and living in New York City I did go through the official name-removal process. It was freeing, and the guy (bishop) who handled it was really nice about it. It was just a brief phone interview, and he didn't try to get me to change my mind.

Now my partner (or husband--we were married last year, but since then the Mormons paid for Prop 8 to pass, so who knows what we are now?) is trying to officially leave. He had just never bothered before, but he wanted to resign officially in protest of Prop 8. They are giving him the runaround. They won't consider him removed until he talks with some bishop here in California, and the bishop isn't contacting us. It's a passive-aggressive strategy to make my partner contact the bishop! Blecccchh...

I never saw this Web site until today. I was happy to read about so many people who have had the courage to move on. We are all so much better off without that horrible "church." I hope many people will leave. Quite a few members of my family have by now (not influenced by me--they did it entirely on their own). I also hope that the church will be reprimanded publically through some legal process related to their fundraising activities for Prop 8.

Lynn Christensen, 06/25/2010

June 25, 2010 is the day I mailed my exit letter. I was afraid to do it, but just don't believe any of it. I started reading the Bible and found that the Jesus of the Bible is the one I want to follow. I tried being good at follow the leaders but in the end, just have to march to my own drum. I don't like men telling me what to do or being the boss of me. I'm 47 years old, and married to a Mormon, my young daughter feels sad for me that I am no longer Mormon. They are so disturbed by my exit, but I feel free! A free agent! Free to believe based on my own common sense rather than a bunch of silly hoooey! Yayyyy! Thank the Lord I faced my fears and did it afraid. Because now I am free at last. Did I say FREE? Haha!

Christina - I was baptized into the Morg in 1989. I realized two years later that Mormonism wasn't what it portrayed itself to be...that in fact, it was a pseudo-Christian cult! Now I "know" that I was baptized...rather throughly as they dunked me a good three times (talk about your being "legalistic")...however, when I phoned Salt Lake City to verify that my name was "removed" from church records, they could find no record whatsoever of me ever having being a Mormon. A very helpful person in the record department assured me that no one was ever "removed" from the Mormon church's records...just a mark was placed by their name...meaning that they were "removed" and not to be contacted. Basically the church keeps track of every one of us ex-Mormons (I wonder if I can call myself that since by the grace of God, it turns out that I wasn't a Mormon in the first place....can I get my tithing back since it was made under a false premise???) and to me that is a scary thought. Why are they keeping track of us?

In closing, I just want to bear you my testimony that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (otherwise known as the Mormons) is NOT a Christian church. Nor is it God's "restored" church on earth. It is a cult! Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was NOT a prophet of God. He was a charlatan, a fraud, an adulterer, and a dirty old man! He will burn in hell for all eternity (2nd Peter 2) for the gigantic fraud of Mormonism that he perpetrated! The Book of Mormon is NOT another testimony of Jesus is a complete work of fiction, and a poorly written one at that...except for the plagiarized bits of course. Gordon B. Hinckley is NOT a prophet of God. He sits at the head of a church that is leading souls to hell, and unless he repents, he will share the fate of Joseph Smith. The Mormon doctrine of "eternal progression" is a damnable lie: God has NEVER been a man, and we can never become "God"...there is ONLY ONE God. Finally, Jesus Christ is NOT the brother of Satan. Nor was he born of a physical relationship between God and the virgin Mary.

Christine, 02/05/2012

I decided today to have my name removed from the church. I finally did it I wrote my letter and sent it to everyone. I am almost 40 years old and grew up in the church. I never felt like I belonged. I became inactive after my parents got divorced when I was 15. The whole ward basically turned thier backs on everyone in my family. There were some exceptions though. I have been back to church a few times with my dad but never have been interested in staying.

My story is little different then the ones I have read here. As a child I was taught that I needed to be preparing myself for the most important job of my life. I needed to get married and have kids.

I was never told by my parents to go to college. No one ever asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. It was told that I wanted to get married and have kids. I was taught that I needed to save myself for my husband on our wedding day.

Don't get me wrong I appreciate a lot of the values the mormons have instilled in me. The one thing the church or parents didn't prepare me for was that I might make a mistake and then what.

After my parents divorced I was just ignored and let run wild. That is really scary after being completly sheltered with no life experiences. What a dangerous situation.

Well to get to the point I was 16 and a half and pregnant. My parents never told me about birth control. I was left to learn those secrets from my friends. I believed that you couldn't get pregnant your first time. Well.

So here I was a scared 16 year old living with my dad who was never home and my mom was out going nuts. I remember telling my dad and he told me not to think about abortion. The idea never was in my head at all. Then he said I should look into adoption. I knew I couldn't give my baby the things he needed.

I looked into a lot of adoption agencies. My dad pushed and pushed LDS Social Services on me. I hated the lady they sent out to talk to me. She was cold and insensitive. The church flew out another guy to talk to me. I thought about it alot. I decided that the Mormons were good people. I still beleive that. There are whack jobs in there too though.

So this counselor named Dennis comes once a month to visit me. He told me he found a family. He said he was going to try to find someone who matched up with my baby's father and myself. So he found a couple that the dad was half Mexican and half white just like the birth father. The mother was white like me. They said they were bi-lingual which I thought was cool. I agreed to these people having my child on certain terms.

1. I got to write to him once a year on his birthday and he would get these letters and pictures I sent him.

2. He could write anytime he wanted no matter whether it was birthday or not.

3. Each year there would be home visits and the counselor would give me updates on my son.

4. When the time came when we would reunite the LDS Social Services would provide counseling to all the parties involved in reunion.

So the time came for me to have my baby. I signed up with state aid that paid for all of my Dr. visits and my hospital bill. I asked the social worker if I should keep the aid so it would take some financial burden off the adoptive parents. He said that was a nice idea.I had my baby boy on September 27th 1989. I spent time with him in the hospital. I was so sad. When I left and went home without my baby I remember collapsing on the floor and crying forever. I was so heart broken. After social services got my baby they left me. No more monthly visits. Not even a phone call to see how I was.

I wrote my son who's name is Franky every year. I got two letters from him over the years. I sent tons of pictures too. I wanted him to know who I was and have a way of understanding how much I loved him. When Franky turned 17 I got a package in the mail from LDS Social Services. I was initially excited that it may be a letter from Franky. After opening it my heart sunk. It was my letter I wrote him returned to me un opened with a letter from Franky's adoptive mom.

She was mean and nasty. She told me that franky needed to figure his life out and he wouldn't be getting anymore letters from me. She said I needed to let him go now and I should get on with my life. WOW!!! I was devastated. I called Social services and they took three days to return my call. I was really mad at them. They let me find this out through the mail. They refused to help me. I thought of going to court but the thought of that was not what I wanted to do with Franky. I felt it would confuse him. I wrote him anyway and sent the letters anyway.

On June 6th 2009 I got my phone call I waited for 19 years. My son Franky was on the other line. We have a wonderful relationship now. Franky is truly one of my best friends. We have been together now for 2 1/2 years. He even moved in with us.

Ready for the lying and deception?

1. Franky was placed in a complete home of Mexicans. His mom spoke no english at all. His mom was illegally here from mexico.

2. His mom stopped the letters from me.

3. They charged his adoptive parents $10,000 to cover doctor and hospital expenses.

4. There was no counseling when franky called me.

I had such a hard time when we met. His parents totally hate me. I try really hard for Franky's sake to be forgiving to them but it is hard. His parents burnt all the letters and photos I sent him after he called me. By the way he was 19. It isn't the biggest issue on the table but It was really hard to insert myself into a mexican culture. I went out and visited him and everyone was speaking spanish. It left me out. The biggest issue for me is the fact that there was no counseling. I was married with my own three children at the time. My husband did not do well with me meeting and incorporating Franky into our family. Our marriage was already pretty rocky. Well that was the last straw. We are now divorced. Franky's mom does not like me. She feels very jelous and I can't blame her for that. When the she stopped the letters though she didnt tell Franky she did it she let him believe that I had just stopped. He was furiuos as was I when we both found all this out.

Well, Franky is the one who really suffers. He has been put in a position that he never should have been put in. he loves his adoptive parents but he loves me too. He is a big part of me and my childrens lives. He is now in the army national gaurd. I am so proud of him. His parents also hate me because they wanted him to go on a mission. After he met me and realized that I didn't care if he went on a mission he didn't want to either. As Franky grew up his parents used me to minipulate him into doing thier will. They would tell him I would not be proud of him if he didn't do certain things. Franky now knows a different kind of love. I am supportive of franky in his life decisions. Finally he knows what free agency is. Franky doen't go to church anymore either. I have not pushed him one way or another on that one. That is his call. I love Franky enough to try my best to get along with his parents. After I put Franky up for adotion I did do some research into the church.

Even though there are good stong values they teach you there is such lies and deception that everything is very blurry. It is very cult like. It seems as if there is a lot of brain washing going on. The whole mission thing for these boys is a huge example of the brain washing. They separate them from all true reality of life for two years and then proceed to have them live only for the church. franky is in boot camp and it is very strict there but it only lasts for 8 weeks. They also let him make phone calls home etc.

I am taking my name out finally. Why did it take this long? Well I didn't want to break my dad's heart. I finally realized that his heart won't break. he knows I haven't been in the church for many years. This is just another scare tactic that I have found myself falling for.This was long overdue. I dod not believe in thier garbage they try to shove down everyones throat but more then anything I don't want to be affiliated with such an organization that takes something as tender as a mom giving such an ultimate sacrifice and twisting and turning it to sufice thier own agenda. Did they doit to earn thier $10,000. Did they do it to be assured another person who could be raised brainwashed and help multiply thier members. I don't know for sure but The church is very hypacrytical. I will never forgive them for robbing me of a choice that I should have been able to make for my child.

Sorry this was not very brief but it feels good to put my story where others can read it. I am very happy and lucky to have all 4 of children in my life now and in the end I have my Franky back.

Clark of 39 years- January 30, 2005

While studying Church History and Doctrine to increase my testimony while I was disfellowshipped (reason not important), to my great dismay I found the whole thing to be made up. In face, as soon as Mormonism fell, Christianity fell right behind it. The Catholics made the whole thing up! Did Jesus really even exist? If so, he was a guy, maybe a great teacher, but certainly not "divine". So, I left. My wife is still a TBM, but my kids are too lazy to care either way. (We believe in Freedom here!)

I DO believe in a Supreme Being, a "god", that must have orchestrated this beautiful Earth and all the complicated creatures and plant life. I do believe in eternal progression to be able to do the same thing eventually. However, Science explains it just as easily as Religion. I am in the corner of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. If you haven't read it, you really should. It's a very short read with Buddhist overtones, written by Richard Bach, a Buddhist. Remember, Buddhism is NOT a religion, but a philosophy of life.

There's something miraculous and wonderful about life and the hereafter, but it isn't covered by Christianity, Mormonism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, or any of the other -isms!

Just be the best you can be, because that is innate, and see where it takes you. Forgive others for stupid mistakes and hope you'll be forgiven in turn. In the words of E.T., "be good" and everything will be "just fine"!

Bill Clark - Nov, 1999 - I spent my whole life (well 36 years) trying to believe it was my fault the church was wrong. I finally GOT IT. I was told I was not living up to the church, when in reality mormonism could not live up to my standards of integrity.

Dion Clark, 2008

I was born and baptised into the Mormon church as a child in Washington state, moved by my parents to SLC, UT as a tween, and stayed a culteral Mormon most of my life until age 40, when I wanted to know more about the church's history after seeing the movie September Dawn.

I progressed to books, and after reading numerous books, I knew the church was a fraud.

My parents, who had retired and broadcast for KSL, channel 5, church owned media, and LDS conference via satelite are the head of l3 adult progeny who live in and around the SLC area, expecting us to all be an eternal Mormon family. I lived in West Jordan, where my neighborhood was 90% LDS, and leaders constantly visited extending pressure to attend.

My husband and I moved to Wyoming, and wrote our letters to resign, and now are very happy to be free of the Mormon Church, but not our messed up family. We now broadcast for DISH, coast to coast, and we are non-believers, having been to many museums, canyons, digs, and historic sites.

Joseph lied, plain and simple to alot of people. Although many Mormons are good people, we love many of them, we feel sorry for them. Being a fence sitter isn't healthy and out of respect to our parents we stayed way too long, it is nice to be out among the living.

Cults are dangerous, and mind control is real. Living a truth based life is rewarding, and we are on our way to recovery.

Gary Alan Clark aka new name Seth, 1983, The Mormon Church is an parasitic organism with a life and survival instinct all its own. It feeds off the resources and productivity of its duped and clueless membership -- sad beings too weak and disoriented to run their own lives -- and whose actual health and happiness are of no consequence whatsoever to the Church's insatiable appetite for wealth and power.

Steven Clark, 1994, Realized that the only truth about Mormonism would be found in the Articles of Incorporation instead of the Articles of Faith.

Tom Clark (aka TLC)- Deactivated circa 1985. Formally resigned in 2001. Left the church for one reason and one reason only; Mormonism's beliefs, teachings and practices concerning homosexuality. My experience has been that one cannot be both homosexual and Mormon. I had always considered name removal an unnecessary formality but finally got to the point where I no longer wanted to be associated in any way, shape or form with Mormonism and took the steps to resign my membership. It's one of the greatest gifts I've ever given myself.

My story and others like mine can be found at my website:

Linda Clyde- February 1992.

I was born and raised in the Mormon Church here in Salt Lake City. I basically "left" when I was fifteen, after my older sister got pregnant out of wedlock and the bishop started treating our family badly, almost as if it were my Dad's fault he couldn't control his teenage daughters.

I was baptized in 1970 when I was eight, and what I remember most is being scared to death. There was a feeling of trepidation that I couldn't explain at that age. I just knew that it was something I really didn't want to do, even though I knew I didn't have a choice. Being raised in a Mormon family, getting baptized was something that was a given.

Throughout my formative years, I suppose I might have had the same questions and/or doubts every Mormon has experienced. One question I had asked many times was, how is it that there are Mormons, Catholics, Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians, all religions out there, who all say that they believe in God, and yet the LDS Church makes the bold (and arrogant) claim that they are the only "True Church." I never did get an answer other than to "pray on it."

In junior high, I was baptized for the dead over 120 times. In high school, I dropped out of seminary in my sophomore year because it bored me silly, and I had more fun hanging out with all my non-Mormon friends and my non-Mormon boy friend (who has been my husband now for nearly 22 years).

Again no real answers to questions that deserved real answers. So, I remained completely inactive since high school. I'd go periodically, when nieces and nephews were blessed, but that was the extent of being active.

All this time, I felt like, hey, I know if I go back now, I'll have to confess to the bishop everything that's none of his business to begin with, and because of anything I'd done that had made me impure and unworthy, I'd never get into the celestial kingdom anyway, so why try anymore? This didn't mean that I didn't, deep down, want to, I just thought it would be just plain impossible.

In 1990, my sister (the one who got pregnant out of wedlock when we were teenagers) accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. At the time, I thought, girl what are you into now? And I certainly didn't want anything to do with whatever she was involved in. We are and always have been close, and so when my phone would ring, I knew it was her and what she wanted.

Every other word was "Jesus this" and "Jesus that" and for me, it was "Joseph Smith this" and Joseph Smith that." It wasn't long before she gave me a book called, "Mormonism, Mama & Me" written by a sweet elderly woman named Thelma "Granny" Geer. I told my sister straight up that if it disrespected the LDS Church in any way then I woould not read the book.

But I started reading it, with an open mind and open heart, and I realized that the author wasn't putting the church down at all. She talked about being a fourth-generation Mormon and all that and how she came to Jesus through the scriptures in the Bible. I only got about a third of the way through the book before I realized that I was wrong about the LDS Church, I was lied to (they have lied to ALL of their members; most of all they lie to themselves), and I had to get out of it permanently, whether I had been inactive for many years or not.

I had no intention of putting my salvation in the hands of a Latter-Day prophet, for any reason. One of the first things I did before making any steps was to get on my knees and ask for God's forgiveness for having been involved in their web of lies and deceit, and He answered me, letting me know that He knew me when I was baptized at the age of eight, and that He knew I had virtually NO choice in the matter. Most of all, I was forgiven, and from that day forth, I was His and nothing would ever change that.

I found the material to get my name off the membership list, and I have never felt more free. The day I put my letter of resignation in the mail I felt a twinge of doubt, but I knew it was only Satan bothering me but he couldn't stop me from doing it. I'm thankful I got out of it, and that I never did baptize my own two (now grown) children.

Unfortunately, my daughter was baptized into the LDS Church before she was married, and it broke my heart; she did it for her husband, but she found out quickly how bad things are, and is completely inactive as is her husband. They have two boys whom I hope they don't torture by forcing them to be baptized, too.

I found this website purely by accident, and what a Godsend. I have found many aspects of it very amusing. What a great format to be able to tell others the how & why of our escape from truly the worst church I've ever known or had the misfortune to be involved in. Thanks!

Linda in Salt Lake City.

Coleen, March 1981...I was raised in the church. I first noticed something was wrong when being baptised and confirmed didn't make me feel any different or change my life for the better. I first knew I didn't believe in the church after my high school psychology teacher challenged us to study our own religions. The question was whether we believed because we had been programed that way or if our beliefs stood up to our own scrutiny. I read all the scriptures, several doctrine books and asked questions.

Connie, September 8, 2011

Resigned when I found out it was a fraud.

I decided all the books conflicted with each other on doctrine and were anti-American, anti-woman and basically inconsistent with what I felt was right. When I became pregnant with my son, I gave the church one last chance. When I refused to give him up for adoption, the bishop said I would be excommunicated or disfellowshipped. He made it clear it was for keeping my baby and not for fornication. I decided to save them the trouble and had my name taken off the records. I've never regretted my decision.

Ted Cox, November 2000 - For me, it came down to two possibilities: 1) A racist God made the decision to deny black-skinned people equal opportunites in holding the priesthhod, or 2) Brigham Young wasn't a prohpet and wasn't recieving revelation from God when he claimed that blacks were a fallen, degenerate race, and that they would NEVER recieve the priesthood in this life. The second possibility made more sense to me.

Craig, September 1999

I was born and raised in the church. Did all the things a good little Mormon boy should, went to Ricks College, mission to South America, married SLC temple, baptized all 4 kids, etc.

There were always things that did not seem logical about the church, but as a boy and young man questioning if the church was true wasn't something that entered my mind. I always hated going to church on Sundays but I usually went at least to sacrament and priesthood. I usually taught the elders and later as a high priest also. It was a question from an inactive member one day as I was teaching that finally forced me to admit that the church was not what I had always thought it was.

One discovery led to another and that to another until there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that the church is a fraud. My exit was slow and fast at the same time. Fast in that I told my wife that I was done with the church and all it stood for, and that was the last time I ever went. Slow in that I didn't have my name removed immediately. I waited for several years mainly because my parents were elderly and still believed so I couldn't see any point in upsetting them and sending them to their rest all worried about my salvation.

After 40 plus years in the church I can honestly say I had never experienced true happiness and freedom until I threw off the shackles of the church and deleted all the guilt centered programming from my mind. I look at the world in a whole new light now and the world doesn't look too bad. The world is actually a good place to be for me now. I love life, I don't live riddled with guilt for stupid things I should be doing and stupider things I do that are meaningless yet the church made me feel like a loser for doing them. None of my kids are in the church and they are all very happy too. My wife still believes but I think she can see the truth she is just dealing with the guilt programming and the big "What if" question the church plants deep in your subconscious.

I can proudly say that I have shown more than ten people so far the truth about the church and they have left also. It's like counting baptisms on a mission only in reverse. I feel confident that my wife will see the light some day, but if she is waiting for me to "get through this phase" and go back to church she has a very long wait because that will NEVER happen.

Lona Crain, 1990 (requested in March, removed in June, never rec'd letter but confirmed recently by phone w/G. Dodge).After 30 years of utter misery ( was a convert at age 18) and abt 10 of severe depression, decided it would make more sense to have some happiness on earth before going to hell than to endure 40 more years of hell on earth before going to hell (because God knew what I thought of his rotten plan). Not out two months before I saw what an incredible crock of doodoo I'd fallen for. Beat myself over the head for the next 9 or so years for being so amazingly stupid as to have wasted my life in this revolting cult. Then discovered list and found I was one of many and they were great. Life is good. Now if only my 3 terrific kids & their families were free..... (Oh, major burrs under saddle of mormonism were demands for mindless obedience & rampant sexism. Epiphany occurred in fabric store between Sat. sessions of conference when I realized that I had far more respect & admiration for Gloria Steinem than for Ezra T.)

Sandra Crain-Gilkeson, 1996, Left the church to escape the blatant deceit,and sexism.

Tracy Crookston, November 29, 2000 The exciting, intriguing, and captivating account of my leaving Mormonism can be read at mormonism/testimonies.

The short account is as follows; After 26 years as an active, faithful Mormon, I learned the truth when I was serving as Relief Society president. The truth being, of course, that the LDS Church is not true. Its history has been revised, the doctrines have been changed, and the leadership has lied about it; but most importantly, Mormonism is not Biblical! The Bible HAS INDEED been translated correctly (see "The New Evidence That Demands a Verdict" by Josh McDowell). I have learned that Christianity is a rational belief and I now have a satisfying personal relationship with Jesus of the Bible (as opposed to the Mormon Jesus who was conceived through intercourse between God and Mary). He has given me the peace that passes all understanding and joy in my life regardless of external circumstances.

I now spend my time speaking publically to church groups about the differences between Mormonism and Christianity and I try to help those coming out of cults adjust to REAL life. Praise God I'm free! Woo hoo!

Jay Crosby, excommunicated in 1975 for apostasy and teaching doctrines contrary to the Mormon Church. Guilty as charged I say!! Twenty-five years ago I first went through the Salt Lake Temple. It was a great fizzle for me. There was nothing inspiring, and it mostly seemed like a lot of mumbo-jumbo. I played along, though, not wishing to seem unspiritual.

A year later I ran into a man who told me Mormonism was false. I was challenged by what he said, and bound and determined to prove him wrong. In short, he devastated my every argument with FACTS. I could no longer believe I was in the true church.

When I went to the leaders of the Church, local and general, I was rebuffed with comments like, "There are some questions better left unasked," and "There is information that is essential, information that is useful, and information that is dangerous."

Certainly, the truth is dangerous to Mormonism.

The most important question, the one I couldn't get away from, and the one I hope and pray everyone reading this will ask themselves honestly--irrespective of their affiliation--is this: Can I just leave?

Can you? Whatever group you might belong to, whether a church, a club, a lodge, whatever--Can you just leave? Or, will you be shunned, humiliated, defamed, excommunicated or otherwise defrocked? Will you suffer loss of reputation? Will you be badgered and hounded to your dying day?

Or can you just exercise your right to pack up and go somewhere else?

It is an extremely critical question. And the answer in Mormonism is an emphatic NO.

That in and of itself is sufficient reason to bail!

John Phillip Cunningham, 2010

Neither myself or any member of my family were members. The church lied about my baptism, saying Jay Christisen had baptised me when I was 7 years old. I did attend the church to allow them to give their brainwashing its best effort.

It is so easy with a first grade education to prove all religions are slavery. There was no alphabet during the time period of the Bible or Book of Mormon for any of the names, items or situations. They are off by 500 - 1500 years. The Bible and Book of Mormon are made of used toilet paper with a PH of 4.7 rather than the legal 7.4 full of mold, mildew and germs unfit to touch as proven by China September 1954.

The whole Bible and Book of Mormon story is below the I.Q. of a 2 year old. The first Bible copyrighted in the USA is by Amy J. Kling, Burley, Idaho in 1945 at the Congressional Libary.

The people and their temper tantrums are to sick to be around. There is not one thing from education facts, psychology or any other situation that they have that fits reality. Thank you for the entertainment. They give the world a reason to laugh.

The english alphabet as it is today with 26 letters is 375 years old before that it only had 19 letters. There was no letter J. there was no language in the world that had that sound or symbol 2000 years ago. In translation you do not change the sound of a persons name. None of the Bible or Book of Mormon names could have been in the time period. the camel is from Australia, the donkey fron New Mexico they were taken to the Middle East in 1585. How did they get in to the Bible? All religions are cults (common used laterday term slavery). Get an education, treat others well and have a good life. In the name of John Cunningham a man.

Thank you John Phillip Cunningham date of birth 2/1/1956 of Aurora, Co.

Cynthia- 1988

I left in 1988... lost my faith much earlier. Also, because of the non-logic of Mormon life, it was difficult to formulate what bothered me about the church. I am a much different person since I left. AND much happier.

I am enjoying your site. I look at one topic every day. When I decided to leave the Mormons, I had to be secretive. I did not know anyone else who was "losing their faith." I am so grateful to find that I am not the only one.

Dorene Erickson Heiner (now Cunningham) , resigned from the LDS church in 1998. All four of my children also left within the next year.

I was challenged by Christians to study Mormon history and doctrines that were not available to me as a good Mormon. I graduated from BYU, where I was taught how to do objective research, so I entered the task with an open, objective mind. I was devastated to learn that I had been worshiping a false God, honoring dishonest and immoral men as "prophets", and perpetuating these lies to so many others.

Since the most important thing to me was being "right" with God, I left the church after 6 months of study, prayer and fasting. My husband of 17 years quickly divorced me--he was the Bishop of our Ward at the time I left. I have never been happier since accepting the true Jesus Christ into my life. Praise God for pulling my family out of the deceptive, eternally devastating cult of Mormonism.

Julia Cutler-June,, 2004...still waiting for our öfficial letter from the Church. They had a deadline of June 30th and they blew it! Guess who's gonna get a lawsuit.

I grew up in whole extended family is still Temple Mormons. My husband, my two kids and I kept getting tired of doing, doing, doing, and never getting anywhere by kissing the butt of the LDS Gestapo organization. I knew I could never earn my salvation or be a "goddess" their way, and I didn't wan't to try anymore. So we left...YAY!!!!!Guess what, yáll? I found Jesus! I have great Christian friends that helped me to see that Jesus loves me, and died on the cross for my sins..I don't have to be a 100% Visiting Teacher, or pay tithing out the wazoo for the Gen.Authorities Limos to get to heaven! I just had to admit I was a sinner, and give my sins to Jesus. After all, he already paid for them! My life now is awesome, and I give all the glory to God!

Besides, who wants to belong to a church founded by a pedophile? Update - May 2005

Just to let you all know we FINALLY recieved notification from Bro. Dodge that our memberships were removed. We waited a year for our letter, and when I finally wrote again asking what was going on, I recieved a terse note from Bro. Dodge stating they'd removed our names over a year ago in May of 2004, at the request of our former Branch President.

Nice that they bothered to tell US....(can't uyou hear the dripping sarcasm???) but I cannot describe the feeling of joy and release. It's over! Praise God! It's worth it.

If you haven't heard from them KEEP BUGGING THEM. Bug Salt Lake. Bug your former bishops and Stake Presidents with threats of lawsuits and turning to liberal newspapers that hate religion (such as the Washington Post or the Baltimore Sun in our area) work well, too.

Since we are military, I threatened to have the missionaries banned from the Army base we live on, claiming they are harrassing people. Don't be nice. This is war, big time. Let them know a cult wrapped in satanic spiritual priestcraft is unacceptable in your life. Especially if you are a born again believer, such as I am. I realized my name is written on the Lamb's book of life. I could not tolerate having my name on the records of that shameful cult as well. Good luck!! It does happen. I am living proof it does! Be persistent!

Pascale Dauphinais-Bujold, (Sherbrooke, Québec, Canada): Officially resigned June 2004 because the LDS-church rejected my husband (a non-member) and I + tried to break-up our marriage + this church is so full of bullshit that it sends shivers up my spine so... I AM SO PROUD TO BE FREE OF IT THAT I COULD BURST, HOORAY FOR FREEDOM!

David, 2010

There are numerous reasons why I left. But the straw that broke the camel's back and ensured I would never return was when the bishop "presiding" over my grandmother's funeral chastised me for being a bad Mormon. Note, this was during the eulogy he was giving purportedly for the purpose of celebrating my grandmother's life. As I'm grieving the death of the woman who was essentially my second mother (and who played a bigger role in raising me than my birth mother did), this obese asshole decided that this moment was the opportune time to call me out in front of the ward for being a less than stellar Mormon. He did it with a smile on his face. I'm sure he was looking to shame me (and maybe hoped I'd return to the church), but instead it had the opposite effect. All it did was anger me and solidify my belief that the church itself was shameful.

David- June 14,2005 - I felt that they could not give me the right info. Such as what is grace, they said it was something we had to work for. Have you ever asked a mormon why they don't read the Holy Bible.

Most will tell you because we read the Book of Mormon that is where you find the answers to your prayers. Not only that when you ask for help from the bishop you have to go work off hours first. When the wife and I have asked the Bishop to help with the rent, he had. The last time I asked for help with the rent I was told that the help was not coming from Salt Lake it was being done through the ward itself.

The bishop stopped by to pay a visit to the wife, and after the conversation we, the bishop and I, walked to his car and he told me to leave my wife. I told him that I could not do that as she is a part of my life that God had for the both of us.

I have always felt that the LDS Church was hiding something because every time I asked a question about the truth about the church they wouldn't tell me, therefore I didn't ask them anymore. I knew in my heart that my Heavenly Father would come and tell me myself. If I have to be lied to then I don't need the church.

Tea Davidson, I sent my letter of resignation Feb.28,2003. I loved it and loved it for many years but after an honest talk with my husband dropped it. I realized it wasn't true and it was too controlling. I was YW president at the time.

Emily Davis, December 1, 2004 After reading, in depth, the history of the church, I found many inconsistencies that I couldn't just let slide (the first vision, for one). I noticed that the church hid a lot of its history, as what I read was VERY new to me (i.e. the fact that JS had over 30 wives). I think my major reasons for leaving, though, were: 1) Polygamy being practiced when there REALLY was NO need for it, 2) the church's treatment of women, and 3) The Mountain Meadows Massacre (the fact that they killed children and INFANTS was enough for me to break all ties to mormonism).

Also, the way my family treats me during times of personal distress does NOT match up with the so-called teachings of the church and/or the teachings of Jesus, whom they profess to follow. Unconditional love does not exist in many mormon families... unless, of course, you stay a good, little mormon and don't make a single mistake in your life. Right. Because living in a bubble is SOOO much better than living in the real world. *sarcasm*

JoAnn Davis (AKA "catnip")- 5 February 2005 - Missionaries appeared on my front porch at a time in my life when I was terribly vulnerable. I have to admit that the friends who came into my life when I joined the church in 1987 helped me to stay afloat when it seemed like I was chained to the Titanic.

I didn't care much for the doctrine itself - I thought it was a crock from the get-go, but I figured that I was the one with the problem, since everybody else seemed so sure about it. This sentiment was reinforced when I went to the temple. This mumbo-jumbo was supposed to be "holy" and "sacred??"

Looking back, I believe now that the only reason that I was supposed to be in the church was to meet the love of my life, whom I probably wouldn't have met anywhere else. We were married in 1991 and are more in love than ever. My "other half" no longer attends TSCC (The So-Called Church) but has not resigned.

I sent my resignation letter to SLC in December of 2004 and got my letter of termination of membership in February of 2005. I now attend a New-Age, New Thought church that promotes spiritual growth rather than retarding it.

Deanna- April 2004

I joined the church when I was 18 and left just before my 28th birthday. I left the church because I felt that it is a dishonest institution and that it did not represent itself fairly to me when I was baptized or had questions. I was Relief Society President of a YSA ward when I resigned. You may view my exit story here:

Deb, 1992

Free at last, free at last, thank god almighty I am free at last!

Debrauk, July 11, 2011

RM temple marriage then Husband and I in UK left due to inaccuracies in church history and doctrine. Couldn't condone what we used to love and gave our all to anymore. One big fat fraud.

Rebecca M. de Haan, 1998, I left, because when I started to think for myself I saw that that church is a big, enormous, horrible hoax.

Jim Densley, March 1999, I recieved my exit letter in March, 1999,and I celebrated! It was a relief to cut the ties that bind. I saw the errors in the LDS doctrine and the oppressive hierarchy, and how it robbed people of life. Specifically, my own life. Leaving core beliefs, even knowing those beliefs are wrong, was very difficult. Although my view had grown beyond the narrow, Mormon perspective, I still found the decision took extensive thought and debate within my own mind.

Finally, I decided that I could not lend my name to an institution that I believe does more harm than good. I could not be passive, simply ignoring my latent membership. Acting under my own free will to end my membership was empowering, beneficial and a focal point for optimistic change. I recommend extraction from oppression. Give no quarter, lend not even your name to those who would keep you in chains.

Del.Ici.Ous- Dec 1, 2006

My GM got me into it. Then she left for a 3 month trip to Utah leaving me in Michigan to think for myself finally and then I was out. :P

Giordan Q. Del Rosario, 11 January 2001; I served a regular LDS Mission at 19 to see for myself if I believed the Church was true. I knew there was something quite wrong with the LDS Church (too conservative, racist, etc.), and decided to give an LDS mission an honest try, but during my mission, I didn't feel the LDS leaders were inspired, but merely reacted (with or against) according to the times they lived in.

January 2001 (Date of official resignation from the LDS Church when I gave a letter to the bishop)

I realized early on as a teenager that there were really a lot of things hypocritical and wrong with the LDS Church. I left the LDS Church after faithfully serving the "required" two-year LDS proselyting mission at 19-21 in 1997-1999 so that no one in the LDS Church can doubt my sincerity and honesty. After a period of difficulty adjusting back to college life and academics, a close family member's death, and a period of debilitating depression that lasted about nine months, I stumbled upon in September 2000, and from researching there and other exmormon websites, my journey out of Mormonism began.

Demon of Kolob- April 5, 2005

Read my story:

Dennis, Aug 2008

I finally figured out the MORmON church was a fraud after church leadership wouldn't do anything about my (now ex) son-in-law after my daughter caught him numerous times surfing the web for porn and humping the carpet (yes - he admitted to humping the carpet). After my daughter used the "D" word (divorce), her worthless bishop never called her again. What's amazing is that the ex-son-in-law as well as his retarded family (his daddy was a former stake president in Virginia) never told my daughter they were sorry or anything. They actually blamed her because she wouldn't continue being married to this nut job. I wish I had done more research before I joined. When you look at the actual facts, I don't know why anyone would believe the crap the MORmON church is peddling. The other thing that's funny is that in the eight years of being a MORmON, you would have thought I would have had some MORmON friends who might have called me to find out why I quit going to church but I never rec'd a call from any of them. They must have been told to stay away from the apostate. I've also asked my former stake president (micheal jones in the arvada colorado stake) for a refund on my tithing but he refuses to answer my emails. Shouldn't they give you your money back if they don't hold up the end of their bargain?

Shiggy Diggit- July 2007

My family and I willingly left the LDS Church during March 2007, and I received confirmation during July 2007 that our resignation (name removal) was processed to completion.

I was raised in the Church--served a mission, graduated from BYU at the top of my class, married in the temple, and so on. I've had doubts about the Church's truthfulness for a long time, though, and I finally decided to leave this year. Thankfully, my wife decided to follow me.

For everyone's enjoyment, follow the link below to a copy of my rather elaborate leaving letter, which details my story and reasons for leaving. As of today, the letter has been used to notify my extended family members, various ward members (including the bishop), and also friends and acquaintances.

Any comments or feedback are welcome either here or at

Larry DiLucchio - A Grant, After serving in the Church for thirty years and having been excommunicated by an abusive Stake President when we pointed out he was persecuting a member for personal reasons, I chose not to resubmit to this inane insanity after the man was removed and I and many others he excommunicated were found to have done nothing warranting that action. The dimented man in question had apparrently been promised in his partriarchal blessing he would accomplish great deeds for the church, but only under extreme opposition.

This precluded any chance on his part he could be wrong, When I joined the Church at age 21, I did so to have a family...the rest I just figured would be sorted out in the millineum to steal a phrase.

For those willing to abandon critical thinking skills in regard to religious issues, for those who believe women are second class citizens, and for those who want to believe the Church's version of its history, rather than the accounts of people alive in those times, fare thee well. The hypocracy of always having to twist the facts so they are "right" is a bit too much for me! It is a cult. It is fiction. I'd rather trust in God.

Laura Di Nunno, officially out May 29, 2000 - There were many reasons why I left, First vision stories, J. Smith's lack of credibility, Book of Mormon changes, Book of Abraham, polygamy, Masonry and so forth. What made me write my letter was seeing a poster, that my niece had, of Egyptian gods and goddesses and what they meant. I saw the alligator and what it meant. I thought about what Joseph said it meant and I laughed. What a joke, I thought. I decided at that point that I didn't think the joke was funny and I didn't want to be a part of it anymore. It was, literally, the last straw.

Thomas E. Donofrio), 1-1-02, Read 'em and weep.

Adrienne Alice Doyle ), Resigned October 2002, official confirmation of resignation March 13, 2003. I left after being in for a year, was in an emotionally abusive marriage and after filing for divorce, there was NO WAY I was going to stay in the cult. Now I'm enjoying life Morg-free, and to further piss off them and my ex, I got myself ordained as a minister so I can do SCA wedding ceremonies that are legally recognized in California.

Joe Done- 8 February 2000 - I became inactive in 1981, once I realized the racist doctrine of the church was still intact. The 1978 change in policy to allow descendents of Native Africans full participation was window dressing for political and public relations, similar to the disingenuous 1890 manifesto against the practice of polygamy. The belief of white purity and supremacy is alive and well in church doctrine and culture. It turns out though, as bad as this is, this is one of the more benign problems produced by church systemic, organizational deception.

Happily, my wife soon followed me into inactivity twenty years ago but did not wish to have her name removed. Interestingly, after my name removal, the home teacher called and asked if they could continue visiting. I told him I had no problem with that but I was not the member and he should talk to my member-wife. I handed her the phone and she told him unequivocally, no. Also, my children have subsequently withdrawn from activity.

I did an in-depth study and completed a 150 page document in October of 1999 which contains four sections; my personal philosophy, problems with Mormon doctrine, a rational examination of the Old Testament and scholarly reviews of the New Testament. I wrote it mainly to explain reasons I left the church to my children, grandchildren and whoever is interested. I mailed the document to the Bishop, Stake President and First Presidency along with my letter of resignation. If anyone reading this would like to read the document, I would be happy to attach it to an email.

My personal belief changed from believing Mormon to Atheist resulting from my study, however during the past several years I have undertaken a study of the afterlife and have found what I interpret as convincing evidence of an afterlife supported by multiple-independent testimonies from sources of high integrity, and scientifically based parallels. I totally reject the hateful god of the Old Testament and the puerile god of Mormon doctrine. I lean more toward a spiritual organization and reality which encompasses everything that is. email:

Doug, Feb 4, 2008

As with others I could write volumes about the process that led to my request to have my name removed from the membership of the LDS church. Suffice it to say that I felt it was the right thing for me to do after my 3 to 4 year journey into discovering the many truths about the church which were never taught to me (for obvious reasons as they are so damning as to the truthfulness of the church).

The bottom line was that Joseph Smith was in truth not what he claimed to be nor what the chruch now teaches he was and acted in a very fraudulent and devious manner for his own self interests and glory. All the evidence points to this conclusion and I could not deny it.

Therefore at an age of 63 years and after my whole life being a member of this church and doing my best to follow its principles taught to me, I resigned. I come from a long line of Mormons and being a member of the Mormon Church is considered almost a family duty and tradition. My father, a very good man and my hero, was totally active and in high leadership positions his whole life. My other siblings maintain very active membership in the church with one brother now a mission president and another brother teaching religion at BYU Idaho.

I do not look down on any of my family members for continuing in the church at all as I just feel they are just caught up in this all encompassing religion. It is totally understandable to me that they continue like they are. I consider myself an exception to the rule in that I was able to discover the real truths that I did and thus break away from a religion that originated from untruth and fraud.

My journey cost me a near 40 year marriage and has been responsible very possibly for some very negative side effects in the lives of my 6 children. I am now remarried and attempting to live the rest of my life as happily as I can while I strive to discover what the real truths in this life are.

I guess my story continues, I hope for it to work out well for me as well as all those I continue to love and hold dear.

Edu Men- 2000

Finally I got my life on track!. It coast me leaving BYU, lossing a couple of jobs, moving to another country, and now I am on top of the game baby!.

And to think that those bastard professors at BYU said I would never finish a PhD!, Now I get better research than they do!. Loosers


Mr. I have published in top scientific journals.

Gary Myles Edwards (formerly Gary Edward Church)Resigned April '89, now agnostic/atheist. Less than 2 months of speech therapy enabled me to overcome the stutter that over 20 years of fasting and prayer did not.

The 'ask in faith' cowplop we are fed over the pulpit. If our prayers are not answered the general response is either we lack faith or have a secret unconfessed sin. I'm gay, for years my continued stutter in light of that 'unconfessed sin' was further evidence of The One True Church and gawd's judgement upon me. That despite being a virgin (virgin no mo!!!), the extent of my 'sin' at the time was limited to 'impure thoughts' and the M word.

Elizabeth- May 2007

I left activity in the Church back in the early 1980's. I found out the LDS Church lied about everything. My honesty and integrity meant more to me than appearances. Of course the Mormons believed I was guilty of some gross sinfulness, but I never felt a need to do the "official resignation" until recently.

This year, when Mitt Romney entered the Presidential race, my Mormonism once again became and issue. Active members accused me of dishonesty for calling myself a "Mormon" when I obviously didn't believe the claims or tenets of the "church." Because I didn't want to appear dishones by claiming to be mormon, I sent my letter in, in April and it became official in May of 2007.

I was born into and raised a six generation LDS family in a small entirely LDS community in Southern Utah. Mormonism was more than a religion - it was my way of life, my culture. Now they have even stripped me of my identity. Damn them all to bloody hell! Unless I am a "true" believer then my family were not pioneers, I never experience canning fruit, quilting, food supplies, sacrifice, farming, community, culture or ancestors who committed murder in the name of God. Since I am no longer LDS, I can no longer be me.

Richard and Dawn Elliott, We were both born and raised LDS. We both ran away from home young. He at 16 because he wanted to work. He eventually joined the Marines. I ran away at 11 and never went back. I was sent to a catholic convent, then a girls home, then I joined the Navy. We met in 2000 and both have found our own Christianity and it does not equal the affects that we have seen with MOrgs.

I, Dawn, say MOrgs because there are many types of LDS and I was raised among the worst, straight-assed BLUE LODGED (ALL WHITE) Masonites who are NOW the LEGAL OWNERS of Salt Lake City.

We both have written formal letters of removal but have received nothing. I am now writing another and final one. I shall call the Bishop each time a henchman comes to my door, with a shrilly response of harrassment. Until we receive our letter of confirmation of release.

Lance Ensign- May 3, 2006

I think the event that most influenced my decision to resign my membership in the Mormon church was discovering that well-meaning family members had quietly disclosed my current place of residence to the nearest local ward. They did it out of 'good' intentions (the definition of 'good' among Church members at times leaves me scratching my head) but it struck me as rather devious and creepy.

After my family stealth-informed the local ward of my whereabouts I received both phone calls and letters inviting me to attend. I didn't respond well to these intrusions and I know it left my family thinking, "We may have misjudged the level of his depraved state of apostasy here."

Yet in the months and years following, family and other Church members continued to 'misjudge' my unbelief, so I have resigned my membership from the Church so that such errors of judgement won't occur in the future.

For the record, I'd like to state that I am an atheist, a naturalist, and a strong believer in reason accompanied by use of the scientific method. I have no need to hate or malign or harass the Church or its individual members, but I'm glad to be out of it and I'm happy it's a part of my past--and not my present or future.

Incidentally, it took the Church a while to process my name removal. Although I informed them I'd resigned on May 3, 2006 they removed my name from their records on August 18, 2006. Apparently their idea of a 'thirty-day waiting period' is somewhat flexible.

E. S. N, January 2008

Long story short. I only went back to church because my wife joined, unbeknown to me at the time. We went to the temple and she said no way to going again. Then we read how the church thought about interracial relationships and their thoughts on blacks and slavery - so... she stopped going and so did I. Then I got the "I'm so sorry your wife left. If you stay worthy you'll still get to have the blessing of a celestial marriage." Anyway, I don't want anyone else so we decided to call it quits. Her after two years and me after being raised in the church. Funny thing, I feel better and less stressed than I did when I was going. I'm not worried about every little word or thought or action. I just try to be good.

Arza Evans- December 7th 2003

I am a retired economics professor living in ST. George, Utah. I am also the blacksheep of my family. I am the only one who is not a TBM. I spent two years of my life and all of my college money going on an LDS mission. I have also served in many church positions including three bishoprics and as a temple worker.

About age forty, I started to do some serious research into church history in order to strengthen my testimony. It was heartbreaking to learn of the deception, abuse of power, and immorality of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and other early church leaders. For twenty years I continued my research and compiled it into a book entitled THE KEYSTONE OF MORMONISM. This book is what got me excommunicated. I also established a website:

I am happier out of the church, except for the trouble it has caused with my family. They are not interested in anything that I have learned. They don't want me to talk with them or their children. They seem to love the darkness.

Darrick Evenson, I joined the Church on the last day of 1978, then went inactive for 17 month due to anti-Mormonism, then returned and served a mission. I wrote a defense of the Church (_The Gainsayers_) which was written in 1985, but not published until 1989 (still in most LDS bookstores). Many things bothered me about the Church; especially that the Office of The First Presidency was now DENYING it ever taught the Curse of Cain doctrine!

Hinckley REALLY wants to change history to make the Church look better to the World. I saw too much hypocrisy in the Church. Too much love of wealth and materialism. These things were not of God. I went totally inactive in 1989. After the Hofmann episode I really didn't believe the Church was divinely-guided anymore.

I began to see, however, that the 1890-91 prophecies of Joseph Smith were fulfilled in Baha'u'llah; founder of the Baha'i Faith. I became an official Baha'i in 1994, and officially resigned from the Church in 1996. In case you're curious: The 1890-91 Prophecies of Joseph Smith: Christ Returns In His Glory

Nicky F - Free on 26th June 2001

I was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for almost half my lifetime. I served in the Relief Society, Primary and the Young Womens Organisations within the Church, and I served a full time mission.

Two years ago I began searching for answers to some questions I had; important questions. Things that mattered to me. I grew tired of hearing that I had no right to be questioning, that simply by doing so I was offending God and on the road to personal apostacy. I had already grown tired of hearing that "whenever the leaders have spoken, the thinking has been done". I had heard all too often that we needed the express approval of Joseph Smith to gain exaltation! I wondered where Jesus figured in all of this, because His role in Mormonism is second-fiddle to Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, et al.

I learned for myself that Mormonism is a lie. A cult. Anti-Christian. When I was investigating the Church back in 1977, had I known then even HALF of what I know now, I never would have been baptised.

The real history of the Mormon church makes me sick to my stomach, and the way the leaders lie, deceive and abuse the members appalls me.

The Mormon Church is NOT what it claims to be and teaches false doctrine. There is no room for Jesus Christ within this shadowy and sinister organisation fronted by lying, deceitful, dishonest, money-grabbing, soul-destroying, mentally abusive con men - far from the prophets and apostles they claim to be! The Mormon cult brainwashes its members, forcing them to live like mindless automatons who are not permitted to question anything, and can read only "authorised" church church books and magazines. These men expect members to hand over 10% of their income with absolutely no explanation of where it goes, and to serve the church with absolute and total loyalty, at the expense of family. The entire leadership is a dynasty of liars - every single one of them placing himself over and above Jesus Christ.

Only within the last two years did I learn that there are NINE versions of the 'First Vision' and that Joseph Smith BOASTED that He was greater than Christ. As an endowed member I attended the temple many, many times during my membership but saw only when it was pointed out that when Adam asks Lucifer about the apron he is wearing, Lucifer replies that it is a symbol of his power and priesthoods...and then everyone stands and puts on their apron! As a tribute to Lucifer???? Also, Adam claims he is using the 'true order of prayer' yet he is answered by...Lucifer.

Mormonism is evil. What it teaches is evil. It wounds the spirit, breaks the heart, and destroys lives. As soon as I woke up to reality I left, and am now dedicated to teaching the truth about this horrendous cult.

BMFahrtz, 05/2010

It defies the most fundamental logic to believe in something that has no proof of its existence. I personally left because I found that I was much happier living my life the way I see fit rather then trying to accommodate the wishes of some fairy taled supreme being. The Mormon Church doesn't have anymore discrepancies in their teachings than any other religion. I always have to laugh when I hear a Christian mock Scientology as if they are superior. Jesus, get over yourselves.

Windy Lynn Farnsworth, February 1998 - I began to have doubts about the truth of the church when the Joseph Smith papyrus was discovered and returned to the church. The church published an article in the Deseret News about the discovery. I first read Nibley's book, then discovered what legitimate scholars said about it. I found out that Smith's translation was totally false. I also began to boubt the validity of the Book of Mormon when the scientific community uncovered a growing body of evidence of the Asian origin of the native American peoples. I felt that the church must be able to pass academic scrutiny. It didn't, so I left.

Loren Vincent Fay- Resigned from LDS membership in 1993 after the folks in Utah were exed for being intellectuals, feminists or gay supporters so I decided it was time to exit the church when I heard of that. When I went to give my "Gay Mormon Story" talk at the Boston Sunstone Symposium that fall, I was told that about 200 others had also resigned for that reason as well. By the way, my session had standing room only and I was surprized that so many people wanted to hear my story.

The next year I was called by the new ward bishop to ask if I understood the thing I was requesting. I said yes, as people like me had no future in the LDS church. As a self-accepting and respecting gay member, I would not have callings and would not advance in authoirity in the church, so would forever be "damned" by the teachings of the church.

I had already joined the gay MCC church and had been attending the 1 pm services there for two years and had stopped any financial support of the LDS when I came out to myself several years before that, because I didnt want to support a church that does not accept me as I am.

The September 1993 exes in Utah became the last straw that made me write that simple letter to resign my LDS membership.

Jennifer Fleischer, Date Varies - I first submitted my resignation Dec. 03, 1992 but was ignored until I threatened them 6 months later when I recieved my letter of resignation, 18 months after that I discovered my name HAD NOT BEEN REMOVED and I started the process over again. Finally freed April 1995. An ancient history major at the time, I sought to learn all I could of LDS doctrine only to find out the lies. The more I read, the more I discovered the fraud. The final straw came when I was learning Egyptian Hieroglyphs for school and came across the "Abraham Papyrus", it's easy to prove it false when you can actually read it.

Alex R. Flores- February 2007

I converted on July 9,2000 at the age of 19 in the Claremont Singles Ward.

I left because too much "letter of the law" BS was flooding the church with these crazy rules (no R rated movies - my first doubt about the church,underwear,certain ways you can have post marital sex,political philosophies,etc.) that focused more on obedience and less on charity. It's bad enough I was brainwashed but for the last two years I was heartwashed as well.

On Xmas day of last year, I was doing reasearch on R rated movies regarding the church and decided to click on RfM and it all became clear...I was duped. Well, I'm no longer duped now. I can finally drink caffeine and go to a theater (I've been renting on Netflix behind their backs) to see an R rated movie I have interest in.

Also, the 2nd thing that made me question the Morg was their Republican bias in everything.

Jeffrey Fogt, August 2002. I quit because I finally learned the truth--that simple. I went on a mission years ago (although I left early) and began to doubt the church there. Only in the last three years have I even paid enough attention to it to decide to have my name removed. I have my "exit letter" from church headquarters framed.

Terry Foss, 1998 - I finally was exced last summer! I had asked to be removed from the roles back in 1995 but they were sooooo slow. I raised Hell and in a few weeks I got my letter of excommunication.

Thomas W Foy- 1980.

I was ex'd in 1980 at age 28. I told my bishop I had gay inclinations but would not act on them. That was when President Kimball had a revelation that even if you had gay thoughts and were celibate you could still not be a member of the Church. By the time that doctrine eased somewhat it was too late-the Church had lost a devoted member in me. At that time I endured the unneccessary exile of excommunication and expulsion.

I have only recently begun to talk with a few LDS friends again, after 25 years. By now though, after those initial years of needless shame, I still don't have any hard feelings toward the Church itself, and I realize that any faith I have cannot be controlled by a bunch of old men. I served a mission to the Andes and graduated from BYU in 1972. I was a little too street smart to confess any gay feelings in either place, as I knew what happened to queers-I was not about to submit to their shock therapy.

Over the years I came out and became a proud and militant Gay man. I have shared a relationship with a wonderful man for over a decade, have cared for people with AIDS for 22 years as an RN. i have raised hell, proudly. I am very happy with my life despite what the "Bretheren" yanked from me. I knew too many great LDS guys whose lives were ruined (and a few ended) by the hatred of Church officials for me to ever forgive the Bretheren for their sins.

When I was ex'd I was told by another member "Your name is blotted out of the Lamb's book of life forever and ever". Now how would that make someone feel? Fortunately I found my way to spiritual and intellectual feedom. I am one of the lucky ones.

Read my story but do not weep, for I am content. Read it and condemn me if it makes you feel better, but your prejudice cannot harm me. And if you are of a like mind, rejoice in the freedom of another of your brothers.

Blessed Be!

Free At Last, 2000

I was born into the church and my father is the right hand man to the bishop....everyone in my family is very involved. My grandfather actually was on the excommunication board.

I started to have doubts in high school when a non-mormon friend told me about the mistreatment of blacks and they not holding the priesthood until 1978. I was shocked and went home to ask my dad about it, his response was it was not revealed yet until that year. I started to think what else did I not know about my own religion. It angered me that non mormons knew more then I did. I was 17 and did not return to church, did not get a patriachal blessing and definitely did not on a mission.

My parents were so disaappointed in 2000, I decided to tell the bishop that i was not interested in church because I felt like they were covering something up and would never go back again. I kept to my word and now I'm married( to a black woman, shocked my family)to the most gorgeous woman who gave me 2 boys. My family does not like her at all. They believe she is the reason why I don't go to church and they despise her direct and honest approach(so not molly mormon). My wife tried very hard to get my family to like her, she went out of her way even learned about the religion so she can discuss it with them but no matter what she did, it was not acceptable. I knew from that day forward that they could not be talking to God and started to research. I was amazed at my findings and immediately wrote a letter to get my name my surprise, it was already removed in 2000. Thank God for that!!!

Mike Freestone- 2005

I was raised Mormon, but my path to "apostasy" or True Peace and Joy was a long and drawn out one. It all started when I was twelve years old and the bishop had drilled me hard to see if I had a problem with masterbation... when, low and behold, this same bishop was excommunicated for committing adultery the following Sunday. I realized at a young age that I couldn't just trust somebody because they claimed to have some godly title bestowed upon them.

Years later, on my mission to Seattle, WA, I had a companion that discovered the church had lied to him. He gave me a few items regarding the "Book of Moron" that caused me to not read it for six months of my mission. Of course the brainwashing took over for a while and gave me temporary amnesia again.

I returned from my mission in March of 1990 but had attended the temple over thirty times prior to 1988 when all the freaky oaths were still around and with the other Freemasonry crap! It was a real shocker for me to read, just weeks after returning from the mission and atending the temple again, an article starting on the front page of the Arizona Republic by Steve Benson, which discussed what was taken out of the Secret ritual. I was suffering alot of confusion at this point but amazingly still claiming Joe was a prophet and proceded to attend Ricks and BYU. While attending college I had many callings in the church and began to see that most leaders were not inspired but fairly confused but claimed to have the power of discernment and the spirit -- what a crock of crap!

OK, there is much more to this story... but in brief, I resigned but my wife and six children still attend the cult of Mormonism.

It was only three years ago that I got sick and tired of being in the darkness and playing the brainwash game and actually said a prayer asking if the church was NOT true... a couple of days later somebody at work approached me out of the blue and said, "I have something you might want to read." It was "Mormonism: Shadow or Reality." I was laughing my head off when I saw how ridiculous the Mormon church was. I am still amazed at what I continue to discover about how dark and evil Joe Smith really was.

From SLC to Rome- 2001

7th generation Mo, RM, BYU grad, Temple Married, etc., etc...peeled back the LDS onion and found problem after problem, lie after lie, euphemism after euphemism....its all there if anyone has the courage to look...lost a testimony that I never had...found Jesus Christ by the grace of God through the Roman Catholic Church and I have never been happier. Praise be to the Father, Son and Holy God forever.

Harry & Marlie Galer- 10/14/2005

We resigned after 30 years of blind faith. Thanks to our son-in-law for his courage to seek light and knowledge we were able to seek after truth as well.

It took us a year to wake up and search for truth. We felt that our son-in-law was hiding an unresloved sin for many months before we finally figured out that he had left the church for other than "hidden sins." We have since apologized to him and we are both now official "non-members".

Our son remains faithful to that church and we respect his right to continue to believe that church, as he has come to respect his parents right to be apostates, a label that we wear proudly.

It was our branch president that helped us wake up when he suggested that it was our fault that our son-in-law had left the church, because we were not attending the temple often enough, in his opinion. After a brief WTF moment, we went home and began surfing the internet for further light and knowledge on the "real" history of the LDS church.

Richard Garrard, April 2000 - Proposition 22 and other LDS church political activities; their continued Orwellian changes to doctrine and history; my growing confidence in myself and unwillingness to live someone else's life, for another's approval. Also, I have found a far more valid identity as a humanist, which is fundamentally incompatible with the blind faith, conformity, irrationality, supernaturalism, inhumanity and tortured apologetics of Mormonism.

Gary, left the "church" around 1982, about 3 months after I joined. I was living in Conyers, Georgia and was searching for something and found the "church". It didn't take but about a month to realize that the people were freaks. They kept wanting more and more money and more and more of my time. I stopped going after a month and a month later I got a call asking why I wasn't attending. I just said the beliefs of the "church" were not consistent with mine. They asked if I wanted my name removed and I said yes. About a month after that 2 guys drove into my yard at night and got out of their car. I scared the shit out of them because I was sitting on my front porch with the lights out with a mini-14 assault rifle. Actually I was waiting for the assholes who kept destroying my mail box, but it was fun to see these geeks when I showed up out of the shadows with my rifle. They handed me my "get out of church free" letter and got the hell out of there. I must have laughed for an hou!

I wish I had kept the letter, but I lived in the country and burned all my trash, so it didn't last long. I have really enjoyed all the posts from other people who have had a close call with this cult.

Alan Geddes, June 12, 2002 joe smyth was a fraud. The book of mormon is a fake.

Rosa Gerth, In May, 2002 after 32 years as an active member, I received a letter from the LDS church, notifying me that I was no longer a member of that organization. (Translation: I was no longer one of the listed suckers!)

It all started when I wrote a letter to the first presidency, after asking the "knowlegeable" of the ward, with no luck, for explanations about the book of Abraham. (I had accidentally come across the fact that the translation of the facsimiles that we see on the book of Abraham do no match in any way the translation by egyptologists, even lds egyptologists.)

A month later, the bishop called me into his office and waved a letter at my face, which he said was from the first presidency. He informed me that he had been ordered or (counseled) to excomunicate me. Well, I went home that day and started the process of resignation from the lds church. Whay stand a trial when I had comitted no crime? I was in no mood and had no time for a trial, even the church kind of mock trial.

I guess serving a mission and working very hard in all of those "jobs" they oppress members to do was of no value, as well as the 25 years of marriage and three children I bore to my husband - he sided with the bishop and the members of the ward, who have ignored me in general, after 15 years of attending the same ward; for my husband threatens to divorce me at every opportunity. I guess he resigned from that "love" he used to claim he had for me the moment he knew I had resigned from the lds church. I haven't agreed to divorced him yet because of my children; my youngest child is l5 years old. By the way, my children never really liked the church. Now they hate it, for all the turmoil it brought to our lives.

The Bible says that we should know someting by the fruits that it bears. THESE are the LDS fruits.

Kristen Gilbert, February 18, 2003: I stopped attending at 18 and left at 26. The very little I knew about the LDS church didn't make sense and so I never did buy into it. Too much common sense, I guess.

Glen, I converted to the Moron church when I was a college student in Utah. I grew up overseas and became orphaned as a teenager. When I went to Utah to study, I met the Mormons. And their Missionaries. Very friendly people, always seemed happy, always ready to lend a hand. So, I took the baptismal plunge.

As time passed, I studied "scripture" and the church's literature. Being a Historian, and living in Utah, I ended up doing some college papers on Utah/Mormon history. I used a lot of original materials housed in the U. of Utah and in BYU - by the way, library officials at BYU at some point denied me access to library materials when someone realized what I was writing about -.

Through this study I came to the conclussion that "the church," its ideas and the way of life of its members are all a sham. It looked more as if this was a cult, led by some very charismatic individuals, and followed by a large number of ignorant and sheepish people.

Just a few months of receiving the Mormon "baptism" I sent a letter requesting the removal of my name from the records. A "bishop" called me and told me it could not be done. I sent another letter, and the church bureacrat responded that I would have to meet with him and other members of the "ward" to discuss "disciplinary action." I simply replied that I was getting a lawyer and taking "the Church" and all the "ward" and "stake" leadership to court. That I did not recognized any religious authority of any kind and that he and the "brethren" could all go to hell for all I cared. Amazingly, within one week I got a very professional letter from SLC, a two liner, stating that my name had been removed from their records.

I still have a few friends who are LDS and who every now and then ask me about "coming back." I am an Army war veteran (Iraq), been around the world, and can truly say that mormons are some of the oddest people I have ever met.

Oh, and, by the way, there ARE atheists in the foxholes! My war experience (infantry, front lines of the invasion) never, ever made me think for even one split second about "god." Or "Jesus." Or "Joseph." The only thing I cared was if my M16 was clean enough to light-up a crazed Saddam-fanatic . . . Editor's note: Glen, if you check this, please send in the date of your official resignation. Best wishes and thanks for serving in Iraq.

Greg G. Glover, February 27, 2002. I left because I am a true believer in God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost. You see, God told me to go and start my own church. It took me about four months to understand why but I now know. It is because He knows and I didn't that the mormon church is based on lies and that the leadership is made up of a large group of nonbelieveing business men.

My life was threatened by these poeple. I'm glad they are cowards and I'm glad that I payed them no attention. I received my confirmation letter in July 2002. It was dated June 21 2002.

Yes I truly believe. I believe that God speakes to me. I also believe He speaks to you.

Elizabeth Grand-Jenett, I was sitting in a church meeting in 1987. When it was over I went into the bishop's office. I told him that I would not be returning and that I did not believe in the JS story. I knew him, liked him as a person, and thought it would be a respectful act--to be truthful about why I would not return.

He said, "I understand that you do not believe it, but what about your kids?" HUH? Now why would I want to raise my kids to believe in something I did not believe? That seemed like an odd question.

If Joseph Smith had had only one strange incident happen in his life, such as having a visitation from an angel, he might have been more credible......but he decided to go for the gold:

Finding these plates and translating them, the plates disappearing? The goofy seer stones he presumably used to translate the book? the fact that a good chunk of the BoM is nearly identical to the Book of isaiah in the Bible? The Kinderhook plates? the ridiculous papyrus translation, his infidelity, becoming a "general", running for president, coming up with a temple ceremony that just happened to be the Masonic temple ceremony, trashing the printer's office who printed the truth about him, having a bunch of revelations that just happen to tell his followers that only he would receive revelations from God? calling those supposed revelations "DOCTRINE!?!" and on and on it goes......well, that's too many far out stories for me.

I left in 1986 I think. They did excommunicate me when I told them to leave me alone. I did not then nor do I now care if they have my name anywhere on their records.

I feel really sorry for all the people who still buy that load of crap. Probably just as sorry as they feel for me. I wish them luck. They are generally good hearted people, but so misled.

Van Thomas Gray, Jr. aka "albuqueerque"- April 2006.

I'm convinced that the only way anyone can believe in the mormon church is to hide in a bubble of ignorant complacency. Education trains one to think logically. As I researched church history, the unvarnished, un-whitewashed truth became apparent. Everything fit together and made sense; the church is a total lie. I laugh at how church apologists try to make sense of things. Their convoluted reasoning defies church doctrine (at least the doctrine taught last year, a decade ago, or a century ago - take your pick).

Kate and Simon Green plus five children- Left 2003, Resigned 2004 - After joining TSCC (The So Called Church) in 1994 we lived and breathed Mormonism for almost 10 yrs. Finally, after years of self loathing, guilt and a feeling that the joy had been completely sucked out of our lives we dug deep enough to discover the church was a load of BS and were able to leave as a family. One of the catalysts for the search for truth was knowing that our daughters were about to go into Young Womens and that once there, their individuality, beauty, intelligence and potential would all become stifled,lost and replaced by a manufactured falseness that would lead them into a submissive culture and a life of compromise. Although we thought we joined the church out of a sense of "family", in the end it was the love for our family that helped us to get out.

We had bought into the church beliefs so fully that we truly did worry that if we left, our lives would be terrible and our family would suffer. It didn't take long at all to realise that without the pressure and limitations of the church, life was better than we ever imagined. It's been 2 yrs now since we walked out together and our lives have the level of joy and fun that we used to crave as church members. Our family ties are closer, there is a much healthier balance amongst all of more male priesthood power trips...justso many benefits I could fill pages!

We can look at our time in the church without the bitterness that we felt for a while early after leaving. As they say...everything has it's opposite, and without the misery and fear and limitations imposed on us by that god-awful organisation, we may never have appreciated how sweet life is without it. Not that I'd recommend joining a cult just to get see how great life can be once you escape it!! lol

Dennis and Janice Greenwood, November 3, 1996 - High Council Court excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

DREAM OCTOBER 30, 1996In my dream I saw the Stake President Bernards looking for me at Sam Wellers bookstore downtown Salt Lake City. He entered the front door as I was leaving the store, he looked right at me but he did not recognize me. He had a look of total frustration on his face. The spirit told me to cross the street and watch. I saw him ask for me, I also heard the complete conversation. As he left the store the spirit told me he is looking for you so he can excommunicate you from the church. He walked down the street. Then I awoke from the dream.

I awoke from this dream, and got up in the morning and got dressed. I had not been up for a hour when the Bishop called me and said that he would like to come over to talk with me and my wife that night. I had only been working for about a week in the construction business. I told him that it was a Wednesday and I had an art class to teach and my wife was busy with my daughter at a church young women's meeting that evening. He said okay he would try to get back with us later. I knew the reason why he wanted to talk with me. The dream I had last night, I said within myself that was sure quick, they sure don't waste time. I worked all day and went to teach my class and my wife and I came home about 9 o'clock p.m. about 9:30 there was a knock at the door, it was the Bishop, Stake President and a Counselor to the Stake President. The three men came in and we sat down to talk.

They ask me about my beliefs for the first time in three years. They ask if I believed and would follow Gordon B. Hinckley the Prophet of the Church, I said no, that I relayed upon revelation and followed Jesus Christ. I was asked why would I go through all the effort to get re-baptised into the Church and not believe in the Church doctrines. They asked my wife if she believed as I did and she said yes, she stood on her own. They asked me again, "Why would you go through all of this effort and not have my heart in the right place?"

I responded to their questions by what the spirit told me to say, "It was a test to show that they had not the spirit of God, for if they had the gift of the Holy Ghost they would have known my heart all a long." Their mouths dropped to the floor, my wife buried her face in her hands out of fear, and the Stake President pulled out of his pocket two letters already prepared to inform us of our excommunication court on Sunday November 3rd.

They knew before hand what they were going to do, the letters were typed and signed before they came over to our house. Not once did they try to come over and talk to us and say they had concerns over our membership in the church. Not once did they come over to try to help, or see if we needed help of any kind.

GreshamGirl, August 2000

I was born and raised in the church although my family were kind of considered black sheep because my Dad didn't like to attend that much and we regularly played baseball games on Sundays. I've never understood the church and it's teachings. It all seems so unnecessary and frivolous. It seemed to divide our family more than unite us.

There were always so many activities to attend and they separate everyone by age and gender so there is no unification, just isolation. They want to keep you busy as possible to keep you from thinking for yourself or asking questions. I was baptized at 8 years old, which was a very confusing and scary experience. I had to go into a room alone with a middle aged man (bishop) and answer very adult questions such as: do you have a testimony of Joseph Smith? Do you believe in the atonement of baptism? etc.

I of course answered yes to all these questions because I didn't want to get in trouble or let my family down. As a child I was told to have a testimony and at sacrament meeting adults whisper in your ear what to say, think and do. I guess that is what the "still small voice" they are always talking about. And, I was promised a big party if I got baptized. So I became a member of a church I didn't understand at 8 years old, weird! I guess it's better than being baptized when you're born.

Anyway, my parents were married for 21 years. Over time my Dad developed a serious addiction to pornography that went on for years and years. My Mom decided to divorce him because of this and thought it was best to tell the Bishop, various members of the church, my brothers and me before telling my Dad. He became extremely depressed because of this situation, he was publicly embarrassed and humiliated. He was the last person to find out about his own divorce. He jumped off a cliff and died. I stopped going to church.

At first my lack of attendance was because of my overwhelming grief and not wanting to face members of the community. I dropped out of high school as well. My whole social life crumbled around me. I left town, started a new life. Explored the west coast. Had lots of fun. I didn't talk to my extended family for a few years and when I did regain contact with them it was extremely awkward. Many of my cousins attended BYU in Utah and Idaho, served missions, got married in the temple, etc.

My encounters with these family members have always been unpleasant. I am subjected to hours of comments like, "If you marry an non-mormon they will be an alcoholic wife abuser." FYI I have been married for 8 years to a very loving caring husband who I have only seen drink a handful of times and has never once laid a hand on me. It is sad to me that these mormon people believe they are superior. I hope they can find the truth for themselves one day.

It sounds weird but in many way I am grateful for my father's death, it was the catalyst for change in my life and I believe he would be very proud of me.

Brett Gyllenskog, September 2013

John H., left July 2003 My brother challenged me to find the difference between praying to a rock and God.

Over the months I watched a few blessings of the sick. When they got better it was seen as a miracle but it was always something that had a chance of happening all by itself. When they got worse I remember the excuses being - "not enough faith", or "unworthy" or that "God was testing them". No matter the outcome God was not allowed to fail. Every outcome was a success. But couldn't the same be said of a rock?

It dawned on me that there was no difference. This was the first of many mind tricks I realized I was using to fool myself.

Later I remember a general authority giving a talk about truth. He said in essence that you first must have faith. And if you continue your faith will increase. I changed the words in my mind to see if the logic held.

My version: "You first must have faith (which is gullibility). And if you continue being gullable your gullibility will increase!"

Another: "If you tell yourself it's true, you'll come to believe it."

Could these statements be said by Muslims or other religions - YES. What if the thing they had faith in was obviously false? Then their faith would not increase. What if your faith did not increase about something told to you by the Mormon church. Then you have the problem. This is the same kind of thinking as "praying to a rock".

I had found another stupid mind trick all by myself. Over the next few years all my superstitious beliefs were being replaced with real logic - the kind you find in Science and critical thinking textbooks. But I found that the Mormon church hates knowledge. You can ask all the questions you want until the questions become good questions. Then the church freaks out because they know they don't have good answeres. Wow - what a journey.

I finally got the courage to leave the church. I have lost friendships and closeness to my Mormon family, but it is much better than being stupid when I know better.

John Haake, June 2002, as an avid church history scholar I knew something was greatly amiss in the current church as compared with its origins. I unfortunatly took a detour through fundamentalist thinking before realizing the whole thing was just a big scam. I wish my family could have exited with me.

Desiree A. Hackett, 1999. I left the LDS Church mostly because I did not believe anymore that the Mormon church was the only true church. I was very disappointed in the doctrine and in a lot of the people that I met. I was even more disappointed that I could feel the promptings of the spirit and that I didn't get struck by lightning when I decided that I would never go back. Married a pagan and decided that I would rather spend an eternity in Hades with my hubby than to spend one day without him in Mormon Heaven...that was what triggered me actually sending in my exit letter.

Vivian HaddenI left the Mormon Church in 1986. I joined with my parents and most of my siblings when I was 13. I left because I was never worthy enough to get answers to my questions and I had to sneak into my stepdad's library to read his wall of LDS books, most of which I think, as a girl, he would have been very upset about. I finally had it when my daughter brought home the Godmakers. Took me awhile to read it as I was a pretty good Mormon and knew I shouldn't even touch anything that resembled anti-Mormon books.

I called for an appointment with the bishop of our ward, went in and when he asked why I no longer wanted to be a member, I told him hecause he could never be a god. After a few months with no 'excommunication' which they did give anyone who left, at that time, I published my intent in the local newspaper of my small town that had a very large Mormon membership. I got my letter pretty fast after that. I will always be greatful to my grandmother who took us kids to a Christian church when we were very young. What I learned there about Christ stuck. Praise the Lord for his mercy to me and my children. They are out of it too and very happily attending the churches of their choice. Christian churches, I might add.

Thank you for letting me share.

John Hagberger, Jan. 2005 I can't believe all the information available showing the church is a bunch of crap. The DNA evidence is as obvious as it gets. The Book of Abraham fiasco is heartbreakingly stupid. For years this and other information has been available. Can the Mormon church leaders be this stupid or have they been lying the entire time. I can't believe they are more nieve than the regular members. Shame on them for perpetuating half baked holy moronic stupidity! It gives me the ultimate body shivering creeps that I was part of it. Ahhhhh!

Kerry Hales, on or about 23 August, 2001 - I took the red pill.

Evelyn J. Hall, August 1993. I left because of many things. I had been baptized in 1952 "just in case the Mormon church was true," while still a Methodist. Married a Lutheran. The home teachers tracked us down. Dear Hubby wanted to leave Lutheran church and have all those great Mormon friends that "loved" us into the clutches. He got baptized 1961. Sent to SLC Temple May 29, 1962. Got sealed. Had 4 kids. Made them marry Mormons. 32 years later a Jehovah's Witness told me that the Book of Mormon was a myth and asked me how it could be quoting Jesus' exact words out of the New Testament in 600 B.C? Duh? Never thought of that one! Had a vision of the cross and what it stood for and meant and dream about Jesus telling me that he came for the "whole world not just a "select" group of people. One thing led to another and I resigned as did one daugher and our son became inactive. Two daughters and families are still active. Hard to be around them if anything "religious" comes up. Thanks for allowing me to vent!

Handmaiden, Some time in 1991

Well, this is embarrassing, I didn't ask to leave, I was kicked out (with my ex's help). I'll never go back. Stupid people think they have control over my salvation and eternal life?, think again. I was born and raised Mormon. I did it all. My life evolved around Mormonism. I was one of the best and the busiest.

My ex thought that he'd get the best of me while we were married. Actually, he did me a favor. I dove right into my Mormon beliefs and found out that I grew up in a cult. I have a blog and I'm in the process of writing a book about it all. Here is the blog site if anyone cares to read all about it. mormonnomore.blogspot

Melissa Hannum- February 7th, 2007

I sent the "letter" of resignation. I joined the church back in September of 2005. Looking back I felt "rushed" to get baptized all on feelings and not logic. I believe I was a number in the missionaries monthly goal. The Home Teachers sucked - hardly ever visiting, Visiting Teaching sucked - they plain forgot me. I learned that no matter how good it sounds, people are going to let you down. So that made me start learning the history and other religions. I took what I want and left the rest. So no more organized religions or cults for me.

Boyd Tillman Hansen, year 2000. When you live in the dark you fail to see, when it becomes light, the truth is revealed.

Dave Harlan, (unofficial: October 21, 2001) (official: September 17, 2002) What was their deal? I don't think there is any certian way to get your name off the list. These guys should have done it earlier. Word to the wise people: if you are a non-member...DON'T EVER DATE ONE AND BE SERIOUS WITH HER, look at me. The church is a pack of lies as is the Bible, Book of Mormon, and the book known as "Do-what-Joseph-Smith-Hath-Written-Or-Else" (or known to the rest of those pack of liars the Doctrine and Covenants)

I'm a Deist and I'm very happy to be one. I'm a Deist...I thank Him, not ask Him.

Robin Harmon, August 2001 - no reason listed.

Bert Harris, 2004. DNA, DNA, DNA. It was difficult to see my cherished beliefs ripped apart by such eloquent science. The pain is still so real. But I have now come to the inescapable conclusion that the Lamanites never existed and all that entails. So I begin my exit letter tonight. How should I tell my parents? It will be like spiting in my mothers face. Oh well...brace yourself mom.

Pam Harris, February 16, 2002

Reason: I was not brought up in the church from infanthood and my belief in god and angels was pretty lackluster as a child. I would have rather rode my bike out on a country road than listen to biblical stories. So when my brother converted to Mormonism and returned home to my parents' house, he felt the need to draw us all into the fold. My mother fell into step and I was dragged along and at the age of eight, I was baptised into this distorted world of fallacies. As a child I saw a lot of inequality going on, between the sexes, between the races, between old Mormon families and recent converts, etc.

I became resistive and eventually my mother allowed me to become inactive. 30 years went by and I was pretty much left alone UNTIL the birth of my children and it seemed missionaries, elders and visiting teachers were at my doorstep, calling my home, mailing me sheets to update my current family status (funny thing is, they only had one sheet on me and a lot of misinformation...oh well, got to collect those tithes and keep the money-making machine hell with anything factual).

I snapped. I made a decision to remove this beast from my life entirely (and that includes my brother) and I am much happier for it. I wouldn't go back for all the tea in China.

Gaylan Harrison, 1998, Don't agree with the history and doctrine. Also wanted to wear black underwear.

B. Hatfield, I decided I wanted to start living again.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden, formerly Teresa B. Nielsen, May 1980. You can read the long version here:

The short version: Because they lied. Because they acted like I was stupid, and expected me to go along with it, and blamed me when I didn't.

Because my wise, hard-working, and deeply spiritual Granny couldn't hold the priesthood, and my doofy 12-year-old brothers could. Because they told me that the boys in my ward somehow acquired a mysterious power and authority when they attained the priesthood -- only they were still the same boys I'd grown up with, and I knew better.

Because the boys got to be Boy Scouts, and have all kinds of nifty activities, and go to scout camp, but the girls at most got a few days at Camp Lo-Mia, and nothing the rest of the year. Because they told me that letting the boys win somehow constituted "supporting the priesthood."

Because the first time I had a run-in with Boyd K. Packer, I was barely in my teens, and he was speaking to the children and teenagers at a family reunion. He spoke against women working outside the home (which my mother and my grandmother and most of my aunts did), and suggested that those who did so were doing it for selfish and frivolous reasons (which I knew wasn't the case). Then he said that if women had to work outside the home, they should find occupations that didn't cause them to lose their femininity. I was stonkered by that one for ages. Lose your femininity? How? Where could I sign up? ...Years later, it occurred to me that women never talked about losing their femininity, but men talked about us losing it quite a lot. It came to me that what they meant was that we shouldn't behave in such a way as to make them feel like they'd lost their masculinity.

Tough noogies. Not our problem. Not myproblem.

Why else? Because when I was still in elementary school, I could tell that the language in the Book of Mormon was an awkward imitation of the King James Version of the Bible.

Because I never thought it was all that miraculous that Joseph Smith had written the Book of Mormon. I loved science fiction, and I read everything I could find about the people who wrote it. Making up one book's worth of fake history is no big thing. I've grown up to be a professional science fiction editor, and I still think it's no big thing.

I still don't think it's an impressive book. If he'd gone to some good writing workshops Joseph might eventually have turned out a halfway decent novel, but The Book of Mormon isn't it.

Because the rest of the world's religions don't spend half their time sitting around telling each other how they believe all this stuff is true, yup-a-roonie, true true true. This is pathetic! Mormons bear their testimonies all the time because they're worried about believing, not because they believe.

Because God doesn't need to lie.

Dave & Julie Hawk and our 4 childrenreceived our discharge letters on Jan. 28, 2003. We left because we were tired of being the dishonesty in regards to the church's history, and the problems with the Book of Abraham, the DNA problem with the Book of Mormon, etc. And we don't believe we need to know secret handshakes to get to heaven!

Good to be out!

Helen(Helen, please email in the date of your official resignation from the LDS Church) I left for three reasons:

1. After a very sheltered upbringing in the church, I learned as an adult that a large majority of members do not keep the commandments; incest, adultery, divorce, etc. were just as common (no more, no less) than the non-Mormon society as a whole. By their fruits ye shall know them, and I found the fruits of Mormonism to be not much different than anyone else's fruits (with the notable exception of cigarettes and alcohol and prozac).

I detected a change in Utah Mormon attitudes regarding money and materialism. Utah's bankruptcy rate confirms this.

2. I never had a prayer answered despite what I had been promised if I kept the commandments. I basically became an agnostic.

3. The doctrine was just too unbelievable, and I include the Bible in this. I have to laugh at those who leave the church because they found the BOM to be unbelievable yet still believe in the Bible. The Bible is just as big a joke as the BOM.

Ross Hilder, 1998, I realized I didn't believe in the mormon god, so why would I want to spend the rest of my life trying to become one? Then I realized I already am god.

Chris Hofman, September 2001

Valerie S. Humphries and children:William F.J. Humpries, Kaitlin C. Humphries, Codi J.D. Humphries, July 1996 - Cause of Death: Mormonism

Hope 10- September 14,2014

M Hughes- 1998

It feels good to be able to express to the world why I left the Mormon church. It began when I started questioning excommuniation at 16 years old. I was a very good kid who had never drank and was a virgin. But I felt so unworthy and imperfect in the church. I decided if I felt that bad in the church I should try it out of the church. So I left.

This was also after one day when I refused to go to the 3 hours of church and only to Sacrament. My dad said no and I had to go to all. So I went to none.

After Sacrament before class he came home to tell me that I was worthless, would never amount to anything, and so on. After he left me completely devastated, he went back to church to teach his class. I tried to take my life. That is why I then left.

I have never regretted that decision. But my family could not accept my decisions. I got married and they kept sending the church my new addresses so I had my records removed. The bishop warned me about my eternal condition. Do they not get what a cult the church is.

This weekend I went to my sister's wedding. Well, I stood outside the temple. I am not able to put my "sinful" eyes on their temple dresses.

My other sister who is a jack-Mormon said that she had heard that they bless your body parts in the temple. I decided to check on the Internet. I am disgusted on what I have read goes on in the temple. Why would you ever let a stranger touch your body and rub oil and water on your private parts. I have lost about all respect for my mom and sister. Kathy, Staci, you need to think for yourself.

I am so glad I have the emotional freedom to love my Savior in His perfect state who loves me for being the person that I am. That knows my heart fully and recognizes me for the loving person that I am. That died on the cross to atone for my sins so that I can be with him someday.

Blake & Betty Hyatt,April 1991, After many years of study into church history, we had to get out. The Mormon Church is just like a cat in a kitty litter box, covering up you know what.

David Hyatt, 1991

After grooming (beginning age 11) was full tilt TBM (True Believing Mormon) until age 26.(1975) Many callings, mission, temple marriage, yada, yada, yada. Took me another 16 years of study to finally have the integrity, honesty, courage to send in resignation. What a feeling of relief that washed over me after posting the letter. Two weeks later, that feeling over whelming joy washed over me again when I realized that for me, ALL religions were bogus. There was no bogey man in the sky waiting to chastise me. No bogie man sitting on my shoulder "tempting" me...No devil, nothing that said I was unworthy.

I was the only one in charge of my life. I had all the guidance I needed and always had it. It was innate and inside of me. I was to live the best I could and not give a rip about what others were saying about me. My life job was to love me and trust others to love themselves and figure out life one day at a time, making adjustments as needed.

Susan Hyatt, 1995, I had my name and all three of my children removed in 1995. Why? Well, who can believe that stuff?

Jake- January-2003

I left the church 3 years ago.I was a convinced Mormon out of convinced Mormon parents and even served a mission in Austria about 6 years ago.

About 4 years ago I met this girl Megan, things went well and we decided to get married. She was different from the other grey-Mormon girls. She was not a 600 pound slab of girl that's for sure.The relief society president and her husband kind of became her advisors. They told her a lot of stupid stuff like she is to sassy, they had something against me and things started to get worse everyday. She started being disstant.

I talked to the bishop and told him that they told her"you are beautifull and can do much better then him"He told me to forgive them and all that crap anyway he did not do anything. I was so angry and said things like this can't happen in a "real church" what is going on here?

I started studying about the church and doctrine and got scared about many beliefs that were "hush-hush". My testimony started to disintegrate. I found out that the church is a bussines feeding on peoples money. I took that wonderfull decision to get out of the church, then I fought with my family, told my girl-friend to get married to the relief society president and sent my papers. They all started "come back to church" and all that junk but nope.

Now I am free ,the church is in a "Bygone Age" a dark age. I got married last year to a non-Mormon (a normal woman) and I could say that I am still a missionary because the company that I work for has sent me 6 months to Croatia. I might be like a missionary but at least I am a free missionary.

Janice, 12/07/08

I joined the LDS church about a year and a half ago because my brother and his family are members and I thought it would be good for all of us. I see now that I joined for the wrong reasons. I have done extensive research in the past several months and what I read makes me sick. I've read four or five cultural biographies on Joseph, Emma, and so on, and there is no way I could ever remain a member.

Jason, 1/1/2009

They are all assholes. They are all rich bastards, money, money, money. I have one thing to say, stop spending the money on stupid shit. Jackasses, that's the only thing they think of. They need to stop with the money.

I thought it was about God not money. They say when you need help they will help but when you ask for help they want money. It's bullshit. If I had money I wouldn't ask for help so fuck those rich snobs. They can all kiss my big hairy ass.

JB & BJ, 5-6-04/6-18-07

My bride (2nd) of 22 yrs & I excommunicated the Church within two weeks of each other. Like Paul Toscano, I was entranced by the theology, studying it for ~55 yrs, until the member abuse under Gordon B Hinckley came to a head for me. I sometimes feel I was a bonehead compared to others who woke up much sooner. I started a blog soon after to decompress all the anomalies that had bothered me during that time. My reasons for leaving are found here:

Part of what pushed me over the edge was some of Eric Hoffer's books, starting with The True Believer and culminating with The Ordeal of Change. When I saw what I was becoming, and what the 15 Apostates had become, I realized this was not the way of the Nazari that Jesus lived by. But I didn't stop there, investigating the origin of religion in earliest history. Along the way I had my suspicion confirmed that the same basic problems infesting Morgdumb also infest Chrisitanity, Islam, and Judaism.

Today I believe in myself and my experiences, not creeds or cults or what is passed off as science. My bride and I are happy. Our personal code of conduct and values did not change significantly upon leaving. Our only regret is that we took so long to wake up. Life is precious, we only get to experience this phase once, and we tend to waste too much of our lives living by someone else's rules or agenda. When GBH wrote his book about "standing for something", I did, and cut them all off ecclesiastically speaking.

Scott & Lynn Jenkins, 03/03/2003 After finding out some very interesting facts, we left as a family, at least the mormon church taught one thing very well. I never want to be controlled by any group again, such as who and when I can talk to someone.

Jen, February 2014

Hubby, I, and 6 kids resigned 10 weeks ago yesterday. We are doing great and life is moving right along.

Some of the battles I was fighting early on in my discovery that the church wasn't true and during the time of our resignation have been replaced with newfound peace, freedom, and sense of well-being. I was really struggling with my identity and with fear just a few months ago. Today I have a much clearer sense of who I am and it's just getting better everyday. I have discovered that I am still me...loving, kind, honest, and loyal. Those characteristics didn't disappear just because I learned the church that had taught me those things was a fraud.

The fear has all but disappeared. I can see now that I was simply lied to when I was taught things like I could never have "a fullness of joy" outside the gospel. I was lied to when I was told that my children would be lost without the gospel. I am happy, and in fact I am HAPPIER now than I ever was as an adult in the church. My children are happy. My teenagers are HAPPIER now to be out of the shame and guilt based culture that is the church.

I have more time to enjoy my family now. We spend Sundays doing family activities now like picnics, movies, going out for a meal, or meeting once a month for a potluck with our local CALM chapter (Community After Leaving Mormonism). We have met AMAZING and KIND people through CALM, and we continue to gain support and clarity through that "live" group, as well as the Mormon VIP Lounge Facebook group. I also like to read through the recovery board every few days as well. We have found amazing new friends and lots of virtual support during our journey out of Mormonism. This board was particularly helpful to me during the weeks prior to our resignation and the weeks following the resignation.

My dh and I came up with our own rules of conduct for our family to live by. We have chosen to hang onto a few of the guidelines we were taught as members that make logical sense to us, to throw out all those rules which we feel are irrelevant or ridiculous, and add in other characteristics we've been striving to teach our children all along. We are teaching OUR BELIEFS to our children now, rather than the beliefs of a fraudulent corporation.

I have tried coffee twice now (ewwww! I've heard it's an acquired taste!), had a pomegranate margarita (too strong!), a sip of beer (YUCK!), and 2 glasses of mimosa...which I loved!!

Upon leaving the church and learning everything that was NOT TRUE, I became fascinated by all that IS TRUE...meaning, I've become a science junkie!! We've been watching the PBS series Cosmos together as a family and it is AMAZING!!!!! I've also watched part one of Your Inner Fish, and loved it as well. I'm now following a few different scientific pages on Facebook, and spend a bit of time each day learning about who I REALLY am and about my universe. I love evidence. I love facts. I love truth.

I have a greater sense of wonder, awe, and reverence for life now than I ever did as a Mormon. I'm a better person now as well. Now that I'm out, I see how judgemental and prejudiced I was as a Mormon. I was an elitist. I had the truth, and those who wore tank tops or drank wine did not. Those poor souls. Now I see people as part of the human race, and have more love for ALL PEOPLE than I ever did before. I am open-minded, and clearer minded. I love and accept my children more unconditionally now too. I am a much more loving and relaxed mother now.

I am living practically guilt free for the first time in my adult life. As a member, I was particularly prone to the culture of guilt in the church. I felt guilty over EVERYTHING as a mormon mother. Now, I simply live and love. There is little to stress over and everything to celebrate. And because I no longer have a list a mile long of everything I "should" be doing, I have the time to do the things that make me happy, to love more fully, and this makes for a healthier family and marriage.

I am continuing to learn about the church and this continued learning is helping me in my recovery. I have had a few therapy sessions with a religious trauma expert. I am fascinated by the psychology of mind control, brainwashing, and cults now. I learn more through John Dehlin, Mormon Stories, Ex mormon Foundation presentations, I Am An Ex Mormon youtubes, and the like. There's a ton of great resources out there!!

To anyone that is doubting the church or struggling with your belief, I would encourage you to DIVE INTO YOUR DOUBTS rather than "doubt your doubts." Though the diving may be painful at times, the truth is worth the journey. I found these sources particularly helpful in my research of the truth claims of the church:

An Insider's View of Mormonism by Grant Palmer

youtube talk: Ah-ha Moments by Grant Palmer

youtube video: The Lost Book of Abraham

youtube video: The Book of Mormon and DNA Evidence

To anyone that has already concluded, like I did on January 10th, that the LDS church is a fraud, just know that you will be alright!! I know it feels like your world is crumbling at times, but know that that feeling doesn't last for long. What you will be left with in a few weeks time is more clarity and peace than you could ever imagine. Hang in there!!

Jennifer- 02/02/2002

I left the church after my parents got divorced, and the "Bishop" decided to blame my dad and accuse me of supporting his "immoral" descisions. I could not belive that any church of "GOD" could allow people to do this, especially when they are the "Chosen" of the flock. IT'S ALL BULLSHIT!

Carol Elaine Jensen , 6 October 1992 I removed my name because: "I submit that Jesus Christ IS God...for Isaiah 43:10 states...I further submit that I was repeatedly lied to by the LDS Church....”This dates back to the first discussion I was given...was told that Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon from the golden plates, when he in fact spend a majority of the time translating the plates with his face down in his hat....A second lie...was that Brigham Young did not teach the 'Adam-God Theory,'...I spent three bitter days in the BYU Library constantly affirming in numerous documents that Brigham Young indeed taught this and many more things that the 'brethren' of the LDS Church deny...'...the devil...for there is not truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”....Instead of trusting in my own abilities to earn acceptance with God (Temple attendance, Temple marriage, genealogy, etc.)

My trust is now in Jesus Christ. I cling to the message of Ephesia! ns 2:8-9...Jesus Christ has rescued me and set me free...I wish to be totally free of the bondage of satan and insist that my name be immediately taken off the rolls of the LDS Church at my request, for any other action would be to invite legal intervention."

Eric Jensen- November 14, 2004

Agnostic/Atheist. I've finally stood against the coercive brainwashing ways and declared no belief.

Jim and Cindy Jensen- May and October 2006

In 2001, Jim served as second counselor in the bishopric. He was released in 2002. When he was released, he told me he no longer believed and wasn't sure if he believed in God. He said he would no longer attend meetings, pay tithing, or attend the temple. He said it was ok if I wanted to. My son and I remained active for a couple of months after that. For 4 years even though inactive, I still wanted to believe. Jim never pressured me to quit and allowed me to find it on my own.

A google search for something unrelated to the LDS church led me to the Recovery from Mormonism board. The short topics turned my world upside down. I was devastated. For 2 weeks, I read and cried and read more. I did research every chance I got. After two weeks, I went to Jim and told him what I had found. He said he had also found the RfM board and knew the lds church was all a lie but that he had been waiting on me.

He resigned in May 2006 and got his official letter in August after the stake president sat on it. I resigned in October 2006 and got my letter in March of 2007, after numerous phones calls and threats of lawsuits because the stake president sat on it. I should have resigned when he did but I was afraid so he said he would go first.

Our ward never called, never visited, or love bombed us. It was as if we never existed. My fears were unfounded. It is a shame that we have that fear about leaving a church. We sure don't miss it.

I was a convert and my family was thrilled. Jim's family comes from pioneer stock so they were less than thrilled. When we told them, they basically did what the Ward did. We just don't exist for them. It's all about family you know, hah!

We are happier than we have ever been. Freedom is a wonderful thing.

Jeremy, 09/12/2014

It's a hard journey. So many false judgments made on why people leave, awful retribution in the name of so-called "Unconditional Love". If Mormons weren't such terrible hypocrites I would never have even considered unearthing the mountains of history and proof against it. Just remember when you cast stones, you will cause ripples.

Jessie- February 2006.

I finally made my decision to leave the church officially in November 2005. I had already left it emotionally (as much as I ever could considering the damage it's done). I am looking forward to starting my new life as a "normal" person.

Big John Johnson, I left the church in 2003. I served a mission, married in the temple, served as YM president and then EQ president. Then I found out about all the crap the church has been hiding.

John- January 2002

The depths of the deception of this organization are hard to fathom.

J.J., 03/07/2012

Several things had been bothering me about the church for several years, but toward the end of 2011 it struck me that I was a member of The Church of the Multi-Level Marketing Scheme. I had, back in the early '70s, been recruited by my then-MIL into the Shaklee Company (Basic H and other products. I finally realized the real reason that missionaries were constantly being sent out: they are to recruit, recruit, recruit.

Everyone who's been involved in MLMs knows that the way to make the most money is to recruit others below your level to sell the products, while you receive a portion of their profits. The church, or more truthfully, "The Corporation", looks forward to the tithing that the current members provide but also wants the members to recruit their friends and neighbors into "The Corporation" so they will also provide tithing.

Remember the scripture, something about how great the blessings for you for each soul you bring into "The Church". Blessings, yes, but not a portion of their tithing, unlike MLMs. The so-called church is nothing more than a money-making business, but not for the members on the ground. Pay close attention the next time you are in sacrament meeting.

Jennifer B. Johnson, Savannah Johnson, Sariah Johnson and J. Elijah Johnson- My name was already submitted to this list previously by my husband Lowell who left with me in July of 1998 and officially in Dec. of the same year. I submit my own entry now because my husband has rejoined the LDS since we moved to Las Vegas where I was quite surprised there were as many Mormons as there are.

I renew my assertions of Mormonism being false and will never grace the footsteps of a Mormon church again as will my children never do so. I only hope my husband will continue to study and realize the error of his ways. I continue to believe the Mormons are so great at fellowshipping and making you feel a needed part of the community because of the lack of spirituality involved in the whole process. They have to make up for it somehow.

When we left we were harrassed, threatened with eternal damnation, told our children would no longer be sealed to us (a threat I'm not sure they thought much about seeing as how if we no longer believed their crap.

Anyway our children were no longer sealed to us) and whatever other scare tactics they could use to get us to stay. I have no regret and have had none since July of 1998 at my decision and celebrate that I am no longer under the auspices of their mind control and pray daily for others to find their way out as well.

To those who think us ex-Mormons are whiners who can't move on with life are misinformed and don't understand the whole picture because they have either never experienced the effects of a cult or are still under the influence of the Mormon church and are not ready to face the prospect that it is a charade of nonsense that was established by a charlatan, Joseph Smith and perpetuated by a string of the like minded. Talking about being an ex-Mo does not mean I am not moving on, it makes me who I am, it makes me question what I am told and seek answers based in truth and not feelings.

The one value I can see in being a Mormon is that it woke me up to how complacent I was about religion and life in general that I was so easily convinced that their church would change it all, and surprisingly it didn't. So I have moved on with life, joined a new church and relish the freedom of choice I missed out on for 7 years.

Lowell Johnson- 1998 and 2003.

I left the Mormon Church in 1998, but returned in 2003 for two months after a serious lapse in judgment. Glad to be free from the craziness. Still a embarrassed that I allowed myself to be duped twice.

Marian Johnson, 03/27/2012

Marilyn Johnson- June 8, 2006

Had struggled with the unbelievable dogma of Mormonism since childhood, but kept on trying to believe. Was angered periodically by the racism, sexism, disengenuousness(mostly in changing its history, changing its doctrine and pretending it had never taught the old doctrine, lies, mind games and manipulation, etc. etc. Wrote letters to GAs about the above and received at least one arrogant reply. Then my beautiful daughter "came out" and I felt I couldn't love and support her and "the church" at the same time, since "the church" was actively persecuting GLBT folks. So I became inactive, joined another church (UU) and in June, 2006, sent in my resignation letter.

Stephanie Johnson- 01/10/03

When I was 12 years old I lived in a wonderful suburban neighborhood. About a mile away in a smaller subdivision was where the mormon missionaries lived. I ordered one of the mormon bibles offa tv program and the missionaries came by to deliver it. They began stopping by often and teaching me about the church.

Since I was only 12 and raised in a methodist household my mother asked that I hold off a few years before being baptised. None the less, the missionaries still stopped by daily, even on their days off since they lived so nearby. They ate meals with us, went on family outing and were really like big brothers to me.

Over the next few years I must have met a dozen missionaries and had stayed in touch with most of them since they seemed like members of my family. I was baptised at 15.

Then when I turned 16 I met a missionary that was different. We began exchanging secret notes when his compainion wasn't looking and over the next few months it turned into a sexual relationship with him sneaking out of his apartment nightly to walk to my house.

He was 20 so our relationship was illegal as well as immoral. We were in love though and planned on marrying as soon as his mission was over.

A year later when he went back to Utah we decided to go to our church leaders (his in Utah and mine in Tennessee) and confess in order to somehow salvage the damage we had done to our souls before our marriage and were told what we had done was unforgivable. Not nessicarily the sex, but the fact that it was while he was on a mission.

We were told we could rejoin the church if certain rules and codes of conduct were followed. We broke up due to the rift this caused between us and both married non-members and have no intentions of rejoining.

Brecken Jones, 01/13/2003, I was a member of the church for 18 years. Last year I had my records removed, but my ex-bishop decided not to remove them. I received a call from a new bishop 8 months later and my records are finally removed! I left the church because it is fake and wrong. Ultimately, it's a really screwed up version of Christianity--Joseph Smith is the anti-Christ.

Jeffrey Jones, 1992, God is not, nor ever was, a bigot, nor ever was a man, women have the same access to God's power as men and Jesus never taught anything about sacred underwear, endless temple work, baptism for the dead or the priesthood.

Kristien M. Jones, officially out August 26th, 2002.

After being born and raised in the church, being part of a HUGE LDS family with deep rooted mormon history, and attending BYU, I decided to research why it was I really believed the church. I wanted to know that it wasn't just because I was raised to know nothing else other than the church. The things I found after doing countless hours of research, studying, and talking to others on the RFM board, caused me to feel a "burning in my bosom", and I KNEW I needed to be officially out of this organization! :)

BIC, 8th Generation, RM, Sealed, 5 kids. Served as Ward Mission Leader, Stake Missionary, Executive Secretary in a Bishopric, Young Mens Presidency, Sunday School Teacher, Zone Leader, District Leader etc. etc.

I was a pot committed member in every sense of the word. Loved the church and Lived my life for the church. Every decision in my life revolved around TSCC. Literally woke up one day questioning everything. Read everything I could get my hands on in regards to church history, doctrine, leadership etc. Read myself out of the church.

Patriarchal blessing stated I was to be a Seer, assist in the literal gathering of Israel during the last days and raise my kids in the Millenial Era. I guess the Patriarch didn't SEE this coming.

Allowed my excommunication. I was caught blogging about my disaffection at my blog: Simeons Peepstone. I was cited for apostasy. I desperately was seeking answers to all of the doubts and questions I had but there were none to be had. In the end, truth was more important than legacy.

In the Name of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, RAmen.

MRJ, CBJ, JAJ, LEJ, JVJ, and RTDJ., August 1999, We note that the LDS church has continually revised its teachings in order to align itself with modern mainstream Christianity, for the purpose of drawing in more potential converts. We believe that this fact alone belies the church's claim of being "guided by God in every footstep," and of being "the only true and living church." We feel that the LDS church cannot be a viable member of the Christian community unless and until it publicly disavows its questionable origins and former teachings, and eliminates current teachings and practices which we believe to be unChristian and unscriptural. For these reasons, we hereby resign our memberships in the LDS church.

David E. Jorgensen, January 22, 2000. Church schools and mission poured forth the LDS church fruits of abuse and brainwashing. LDS scripture, meetings, leadership, doctrines, rituals never felt spiritual, and eventually (despite years of "pay, pray and obey"), just felt ridiculous. Early apostacy in 1991 cost me my LDS 'friends', but further research has shown I was right all along. As my son approached his 8th birthday, I marked the New Millenium and our family's lasting freedom with my formal exit letter.

Joy (Full of Myself)- June 14,2005 - My departure was started by a book by Brennan Manning-The Ragamuffin Gospel. I am a ragamuffin. It talks about God's Furious Love for us and His Grace. I started to study what grace was and the Mormons have NO idea what it is. They claim the we are saved by grace, after all that we can do.

WRONG. We are saved. By GRACE.

During this, my DH and I had some horrible trials and almost got a divorce. We asked for help from our bishop, but the strings were not strings but humongus anchor chains. We decided to leave. THEN we found out about all the other wrong things, ie, JS being a fantastistly huge criminal mind, about GBH and Mark Hoffman, and then I realized that the whole thing was a man-made religion that it warns about in the Bible. Funny thing-it also warns about itself in the BoM. Funny, weird,buch of creeps.

Cora B. (Taylor) Judd - 1987 , I'm a multi-generation Mormon, temple married. I left because I had a lifetime of questions for my church leaders with very few logical or satisfying answers.

Unlike most ex-Mormons, I left first and researched after. Wow. The stuff I learned! No wonder "Obedience" is such a constant theme; when Members are directed to fear all non-church sanctioned writings as Satan inspired anti-Mormon literature, they're in an obedient frame of mind and the Church is safe.

The dark side of Mormon history and the prophets was surprising to me. But when I understood (in retrospect) the convolutions my leaders went through to avoid acknowledging they simply didn't know or understand (or to avoid dealing with the whole truth) I was truly repulsed.

In the end, if being a Member of the Church had ever felt as heavenly as being free of the Church, I would never have left it. The freedom I feel and the rightness of my decision to leave has never left me.

God's in His heaven and all's right with the world!!!

For the details of Cora's heart felt story of leaving the LDS Church click here: What Mormonism is and how I stopped mistaking it for something else.

Julia P - Spring 2007

I had studied Mormon history for years and was at a time in my life when I desperately needed more than I was getting from my Church of Christ brethern. I had attended the Church of Christ all of my life and felt that becoming LDS was the answer.

I studied with the missionaries, was baptized and immediately had doublts when I did not feel any more "Saved" than I had before. In fact, I knew almost immediately that I had done something wrong. Three months after my baptism I wrote the Bishop asking that my name be removed. The relief was immediate.

I never felt that I could become worthy and even though going to the temple was something I really desired, I became aware that being a stronger Christian was what I really desired, not being a Mormon. I think I was attracted to the sense of history rather than a burning testimony of the "truthfulness of the restored gospel".

I feel better now that I am "merely" a Christian. I still get calls from the ward missionaries and just today the senior missionaries called me, wanting to have a meeting. I dearly loved my visiting teachers and miss their company but cannot stomach the rigid, robot like ways.

I feel freedom in Christ now and do not worry that my salvation is based on whether or not I have a cup of coffee or a sip of wine. I still have respect for Gordon Hinkley and read his writings but I do so not as a faithful follower but as a spiritual person. I am so glad that I do not have to explain to my children about Joseph Smith and the golden plates. Thankfully they were too young to really get too much out of the services other than they could take communion and it was really long!

I also got a creepy feeling when the bishop came to visit. HE would always bring a copy of the lesson and read it to me like I was illiterate. I graduated with a minor in Bible from a Christian university in West Texas so I felt he should teach me on my level; not a two year olds! I yearned for in depth Bibical theology, not grade school garbage. It was an insult.

I am happy now, feel less pressure and look back on my LDS stint with embarrassment. My husband,"less active", said he has never heard of someone going from new convert to apostate in 3 months or less!!! He only wants me to be happy, bless his heart.

Pam Kazmaier, 2005. IIn 1985, three years after moving to Mesa, Arizona, I joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a popular church in the area. I had joined lots of churches over the years. Rather lightheartedly, I agreed to be baptized before my hospital shift. Little did I know, I just threw away the next 20 years of my life and sentenced myself to a world of hard work, sacrifice and self-abnegation. (click here for the rest of Pam's story)

Ken- Resigned 2003

Story #149 on Recovery From Mormonism. Former Bishop, High Councilman (many times over), High Priest Group Leader, Ward Mission Leader; 27 years as a Seminary Principal and Institute Teacher (Director when I quit). The love of my life HT Clark waited for me and we resigned together. Life is so much better now.

KenK, 08/01/2008

Kenneth Ray Keck, resignation as of Sept 8, 2003. I am GAY need I say more!!

David L. Kent, 1999, The mormon organization is not so much Michael Mouse as it is Minerva Mouse: all whore, who would take you for "everything with which the lord has blessed you" and leave you with nothing but the bulletproof underwear on your back.

Kevin, TheMadRev, WAY back in 1983 a letter alone was not good enough then. We had to go to "court". They did not want our names on their membership lists.

There was a theological gulf that could never be closed. Primarily: God is NOT an exalted man, who earned his role as God by being such a Holy Joe on some other planet. God is NOT married. I could go on ad nauseum but that is enough for now.

Kim, resigned July 14, 2004, (Bastille Day) as a symbolic gesture to be free from the tyranny of the Mormon Church and to commemorate 25 years since my L.D.S. mission to France, where I first realized that the Mormon Church is nothing but a mind-controlling cult.

Kim H., July 2012

BIC (Born in the Covenant) to convert parents. Discovered the truth about the church at age 27 and got my husband and kids out. So happy to be free!

Jonathan Kirk, Uber-officially, 29 Jul 2002, though I mailed my letter in 31 May 2002. I unofficially resigned (i.e., stopped believing) during Summer 1999.

I resigned mostly because I didn't want their touted 10 million to include an inactive, non-believing head counted. But, when I stopped believing initially, I was angry at the Church for their dishonesty regarding its history (how many wives did Brigham have? They sanitized Brigham by changing quotes he made regarding the importance of polygamy eternally), its persistent changing of doctrine, the corporate feel (see where the Mormons are, and you'll see that all they're missing is some sort of Mc "M" and a drive-thru), ad nauseum.

The bishop of that ward (which I grew up in), didn't touch my letter for a whole month. I visited him at his house, and he told me he thought I was leaving because I was gay. I thought it rather funny that they're so afraid of homosexual humans that they'd tell their bishops about the "how to remove your name from the roles" information found on certain "gay" sites, and not the same information found everywhere else.

Other than that, I was atheist (a shortlived prospect), considered Unitarianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism (even Gnosticism; a church was set up in Salt Lake City: Now, after many years studying their writings, I have joined a small religion called Ahmanism.

Terri Klemmer, Resigned March 1991

After being raised in the church from the age of 6 (when my mom was converted),at the age of 22, I began studying the theology more in depth. It started with me questioning little things such as "If there are 3 heavens with 3 levels per heaven, how can FAMILIES BE TOGETHER FOREVER??? Not all family members will be equal in their works here on earth and therefore won't be able to attain the same level of heaven." I then talked to a friend of mine who had studied many religions including Mormonism. He taught me some of the deeper theology and then I branched out and researched the "dreaded" "Anti-mormon literature".

Through this literature, I realized that I couldn't stay in the church anymore and sent my letter of resignation to my Bishop, Stake President, and to the powers that be in Salt Lake. I actually got a very nice letter back from my bishop who I had known since I was young and had gone to school with his kids. Who knows, maybe he was in doubt, too. Although he and his family are still very active in the church. He is now my mom's home teacher. I began going to a non-denominational Christian church and co-founded a short lived ministry to reach out to other LDS church members who were questioning their faith.

I haven't been to any church on a regular basis in about 7 years or so. I am still good friends with several of my LDS friends who I grew up with. I never recieved the shunning and backlash a lot of people who leave the church do. One of my close friends really worked on me to come back shortly after I left, but has since backed off. I'm sure she prays for me regularly, though.

Victoria Kline, July 25, 2001 I started dating a man that was Mormon in June of 1997 (later found out that he was excommunicated for child/spouse abuse and adultery) and investigated the church in August of 1997. Was baptized in October, and after a while began to really question what I was hearing and reading about the church. I have been inactive for over two years and considered myself to be "out." I just recently discovered an ExLDS chat room, which lead me to this site and other sites for XLDS or "recovering" Mormons. After talking to others online that have left the church, and after what I've read here, I made the decision to write my letter and send it in today requesting that I be removed from membership records.

Thanks to all the have posted their stories, they really helped me make up my mind about what I needed to do. Now, anyone know how I can get off the Catholic membership records? haha

Kristen L.The Office Pirate, 5 March 2010

I, Kristen, having been born of goodly parents of pioneer stock, therefore I was taught somewhat in the learning of my parents' religion; and having been very conflicted about it in the course of my days, nevertheless, having great desire to be a goodly Mormon child; yea, having had a great desire to obtain sure knowledge of the goodness and the mysteries of God, therefore I proceeded to feel racked with guilt for my shortcomings all of my days.

And it came to pass that I labored all my days in obedience to the church, and, not knowing whither else to do, retired nightly to my bed in mighty prayer and supplication, that I might be granted sure knowledge which the Lord had promised to his children; yea, that they had faith even as a mustard seed, God wouldst deliver unto them a testimony of the truthfulness of His gospel.

And it came to pass that no spirit fell upon me, and no peace came to my soul, and no still small voice whispered to my ear; wherefore, my heart was not hardened, but broken.

And it came to pass that many years came to pass, and I daily labored and supplicated myself unto the Lord, and the Lord continued to be silent, and I turned in faith to the wisdom and knowledge of the holy Priesthood; yea, I reported my yearnings to apostles, prophets, pastors, bishops, Sunday School teachers, Seminary teachers, Institute teachers, Home teachers, evangelists, and so forth, that I may be taught in the ways of those more knowledgeable than myself in obtaining a testimony of the church.

And it came to pass that my pleas for help were answered with the clicking of tongues and the gnashing of teeth; yea, I was commanded that I must do more to prove myself worthy of the Lord's promise; yea, that I must read more than words of the prophets and the holy scriptures, that I must pray more unto the Lord for humility, that I must pay more tithes unto the One True Church, that I must obey more the commandments of the Lord, and the Prophets, and the Stake President, and the Bishop, and anyone else who reigned in Priesthood authority over me.

Yea, and it came to pass that I gained a sure knowledge, but not a sure knowledge of the gospel of Christ; yea, I gained a sure knowledge of my own repulsiveness, and my own limited abilities to win God's love, and my own dark and loathsome nature.

And it came to pass that I became dark, and lowly, and unhappy, and remained for many years in a dark, and lowly, and unhappy dwelling.

And lo, it came to pass that one day, as I was studying the words of the holy scriptures and praying unto the Lord for understanding and comfort, a voice came unto me. And it came to pass that this voice was not the voice of the Holy Spirit, nor of the Lord, but a voice of my own understanding which finally made itself known unto me.

And the voice said unto me, "I'm a good person." And a light filled my soul, and the darkness vanished, and the voice said again unto me, "I'm a good person. I'm pretty sure if there is a Heaven, I would get to go. If God is who the Mormon church says he is, I don't want anything to do with him."

And it came to pass that I obtained a surety of knowledge regarding the gospel of the church; yea, I discovered the plain and simple truth that the reason the Lord had not fulfilled his promise to grant unto me a testimony of the gospel was not that I was unworthy - for I was truly a good person - but that the promise was, itself, a lie.

Yea, I knew of a surety that I had fulfilled my end of the promise, and that a testimony of the gospel had not been granted unto me, and that therefore it was the Lord who was not holding up his end; wherefore, he was not a true Lord, for a true Lord was bound by his promises to his children; thus, the promise was made not by a God, but by a deceitful man.

And it came to pass that I was sore afraid that I was committing blasphemy against the Lord, and so I picked up the holy scriptures to read and learn all I could about His nature, that I might determine whether or not my new understanding of Him was true.

And it came to pass that I opened my Bible, and I read from the first book the first page-and-a-half, and I shut the book, for I knew that it was full of the excrement of a bull and nothing more.

And it came to pass that a great weight was lifted from my shoulders, and my mind was made clear, and I rose from the place of darkness and lowliness and unhappiness, unto a new realm of truth and reason and joy.

And thus it came to pass, Amen.

Christopher Krueger, May 16, 2004.

After over 28 years of service in many local and stake callings, I have taken off the rose colored glasses of blind faith and looked more deeply at church doctrine, history, and scripture. I have re-examined my faith and applied the wisdom and reasoning skills I have gained at this juncture in my life. I have sought to know if multiple versions of the “First Vision”, The Book of Mormon, Book of Abraham, polygamy, polyandry, blood atonement, and the inspiration to engage in the wholesale revision and expurgation of church history truly came from God, or were only the works of conspiring men.

Wayne Kuran Jr, March 2003, After my the bishop of the ward told my wife that Heavenly Father told him he needed to sleep with her and the stake president refused to take actions against his best friend of 11 years.

Diane L., 2002.

Richard L., 2004 Joined for the wrong reasons, left for the right ones in 2004.

Jessica Laitres, August/September 1999, Everything went a lot faster and a lot easier than I thought it would. I sent my exit letter in the end of June/beginning of July, and was out in no time.

Bill Lander- May 19, 2006

My mom joined in the Toronto area in her "vulnerable" menopausal years. My Dad followed her out of fear of losing her. They coerced my a the age of 13. They alienated themselves from their community. It was a town of 8000. They stayed in the church til they died. I finally stood up for myself when I was 19 after spending a year at BYU. I couldn't fake it any more. What did it for me was going to University and becoming an adult yet, that feeling was quashed by an administrator telling me to get a haircut. My parents were like children trapped by a bunch of mono-toned old men in a belief system filled with darkness and hope. My parents are gone and so is the mormon influence in all of thier childrens lives. Hopefully religion and for that matter spirituality have no more control over the choices I and my family make in our lives.

Daniel E. Landon, July of 2001, I'm Free as a bird and LOVIN every minute of it!

James Eric Landrum, Exmormon as of January 2002. It's interesting, the people who are held up as the "examples" we are supposed to live by are the very people who are usually the worst. My story closes with a bishop who told three of his flock in Army Basic (who did not get off-base privlages like the rest of the Company did) "Tough, I'll see you when you do get out" to our request for Sacrament meetings. I thought that if this is who I'm supposed to follow and behave like, then I needed to find new role models. I'm proudly a Druid now.

Laura, I left the Mormon Church on the Ides of March 2005. I left because of the DNA evidence and the Abraham evidence. I also left because the Highest Heaven the Mormons can offer women is to spend eternity giving birth, after birth, after birth. That sounds a lot more like hell to me.

Laura, officially resigned 11/00. Family was UMC, but mom converted to LDS, Inc. Convert at 18, against my better judgement after submitting to family pressure. Immediately knew I'd made a horrible mistake and went inactive. I had so many concerns with LDS doctrine, including polygamy, BofM, Joseph Smith, the list goes on and on. It made me sick to think about it.

Married a nevermo, moved away, even joined a different church....but the harrassment by LDS officials continued. After officially resigning, the badgering stopped. I'm happily out!

LCMc- June 1973

Married into the "Church". Joined to be a family. DH died. Found out how single/widowed women are viewed. Started to think. Yes I finally remembered how to think. Realized how silly the whole thing was. Sent in our resignation (kids too). Still wonder how long I would have stayed if DH had lived.

Leana- May 1980.

In 1980 I approached my then TBM (True Believing Mormon) husband with a request to leave the church. He began locking me in the house and removing keys to the vehicles we owned. So, I asked for a divorce and was delighted when he ran to "men" in charge of our ward and stake. I was subsequently excommunicated by a court I never attended, that was populated by a group of men I had never met, in a place I was uninformed of. The charges brought against me by my TBM husband who refused to give me a divorce were lies created and perpetuated in his imagination.

I guess this was what you could call an "effort free" exit strategy. Oh, I forgot to tell you the reason my Ex did this. His plan was that I would be so disgraced and shamed by the excoummication that I would have to stay/go back to him. After all, a woman who had been excommunicated MUST have done a lot of things wrong, right? Why else would a "court of love" excommunicate a woman? And, if I were so publically shamed, then I would realize that no one (man - in the "church")would have me and I would just have to accept his generously forgiving nature and "stay/be" with him. Unable to accept this noble and kind offer, I proceeded with the divorce and got my "freed" papers without having to ask for them.

While I would not particularly recommend this strategy to anyone, it is worth noting. Cheers!

Leana- 8 February 2000 - I became inactive in 1981, once I realized the racist doctrine of the church was still intact. The 1978 change in policy to allow descendents of Native Africans full participation was window dressing for political and public relations, similar to the disingenuous 1890 manifesto against the practice of polygamy. The belief of white purity and supremacy is alive and well in church doctrine and culture. It turns out though, as bad as this is, this is one of the more benign problems produced by church systemic, organizational deception.

Liu Kara Lee,(please email your date of resignation), I finally saw the church for what it was, and got out.

No amount of logic could make it right, so I quit trying. Who knew how good a simple decision could be!

Keith, Sue, John, Lawerence Lehman, resigned June 20,2004. Just our oldest son and daughter-in-law are still members, sort of. Long story as to why we all left. Let's just say for one, we were never made welcome in our last ward. The final insult was when my husband Keith's grand parents died within two months of each other and he was being the good son by helping out his mother. That meant missing church a lot of Sundays.

When everything had settled down and we could return to church every Sunday again, only the members who really loved us seemed to care if we were there or not. We suddenly didn't have Home Teachers and my Visting Teacher stopped calling. There are alot more reasons that I wouldn't go into.

Leslee, resigned in 1988, but knew it was a fraud when I was in high school! Our seminary teacher admonished us not to see "Jesus Christ Superstar," as the General Authorities had labeled it the "work of the devil." Little rebel that I was, however, I was one of the first in line for tickets!

Ha! I loved the show, and truly felt for both Jesus AND Judas. I took the libretto back to my seminary teacher, telling him that this was a work of imagination, for heaven's sake! It was ART! I pointed to the framed slogan on the classroom wall -- "The Glory of God is Intelligence." I said, "If the glory of God is intelligence, when do we get to use ours?"

I never returned to seminary, but still limped along in the church until becoming a "Jack Mormon" sometime around 1978. I was so thoroughly disgusted with the oppressive mind control, denigration of women, outlandish claims of Kolob and becoming gods, a boring Book of Mormon (a fairytale to be sure -- and not a very good one), etc. that I knew Mormonism couldn't possibly be true. In fact, it was downright mortifying to think I'd ever bought into any of it -- EVER.

When I finished a master's degree in British literature, one of my professors invited me to the Unitarian Universalist Church, and, voila! That was as close to an answer as I think I'll ever come. That church provides food for the intellect, emotions, and spirit. It focuses on the good works we can do in THIS life. It advocates equality, liberty, and social justice. I'm proud to be a member, and I'm even more delighted to be a Unitarian Church Administrator now.

That's my testimony. Amen.

Megan Lindsay, July 3, 2006

I first met with the missionaries on 18 September 2003 when I was 18 years old. I had been dating an inactive Mormon whose family was very active. I officially drank the Kool-Aid on 1 November 2003 and for the next 2 1/2 years I struggled with being a member.

The others in my single's branch never seemed to fully accept me and I felt like I would never meet their expectations of me. Gordon B. Hinckley gave his famous "Book of Mormon challenge" in August 2005 to read or re-read the entire BOM before the end of the year. If you did so he promised an outpouring of blessings like never before. I finished by the middle of September and sank into a deep and painful depression.

In the spring/early summer of 2006 I decided to take off the blinders and do some research to see if maybe the "one true church" was a fraud. I studied BYU LDS history textbooks, read my quad cover-to-cover, looked up pro-LDS literature, anti-LDS literature, and neutral LDS literature and made the biggest discovery of my life: the LDS church is a cult! I was shocked, confused, hurt, and most of all angry.

I felt like I had been deceived! When I turned in my letter of resignation I had a tremendous outpouring of love from my LDS friends and local authorities, begging me to change my mind. I refused and went forward with having my name removed. My branch president tried to make me attend a "Council of Love" (disciplinary council), but I refused because I no longer recognized their overbearing authority in my life.

At that point, almost all of my LDS friends turned their backs on me, some even spreading rumors saying that I left the church before I could be excommunicated. I now consider myself an Ex-LDS missionary, with the goal of helping people realize they can (and should!) leave the Mormon church and have a fulfilling and happy life. I'm now a Lutheran and very happy with my religion and my relationship with (the real) God and (the real) Jesus Christ.

Brian Lindsey, January 13, 2001, Mentally, I left they church in 1980. I was 17 and had gotten into an ugly fight with my mother about attending church one Sunday morning. She brought up the fact that I had made all these commitments to God and how it was her duty to see that I met them. I immediately walked across the street to the church and met with the Bishop and asked that my name be removed then and there. We talked for a while, and he told me I was not mature enough to make that decision. I found that to be a bit odd because I was obviously mature enough to make the decision to join at eight years-old. I left Utah two years later and didn't give it a second thought until I read about Stuart Matis and the active role the LDS church had in the Knight Initiative. After that, I eventually found the exmo site and read some pretty horrifying stories. I realized then, that morally, I could no longer have my name associated with the church, and out of sheer embarrassment, with any organizations that gave A**holes like Paul H. Dunn or Boyd K. Packer leadership positions.

Heather Doty-Linebarger, Stephen Linebarger, July 31, 2008

and our two children.

Sean Linehan and daughter Nicole, January 13,2004.

I had been away from the church for about 10 years. I was considering going back and taking my wife Lisa with me to get her involved. I was looking over the internet one evening to get some information for her to look at, and what I came up with was very revealing to me. The more I read the more I was left wondering who these people actually were. I belive in God and Jesus Christ with my whole heart and soul and would never turn my back on that belief. What I am turning my back on is what Mormonism teaches about their version of Jesus Christ. Teaching about Jesus Christ is a wonderful thing to do, but using lies and deception to back up your version? Kind of makes you wonder who or what is actually behind it all. I hope others will eventually see what is going on here and leave also.

Lisa plus husband and three children of record, April 2010

We have been "less active" since 2007, really started looking into the church and its history in 2008 and we sent our resignation letter in this week! :) We are happy and free. And it will be official for the church soon, but it is official for us when we signed the letter! (well we hear when they receive it it is technically offical, but that is splitting hairs for us! :D)

Shairylann Lisonbee- 2000

Susan M. Loder and my three children, November 2, 1999, I left because of the deceitful way of the church when dealing with any issue, especially child abuse.

Laura Loken, Nov 19999, My reasons for leaving, let me count the ways! because the church the church blamed me for being sexually abused 10 yrs of my childhood while turning a blind eye to the priesthood-bearing abuser, because it is anti-woman, because it is racist, because it is dishonest of its past, because it teaches its members to be narrow-minded, religious elitists, because deep down in the gut the church feels dead wrong, because I'm a self-respecting seeker of truth and beauty who will not be a spoon-fed spritual baby who must pander to those in authory over me for any spiritual scraps of "wisdom" they condescend to throw my way, because I do not want to be affiliated in any way to the Morg or to bolster its membership numbers, even if I am just one person. There are so many, many reasons more, but these reasons alone justify leaving the church and the family in which I was raised.

Travis S. Loosli PhD and wife- October 1998

Mr. and Mrs. Happy Heretic announce thier official resignations. All friends and relatives are invited to GET THE HELL OVER IT. Joseph Smith was a fraud, charlatan, and beggar. The facts are clear, and the truth matters. Evil is real, and alive in the Mormon doctrines. We relish our intelligence. We love our non-LDS children. We cared enough to find out. May others be so blessed.

Loren, 4 Sept. 1984

A returned missionary and married in the temple, I left Mormonism because I realized it was a fraud. See some of my reasons in detail at

John Lorz (pseudonym: Brian-the-Christ), Date of official Resignation: 1/15/04

Reasons for leaving...No one else is more in tune with your life than you are and any rules they put on you must be based in fact, not fantasy!

Once I left... I had some very BIG blessings come to me through those proverbial "windows of heaven" once I resigned.

The last two years I was LDS I could not get a job. My name was constantly placed on the temple rolls, my wife and active children assured me they were including me in their prayers and my wife was a full-tithe payor so that I would get a job. I interviewed with at the COB and got turned down because I didn't have a temple recommend.

Contrast THAT with this:

I resigned from the Motrix. My bishop met with me to tell me I was in the 30-day window when I could still rescind. Within a week of that I had not one, but TWO BETTER OFFERS for jobs! Now THAT's a miracle!

And to top it all off...last night I got pulled over for doing 40 in a 25 zone. I thought, "Well...I'm screwed. This is god's payback for my resigning from the crutch!" The officer took my DL, insurance and registration, went back to his car and, I thought, started to fill out the ticket. He came back a few minutes later and said, "I get this feeling that you are a really good guy so I'm going to let you off with a warning."

Real, not imagined blessings...who could doubt?

The letter from Greg Dodge (with some modifications to keep my name anonymous!):

It says, "Dear Brother Brian-the-Christ," (smirk)

"This letter is to notify you that, in accordance with your requests, you are no longer a member of The CRUTCH of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Stains. (smirk)

"Should you desire to become a member of the CRUTCH in the future, the local bishop or branch president in your area will be happy to help you.

"You must sign your brain over to us again, if you so desire." (I made that line up!)


"Gregory W. Dodge - "Supervisor, Member and Statistical Records"

Casey Luk- 2004

I quit the church, after 4 years of being the token Asian dude. Found out what they really felt about me, after they saw what I drove, and that I wasn't rich for their special "circles", however I was worthy enough for home teaching AND tithes. ha ha ha.

Dan Luker- May 23, 2007

I left after beginning a study of the history of the church. The demonstrable fraud of the Book of Abraham, The doctrine of Blood Atonement and the racist teachings were the issues that most offended my conscience.

Lydia M, 06/27/2013

I didn't realize it was all a lie until I was in my mid 30's married in the temple, kids almost raised, relief society presidency... Wow, what a fool I was to believe it all. Just find out for yourself, don't be afraid to research, it's not a sin to question!!!! I sooo wanted it all to be true, it's all lies. I feel betrayed and want the first half of my life back! Joseph Smith was a false prophet, end of story.

Lyn, Summer of 2001 I never felt comfortable as a Mormon. I didn't fit the molly profile. When it became apparent that i was "different", I was shunned by the other members of my ward. I finally did some research and found that the reason I was so uncomfortable was that I was following a lie. No more lies for me!

msp, January 2014

From Canada and Born in the Covenant (BIC) to convert immigrant parents. Being an introvert by nature, it was extremely hard growing up in the LDS church. I ended up hating the person I was, all the while trying to convince myself to believe and that I had a testimony.

Despite being an otherwise very rational person, I had myself convinced by my mid-teens and became very heavily True Believing Mormon (TBM). I was set to go out on a mission and even had my papers in, although I was worried about how an introvert such as myself would handle the life of a missionary. I searched around on google and was completely flabbergasted by the stories of missionary abuse I found on Recovery from Mormonism (RfM). I explored around for a bit and came across both MormonThink and the CES Letter (which was released only weeks prior!).

I got into reading more about church doctrine and history and devoured the before-mentioned resources as well as anything else I could find. I decided to read through all of MormonThink before coming to a conclusion about my beliefs.

Of course, at the end of it all, there was no question in my mind that the lds church was a fraud. It felt so liberating to allow myself to accept the evidence that was right in front of my face and to finally feel as though I had control of my life. Although I stopped attending church a few weeks later and turned down a calling, I didn't resign my membership until now in order to keep the peace in my family.

Even now, I'm doing so without stirring the waters. I've had a lot of time to think, and I've come to the conclusion that resigning is something I need to do in order to stand up against the injustice in the world that is the LDS church. I feel as though I would lose my integrity if I didn't. A special thank you to the author of the CES Letter that was an informative start to my way out, the editors at MormonThink for the fantastic job they've done, and for all of the posters on RfM who (perhaps unknowingly) have supported me as I've come out of that so-called church!

Kathleen M., 1990/1991

The Mormons I have known were truly unfriendly to me and intimidating. I have found them to be bias and judgmental.

Teri M., 08/25/2008

Get thee behind me, Mormon church!

David Allen Mackley, Summer of 2010

I went on a mission, I said my prayers, I read the holy books and I believed. The fall began when I worked for the Portland Oregon Temple. I saw the wizard behind the curtain ;) and it was rather disappointing. What I saw was not Christianity, but capitalism and Republicanism masquerading as a world religion. Oh yeah, I also started accepting the facts about the religion and about how it baits and traps you. Good riddance!

Ronald A. Mahle ,1997 - I left because, among other things, I couldn't afford to be a member of the church. The church led me to bankruptcy - financially, mentally and physically. Of all the people I called "friend, brother or sister" over my twenty years in the church, only one still maintains contact with me. Odd, isn't it? :)

Jeremy Majors, 6 May 2000, I and my family left the "church" because they lied to us from the beginning. When we called them on the carpet concerning the large number of inconsistencies and lies, we were told not to think about such things. I nor my wife thought about it much longer, our response was a letter requesting our removal from the records of the "church". As a personal note of my own, not one member of the "church" was ever able to answer one of the questions we asked. We won't be fooled again.

Dean Mansfield, I was excommunicated in 1980 or 1981 while serving in the Army in Germany. It was the Frankfurt Stake that excommunicated me. My great-grandfather, George Mansfield, had come from England and walked across the plains to Utah. My grandfather, Gervis Mansfield, was born in a log cabin that still stands in northern Utah as pioneer relic. My father, Dean Sr., is a Stake Patriarch today in northern California.

I was excommunicated "in absentia" for "apostasy" for responding to the local bishop's inquiry, "do you believe Spenser Kimball to be a prophet of God?" with "what has he prophesied?" The bishop and counselor became very angry, gave me a summons to appear in a "bisop's court" to which I did not have transportation, and rudely departed without shaking hands. I was going through a difficult time, having served in Vietnam and feeling greatly misled by church authorities on the Vietnam issue.

Their answer to me was to hold a court and excommunicate a 4th generation Mormon (myself). I believe, however, that in spite of the abuses of the Church, there are some underlying truths to the Mormon faith. In everything, there is a mixture of good and evil. Later on, I converted to Judaism and I am now a practicing Jew and student of Kabbalah. (The Jewish root I trace to my great-grandfather Eli on my paternal grandmother's side. ) I appreciate that humor at this site. It is necessary to have a sense of humor in all of this. Shalom!

Maralyn1, 1989 - We got our letter or name removal from the Mormon church in 1989.

When we were going through the ceremony I started to refuse. He smiled at me and shrugged atthe promises, it was not a good time for me to make a scene so I did not rebel further at the wording. There were many things in the temple I did not feel good about accepting. My husband enjoyed knowing the secrets. I was horrified at the promises made. (For the rest of this story, click continue.

Jim Marbut - 04/10/2000
I left becuase I couldn't put up with the chruch doctrine and keep a strait face. And the fact that when the chruch realized that I didn't have any money to tithe they, you guessed it, stop coming by. This church is nothing more than a club of brain dead morrons with a high cover charge. But the main reason is that when the church realized that they could not get free contsruction work from me. Guess what they quit coming by. Of course they said if I lift they wouldn't come by and visit anymore I replyed "So whats new you don't come by now". But now I'm free to live life as I see fit not some washed up old man in Utah. And a cigar has never tasted so good.

Mark72, inactive 1993/ resigned 2008

I was born into the church and was raised most of my life in Salt Lake. I strongly believed in the church. after graduating high school I recieved my mission call.

Before reporting the the MTC in Provo I recieved my endowment at the Jordan River temple. I went with my older brother who was a return missionary. The temple was very strange. I was very uncomfortable with the washings and anointings, the temple robes, and the endowment ceremony.

Afterwords I was confused and I asked my brother what part of it was the endowment? When he told me and explained it to me I was shocked! I said to my brother "SECRET HAND SHAKES!!!ARE YOU KIDING ME!!! THATS WHAT I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!". I shook it off and went to the MTC.

At MTC orientation a General Authority spoke to the few hundred young men starting their missions. I was again shocked when he told us that if we didn't complete our missions that we would be failures. He gave an example of a former missionary who had left his mission. He said that he had seen the young man since he left his mission and he was wearing a leather jacket and he knew that he was a failure in life.

I again was shocked,, how could this GA pass judgment of this guy's life based soley on his appearance. I continued on for about 12 days. After alot of thought and sleepless nights I decided to leave the MTC until I was sure the church was true. Coming home was humiliating, but the one benefit was I found out who my true friends are.

I was ostracized from my local community. The following year I couldn't take it anymore. I joind the army and left utah for 3 years. In 1994 one of my true friends who was also LDS introduced me to the book, Mormonism Shadow or Reality. I took it back to the army with me and read it several times. At first I thought the book was crap. The information just seemed to crazy to believe. After I was discharged from the army I returned to Salt Lake. I reconnected with the friend who had given me the book. I told him that the book seemed crazy and that we should try to verify some of there sorces.

We spent a couple of years going to the LDS library verifying the sorces. We checked and rechecked as much as we could. We verified everything we checked. By 1997 the light bulb was on, so to speak. I left the church but didn't resign. Starting in 2007 my father started sending the missionaries and the home teachers to my house. I was nice to them but asked them to leave me alone but they persisted.

In the winter of 2008 I resigned from the church. About a month after this I was layed off from my job and haven't worked a day since. But i'm ok. I know the truth now and nothing can change that. I am not a member of any religion and never will be. My spirituality is mine and is not subject to any religious doctrine or church athority. I'm free.

Lana Martin, March 18, 2003 It was fall 2003 when my husband Richard, who is also a member of this roster, showed me I hadn't been to the Mormon Church in over 10 years, and had begun studying many other paths. I decided that we were NOT MORMON, even though we were still counted in their 11 million member list. (do they count all the necro-baptisms?)

So as a Christmas present to myself, I sent in my resignation letter, a week before Thanksgiving. It was returned, "no mail receptacle." I was surprised, the address was the one I got from the phone book. I then followed the format from, and finally got my letter in March.

We had not had any contact with this ward at all since we moved to the area. Then in both April and May I received invitations to "enrichment" night. They NEVER give up!!!

Mandi Martin- June 3, 2004.

I sent in my letter in late 2003. After getting the run around for nearly 7 months, the blessed exit letter arrived -- the day I was moving out of an apartment. I can't believe how blessed I am to have seen through the lies that hold my family hostage to this day. I am grateful to all the people who prayed for me all my life that I would one day know the truth and see through "the church." I am also greatful to all the women in the ExLDS women's chat group on Yahoo for being so helpful in my process of getting out. Praise the Laaawwwd, I am free at last.

Richard B. Martin, May, 2002 Why I left.

Because it is Bullshit.

Why won't I leave the Church alone? Why do I continue to persecute the church?

Many thieves, frauds, scoundrels, and snake oil salesmen, continue to have the same attitude concerning themselves and the police.

Because I know that women are capable of much more than being a slave to men.

Because the fellowshipping and friendliness- is contrived.

Because, I've seen many good people sell themselves short for nothing.

Because I've seen so very many people deny themselves true happiness, for what they think should be happiness. A la' Voltaire's Candide.

Lisa E.Martinez, July 2000. I NEVER believed the Joe Smith, gold plates in a mountain story (yeah, right; film at 11:00). It was just a family tradition because the ancestors were gullible & credulous. My older brother served a mission in France though, in the mid '70's. His MP told him "you think too much". He went inactive right after his return. The rest of the family was/is inactive, they just basically ignore the whole mess. I was able to do that too until I became aware of the sleazy, dishonest dealings of the cult when they decided to take over the Salt Lake Tribune. They re-write their own history & now they want to re-write the daily news. Keep it "sacred & faith-promoting". How "speshul". That was the last straw!! I've enjoyed the Tribune for 31 years! After sending in my letter (3 brief lines on a piece of scrap paper) the bishop dropped by unannounced & uninvited early on a Sunday morning to talk to me. I explained my main reason (among many) for leaving! was CENCORSHIP! He was patronizing & said he "hoped I was getting the correct information". GAG!! Now (2 years later) all the unsealed documents in the legal case show I had my information exactly correct. Hinkley, are a bunch of arrogant, fraudulent gasbags. It feels good to know I was right about this issue but the Trib's still gone to the cult's "front-man". What a dangerous cult.

Sandra Massey-Hicks- 1985

Leaving the Mormon Church was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.

At first it seemed easy, because I was very convinced that the doctrine was not true. But as the years progressed, I found myself still expecting new men and women friends to relate to me in the same way. I realized that my family had a hard time knowing how to respond to me, and that they expected that I had suddenly become someone who wanted to have sex with anyone, and live any type of lifestyle. There was a great deal of false protection being a Mormon.

Thank God, that He allowed me to leave the Church, even though I still have one sister who is a die hard Mormon, and is still trying to convince me that the church is true. Also, now having been so burned so badly by the Mormons, I am very skeptical of other churches, and their members. I want to attend church somewhere in a way, but know that there is so much manipulation of church goers, and their spiritual journeys.

I hate the Mormons, the Catholics, and most other organized religions. I almost completely gave up believing that there is a God. Oh lucky other people are who never knew the Mormon Church personally in any way. I also feel that the Mormons know that I know who they are and what they are really about, and would seek to harm or kill me. I know that they have had people killed who have stood in their way. They are an evil and corrupt organization who are only interested in financial and political gain. They don't give a crap about anyone's spiritual welfare.

Thanks for adding my name to the Black Sheep Roster.

Paul Nathaniel McCulloch, Excommunicated for apostasy in May 2000.

Why did they excommunicate me? because I began to think for myself and relize just how wrong the Momrons really were, and exactly how insidous and "evil" the Church was. As one who was raised in the Church (a 9th generation Mormon living in Winnipeg), it cause a bit of a stir... my friend and I even started up a "ministry" to teach as many Mormons as we could of the truth. For that I was excommunicated... though it was kept discreet, a close friend of the family didn't even know about it for a few months and they were fairly well known in the local organization. My Bishop was also very hesitant to ex me... but I left him with no choice.

My friend Colin on the other hand was treated very badly, the leadership told all of the youth in the stake (silently of course, we didn't find out untill later, AND since we were both only 17 at the time, just months away from out 18th birthdays) not to associate with him/us, they disfellowshiped him without a court, and when they did ex him, they called every stake in Canada and a few in utah to warn them of him... hows that for a story eh?

William J. McIntyre, M.D., 2001

I joined at age 15, much to the horror of my mother, who then told me that she had grown up in St. Anthony, Idaho, a Mormon community in which theirs was a non-Mormon family. In 1965 at age 15, very naive, I accepted the story of the restoration of the Gospel, which seemed plausible to me at that age. I also accepted Brigham Young having 30+ wives and that was what the Lord wanted (I just Googled his name listing 55 wives!) At age 50 that seemed like utter nonsense. I asked to be excommunicated and that was done.

I had a child who was kept hidden from me for many years by her Mormon family. In 2000 I wrote to the President of the Church asking that the church intercede with this adult child to encourage her to at least give a try at getting to know her father. I did not know at the time that she left the Church that same year. The response was a rather pat answer that adult children "would have their own memories" of the relationship and that the Church would not get involved. I felt that was a standard and predictable organizational response but hardly one with any applicability to a child who had last seen me at age two. It just made no sense to me that this response was coming from a "prophet of God" and not just from the C.E.O. of a large organization not interested in offending good members and presumably good tithe-payers.

For all of the above reasons I asked to be excommunicated to remove my name from the rolls of Church members in 2001. I have never regretted that decision.

Ryan McRae, 1999. They kept telling me I was "under the influence of Satan." I think they just didn't get the jokes I told during boring Relief society meetings. No sense of humor whatsoever!

Nolan Mecham, 1997, The LDS Church has no more claim to "truth" or authority than Sun Yung Moon, David Koresh or Pauly Shore.

Janet Mertz-Hill, 1981, I quit when I realized that the moon wasn't inhabited by Quakers and that I wasn't cute enough to marry one of the Osmonds.

Christopher L Minnick, 8 Oct 2001. They took my name off, finally after 3 previous letters, and the Mormons doing somewhere between nothing and giving me lip service, I sent out my last letter stating my desire to have my name removed. In it I put "Either you have the integrity to remove my name at my request, or you don't." Left because I woke up from my slumber and asked the questions the Mormons don't like to be asked, and refused to "pray harder" or "trust the chruch leaders".

Miriam: Temple New Name, On my Birthday 2008

I resigned from the Mormon church after years of asking for excommunication. Every time I asked, they told me I would have to go to a church court. Year after year, unwanted visit after unwanted visit by the overly zealous intrusive Mormon Church. Thank goodness I finally found a site with directions on how to resign!

When the bishop came over to my house with my resignation letter in hand, YES I felt invaded and trod upon yet again. The abusive nature of the Mormon Church is intolerable. However, I pumped his hand and told him how thankful I was that he was helping me to leave. I did not invite them in. A few days later the missionaries showed up looking to talk to "Sister Miriam." I said there was no Sister Miriam here. They asked if I knew Miriam. I said I was Miriam but that I was no longer their sister, that I had resigned from the church and expected no further visits from the Mormons! My big victory after 20 years.

Thanks to all who get the information on the internet! Thank you thank you thank you.

Brad Lyman Morin, resigned June of 1998. It was accepted January of 1999.

Belatedly, I applied my analytical skills to my cherished convictions -- skills honed at BYU as a student and mathematics instructor. Like Adam in the Garden, I had faced two conflicting instructions (often implied, but at times explicitly stated): "Do not question." And, "Prove all things." (Which is to say, "Ask questions.")

Like Adam, I finally suspended the first commandment and sampled the forbidden questions. Like Adam, my eyes were opened. Like Adam, I fell, then found my new situation to be more fulfilling. Unlike Adam, I have not spoken with God, my wife has never been snookered by a snake, and I reverence ape ancestors.

Among other things, it was the long ignored rumors about Joseph Smith marrying other men's wives that finally inspired me to research, shattering my neatly organized tenets. Being a dedicated student and advocate of the Book of Mormon provided a second front. I re-applied prayer, study, plus some scientific analysis, resulting in stunning revelations!

Publicly, I now apologize to all whom I have prodded, to all whom I have loved and reasoned with as a friend or spiritual leader to faithfully tend the garden of false hopes. My intentions were good but I am deeply troubled by my history of intellectual dishonesty.

My story, along with that of a brother, five years in the writing, is all online at:

M. DeAnn Morris, January 17, 1979 I left the church in 1961 after a year of college. I used my common sense: that is, it occurred to me that the stories the church told me were really quite fantastic and not to be taken seriously. I have never felt the need to do research to prove the church bogus although over the years I have read many books on the church which did just that.

I got tired of being "visited" and "contacted" by the church so in December, 1978, I reguested in writing that my name be removed. They turned it around and excommunicated me. I am halfway entertaining the idea of contacting them and having them expunge the excommunication. I would like to bother them, like a gnat.

Ms. E, I resigned in September 2003. I was an apostate most of my life anyway. I just didn't believe it. I don't want to be one of many wives. And I don't believe in the men becoming gods. I did some secret temple stuff but never married there so that's made my escape easier.

Mark Muir, 10/9/2014. I have dressed in a tutu and table danced with the girl at my nursing home and cheated on my wife while there and it was put on you tube. I was fired from that job and took over another nursing home where the district manager was a Mormon so I had no trouble getting the job but when I was there I seen people working there that knew about my bad doings so I found a way to fire them and still tell lies about them so when Christ comes for us I'm afraid I will be left behind and watch my family leave.

What I am doing is hard for me to face up to and take the blame for people being unemployed which were good workers and did not deserve what I did to them and not showing any regrets.

John Myers and family- 2000

As TBM's (True Believing Mormons) my wife was asked to be the typist for the new patriarch, a job she took with more than a little trepidation. While not a gospel scholar she knows when she reads something wrong which is what occured while typing a blessing.

My wife said to me "I think that the patriarch has got it wrong in this paragraph." I ususally stayed away from her typing but she insisted that I read it.

Reading the paragraph I was shocked to see what was a fundamental error. I said that she should talk to the patriarch. His reaction was "Please fix the doctinal error for when I pick it up for the recipient."

It took about four more years before all of us (dad, mum and 4 kids) said good bye. Yes we sent the letter, signed by all of us and we received the response being no longer members around December 2000.

Happy to be placed on the Black Sheep Roster. Being born and bred in the church it was a significant step. It has been a very liberating experience and I can honestly say I am at peace inside and I enjoy a nice Australian Shiraz.

Julie Naillon, Sent in first letter May 15, 2002, finally received resignation confirmation from SLC on Feb 6, 2004. Finally. Mark Twain said it best about the BoM, "Chloroform in print." I just had enough, mormon faith is just too hard.

Judith Nees , I received my official exit letter from the Church August 2002. It was very short. It reads.."Dear Sister nees, this is to inform you that your request for the removal of your name form the Church membership has been completed. If you wish to ever re-join please see your local branch president or bishop; they will be more thanlad to assist you." signed by Gregory Dodge...It took 30 days to do...but I have talked to otherswho told me theirexit letters informed them that their sealings, and all blessings have been revoked. Oh well i guess the local leaders were glad to rid me.

Melinda Nevarez , 10/15/03 I made a cute lil' letterhead on my exit letter stating, "Religion is the opiate of the masses." Mormonism and organized religion in general are nothing more than bigotry operating under the pretense of "god's words." I decided it was time to take the power back.

"If we don't take action now, we'll settle for nothing later. Settle for nothing now and we'll settle for nothing later."

Kyle Nielsen, My story was that I went into the bishops office to confess a small sin with a member of the opposite sex. From what I understand everything you tell your bishop is between you, your bishop, and the lord. Well my bishop also told his wife. Which was actually the gossip queen of our ward. After it spread around like wildfire (and was exagerated) I never went back to church again except to request my name be removed from church records. I was told by numerous members not to let one bad apple spoil the bunch, but I have heard about many bad apples from both friends and from various web sites. I chose not to give the church another shot.

Nope- 1986

I began philosophy of religion courses my first year in college. After that it was clear to me that I no longer wished to be a Mormon. I tried a letter stating official resignation, but was still continuously hounded by relief society women or home teachers. It was endless and I just wanted to be left alone. I finally requested excommunication and it took a great length of time. Then I got another letter asking if I was SURE I wanted this and there was never any going back. Finally done but still deal with missionaries occassionally.

Daniel North, 1990, I found that there was a difference between what the Bible said and what the Mormons said: Added 2 and 2 and got a 5.

NotHulda- 1997

I followed the instructions on removal letter writing and wrote my letter. The Stake President sent me a letter similar to the others explaining that I was making an eternal mistake. I was given 30 days to change my mind. I never answered back.

Sandra & Don Nuss and three children, Donald, Lora & Clark, left the LDS church in 1980 because we not longer could believe that the LDS Church was telling the truth about it's history and no longer wanted to perpetuate that lie, we asked to have our names removed. At the time Don was the Bishop's counselor and Sandra was Relief Society Secretary. We have never regreted our descision.

Ashley D. (Cicotte) Oberg, I left the church in March of 1995. I sent my letter in at that time, yet they took 2 years to process it to make sure I didn't change my mind. (DUH!)

The final straw for me was the temple ceremony. I do not believe that a God who knows the number of hairs on my head would need my tokens, (handshakes) signs,(arm signal like semaphore) and name of the sign (password). Now I didn't have to "believe" other false teachings that I struggled with either. I always was embarrassed over the whole blacks and the priesthood thing. I was relieved when they finally got it. God definitely used my wonderful and loving husband in a mighty way to speak to me and reason with me from the Bible. We now worship in a Bible believing church, and are raising our 3 kids to know and love the Lord.

I have really benefited from reading other former Mormon's stories, and realizing that I am ot so different from so many others who have left. It seems as though I can relate to most of the experiences I read.

Connell "Rocky" O'Donovan (Temple Name: Ammon), December 1990 - I stopped believing because of that church's persistent, pervasive sexism and racism. I was just coming out of the closet at the time, so it took me awhile before I could add homophobia to their list of unconscionable oppressions. I really felt a strong need to have free-agency, which I certainly was not finding within that church. And then I found out that the Hebrew and Christian scriptures aren't even vaguely historically accurate and so I became a fun-loving, tree-hugging pagan! Yipee!

Rich Oliver, April 28 , 2003,
Dear Church,
Found joy. Left behind a load of guilt and self loathing. Do with it as you like. Garments are on the bed, testimony is in the dust bin. Tell Jo I can't bear to nod and smile anymore. Thank him for his excellent story telling. Love,

Dahl (as in Dallas) Olsen , My resignation letter had two dates: July 4 and 24, 2004. By letter dated Sep 23, 2004, I was notified that I am no longer a member. I typed a 16 page document summarizing the reasons which are (1) Egyptian scholars have translated the Egyptian papyri and their translations are totally different than Joe Smith's. Should we believe Joe or the scholars? (2) The Book of Mormon fails the plant test, the animal test, the metallurgy test, the script test, the linguistics test, the anthropology test, the physical appearance and stature test, the topography test, the witnesses test, the Egyptian language test, the logic test and the DNA test. DNA experts have identified the ancestors of the natives of the Americas as NE Asians not Semitics. (3) Polygamy was instituted by Joe Smith so that he could have sex with 33 or more women---eleven of whom were married to other men at the time and they stayed married to their husbands. And, Joe Smith lied numerous times to hid it. (4) There are 50 recorded false prophecies which make Joe Smith a false prophet. (5) I can't believe that Joe Smith could put a rock in his hat and see the word of God written on the rock. (6) Abraham was commanded to kill---I mean sacrifice---his own son. (7) God told Abraham to tell his wife to lie. (8) The Mormon Church has many documents, diaries, minutes, journals and letters hidden from the world. (9) Brigham Young taught that Adam was God. (10) Brigham young taught and practiced Blood Atonement. (11) There are no 2000 year old Nephites on this earth. (12) There are at least three versions of the First Vision. (13) Numerous changes to the Book of Mormon, D & C, History of the Church and the name of the church. (14) God never answered the prayers of the members of the Willie and the Martin handcart companies. (15) Mark Hofmann proved that the men who claim to be apostles, prophets and seers are not. (16) This earth was not created in 6000 years. (17) The Second Coming. (18) Zion is in Missouri? (19 and more) For details e-mail me at

Bryan O'Neil, resigned September 2002. Finally admitted that Mormonism was based on a foundation of lies and deception in 1997.

I converted to Mormonism in 1981 over the advice of my friends and family. The first few years were good and I served a mission (spent half my mission as a zone leader), married in the temple, and served in two branch presidencies. Also served twice as Elders Quorum President.

In early 1997 as I was reading the Old Testament, I came across the story of Abraham and his polygamous relationship. Wanting to better understand the doctrine, I began to read the Journal of Discourses and other early LDS writings. I found that polygamy did NOT end in 1890, but continued (with the blessings of most high ranking LDS leaders including Joseph F. Smith) until 1904. Also, polygamy was taught as essential to exhaltation. I had proof that the modern LDS leadership had lied to me about a key doctrine. I began to wonder what else they had lied to me about? The answer: pretty much everything.

The LDS Church has some good things in it and the people are like most other Christians. But the leadership is as corrupt as hell itself. I look forward to the day when the nation media wakes up and exposes these frauds.

Dianne Chryst Ormond, 11/21/2006

So what started my disbelief? It started with science.Beginning in seminary and throughout the years, I was taught that "someday science will find proof for the Book of Mormon", and so I put it on a shelf and waited. However, as science progressed, my dissonance grew. After watching a dozen archaeology shows on PBS where nothing in the Book of Mormon was ever mentioned, I called a faithful BYU science professor and asked if there was any archaeological evidence for the Book of Mormon, and how did he handle the dissonance between science and religion? I could tell by his carefully worded responses that he was no longer a believer. (click on link above to read Dianne's entire story.)

Lisa R. Ottenberg, December 1999, because I finally embraced truth (about myself and the universe)!! Also, my three year old daughter Violet.

Julia P- Spring 2007

I had studied Mormon history for years and was at a time in my life when I desperately needed more than I was getting from my Church of Christ brethern. I had attended the Church of Christ all of my life and felt that becoming LDS was the answer.

I studied with the missionaries, was baptized and immediately had doublts when I did not feel any more "Saved" than I had before. In fact, I knew almost immediately that I had done something wrong. Three months after my baptism I wrote the Bishop asking that my name be removed. The relief was immediate.

I never felt that I could become worthy and even though going to the temple was something I really desired, I became aware that being a stronger Christian was what I really desired, not being a Mormon. I think I was attracted to the sense of history rather than a burning testimony of the "truthfulness of the restored gospel".

I feel better now that I am "merely" a Christian. I still get calls from the ward missionaries and just today the senior missionaries called me, wanting to have a meeting. I dearly loved my visiting teachers and miss their company but cannot stomach the rigid, robot like ways.

I feel freedom in Christ now and do not worry that my salvation is based on whether or not I have a cup of coffee or a sip of wine. I still have respect for Gordon Hinkley and read his writings but I do so not as a faithful follower but as a spiritual person. I am so glad that I do not have to explain to my children about Joseph Smith and the golden plates. Thankfully they were too young to really get too much out of the services other than they could take communion and it was really long!

I also got a creepy feeling when the bishop came to visit. HE would always bring a copy of the lesson and read it to me like I was illiterate. I graduated with a minor in Bible from a Christian university in West Texas so I felt he should teach me on my level; not a two year olds! I yearned for in depth Bibical theology, not grade school garbage. It was an insult.

I am happy now, feel less pressure and look back on my LDS stint with embarrassment. My husband,"less active", said he has never heard of someone going from new convert to apostate in 3 months or less!!! He only wants me to be happy, bless his heart.

Grant Michael Pace, 2005

Jon Pager(Jon please send us your date of offical resignation.)

My my first clue that Mormonism wasn't right was its authoritarian structure. Mormons teach blind obedience to their authorities without question. The Mormon church also oppressed women intellectually and in general. I was always shunned if I asked too many intellectual questions about church history. I believe that write and wrong do not change and have always been.

The mainstream Salt Lake centered Mormon church teaches that polygamy was right at first but now isn't correct. They also taught that Blacks are inferior to others. The Mormons renounced their doctrines of polygamy and Blacks not holding the priesthood, not from revelation but from pressure from the government. In 1978 the church got its tax exempt status challenged by the government due to their racist views.

I was taught that prophets are inspired by God. The church hides its own proven history like doctrines found in the Journal of Discourses which contains many early church sermons. I left Mormonism long before I knew about stuff like blood atonement preached by Brigam Young and the Adam-God doctrine.

Although I find troubling history about all religions the mormons flat out lie about their history painting early church leaders as something they weren't. It is my reasoning that the church was just an authoritarian, polygamous cult like the fundamentalist LDS church of today. The early leaders talked about dangers of disobeying church authority (just like they do now) and through my reasoning come to conclude that they killed or caused physical harm to those who didn't listen. Polygamy was just a form of old men raping 13 year old girls and driving out young men this is my theory on how there was such a large female to male ratio since this doesn't biologically happen in a closed soiciaty.

Although I can go on about the troubling history of the Mormon church most of this isn't practiced today. The Mormon church has evolved through natural selection and now has a very new set of dangers. Most Mormons are decent people and I did't leave due to being hurt it was due to wanting freedom from authoritarianism. The Mormon church caused much oppression in my life and I am now glad to be a free thinker and not bound to church authority.

When I left I became atheist for three years. Now I am a Christain who has found a personal relationship with Christ and know my salvation is in Christ alone and I don't need any organization to be saved. I want to stress to other Christians it not the differences in the Bible that tuned me away but the lack of integrity shown by church prophets and apostles, secrecy, and control freaks that Mormon leaders are.

Phil Palmer - I left the church for good over 7 years ago before ever talking to my brother Grant about his beliefs or reading his manuscript of Insider's View of Mormon Origins. I was really struggling with it all and merely going through the motions (appearing to be a TBM (True Believing Mormon) on the surface), but very depressed and unhappy. I read "No Man Knows My History" and it all started to clear up pretty quickly after that.

[On a side note, it is interesting that during Grant's court proceedings my name was brought up as one of the horrible things that he / his book has done to destroy the faith of members. It's too bad it isn't true. Grant can't take credit for it.]

My wife at the time was a rabid TBM (still is) and our marriage wasn't going well anyway. I went completely inactive and that put even more strain on things. About a year later, we separated, then divorced.

I remember removing my garments one evening in a parking lot of a Target department store (after buying boxer shorts), and experienced the most amazing feeling of a burden being lifted from my body. I was free!

I (we) grew up in a TBM family - all went on missions; all married in the temple; all served faithfully throughout the years. I was a good "boy scout" -- meaning, I marched in-step and was just obedient and accepting of everything that I was supposed to do.

Young Nephi and the Steel Bow by Philip J Palmer. I was elders quorum president, financial clerk, counselor in the bishopric, high-counsel (made it all around the table to the #2 spot), stake YM presidency, etc... and even wrote a children's book called "Young Nephi and the Steel Bow" (sold 5,000 copies through Deseret Book). [My book, similar to the BofM was also fiction.]

I posted something on here yesterday about the difficulty in getting out of the church. It was hard to leave, but also very telling. You definitely find out who your real friends are...and aren't. You also find new friends -- people that don't judge or look down their noses at you with pity and disgust for your decision to be honest.

I worried that I would lose my four children, only to have developed a much deeper and more honest relationship with all of them. (Two of them live with their mother and still participate; two of them are older, 19 and 22, and do not).

I re-married a convert to the church and she just got her letter two weeks ago! She's out! (It was actually quite easy. The bishop visited about a month before and she just said that she wanted out - that it was her own decision. He said, "write me a letter saying just that and I'll take care of it". A few weeks later, she got a letter in the mail. (You all ought to try it).

Since leaving, I have never been happier. I actually make choices based on what my soul thinks is right and wrong instead of what the "checklist" says I should think, say and do.

My kids (and hers) see both sides (TBM parents...and us) and can choose for themselves. They like the honesty they see with us. They like seeing a parent that actually screws up and makes mistakes - not perfect (or perceived TBM perfect).

If I help a neighbor haul top-soil, they know its because I want to help - not because I was assigned to help. If my wife takes a meal into someone, they know its because she cares and not because she was assigned. (Need I go on???) They know they have a safe-haven when they are struggling and won't get the party-line answer from the TBM parent, but they'll get an honest conversation.

My biggest worry about leaving and divorcing was disappointing my parents. It's probably why I was such a good boy-scout all those years. I remember telling my 87-year old dad and mom. It was crushing to me...and to them too. What was amazing about it though, they just told me that they loved me - no matter what.

The last conversation I had with my dad was about a week before he died. He said that he wanted me to take my (new) wife to the temple. I asked him if he wanted me to do it for him or if he wanted me to be honest and listen to my heart. He squeezed my hand and said, "your heart". He understood. Grant and I have a great dad.

Pandora, 01/11/2013

J L Parker, 08/15/2012

We got our official letter today from the church! My little family of five is out. I am so happy that we were all able to leave together.

I have three little boys and I smile everytime I think that they will never go to early morning seminary, never serve missions, never pay tithing, never go to the temple and never feel the same pressures, guilt and cog dis that my husband and I have. Most of my friends are in shock at our sudden exit. I was the primary president in our ward only four months ago. My family has always been the picture perfect mormon family.

It's amazing how my shelf just got too full one day and a month later I was ready to resign. I know how lucky I am that my husband and I are on the same page with this decision. We have a much improved marriage because I no longer think he is being lazy because he doesnÕt read scriptures with the family, hold family home evening, attended the temple monthly etc, etc, etc.

ItÕs amazing how many ways the church can make you unhappy with your spouse. Now that I donÕt expect celestial perfection IÕve noticed how perfect he really is.

Tonight we will be celebrating with a gin and tonic (something my neighbors introduced me to last week). On a side note I noticed that I still shop like a mormon. When I went to buy the gin I bought the biggest bottle they had (which is huge) because it's $0.30 cheaper an ounce. Buy in bulk!

Debra Anne Dillard Tripp Paron, a.k.a. Serratia, a.k.a. Eternal_Winter , June 1, 2000 - After several of reading, studying, thinking, and comparing experiences with other former members. Although some people might find a sense of belonging there, the LDS church isn't "true" in any sense of that word; and I believe it ultimately harms more people than it helps. I work with many other wonderful people who are also affiliated with Freedom from Mormonism, Inc. to support, educate, and comfort individuals who are in the process of questioning and/or exiting Mormonism.

Paul Pasholk, Becky Pasholk, Rachel Pasholk, Victoria Pasholk, May 28, 2001 - Why leave? Let's see - claim Jesus came to be by way of God taking the shape of a man and having sex with Mary. Claim an unpayed clergy when the 70s on up make gobs of money, including Hinckley's rent free condo in slc. Claims that God was once a man, and you and I can be Gods too. Charge money to go to the temple (sounds like 10% money changing to me). Changes in Book of Mormon and temple ceremony - even though both "inspired". Change church name 3 times. Hatred of the cross - which only the devil, vampires and mormons despise (my word, Christ died on it so we could live, the atonement was NOT in getsemane, you morons!). Brigham and the church owned a brewery until the 1950s (way to go, words of wisdom). Baptism for the dead is what the nonbelievers did! And on, and on, and on.

Steven Patterson- March 2001 - I was baptized at age 15 as the only member in my family, served an honorable mission in Brazil, graduated from BYU and at age 29, as a still-single and temple recommend-holding male, finally came out of the closet when I fell in love with an LDS co-worker (we are still together 18 years later).

In March of 2001, we were living in Houston, Texas and had been for three years. Out of the blue, the ward clerk called to confirm that they had just received our records--even though neither of us had attended church since 1988--and were not interested. My partner "outed" us and the clerk said he would have to tell the bishop--which apparently he did, as we received a call within a week requesting a visit to our house.

The bishop and his first counselor showed up and wanted to discuss our "situation". My partner expected me to be vocal--especially since I had extensively studied the church and its history for years--and was keenly aware of its doctrines, practices and policies. As an Aaronic priesthood holder, he had never been through the temple, served a mission, etc.

The conversation proceeded with my partner doing most of the talking while I listened. I just felt weary and not interested in discussing our personal life with complete strangers.

The bishop finally said they would have to hold two church courts--my partner's at the ward level and mine at stake level to determine what they were to do with us.

When invited to my court, I declined with, "it's a foregone conclusion what's going to happen, or you wouldn't even be holding this court".

The bishop shrugged and said it wasn't foregone if I left my partner of 13 years. He suggested that I might have a chance at disfellowship.

I'm afraid I laughed in his face.

Neither of us attended and we were both excommunicated in absentia by people who had never even met us or knew our story.

I honestly felt no regrets then or now, 4-1/2 years later.

We have since moved back to Salt Lake City and enjoy our Mormon friends--realizing that they are not the problem--though I find myself biting my tongue a lot when their 'prophet-thinking' takes over for rational thought.

Meanwhile, I relish the thought that my extended family--who joined the church over a period of years after my baptism--have now all left the church. EVERY LAST ONE.

And I get my digs in on my website

Paula, I moved to PA when I was two months pregnant and alone. They hovered over me-showering me with attention until the baby arrived. Then they insisted on baptism for both the baby and myself. I gave in, mainly because I felt so obligated to them. After the bishop demanded that I repent for having my baby, I refused and left the church.

Every Sunday morning, they would bang on my front door to physically take me to church. I refused. The harassment got so bad, that my baby and I moved back to NC-our homestate. The Mormons eventually found me and called non-stop-trying to get me to attend church in NC. I refused and told them not to call. I moved four additional times-between two states to get away from their constant letters of "We found you".

This has continued for 15 years. I even received a letter from a woman when my child was 5, claiming to be my daughter's new school teacher-from the Mormon church. I refused, again. My daughter is now 15 years old-and they still want her back-since she is that stake's special Mormon baby.

I used to hear stories of how they would set up young girls with married men to "breed" them-I found it unbelieveable until I realized that it was happening to me, as well. They would always pair me up with a nice-looking man who was married and had 6 children, already. I thought he was being so nice, but once I had my child-he seemed to be everywhere-always wanting to spend time with me in private-always to the approving nods from the church elders.

Sick, sick, sick, bunch of Morons-I mean, Mormons.

Deedee Perry, 1996 (not exactly sure of the specifics) I was only in the LDS Church (officially) for about 4 years; however, mentally...emotionally...I consider that I was LDS for 10 years. I knew LDS doctrine inside and out (including the stuff you read on sites like this...hahaha). The clincher to leave though finally came when the Bishop of the ward I was a member of was invited to my husband's and my apartment one Wednesday evening. My husband took over the conversation and began asking him some questions. Instead of getting the traditional "pat" answers, he answered each one of them with LDS doctrine. One question which I asked him was about the lowest degree of heaven and who would be there. I had read that even satan and his fallen angels would be there after "serving their time in hell". Since they would be there, I knew that "apostates" would eventually wind up there too. I point blank said, "That means that if I leave the mormon church, I'll still end up in heaven?" He answered....YES.

At that time, I knew it was time to leave (after struggling with the decision for about 1-2 years). I've been a TRUE follower of Jesus for 7 years. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!

Jason Powell, Feb. 2001. Because at the age of 18, and after being out of the closet since I was 15, I decided it was high time to celebrate adulthood by making it official.

Tracie Price, September 2001, Fraud, spiritual abuse, deceit, blood atonement, plagerism, fraud, racism, sexism, hypocracy, did I mention fraud?, dishonesty, behavior like unto a communist state, fraud, doctrine that is beyond offensive, being discouraged to use a single brain cell, fraud, seerstones and hats, G.A.s, the blind leading the blind, fraud, closemindedness, oh heck, there aren't enough hours in the day to list all the reasons.

I woke up.

Cecil Queen- August 5,2006

I am an unemployed father of two,I have been a member for 10 years my wife for a little over 1 year. We decided to leave the church because of the Hypocritical way we were treated after a new Branch President took over. Members were treating my wife (who was primary Secretary) and the way they were treating me( I was 2nd Counselor in the Sunday School Presidency). Comments were made about my wife and nothing was said or done to the perpitrators. We found a church that doesn't look down upon us because I am unemployed and welcomed us with open arms.

Amy R., 05/09/02

I grew up in the heart of Provo, my ancestors coming directly from Denmark to Utah as Pioneers. I knew all of the Mormon Elite and their children. I had every calling you can imagine, seminary teacher, gosple doctrine teacher, missionary ect.

I left the church because I am gay, leaving still believing it to be true. Such a sad time, I loved the church but I was suspected of being gay (even though I never had a girl friend, I was just getting older). Later I read the book Under the Banner of Heaven, later No Man Knows My History, and I remembere the weird autobiography of Joseph Fielding Smith.

Even though I had been out of the church for a few years, when I finally realized it was all afraud, I grieved, I should logically have been happy but I was blind-sided in my grief. So many things to be upset about, lost time, lost life, ect.. but the thing I can't shake is that I was used as an instrument to lie to and deceive the poor people that I converted while I was in the mission field. I don't think I'll ever get over it. Mormons can never understand why ex-mormons are bitter. They can't put themselves in the mind set of what they would feel like if it was all made up. God help them, even though I have lost friend, family, and my community it is all worth it to finally know the truth.

Audrey Reece, (once whitaker), June 2006

I was a convert at age 16. Members didn't come much more loyal than I was. I married in the Temple, served callings , had 5 children, husband was a bishop. and I had a terrible secret.

I was chronically depressed for the better part of my 23 year marriage. I was in counseling for over 17 years. I hated myself because I could not be that perfect Mormon mother, though I would have died trying. The great combination of a cult pretending to be a religion, impossible hamster wheel, go nowhere hypocritical dogma and doctrine, crazy priesthood authority and it's unrighteous dominion in the form of emotional, mental and sexual abuse finally took me to hell and back as I nearly sold my soul to the devil in order to survive the depression that had taken it's daily life sucking toll on my life.

Short story. After 23 years in a phoney, dysfunctional, abusive marriage I divorced my husband when he was in the stake presidency. I found myself in the bottom of a dark pit of depression with no way out. When I finally admitted I was powerless to free myself, Grace and forgiveness lifted me from that pit. The unconditional love I felt transformed my view of life. I truly learned to live by the spirit of LOVE as I navigated from total self loathing to finally discovering my true worth as a person. It was then I finally realized that nothing in my marriage would change because the more I tried to change the more abuse I encountered.

So I freed myself from the abuse. I filed for divorce. I received no help from any priesthood leader as I begged these men to help my husband understand the nature and consequences of the abusive treatment of me. Instead, these men, who gave lip service to the idea of not tolerating abuse of any kind, turned on me. They initiated a "witch hunt" to discredit the claims of abuse that I launched at one of their own. Rather than helping me, they betrayed me. But even then I was forgiving, believing that these were just men who made mistakes. I would later learn the whole entire church was infested with this same poison.

Once I saw the dysfunction and the abuse in the marriage I started to recognize these same traits in the church as well. I determined that the current day church had fallen away from it's pristine pure beginnings. I then pursued massive amounts of research which included voracious reading of every source of Mormon history I could find. I learned about the Book of Abraham, that there were several versions of the first vision, that Joseph Smith was a sexual predator, that Brigham Young was a murdering tyrant. The non faith promoting stories went on and on. My world was falling in on me in a way I could have never imagined.

I soon discovered, to my horror, that the church had not "fallen away" from it's pristine pure beginnings. It had been a hoax and a fruad all along! It was NEVER what it claimed to be.

Well, that was the end for me. My integrity did not allow me to remain a member of such a fraudulent organization. In about 2-3 weeks time I went from being a believer to sending in my resignation. One of my 5 children figured out the truth as well. She did this on her own and did not know that I had come to the same conclusion.

Thankfully we champion each other in our new "apostate" exciting, happy way of life. 2 of my children are Temple married and very devoted to the church. Unfortunately, I taught them very well! One son is sitting on the fence, choosing not to serve a mission, and the youngest, at 16, is still confused. Her dad says, the church is true and her mother says it is all a lie. "My hope is to eventually free all 5 of my children from this horrible concentration camp of the mind and spirit known as the Mormon church."

I LOVE being free of this church!

Joseph Riddle, May 23, 1998. What freedom, to finally think for myself!

Amanda R., Officially resigned April 6, 2004. After 24 years of "trying harder" I decided to get out and really learn the truth about the church. Bring'em Young, and JS really had lots of screwed up doctrines. I am glad that I got out before I got roped into going to the temple. <><

Diane and Brian R., plus 5 children (2 baptised) Left January 1999. Brian was an RM and we were temple married, and active. Diane was in the RS presidency and Brian was choir director when we left. We realized that we were happy in our lives and that our happiness didn't depend on a false church and false sense of security. In fact, we found that attending church with it's guilt, time constraints and lack of control of our own lives was detrimental to our happiness, health and spirituality.

Ray, 2001, I learned alot of science durring my life and when it finally dawned on me that credulity is not a virtue and that investigation is not a crime I began to read the forbiden books and found their arguments very sound. My thinking is much clearer now.

Richard Phillip Reid, inactive 1985, resigned circa 1998 after about an 8-month runaround by a stake president who thought by disobeying church policy and "misplacing" my request would help me change my mind. I am free at last from the most harmful influence I have had in my entire life.

From early childhood the LDS church tried to brainwash me into being racist, sexist, and mindlessly obedient. I was taught that Catholics went to the devil's church, that dark-skinned people are cursed, that masturbation is the first step on the road to becoming a murderer, that "love thy neighbor" only applies if your neigbor is Mormon. I learned that if I was a good, righteous person I could go to the best neighborhood in heaven, become a polygamist, and be god of my own planet. And seemingly intelligent people taught me this crap with a straight face and not a clue that any of it was harmful or wrong.

Shame on you! Shame on all of you!

Michael Andrew Kim Reinhardt,March 28th 2004, Baltimore Marland Stake, I left because I joined the church under pressure from my ex-fiance's parents who were both hypocrites, when I broke up with this girl, I found alot of things wrong with the church including the temple ceremonies. They try to put God in a box and hide the idea of salvation. Only problem is my co-workers are Mormon..hope they don't find out.

Lori Richardson, January 2004

I never considered myself a Mormon. My mom and dad were not active (and, in fact, I believe my mom was ex-communicated) but both sides of their family were very devout Mormons. My paternal grandparents (my grandfather was a Bishop) lived in the same city as us and bribed my brother and I to go to church with them nearly every Sunday. If we went, they would treat us to ice cream afterward.

I hated going to church. I eventually came to hate Sundays, too. Even at that young age, I understood the manipulation.

I was baptized at age 8. I wanted to please my grams & gramps.

I couldn't wait to get a job so that I could work on Sundays and, therefore, have an excuse not to go to church. I got my first job at age 16, after I got my driver's license. That was when I stopped going to church.

The Mormon church couldn't track me down for several years due to my constant moving. Finally, after settling down after college, my address apparently caught up to them. I was a single young women living alone in a big city. I was traumatized by late-night knocks on my door. These knocks always came when I was alone. Not knowing anyone but my boyfriend in the big city, I was mortified by the idea that someone could be stalking me. I even called the police on a few occasions. I never had the guts to answer the phone and, finally, after a year of rude drop-bys, I realized the "visitors" were Mormons. My boyfriend (now husband) was livid. I was angry and confused about why they would think I was a member when the last time I was active was when I was a minor!

After I got married and moved elsewhere with my husband, I never expected them to find me. In hindsight, I have no idea why I thought that.... Of course, about a year later, they had found me. Strangely enough, they always knocked unannounced and only when I was home alone. Probably coincidence, but still creepy.

About six months ago, I opened the door accidentally to their knocks, thinking it was my husband who had forgotten his keys (he had just left the house). I told the visiting home teachers on the front porch that I wanted to be taken off their lists and did not wish to be contacted ever again. They mumbled something about how they'd have to talk to the Bishop about it. I said fine and shut the door. I never heard from the Bishop so I figured they were going to leave me alone.

This morning was the last straw. They actually came by... and my husband was [finally!] at home! He yelled at them and told them to stop harrassing me, recounting the story of how they had terrorized me when I had lived alone. He said the young missionaries looked shocked and scared by his explosion.

So, this is it. I'm finalizing my resignation tonight so that I can stop this ridiculous harrassment. After 17 years, the time is overdue.

Although I love my many Mormon family members, I cannot accept a church with so many teachings I am personally against. Their beliefs make no sense to me. I can't wait to make my resignation formal.

Maria Rittel (Howlett), April 2009

I resigned after years of "inactivity." It wasn't anti-Mormon literature that got me out. It was the New and Everlasting Covenant.

Adam Roberts, Oct. 2, 2004 was the day my resignation letter's delivery was confirmed. I left because the Holy Ghost told me that watching the movie Braveheart was good, even though its rated R.

Bart Roberts, 1979, Willingly excommunicated.

Natalie Roberts, 1998, danced naked on the bishop's lawn until he finally forwarded my request to Church Headquarters.

Desiree Rodcay, and 4 children., Our four exit letters were dated 26 July 2000. And the day my eyes were opened was 03 October 1999.

I wasn't looking to leave the LDS church. I was 100%+ committed to the church and everything it was. My oldest daughter at that time had been baptized on 1 Oct, just 3 days prior!

What happened? Someone showed me that the Heavenly Father of Mormonism is not the God of the Bible. The Jesus in Mormonism is not the Jesus of the Bible. That's it in a nutshell. For the entire story on my leaving the LDS church, it can be found at Mormon No MoreLook for "Our Stories".

I can not and will not ever, intentionally or unintentionally, turn my back on the real God and Jesus found in the Bible, the God and Jesus of Abraham, of Moses.....Loving God and Jesus is so easy, and Mormonism makes it so difficult.

Rodger, 1985

I had my name removed from the LDS church in 1985 along with my wife at the time. This was before the age of the internet and the vast availability of information about LDS history that is easily accessible to anyone now. I was born and raised in the LDS church in Bountiful, Utah and am a descendent of good old Mormon stock... well some would say bad stock in that John D. Lee is an ancestor. Anyway, I went on a mission, married in the Temple and a few years later found myself having the courage to explore and research some nagging doubts that had culminated going back to my childhood. I would call most of the original doubts just simple, logical credibility concerns.

I decided to look at all sides, pro, neutral, anti and think, reason and ponder the veracity of it with the mind I was given. It actually didn't take long for the picture to unfold and begin to make more sense for me than it ever had up to that point. I surrendered my belief in Mormonism within a year of beginning this quest and the overriding feeling or sense was the same as when I abandoned the Santa Claus myth in my childhood. It was a great relief to be able to simply follow what intuition, research, logic and inner perception told me and to no longer have to convince myself or hide myself from something that always had credibility issues for me. I've never regretted my decision or looked back with any longing to return. It saved my life in the sense that I have had a full life of wonder, discovery and exploration of every kind after shedding the shackles of Mormonism and it's thought control methods.

Along the way in my research, I discovered the Tanners, who were a fabulous source for information and primary document evidence. I did a lot of verification research before I became convinced that they were not manufacturing their sources. While I did not end up following their Christian path, I found their research and publications to be impeccable. You can disregard their commentary and opinion if you wish, as you may do with anyone. It is the factual information they research and publish that tells the story. It needs no commentary or opinion attached if you have the ability to think and reason for yourself. I owe a great debt to all the years of devotion they have given the subject and so do a lot of other thinking people who have found their way out of the snare of Mormonism.

I would often stop by the Utah Lighthouse Ministry when I was in town (I lived in Chicago at the time) and browse the publications, select a few new ones and usually end up sitting down across from Sandra at her little desk there in the living room bookstore and engage in at least an hour of delightful conversation. Usually it would turn into an entire afternoon and she acted as though there was nothing else in the world pulling at her. Occassionally a customer would come into the little store and she would help them, answer a few questions and then come back to our conversation. Once in a while Gerald would stick his head out from behind a doorway, or come in and ask her something and then disappear as quickly as he had arrived. He was not much for engaging in conversations, probably lost in his research, I know how that can be. Sandra carried out the public interaction and seemed to enjoy it very much. I remember those times with great fondness and appreciation.

Sometimes, I would engage Sandra in conversation about my lack of belief in Christianity and my sense that it was really no more credible than Mormonism when you really research and ponder it. When I applied the same kind of scrutiny to Christianity or religion in general as I did to Mormonism, I came up with serious credibility gaps and simple reasonableness issues. Sandra would engage in these discussions without judgement or defensiveness. She did not go out of her way to convince me that I should accept Jesus as she and Gerald had. One time she gave me a little book about the historical case for Jesus, which I read, but did not find it compelling because I had done a sizeable amount of research on my own and her book was quite a simplistic approach. However, I respected her manner in discussing the subject, or any subject actually. She was a great listener and offered really interesting insights on anything Mormon. She was not bitter, just matter of fact and had a keen sense of humor and a humble demeanor. Often, she would update me on the latest in the Mark Hoffman affair, as many of my visits were during that time.

Frankly, those TBM's posting here who can only say vile and judgemental things of Sandra, never having met or known her are only showing ignorance. I would surmise that most of you would actually like her quite a lot if you met her and spent time talking to her, even if you don't agree with her. I find myself wondering what has happened to some of the TBM poster's sense of decency, common manners or sense of Christian charity and non judgement.

A little psychology 101 probably explains most of that desperate, defensive behavior.

David Rollins, 13 march 1985 excomunicated. 25 may 1985 born agin filled with with the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking and praying in a unkwown tongue.

Rouge- 1985

All religion is corrupt. It is no surprise. Search the history of any religion and you will learn this. Masonic symbolism is deep in meaning and has no place in any form of "Christianity."

Daniel R. Roy, May 3, 1998, Never officially a member as he is under age 8, but was blest as a baby in Fast and Testimony meeting by his father.

Rodney R. Roy, May 3, 1998, I realized that: man is NOT as God once was, and that as God is I will Never become.

Roseanna F. Roy, May 3, 1998, I realized that: man is NOT as God once was, and that as God is I will Never become.

Ashley Rosser, May 2009

It took a year and a lot of phone calls, but I finally got my letter!!!! Now when my mom says, "you REALLY ARE mormon" I just laugh. The worst part was the stake prez who wouldn't let me off the phone until I explained WHY I didn't believe in the church anymore.

rsatz, March 2009

Ha! I was raised Mormon, child of a former Bishop, but discovered my inner atheist almost 22 years ago. At heart, however, I'm laaazy. I just didn't ever muster enough energy and irritation to go through with the whole name-off-the-roster dealio for (insert 300 excuses here). I'm pretty sure I wasn't harboring secret doubts, but I sure didn't worry about it very much.

Then came Prop 8, the California anti-gay-marriage law funded so front-and-center by Mormons, and suddenly my stories about growing up in this ridiculous, Kolob-believing, funny-underwear-wearing, peculiar-people-loving-but-gay-people-hating church wasn't the thing I wanted to keep pulling out of my bag of party tricks.

So, a few weeks before my 39th birthday, I resigned! Hooray! Someday the power of LOVE will triumph over hate, crazy and fear! And Mormons may come late to that banquet, but I think eventually even they will eat.

rt, February 22, 2008

Resigned in the fall of 2007, received confirmation on date indicated. Left with wife and 2 children. Morg revenue down 20k a year :-)

After we sent our resignation letter to the bishop, we never heard anything ever again. Nothing - no letter, no phone call, no e-mail, no home teachers - just nothing. Seems like they were glad to be rid of us. And the feeling is mutual.

Arthur C. Ruger, Feb 28.2000 In the year 2000, the mountain of hypocrisy contained in the church's tragic and foolish decision to involve itself in a political issue involving marriage rights would have been more than sufficient to cause me to immediately leave the church had I no other reason. In thinking they had a moral duty to influence the political process in California, the brethren who lead the church have revealed just how literally they themselves apply the dogma and doctrine of the LDS version of reality to the general populace.

I consider my life experience a proof, if you will, of the existence and practice of cult thinking within the church. It's an abuse inflicted mostly at local levels of the church in the name of obedience and conformity. It allows local leaders to (even ignorantly at times) prey upon membership to comply. To members who literally believe that their church membership is the only ticket to eternal happiness, it doesn't require a direct threat to evoke obedience.

The church's stand on Proposition 22 has provoked in me a strong sense of being embarrassed for the Church and ashamed of it. The foolish position of the leadership of the church, led by the president, prophet, seer and revelator, is that somewhere in a divine "saviour's office" (like a bishop's office, a stake president's office or what have you), Jesus Christ, the head of the LDS church, is sitting at his divine desk satisfied and proud of what his church has done to diminish, disrespect and persecute brother and sister spirits because of their beliefs in and desire for the confirmation and benefits of a sacred ceremony. Is this the same personage who taught the parable of the Good Samaritan?

There is a serious social problem with church membership that has to do with literal thinking, especially because it keeps those in authority "in authority", facilitating acceptance of incredibly foolish behavior in the name of revelation and obedience. Church leaders on all levels influence church members in this regard and do greater long term harm than good when they insist on unquestioned loyalty and obedience.

In order for the LDS church to resemble a cult and the membership behave cultishly, adherents must accept the church's authority and that of its leaders both literally and without reservation. Those members with this particular frame of reference will behave and perform predictably and stereotypically - striving to display unquestioning loyalty, willing (but essentially blind) obedience, and will do so with their own reason voluntarily suppressed. Children, taught to accept that frame of reference from childhood, especially as influenced by active cult- modeling parents, will come to their own maturity at greater risk of losing their own life time immersed in the same cultic thinking.

Regina Samuelson, 01/29/2014

It's official! The church is not true, so I'm done with it!

Mark Sanders, I had my name removed from the church records and recieved my letter march 3 2005. I accepted the real jesus christ and God and holy spirit into my life, the Mormon god is not the true God, therefore their jesus is not the same jesus and so forth. I learned about the book of abraham, it was nothing more than a manuiscript for a dead person. Also the DNA, all of these indians are from asia??? that means they are not from isreal like the book of mormon says they are. plus where's all the swords and shields from that war when 1 million died??? you would think something would have shown up by now. I like mormon people, but I dont believe what the mormon church teaches.

Sandy- May 8, 2005

Sandy - Excommunicated May 8, 2005 Husband - Name removal on August 23, 2006. Effective October 31, 2006 Story Pending ....Sarabeth, Date my exit 1970. Raided in a Ward where all but three members were related, I revolted early. Couldn't see all the inconsistancies. Why was I any less worthy to enter heaven on my own just because of different plumbing. Never could get good anserts to many things, like what about thouse women (mentally) who are trapped inside a man's body, or the "men" who find they were issued the wrong costume and were born women! Guess it is alot like the men and women who were sealed together in baptism for the dead and marriage for the dead who we discovered afterward were in some cases Mother and son, daughter and father, brother and sister.

Kathleen Saucedo-myself and my family: Steve Saucedo, Bryan Hughes, Jenifer Hughes and Chris Hughes , June 2000. I'm putting our names here since that cult will not release our names even though we have requested it many times. Probably because they got tithing money from me for 25 years, since I was 8 years old until I left at age 32. They probably hope I will change my mind.

What can I say, I was the most molly mormon I ever knew. When I finally woke up and realized the mormon church was THE source of all my screwed up thinking, being raised in it- I had to learn to think for myself for the first time at 32. That is one of the signs of a cult, they don't want you to think for yourself. "When the prophet has spoken, the thinking has been done". And started thinking I did. I first looked at the Bible and realized that the mormon church and the Bible do not go together at all. They shouldn't even claim to believe in it. Then I looked at the church's own history, the stuff they try to cover up and lie about. That said it all. It is all based on lies. I don't even agree that it is a good church. Many, many members are in severe depression and are suicidal and don't know why. Pick up any cult book and look at the mind and spirit destroying aspects of a cult that are listed in the book, the mormon church has every last one of them. Including walking around with a fake happy face on all the time to trying to appear as if " we're almost perfect now, are YOU?".

We escaped before it totally destroyed us.

Dennis and Doreen Schmidt- December 2005 - We had the dubious pleasure of finding out the truth while my wife was looking for temple pictures on the internet. I can't believe Joseph Smith duped so many people with that pile of bull. Doreen took longer to convince, but now were both out( telling the bishop to send the letter on after christmas) and lovin it. We're still waiting for our letter to come back from Salt Lake, but we already feel free! Thank God were out of that sham!

Mollie Schneider-Ezell, aprox 6/84, Altho I still feel there hold on me it was time to officially leave. I had left the spirit of the Church many years prior to that. I thought only God had the power to judge us??

Timothy Schneider, aprox 1/82, Their excommunication of my brother lead to his death. He was one of the good ones. As in my opioion Mormon's only come in true saints or not!! He went to the Bishop for help and when he disagreed with shock therapy as a cure for what ailed him he was ask to leave. When we judge others because they do not believe or see as we do, where does that place us in God's eyes?? God is truely forgiveing so what we do on this life plane is between us and him. Not us and the Bishop.

Daniel John Seppings, 1997

After giving my personal testimony to Gordon Hinckley in UTAH in 1995 I was walked out of the building. I had advised him that he was an apostate and he was upset. I then was married in UTAH and moved to Missouri and was married there as well. My standing up to Hinckley followed me all the way to Missouri and the LDS church continued to give me grief. I was advised that a letter was sent to my home in Australia stating that I was excommunicated. I then became interested in the Hendrikite position for a short time. I then decided that the entire LDS doctrine, in any form, is a grand deception. I moved to Honduras and started my own church and I run an automotive manufacturing company.

SFKen, 02/06/2010

I left the church after 3 semesters at BYU ((1979-1980). I never bothered to officially have my name removed. I figured it was an LDS record keeping issue.

Anyway, I was elected as the vice president of my Buddhist Temple so it was time to get this fixed. I found it a fairly simple process. I sent a short (3 sentence) note to the Bishop in my area and within 10 days received the removal letter.

I must say that I do not have any hard feelings against the church. My parents are active members, both temple workers and my dad in the bishopric. For me, going to seminary and mutual and participating in youth conferences, temple pageants, dances etc all kept me busy and out of trouble in high school. I don't think that the church is necessarily destructive or evil.

I don't think the followers are necessarily morons or unthinking automatons. I personally just could not reconcile church doctrine with my experience and observations. For those that the church satisfies their needs, I'm happy for you. For you that have left and are feeling healed, I'm happy for you.

Shannon, 2001 - When I realized it was O.K. to ask questions, that nothing was too sacred to be scrutinized, it was then that my testimony began to crumble. I had no idea the church had so much to hide. When I asked others about certain subjects I always got that terrified look and stupid response - "What have you been reading?"

What's so frustrating is that everyone will disagree with my conclusions but will under no circumstances look at the evidence. They hide behind the "anti-mormon" shield as if the only way to ascertain the truth was to ignore and hide from the opposing argument. You can't judge a book by its cover unless you've got the holy ghost I guess.

Since I left the church I've been happier than I've ever been. I can now have great sex and not wonder if my dead grandmother is watching me with disappointment

Michael Sharpe, July 2012

After 32 years I was excommunicated for disobeying the laws of the church but what that meant was I confessed to being gay. Did not believe I would cope but guess what - I have and have never been happier. I miss certain things but in the process of discovering who I am I also discovered the church is NOT true. Not a bad organisation and does some very good things along with many good memories but no longer for me. At the time when I needed support I was DUMPED. I am no longer alone, still have a relationship with God and believe it or not I have the holy ghost with me even though in my letter I was told I was not worthy. Rubbish i say.

Cindi Shawcroft, 06/21/1997, A wonderful day -Solstice, the anniversary date of my divorce AND my exit from the church. A day full of life.

Jenny Shepard (a.k.a. Breeze), Official resignation acknowledged by Greg Dodge April 2001.

I joined the church at the rocky beginning of a bad marriage, thinking that understanding my (now) ex would help us be happy together. If happiness is stuffing your own beliefs, opinions, thoughts, and intuitions, then I guess you could say there was some happiness there.

Well, you lie down with dogs you WILL wake up on the examining table getting tested for AIDS. That's when it finally hit me that the marriage had to to. After 9 years we had 2 kids and he had had 26 "affiars". He didn't count them all because some of them were "only oral." Having a spouse who didn't trust her own thoughts or intuitions was a real plus for my ex. He could tell me anything and I would believe, much like my relationship with the mormon church.

Once the marriage failed, I literally had no need for the church. I knew I'd never give them another dime. I really thought that I had truly and deeply believed. I was a fast and testimony weeper and a sincere soul in Relief Society. I had had some growing doubts, but thought I'd make it through. The church was the glue that held my marriage together and my marriage was the glue that held me to the church.

Finally one day, I packed up the kids and cheerios and walked out of sacrament meeting, knowing it was the last time I'd ever go in an lds church.


SheriKaye- 07/03/2007

I've never felt like I fit in to the church, then I started examining some of its teachings and practices and realized its all bullshit.

Dave Sigmann- November 10, 2006

Rejoice with me, for my wife and I received our letters from Greg Dodge today indicating that we are no longer members of the LDS Church! I am a former, amateur apologist, but I eventually studied my way out of the Church. I used to defend Joseph and the Church against their critics; there always seemed to be some way to look at the evidence in a way that gave the Church the benefit of the doubt.

That was until I really investigated the Book of Abraham. The evidence (the facsimiles and text of the Book of Abraham, the recovered papyri, the Kirtland Egyptian Papers including Joseph's Alphabet and Grammar, the field of Egyptology, other copies of the Book of the Dead, Dick's "Philosophy of a Future State", The Works of Flavius Josephus, etc.) taken together completely rule out any possible interpretation of the facts that does not conclude that the Book of Abraham is a fraud, and not in any way a revelation from God. The apologists attempts to defend the BoA don't float.

One of the most telling pieces of evidence is Joseph's "restoration" of facsimile #2; he took sequential characters from a different papyri written in hieroglyphics of a different age and simply inserted them in the damaged portion of the facsimile. No honest man would do that. No man even foolishly being led by the feelings of his heart would do that. He knowingly deceived us all.

This realization forced me to reconsider all the other things Joseph did, no longer giving him the benefit of the doubt. It was not long before I realized the whole religion was made up. I was angry for a while at being deceived. But, I did not leave the Church because it was not true (many New Order Mormons find a way to stay in the Church even after knowing it is not true), I left because it was unbearable to me.

Members constantly testifying about things they know nothing of, members trying to guilt you into becoming more active and going to the temple, having to bite my tongue when insensitive things are said about homosexuals or women, listening to sermons on obedience and faithfulness to the Church, and arrogant attitudes towards those of different faiths made church attendence not a viable option for me.

My wife and I are glad to be out. It really does get better. Despite what the church teaches, you really can be happy out of the church.

David and Terrie Simmons and 4 sons- 1996 - David did not believe for years, being that he is a science teacher, but was faking it for wife and family. In 1995 he finally told me (Terrie). It took a year to convince me with careful, loving guidance that the church was a fraud.

We told our four teenage sons that summer. We all left together. We call David our "Hero". He saved us from a life of serving a cult. He saved the boys from wasting two years of their lives on missions. He saved us lots of money(tithing, missions, etc) and our valuable time! He considers saving us his greatest accomplishment. We think he is our real life superhero.

David M. Smith, now patiently awaiting excommunication for apostasy, having already endured the social manipulation exacted by such cults.

I left the church at age 16 when I felt that I should question the things that I was taught to believe in order to be more certain of them. I was miserably disappointed and nearly traumatized by my own questioning.

Instead of serving a church mission that was nearly forced upon me, I joined the Marine Corps where I learned by high-minded individuals to respect the religious beliefs of others, unfortunately, without exception.

I later married a woman who was also an inactive mormon. After having two wonderful little boys, she decides to become more and more involved in this church. Sadly, I respected her beliefs and passively sat back while she became more and more distant in this cult.

Prosperous and successful, We moved into a new house, in a new ward, but with some marital turbulence - largely a result of the family-religion nature. Against my firm objections of having personal, private, one on one conversations, with another man, behind my back, and behind closed doors, she complains to the new bishop with her distorted version of our marital issues.

Not long later, I was confronted by her with a paper, for me to sign, giving her permission to receive her endowments. I explained to her that she could do as she wished, but if it required my permission, then I would not approve. Within three months of this, and without EVER confronting me for my version of the issues, this new bishop invites himself and his henchmen into my house, without my permission, to remove her belongings... I am now divorced.

Renforde and Robin Smith, May 4, 2005 letter sent to Branch President, Stake President, Kathy Worthington of SLC. Got a letter back from Gregory W. Dodge in SLC stating that all paperwork has to come from the local priesthood leadership. As of 24 May 2005 nothing from the local leadership. Reason for withdrawing from the church was that they did not want to obey their own laws and wanted to violate the laws of the land and if we allowed them to continue we might have lost our children.

Scott L Smith, USA, about 1992 (age 30).

I graduated from seminary in High School but was turned off by the moral brainwashing (even in the Boy Scouts) and the push for all Mormon boys to become LDS missionaries. (Click Scott's name to read his story.)

Dean Snelling, 2002 I was excommunicated because I am gay (broke the law of chastitiy as a gay man). I had been a high priest and a member of a bishopric. When I was young I had been told that if I got married all my homosexual thoughts would disapear. I was also told that homosexuality was totally pshcological and could be cured. When I read Dalin Oaks article on same sex orientation several years later, he said that it was possible that we were born with the tendency to be gay, and that "fast fix marriages" should not be encouraged.

I was most surprised that the Lord had changed his mind so much in the past 30 years. As time drew on, I could no longer trust anything the church taught on this topic, as what they taught changed so much as time goes on. So I stopped going to church. This, added to experiance of my mission president's councelor tring to have sex with me, greatly redced my faith in the church. Several years later this same man was made a councelor to the Stake President in Calgary, Alberta (The Stake President was the son in law of the prophet of the church).

Since then this man has been excomunicated as charges have been laid against him. The detective from the Calgary Police Dept told me that the Church had done all it could to cover up the investigation, as it is reported that over 400 young men had been touched or fondeled by this man. When Ezra Taft Benson was at a stake conference he made him Stake patriarch, several people rose their hands in opposition, but they were told that the call had been made by inspiration from Ezra Taft Benson!!!! So much for revelation!

At first I was saddened to be excommunicated, but as time has gone on, I am greatful to no longer be a member. I have found a wonderful man and we were married in Vancouver, B.C, just three months ago. My life is gradually taking on a new shape, but after being a faithful member for over 30 years, it has been an adjustment to be thrown out because of the way I was born.

Cindy Johnston Sorley ,1995 At the age of 37 I finally broke all ties with the LDS Church. I was a fifth generation LDS and basically lost my family in the ordeal but it was the best thing I ever did. Some say it is very hard being non Mormon in Utah, but trying being an Ex Mormon. You can read my story at

John D. SpendloveOctober 5, 2004. When I was 19, I entered the MTC (Mission Training Center) in Provo. I returned eight days later due to severe depression. When I returned home to Logan, I felt very guilty about not "sticking it out" as the church says missionaries should. However, I remained active in a singles ward.

Then one day, I realized that every time I exited the church house, I felt much worse than when I had entered it three hours earlier. So then I figured, if this church is true than I have nothing to lose by impartially researching its history. I picked up "No Man Knows My History," and the rest is history.

After I realized how much bull I had been fed throughout my lifetime, I could see the abusive effects of the church. I resigned in October 2004, less than 18 months after returning from the MTC a broken man. Since then, I have been happier and more productive than at any other time in my life. I am a much better man now who is not brought down by guilt.

Chad Spjut- May 10, 2006

I was born and raised in the Mormon church. I lived according to Mormon standards, was always active, served a mission to Germany, married in the temple and held and served faithfully in many callings. In short, I had always believed the Mormon church to be exactly what it claimed. Through the years however, I discovered things here and there which went against the "truth" which I had been taught, and being of an inquisitive nature, I continued my studies through the years to validate the claims made by the Mormon church.

It took over twelve years of study, prayer and over coming self-deception for me to realize that Mormonism was a fraud. It was a painful realization, but in the end it brought me immense peace to finally accept reality. Only when truth matters more than being right, will one be able to see things in Mormonism as they truly are.

"Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

Amy Swiney, 2005

The Internet set me free!

Sue, 1992

I was excommunicated from the Church because the bishop believed a rapist and child-molester over me, rather than wanting to know my side of the story. I was therefore accused of having an affair (I was threatened by the rapist not to attend my church court so I never got to put my side of the story) and I was excommunicated after 20 years of being a good wife, mother, on the Relief Society presidency, Primary presidency, and Young Womens president.

If the bishop was really in touch with the spirit he would have known the truth and not decided for himself what had happened (he had a "dream" supposedly). All of my church "friends" forsook me and I was left with no husband, no friends and had to rebuild my life from scratch.

Matthew D. Staheli, 2011

Why did I leave? Not only is there zero evidence that anything taught by the Mormon Church is true (something that I could live with), there is actually countering evidence opposing almost everything that the Mormon Church teaches to be true (something that I could not live with). As a scientist, it is impossible for me to believe something that has mountains of evidence against it.

In a nutshell, I left because it's an organization founded on lies, deceit, half-truths, and altered history. That organization is too George Orwellian/1984 for me. I resigned on my own terms, and I've never been happier in all my life.

Michael and Pam St. Clair and five children, Offically left the church in 2003.

(Michael and Pam, please email me privately because I have some fascinating information that you may find of interest about another surgeon who is a non-believing descendant of Joseph Smith, Jr. I'll keep your email address confidential.)

Emotionally left when I was 10 years old after finally figuring out Noah couldn't have done all that *&^%. I stood up in Primary and said: "What the &^%$. Are you &^%$ kidding me? What an insult to our intellgence." Never again did I believe any of it. And I started viewing Joseph Smith as a kind of punk.

As a doctor (cardiovascular surgeon), with significant scientific training, I decided to dispense with the mental gymnastics needed to fake being a true believer and enbraced reality, logic, and rational thought. No longer must I bend the relms of reality to constantly try and convince myself and others of the truthfulness of not only the Mormon church, but religion in general. No more statements of, "Well, that's just the way Jesus wants it." No more, "It's beyond our understanding," or, "It's sinful to question - just believe."

But, about my excommunication.

In a Preisthood meeting last year I asked the speaker to explain to me why this God we "worship in the Old Testament would kill his own creations just because they were what he/she/it had created them to be in the first place?" Isn't that like parents having a child knowing that when it gets to be 18 or so they will have to kill it because it isn't turning out as they wish? Isn't that premeditated murder? Doesn't God suposedly know everything from the begining to the end and knows before hand what's going to happen? How then can he explain killing everything on the planet because of sin and then start over as if it's going to make any difference?

How can He, God, be upset with anything going on down here - didn't he make things this way? I sure as hell didn't: don't blame me: Don't wipe me and my family off of the planet because he screwed up the DNA wiring and made the Hitlers of the world. And, if he does know all and who will and won't make it - why send us down here anyway! What useful purpose can it serve?

Anyway, word got back to my bishop who requested a meeting with the Stake President who, after a few minutes with me told me to "Make a decision: it's God and the church, or my science, knowledge and apostic ways." I guess you already know which way I went.

But, you know what, they actually did me and my family a favor. I don't know why we were even semi active. My wife left with me and hasn't looked back and the kids (all 5) feel less confined mentally and can listen to my Beatle records without guilt. They feel free to let their minds go in any direction without having to figure out how to explain it in a religious sense.

We no longer have to endure hours of boring pagentry and meetings - I don't have to explain to other members how in the world I could go to a medical convention over a weekend and take my family to a resort or places like Disneyland instead of attending the church closest to where I was.

During my church disciplinary meeting the officals there begged me not to allow my family to go down the path of darkness and sin into apostasy, shame, and eternal damnation. "You're such a wonderful and successful family and everything the church wants in its members." I found that ironic given that we were in such a meeting - we must not have been "everything" the church was looking for.

I personally think it was the approximately $25,000 per year tithing we were paying as we're both doctors with successful practices. The meeting lasted about 4 hours with the church officals doing their damnest to get us to say we didn't really think the way we did. "Just tell me it isn't so and I'll believe you," our Stake President kept saying. "So sorry." I resonded, "How I can I say I think it's all true and keep a straight face? Everyone by now knows I don't believe it - how can anything be salvaged?"

The meeting ended with us agreeing to at least give it some more thought. But not a week passed before we both sent in our letters stating our desire to be removed from the church rolls. Once we got confirmation that action had been taken and we were both excommunicated we decided the best way to celebrate our deliverance from oppression was to go to - you guessed it -Disneyland.

Michael W. Stevenson (Minister to Mormons), Jan. 2003 I left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because I found that they cannot possibly be the Church of Jesus Christ. Instead, I found a church that I can truly be comfortable with.

I served a full-time mission in 1995-1997 in the Arizona Tucson Mission and a stake mission from 1997-1999 in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho Stake. I felt much of the time that something was wrong with what I was teaching. Yet, I dared not "prove" it.

In December of 1999, my mother had a severe breakdown partly due to the local bishop who insisted that she pay her tithing (most of what they want the most is money) and this added way to much pressure upon her.

Finally, on Christmas Eve, I gave myself to Jesus Christ and I knew from that moment on that the LDS Church of Salt Lake City, UT could not be right; they had changed the teachings of truth as we find in the Bible; they have perverted the right ways of God and have defiled themselves in the temple by teachings that are completely Satanic.

In 2002, I came to find that they also teach sexual perversion through touching peoples parts on their bodies when they are going through the washing of the temples. How can any organization such as this, which is now accepted by governments be so wrong? I found that it is because they are "afraid" of what truths may actually come out about their temples.

As a former Mormon, I have now found that there is a need to educate the public on what is really happening and that the time is here for people to actually hear that the Mormons are not what it claims to be. The truth needs to be heard whether the LDS Church wants it to be heard. So, I have now become the Minister to Mormons. I teach them the right ways of God and that grace is indeed free from works. They have the choice to accept if they want, but, I also leave them with enough knowledge of their own so-called "birth-rite" that they may perhaps have some doubts and that perhaps somehow, they really allow the truth to be revealed to them.

I pray for those in the Mormon Church because I know that they, as I was; are blinded by the deciet and the lies of the General Authorities of the Church. I pray that they will come to a true knowledge that the LDS Church is not what they thought it would be.

Deanna Stewart, October 1999, It simply isn't true. Once I stopped attending and indoctrinating myself, I was able to think clearly and communicate more closely with God. I have found greater spirituality, integrity, and joy since leaving.

Dave Sigmann- Nov. 10, 2006

Rejoice with me, for my wife and I received our letters from Greg Dodge today indicating that we are no longer members of the LDS Church! I am a former, amateur apologist, but I eventually studied my way out of the Church. I used to defend Joseph and the Church against their critics; there always seemed to be some way to look at the evidence in a way that gave the Church the benefit of the doubt. That was until I really investigated the Book of Abraham. The evidence (the facsimiles and text of the Book of Abraham, the recovered papyri, the Kirtland Egyptian Papers including Joseph's Alphabet and Grammar, the field of Egyptology, other copies of the Book of the Dead, Dick's "Philosophy of a Future State", The Works of Flavius Josephus, etc.) taken together completely rule out any possible interpretation of the facts that does not conclude that the Book of Abraham is a fraud, and not in any way a revelation from God. The apologists attempts to defend the BoA don't float.

One of the most telling pieces of evidence is Joseph's "restoration" of facsimile #2; he took sequential characters from a different papyri written in hieroglyphics of a different age and simply inserted them in the damaged portion of the facsimile. No honest man would do that. No man even foolishly being led by the feelings of his heart would do that. He knowingly deceived us all.

This realization forced me to reconsider all the other things Joseph did, no longer giving him the benefit of the doubt. It was not long before I realized the whole religion was made up. I was angry for a while at being deceived. But, I did not leave the Church because it was not true (many New Order Mormons find a way to stay in the Church even after knowing it is not true), I left because it was unbearable to me. Members constantly testifying about things they know nothing of, members trying to guilt you into becoming more active and going to the temple, having to bite my tongue when insensitive things are said about homosexuals or women, listening to sermons on obedience and faithfulness to the Church, and arrogant attitudes towards those of different faiths made church attendence not a viable option for me.

My wife and I are glad to be out. It really does get better. Despite what the church teaches, you really can be happy out of the church.

Noelle Stone-Dampier, 1995

I left the church for many reasons. I was sexually abused by a member of the church and it Shocked me how the bishop rallied for my abuser (my father was my abuser). The bishop told me, "My dad was to good a Mormon to do anything like that." He called me a liar to my face and another bishop told me I was being taken over by the devil just like Joseph Smith was, ect.

I felt like I had to stay becuase I am related to Brigham Young. In fact I am named after his my great grandma which is his niece. I did baptisms for the dead about 50 times. So any way I left becuase i was looking around me and listening to the teachings and one day I realised that it was not where I wanted to be.

Stormwoman, circa 1981.

I got tired of the attention that the cult was paying me and sent them a postcard listing my sins, with an offer to let them watch. I never heard from them again, but confirmed in the spring of this year that my name was listed as no longer being a member.

I had been baptised against my will in 1975 as a minor child at the mercy of my legal guardian. I actually was not informed of the baptism until I was standing in front of the baptismal font. My father said "You're first."

I left the cult because I never really belonged to it.

Teresa L. Stromberg, sent resignation letter about '93 or so. Left LDS Corporation to serve the one (and only) God!

Whitney W. Stringham , August 2001, Any church that condones in any manner the Godless and heinous medical procedure called abortion can only represent Satin’s church and you damned Mormons, among other things such as being very destructive and pathological in nature are nothing more than arrogant, and elitist devil worshippers. The whole history of the Church consists of lies, adultery and murdering innocent people in the name of greed and mind control and profit.

SusieQ#1,Convert July 1961, temple married. Resigned! Official notification letter(same form letter as all of them) dated JUNE 27, 2002! What a way to celebrate Joseph Smith Jr's DEATH! Took 14 weeks from date of mailing resignation letter and one call to SLC at 10 weeks (stake president was sitting on the letter) to receipt of official notification.

I do not recognize any ecclesiastical authority of said church or have any belief or faith in any of it's tenets, doctrines, dogma, scriptures, or ordinances, nor do I consider them binding in any manner whatsoever as they are based on fraud, lies, misrepresentation and lack of full disclosure regarding it's finances, temple ceremonies and original claims. I joined the church in 1961 without informed consent.

Jason T., 06/03/2009

I just finished writing my letter of resignation to the "church", and will be happy to wash my hands of this whole mistake I made when my family got baptized. They treated me like a 2nd class-citizen because I was a "convert", and have ruined my marriage of 17 years (she is completely sucked into thier garbage).

Anyone with any advice, support, etc. - I could use it!

Mr. T in Sandy, Utah, January 15th 2009 I'm out! I'm out!!!! Resignation for the win!

Kevin T., Mailing date of my signed and formal request for name removal: December 30, 2001. Mailing date of Bishop's signed assurance that name would be removed in 30 Days: May 15, 2002. Mailing date of actual name removal (from Gregory Dodge): October 8, 2002.

On December 30, I met with my bishop and asked to have my name removed.Click link for Kevin T's story.

Tami, December 1999, I left because it's a sin to be an intellectual, feminist, homosexual in that church. Beside, Joseph Smith made it all up. So I quit beating myself up trying to be the perfect molly mormon. I freed myself from that cult. Free at last!!

Tammy A. (Godswillbedone)- 2/21/07

My husband and I joined the Church in July 2006 and looking back, we were rushed into this. We joined the Church to Worship our Lord Jesus Christ with people who we thought had the same desire. We moved withen two months of this and was in a new ward. This is when God started showing us signs like; we noticed that the Bible came second to the Book of Mormon and J.Smith was talked about more than Jesus Christ.

I was listening to a radio station (91.1 Truth FM)and heard them talking bad about the Mormon Church so I called to ask the General Manager why he would allow this on the radio station. In a very soft voice he requested that I dig a litter deeper into what it is that this Church teachings. I never read The Book of Mormon ( started, but could not get past the part where God instructs a man to kill another man)I new that this is not what my God would do.

I read the Church D&C's and this is where a lot of things became clear to me. After a few weeks I called that radio station back just to tell that General Manager "Thank You". We sent our letter to LDS on 2/21/07 and just received the notice that it has been sent to the local LDS Bishop. We have recevied emails such as " drop to your knees and ask God to show you that your choice is in error" and " Change your mind so that you can receive the blessings waiting for you from the church" but, I am strong enough to know that I have not made an error and I receive my blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ, not from a group of people.

And any group of people that believe that they will be Gods when they die (D&C's) are not living in the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ and have a very real Truth to face when they die. (Bible: The Lord will say "I never new you"). The Bible has all of the answers, if we would just embrace it.

Ken Taylor, Sometime in the early 1990s, I was excommunicated for failure to appear at meetings with the Bishop and later with the Stake President. When the "court of love" was held later, I did not appear to defend myself against the charges brought to their attention by my now ex-wife: That I am a practicing homosexual. It was my choice not to attend the court. As these events happened, I was a bit surprised at how easy it was for me to leave. If the LDS Church were really true, it would have been MUCH more difficult for me to leave it.

The Stake President sent me a letter telling me I was no longer a member, but that if I'd still like to make tithing contributions, I could do so through a "worthy member." So, they'll take my money, but not me. I have two children who, I hope one day will read this, and come and ask me the real reasons I left (and there are many). But they are walking their own paths, and I will let them walk, and still love them just the same.

Scott & Joelle Taylor & 3 children, August 2010

We were 6th and 7th generation members, always active, served mission, married in the temple and served in ward and stake level leadership positions right up until the discrepancies put up on the shelf to be ignored until later when all would be made clear caused that mental shelf to collapse under the weight around 2004 or 2005. When the realization that the church, to put it simply, was not what it claimed to be occurred there was a period of research and study focusing on church friendly sources and explicitly avoiding critical sources in an attempt to regain the testimony of the church but even from church friendly sources our conclusion was that it wasn't true. The specific reasons are many and varied and all well documented and rational ... And obvious to anyone not cherry picking their facts and arguments or subject to some type of confirmation bias.

Like many others we were on different timetables. I came to my conclusions first but continued to attend church for a few years to support my spouse but while also being clear and open with both her and the local church leaders that I didn't believe anymore. Eventually after we both came to the same conclusions we stopped attending altogether. The kid's received flack from their supposed friends at school for no reason other than their lack of attendance at church so when the opportunity presented itself we moved to eastern Pennsylvania and submitted our formal resignation from the church at the same time.

The Office Pirate, July 11, 2011

I left the TSCC (The So Called Church) due to the explicitly outlandish beliefs that I never considered to be true. I bowed to family pressure too many times while a member, and I've vowed to never bow to that pressure ever again.

Melissa C.Thiring. (Formerly Laughman), March 17th 2003.

I was a faithful Mormon until the age of 22. I met my husband Matthew who was a Christian when I was 19, got married at 20, not in the temple, much to my parent's dismay, but I hoped to convert him. 2 years later, I was converted to TRUE CHRISTIANITY.

I found out that the Church was not true, and stopped going in December 2001, and have found true happiness in Christ alone. As a Mormon I thought I had been happy, but this new happiness is different. PLEASE read my full story at www.gospelhelp.comor pass it on to loved ones who are still members, as mine are. Thank You.

Mike Thomas, December 18, 2000, Basically had no choice but to join at 8 years old. Not much I could do. Never understood this belief in an invisible man in the sky. Guess I'm an empiricist? My father never caved into my mother's desire for him to join (and because of it they were recently divorced) and so I guess that had always a huge influence on me. Once I left the house for the Navy at 18, I never went back to a mormon church and never will again!

Kalyn Thomassen- around 1989.

I was born into the chuch..the oldest of 5 kids. I became inactive around 17 years old. I got pregnant at 18, then married at 21, then separated at 23, then divorced at 25, ended up single mom with 3 young children. Tried attending church but never fit in with all the married couples.

During an extreme hardship facing eviction I made an appointment with the Bishop to ask for help. He asked me if I had had sex since I'd been divorced. I answered yes (I am an honest person). The results were I he said I was considered the "unworthy" poor.

How can any Cristlike person judge like that? Don't I get some points for being an honest person? I then went to the Catholic Charities who were very understanding, unjudgemental and actually helped me out of the situation. The LDS church sent me a letter of excommunication - "First Class" mail of course.

Paul Thornburg, I left the church because 1) Brother Jones offended me, 2) I wanted to justify my sinning ways, and 3) Satan, yea, the Evil One, had control of my heart.

Just kidding--I left because the whole thing is a ridiculous fraud. What caused me to finally resign was when the LDS mobilized to pass Prop 22 in California (Defense of Marriage Act). I found it ironic that a church with a history of persecution for practicing polygamy, would have no qualms about imposing "traditional marriage" on others.

I divorced the church because it was seeking to limit the rights of others, and that to me defines immoral behavior. By the way, I'm not gay (not that there is anything wrong with that!).

On the face of it, mormonism is preposterous. Let's see, young man arrested for fraud and charlatan behavior, later annoints himself mouthpiece for god, starts cult, commands numerous young hotties to marry him (some 14 yrs old, others already married) and condemns them to hell if they don't--is it any wonder this kook was on the losing end of the gunfight at the Carthage Corral? And this is just the beginning of the wacky world that is mormonism. The wackiest thing of all is that I had believed it for so long!!!! PEACE!

A. Robert Thurman,1999, found the doctrine objectionable and ridiculous in a number of respects, the history despicable, and the political meddling pernicious. This was my second try at name removal. The first, 10 years previously, was ignored. Guess things have changed (slightly) for the better.

Alan J. Tindell, February 1, 1990. I left Mormonism for the typical reasons---I determined it was an utter fraud. Leaving the Church was partly responsible for my losing my marriage but no hard feelings. A couple of months after leaving I found a saving faith and grace through the acceptance of the real Jesus Christ and there ain't no turning back.

Diane Tingen, 04/11/2002

Yes, on April 11, 2002, I was ex'd from the Mormon Church. At first, I was devastated. After all, I was born and raised in the Mormon Church, and it was all I had ever known. But I soon realized that the ex'ing was a blessing in disguise because it made me finally come to terms with the fact that I didn't want to be Mormon anymore so decided to stop going and not try to get rebaptized. And now, I've been out of the Mormon Church for 8 glorious years now, and have never been happier.

Being born and raised Mormon, I just went along for many years. I can remember having many questions as a child and young adult, but I was so brainwashed that I just stuffed it all down, telling myself that if I was a better person, or prayed more, or did what they told me to do, it would all make sense to me. Never happened, though.

My actual journey away from Mormonism began in 2001 when I went on a Church History tour with my then husband and his mother (who organized the trip). Before going, I decided to do some research on Church History so I would know more on the trip. As a life-long Mormon, I had never done any actual research into Church History before -- and when I started researching it, I started discovering the truth. Shocking revelations about Joseph Smith, his true charcter, the practice of polygamy and polyandry followed, including my discovery that he wasn't really a religious martyr. He had organized and lead a group of men who torched the Nauvoo Expositor to destroy the press that issued a story with the truth behind polygamy. That was why he was in jail. Some religious martyr!! Really just a common criminal who felt he would do whatever he wanted because he was a "Prophet and Seer." That discovery really hit home with me, and I began to realize that I was living a lie.

The fact that I got excommunicated had to do with things I had done while single and also with my third husband -- and submitting myself to the Church Court was a last ditch effort to see if I could retain my "Mormonness." But while I was in the Church Court (so-called "Court of Love"), I sat there telling my sordid story to a group of 17 men (the SP, High Council, my bishop and my then-husband), being the only woman in the room, I began to realize how ridiculous the whole thing really was. I was spilling my guts to a bunch of dirty old men who were taking pleasure in hearing the details of my exploits. And the real kicker was that after my "Court of Love," my then-husband had a Court as well and told me that he didn't want me in the room during his Court. I realized then that there was more to his story than I even knew, and that floored me as well. Talk about a sexist organization. Yes, the Mormon Church is as I always felt -- a male-dominated, male-oriented organization that uses guilt to control its members and wants them to mindless Morgbots who have no individual thoughts and question nothing. That's when I knew I had to get out. So when I got ex'd (as did my then husband), I decided that this was my way out... and I never tried to get back in. My then husband has since been rebaptized, and now is working at getting back his priesthood. And it that's what makes him happy...

As for me and my house, we will never step foot inside another Mormon chapel, ever...

Toni, March 2008

Tony, June 22, 2014

My mom used to use Mormon doctrine to justify the abuse she put my family through. I figured out that she and the Magisterium were both wrong and was the first black sheep, and my sibling and dad were the second and third. Got one brother left to help out. I sent in my letter today, and I know it's just a minor detail since I haven't been to church in years but it's ridiculously comforting. Fuck these mind games, fuck the dogma, and fuck TSCC (The So Called Church). I quit.

I actually tried to leave the church several times, but out of a sense of frustration and not knowing what to do next, I went back and forth for a long time. Then I found the Catholic Church and people actually WORSHIP there. What a concept! They are not scared of the crucifix or Christ's sacrifice on the cross. Plus they encourage me to study the Bible for myself and not rely on warm fuzzies as a source of testimony. Thank God I am free at last!

Jeffrey Trunzer, 1991, Conduct contrary to the laws and order of the Church

Manfred Trzoska- 1989

I was excommunicated for debating with members about discrepancies in historical and doctrinal matters. I was warned, but didn't stop. Having been forbidden to enter church building I decided to send letters to the members, what caused the excommunication. This happened while belonging to the branch in Leer/Ostfriesland/Germany.

Gail A Tunick (Temple Name Naomi) , May 5, 2003. I think too much and believe in an infinitely bigger God than the powerless fellow the Mormons claim is one of their Gods. I also don't like the control games or boundaryless behavior of the Mormon Corporation.

Christy Van Wagoner, resigned March of 2003 -- finally received letter in July of 2003 (after threats of legal action and publicity re: the difficulty of leaving what many consider to be a cult). I left because the church is a lie, plain and simple, and because it hurts people and families, promotes abuse of power, bigotry, and chauvanism and denies freedom of speech/thought and allows no room for individuality or differences. Whew! It's such a relief to be out and free -- finally.

Lacey Vaughn, 11/2013

I Am Free. My Life Is My Own And I HAve Never Felt so Alive. So Happy To Be Here And To Be Past All Of The Nonsense. I Am Free. My Life Is My Own And I HAve Never Felt so Alive. So Happy To Be Here And To Be Past All Of The Nonsense.

Keith S. Vaught, 12/02/2004. About fifteen months ago, I was a regular member of the church who had heard some disturbing information about Joseph Smith's polygamy, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, and the preaching and practice of blood atonement in the early church.

As if these matters weren't enough to rock my testimony, I found these matters to be only the tip of the iceberg. Other issues ensued, adding to the weight of my doubts. Among them are: Joseph Smith's involvement in money digging and folk magic, multiple versions of the first vision, evidence of plagiarism, anachronisms, and scientific evidence refuting the historicity of the Book of Mormon, the complete discrepancy between the original papyri and the Book of Abraham, the Masonic origins of Mormon temple rites, the continuation of polygamy after the Manifesto, the historical prejudice against blacks, women, and present-day intellectuals, the Mark Hoffman fraud, and the prophet's public downplay of a core LDS doctrine that God was once a man.

These are some of the historical problems that literally demolished my testimony and led me out of the church. I have been through the full gamut of emotions tied to losing one's faith and no one but an ex-Mormon can understand the depth of the hurt, the anger, and the sense of betrayal that a doubting member feels. The process of letting go and recovery entails a long, arduous journey yet it is the only logical conclusion for me.

I still have deep feelings for my family, my country, and my American heritage, but I feel nothing positive toward Joseph Smith and the so-called restoration, because my former belief system has utterly fallen apart as a couterfeit house of cards. My present course is to redefine and live my life to the best of my ability; I consider myself a spirit-minded person bereft of any trust in man-made religiosity.

Vicky- February 14, 2005

Resigning was both the hardest and easiest thing I have ever done. I could not, in good conscience, let my name be counted as a member of an organization that is so obviously corrupt and deceitful from its earliest roots, and continues to cause pain and misery among its membership today.... all the while telling the believers how happy they are.

I have been called all sorts of names by my family, been on guilt trips I never could have imagined, but at the end of the day it was the right thing to do and that makes the decision both easy to make and easy to live with. I have never had a moment of regret about resigning my membership from the LDS faith. I'm free from the shackles of Mormonism and enjoying life more than I ever have. :)

Christopher Vreeland, 7/2002, 4/2009

I was born in the church and grew up in Utah Valley. I left the church a while before I left Utah. I was frustrated with the complete lack of answers regarding scientific breakthroughs which demolished deistic dogma. I resigned in 2002 not knowing there was an official process for this. I received a confirmation letter from the LDS church in 2009. I was in good standing with the church but I wanted out.

Ken Wigg, December 28, 2003. Here is a copy of my resignation letter to the Bishop & Stake President. I was currently in the bishopric...

Deccember 28, 2003

Dear [President and Bishop]

I am submitting to you my formal request to be released as a councilor in the Nampa 21st Ward Bishopric.

I feel I need a break or "time-out" from the busy-ness of the church as I consider my life and beliefs. Please don't judge me as being unable to "endure to the end". I am choosing to endure in a different way than some. I realize I am electing a very difficult course of action indeed.

This letter presents only a brief summary of the thoughts and feelings I've been experiencing over the past few months. For several months I have studied, pondered, struggled and prayed about the dilemma of what to do with the tremendous changes that have occurred in my faith and testimony, including serious doubts about the divine calling of Joseph Smith as a prophet of God, and about the Book of Mormon as inspired scripture.

I cannot in good conscience continue to serve in a leadership capacity while questioning the Latter-Day Saint doctrines I've spent most of my life accepting as the truth. That would be extremely hypocritical. While I have in the past possessed what I considered to be a strong testimony of the gospel, I can no longer make that claim so far as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is concerned.

Please understand that I do still believe in and intend to pray to our Heavenly Father, and continue to believe in and rely on our Savior, Jesus Christ for my hope of salvation.

My wife and I have met with Bishop Buchanan regarding the persistent nature of these doubts we have both been experiencing concurrently, and we have tried to exercise patience in waiting for the Lord to guide us throught these times of waning faith.

Please don't misinterpret my decision or action as a result of any personal offense by any member of the ward or against anyone in particular. While I realize that my actions may have an influence on others, and especially my children, I do not intend any harm to others, nor do I have any inclination or desire to alter the faith of others.

I would also request that I receive no attempts at intervention or well-intentioned persuasion by church leaders, as my decisions are my own and have been reached after careful consideration and prayer.

There may be some within the church who will suppose I am being deceived. That is their prerogative, but I have come to these conclusions on my own and have not done so hastily. I have gained an understanding that many points of doctrine in the church I've accepted gradually over time without truly comprehending their significance.

I realize some may no longer feel comfortable remaining friends with me, yet I would hope that those who are true friends and disciples of Jesus Christ will avoid judgement and prejudice.

Please do not be concerned that there has been some great transgression or misdeed that has resulted in my decisions. That is not the case. I have not come to this point in my life by being overcome by worldly influences and temptations. I have trusted in the Lord and give him the glory and the credit for having always been my source of strength.

My actions are not a desire to escape the "restrictions" some may feel are placed upon them by the church. Many of the commandments and principles found in the church I find beneficial and natural to follow. In other words, don't expect to see a big change in my lifestyle, or in how I treat others.

Your brother in Christ,

Kenneth V. Wigg

Michael Vogt, resigned October 24, 2000, Reason: Waiting for the one and only "TRUE" church to start telling the truth.

Russell Wallace, June 2001, I left because I have not believed for years, and I figured I was being untrue to who I am by keeping my name on church records. So I wrote the church a exit letter. It took them 60 days to process my letter but they finely let me go. I am happy now.

Jennifer W., Salt Lake City, Utah. I left the church in 1991, and for my 2004 New Years resolution I decided to make it offical, and I requested my name be removed from the roll of "The Church". Get this, the whole thing took me 10 days, start to finish...Really! I left because of the brainwashing, the ignorance, the way they treat women. I got out of Utah and realized just how screwed-up this place truly is.

Louis Wagner , Resigned July 27th, 2003. The short version is that god doesn't answer you when you ask him if the BoM is true, if J.S. was a true prophet, if the Morg is true, etc. etc. And frankly, since leaving the Morg, my life has improved dramatically.

Blair Watson (Canada) free at last on RfM, November 1992

As a child raised in Mormonism, I sensed from about 8 years on that something was very wrong with it. What was wrong was that the LDS Church had systematically deceived me - and millions of other people - about Joseph Smith (the founder of the Mormon religion), the Book of Mormon (a 19th-century work of fiction, as science has proven abundantly), early church history (a 'package' of propaganda spoon-fed to naïve Latter-day Saints and unsuspecting potential converts), and many other aspects of Mormonism.

The LDS Church, which has tens of billions of dollars in assets, systematically provided all of us with whitewash, not the truth, and indoctrinated us to believe that if we didn't pay, pray and obey, we'd suffer in this life and forever after death. Fear, guilt and shame are integral to Mormonism, a cultic religion that wounds people psychologically and impedes their personal growth (for more info., go to

What clinched it for me was the fact that a wealthy Utah businessman who was a LDS mission president (MP) in Nova Scotia, Canada, allowed a sadistic Mormon male missionary to remain in the mission field after he burned a handicapped, 12-year-old friend of mine, choked him and sexually abused with him.

After his stint as MP, he returned to Utah where he was made a General Authority by the highest ranks of Mormon patriarchal leadership. Why? Because he'd been willing to discreetly spend a very large sum of money to buy the much-feared (by General Authorities such as Gordon Hinckley) McLellin papers, which forger (and later murderer) Mark Hofmann was selling to the church via an intermediary. Hofmann had duped LDS 'prophets, seers and revelators' into buying his criminal works (he never did produce the McLellin papers). So much for Mormon "prophets" having 'the gift of discernment'!

Crimes had been committed and Sorenson failed to ensure that the criminal, a missionary for whom this mission president had ecclesiastical responsibility in the priesthood "chain-of-command", was properly investigated by police and subjected to church discipline (excommunication). The mission president was rewarded not for his 'spiritual gifts' (he clearly had none), but because in the LDS Church, it's the old boys network that matters, and money talks, big-time!

After reading "The Mormon Murders" - written by two investigative journalists who examined the Hoffman affair involving the LDS Church in detail - and learning the truth about Joseph Smith and early church history, it was super-clear to me that the Mormon Church had been deceiving people for generations (and getting increasingly wealthy as the number of tithe-paying members increased). In good conscience, I could no longer affiliate with such a morally bankrupt religious organization, so I resigned. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Webzpinner- January 2006.

I was harrassed for the first and last time after many years being un-noticed. Finally decided to end it all. Sent in my papers, and just patiently wait for my letter.

Pam Westover- early 1970's

Your name on somebody's list doesn't make you anything. Many of the people here have just changed their minds and decided to believe something else. Remember that feeling of freedom when you identified your crazy belief in Mormonism, then dedicate yourself to exposing every belief you still have.

Jaqueline Wheeler- November 1990

I resigned and was surprised how easy it was. I told the bishop I no longer believed all the rubbish he called a church.

I love being a black sheep :)

Jim Whitefield- 2003

I joined the Church in 1960 at age 14, along with my mother who later served two missions and was faithful until she died in 1991. We live in England, UK. I served a Church Building Mission from age 15 - 17, being the youngest ever to go. Temple married in 1964 when age 18 that very week, Branch President by age 22, we had 11 children, 8 now living, have 21 grandchildren and two more on the way. That may sound like a wonderful family to have, however, although two of my children left the Church as teens and we are now closer than we were, six of my children are True Believing Mormon (my fault entirely as I raised them that way and they were all grown and married before I consciously realised there was no God and that Smith was what he really was) and we are no longer a "family." Two of my daughters (one married to a Bishop, the other to a Counsellor in a Stake Presidency) have had nothing to do with me for over three years and will not let me near their eight children, as they do not want my evil influence in their homes. They consider themselves good members though. Those two daughters have not even told their children I remarried, as they disapprove of my wife being younger than me (and also of course apostate). Considering the LDS eternal perspective, that seems illogical although I understand their reasoning. The others "tolerate" me, but nothing is the same any more.

The mistake of believing in the Church can never be undone once you have raised the next generation to believe; especially when for all of their lives, they admired you as one of their most prominent Stake leaders.

My wife and I both served faithfully in not just Ward but for nineteen years, we both had Stake or Regional callings together and gave everything we had to further the work of the true Church. When we had to question whether we could continue in the Church, which anyone who has been in leadership will know happens at times when people are simply human, (or even inhuman) we always followed the counsel of our old Mission President, Marion (Duff) Hanks, who once said "You know, even if the Church was not true, I know of no finer way to live life." So we always stayed, not knowing what would become of our children should we be foolish enough to leave the Church. If only we had known.

My first wife of thirty seven and a half years died from the results of breast cancer after a three and a half year fight, just after 9/11. We were grateful for the nine extra days we had after 9/11, realising what those thousands of people who died would have given to have had those extra days. Before she died, my wife broke down several times, having realised the Church was not true, for her own reasons separate from mine. I never discussed mine with her, I tried so hard to continue to "make it be true" for the sake of the family. To lose their mother in death and then their father to apostasy was too much to ask of them. My six active children have never been told and believe their mother died in full faith. I ultimately left only when I could cling on no longer.

I actually left the Church because I had originally been atheistic in my views until the missionaries called on us in 1960. Finally, after years of struggle, the reality broke through and I could no longer deny how I felt. I resigned in 2003 (remarried summer 2004 to a young lady who had also left the Church) and for the three years following my resignation, never once considered WHY the Church wasn't actually true. It never even occurred to me to look. I just assumed I suppose that Smith was a good man, just deluded. Then in March 2006, I came across something quite by accident that led me to full time research and I discovered and fully evidenced personally, the polyandry that the Church still will not admit publicly. I went into shock and to some degree I still am. My story, which is in two parts, can be located on the Recovery from Mormonism Bio board dated 1 Nov 2006 at:

for anyone who may be interested. It is long as it includes the scientific and paleoanthropological basis of my atheistic views, for any fellow atheists out there. The one thing I am grateful for in life, (as there really is not as much left to live for now) is that I am not alone. The day I discovered the RfM board I sat a wept, knowing I was not alone in my pain, grief and trauma. Others are out there and thanks to the Internet, we know there are many who have escaped the mind control, brainwashing and delusional state that is the "reality" of the Church that can only be compared to the movie, "The Matrix".

Hailley Wigglesworth , I left the church in 1982. After quite a few attempts at getting the bishop to remove my name I told my Bishop that I had had a lesbian encounter. I did not have such an enounter but I knew that If I did not say something so completely shocking that I would be harrassed in the cultish fashion that we all know about. I also inadvertenly outed my best friend and ruined his church/cult life. I am sorry for that and I am sorry for using the identiy of homosexuality to get out of the claws of MORG.

I was only 12 years old when I started to go to church with my best friend. The church totally took advantage of my gullability and should not have even let me attend with out a parent or gardian. At fifteen I was sexualy assaulted by a married preisthood holder. He had some type of church court and was disciplined but not excommunicated.

A women who was a guidence counselor at a public school and the stake presidents wife, did not report the assault to police authorities, which I learned was her legal obligation as a certified teacher and public employee to do. But she chose to protect the powerful Morg insead of a 15 year old girl.

The outcome out the "secret" court spread like wild fire in the branch, I was labled a harlot for the assault. A young man told me that the bishop had warned all the young men not to be alone in a room with me. I was not allowed to go to the assaulter's church court and could not find out what was said but it is obvious that this man implied that what ever he did I had some kind of temptatious powers or something.

The one thing I am certain of is that he did not make it out to be conscentual on my part or I would have been strung up on the bishop kangaroo court too. I am happy to be free and happy to find a wonderfully depraved site like this. I only wish people outside of morg would think of me as a harlot, then I might have more fun!!!

Laura Wilkes Carey, I sent my letter in Nov. 1, 2004, received final resignation acceptance letter March 11, 2005, the best two days of my life.

I was BIC, (Born in the Covenant) but could never fully swallow the myths, and got more and more depressed as I tried to force my mind to wrap itself in knots trying to believe. I was Relief Society President in a Branch in Kansas, when I realized that if I didn't move away from my TBM (True Believing Mormon) family and the people I had known since birth I would never find myself or the life I knew was waiting for me out there.

I moved across country to Seattle where I stopped going to church because it felt better. I started investigating the history of the early days and everything fell into place. I went through the whole mourning process of anger, sadness at the betrayal and lies, and finally arrived at a balance of acceptance and peace of knowing why I couldn't stomach the myths.

I can laugh about the absurdity of it all, but I still wish I could break the unspoken tension that exists between me and the rest of my family who still believe.

As a GGGgranddaughter of Brigham Young, it gives me great pleasure to say, "I am no longer a Mormon and they can stick it! Now where's my beer?"

William Wilson- January 2006

So, I had been asking some hard questions. Even wrote the First Presidency about my questions. The Stake President called and gave me a choice; resign or be ex'd. I talked to my family and we all four resigned together.

Kristy Wise, My unofficial resignation date was in October of 2000. I only just recently sent in an offical resignation letter...I am anxiously awaiting my letter, so I can frame it, and hang it on my wall.

I am ashamed at myself for even allowing myself to be brainwashed into their cult, and it wasn't until I was told straight to my face in July of 2000, that I, as a woman, am not to go to college, and to instead, stay home and be a mother and wife to my future husband and babies. I was even told that I shouldn't even leave the house at all...not even to go grocery shopping. I was told all of this by my bishop--two years AFTER I was baptised.

Regardless, after I failed to comply, I was then badgered for months, by weekly mandatory interviews, whether I was viewing pornography, selling drugs, masturbating, premarital sex, etc, etc. Every week, the same questions, every week, I gave my bishop the same answers.."No...No...No...No...No...No..." Up until October...when I finally just looked him straight in the eye, and said "You know what, why don't you go f*** don't trust me? Well, screw you then, I've been answering your questions honestly, week after week...what, is this because you think I'm some treat to the rest of the women in the church? Is this why your harrassing me?"

He looked at me, and had the NERVE, to answer yes. I just looked at him one last time and said "F*** you, and this f***ing church." I got up and left, and haven't returned since. No one in my little community even knows of this incident, and quite frankly, I'm surprised I haven't been excommunicated yet. I wish I was, I'd gladly hang that letter on the wall too...while I was giving the rest of those sexist domineering men the finger.

Sorry that this was sooo long. I'll post again when I recieve my official letter.

Curt Woller, January 20, 1989 - After many years of inactivity I requested excommunication. I no longer wanted them to continue considering me a part of their big happy family. The opening of my eyes started when I was a missionary to Peru in the mid-70's and could no longer twist my mind to accept the then church position on blacks and the priesthood.

David W. Womick, March 1985 - I became disillusioned with the LDS after seven years of membership. When I read the book "The God Makers" and some of the Tanner's literature,I knew I had to quit. I joined St. Paul's Luthern Church in Gaffney SC. The LDS didn't like it when they found out I had joined another church and exed me. Funny ,they didn't seem to care that I had quit attending for a long time.The Bishop who presided over the Gaffney ward at the time has been excommunicated, due to trying to wed one lady while his divorce wasn't final to the other one.

Kathy J. Worthington, Salt Lake City I began leaving the church emotionally and intellectually in 1967, when I was 16, then left the church and home altogether in 1968. I had my name formally removed in the 1970's. Why did I stop believing? I grew up and started thinking for myself. The racism woke me up and once I started questioning and studying . . . well, that was it. Leaving the church was one of the best decisions I ever made.

By the way, in May of 1969 I made an appointment with a General Authority to make one last effort to see if he could inspire me to believe again. The appointment was amazing, with this 'Seventy' wanting to discuss 'young people' and sex and drugs and penises the whole time I was there. (4:30 to 6 p.m.) He REALLY liked discussing penises, kept going back to them. He never once asked why I'd made the appointment!

Talk about inspiration! I walked away and have never looked back or questioned the decision. I think it was Karma that guided that 'holy' man to be so perverted that day! What a PERFECT ending. LOL.

Carol (Delhagen) Yearsley, April 6, 2000 Wow, what a date to be "released"! Life in the church(thirty-one years) made me sick. I had undiagnosed clinical depression for fourteen years. The culture, the oppressive mindset, the false doctrine, and their rewriting of Mormon history all added up to my finally deciding to leave. I have no hard feelings against many of the wonderful people I met there, just against a system which puts its agenda above individual needs. It's one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am now back in the church of my upbringing, the Methodist Church, a Church that truly cares about helping individuals to live a better life. Check it out sometime. You may like what you find.

Stephen Young, 13 Feb. 1992

Long time not a member- had problems with the church for many years, but everything came to a head with the death of my High Priest brother in 1990. He was in the LDS hospital the same time as Ezra T. Benson. For several days, as my brother's condition worsened, I got to see the hierarchy of Mormonism traipsing past the ICU waiting room. They looked like businessmen, surrounded by young muscular guys in suits. Never once did they stop to minister to anyone there, a room full of suffering Mormon faithful. I made my brother a death bed promise to fully prove or disprove the church- proved, I would pursue religion with full effort. disproved, I would leave. Two years later, almost to the day, I left. It actually only took a few weeks to figure out the church was crap- it took two years of trying to disprove what I'd learned before I finally got it, and pulled the plug.

Stephen Zeber, I left the Morg Church on June 19, 2004 when I got back my ( you are not a member ) letter after I talked to David Woods in members records. I like to post them on this site as what I know to be true about The LDS church. in the mean time I pray that all the people will leave the LDS Church and the only ones left are poor dumb nitwits who only kmow the BofM and their God Joe Smith. Too bad really! They never know the Christ of the Bible and know real JOY. I feel so good and PARTY,PARTY,PARTY!!!! BOY, am I glad to be out of that cult!

Ingrid Zibara, Sweden., 2000 Inactive for 4 years due to serious doubts and inner conflicts and to a general feeling of spiritual claustrophobia in church. I resent the manipulation and the indoctrination in church, and all the guilt they put on people. I don´t believe in the sort of God they believe in. They say he´s loving and merciful, yet most of their teachings show the opposite, if not in an obvious way, well, then in a hidden. I feel the church is dangerous because of all the "cuteness" and righteousness and spirituality it has on its surface. It can be very easy to feel drawn to it and become strongly involved in it without noticing the indoctrination and the manipulation. That´s what it was like for me and it makes me feel sick. Bless you all!

ZionBlacksheep, 04/29/2012

After being in a few years and even going to the temple it got me to thinking. After doing some of my own research came to the fact that you know what? What a bunch of hooey!!!

I guess the reason I even went was in a new place, was recently divorced and was emotionally a wreck. Looking back I guess I had SUCKER written all over my face. Now I am just happy to be leaving once and for all.


The Black Sheep Roster Song

07/31/2006 by rogue_guitarist

It doesn't matter where you go
who you are or what you know
Their judgment seems to follow through
to every single thing you do

You don't want derision, you don't want their help
All you want is to be yourself
So line up all you rogues and wanderers,
Come and sign the Black Sheep Roster

I can't describe quite how this feels
Love or approval never yield
It hurts so bad I cannot help
become someone who's not myself

Feeling that itch, life's a bitch
I if only had one wish
To never hide or be impostered
to truly sign the Black Sheep Roster

May I ask, oh if I may
why you've gathered here today
a huddled mass of rough-skin youth
waiting yet to know the truth

a shot from above, fall down the dove
all you want is to be loved
For never will your family foster
so come and sign the Black Sheep Roster

And though I don't know all your names
I feel one thing is all the same
The countless nights we spent in tears
Drained all through our lonely years

the tides are in, the waves begin
rolling from our flushing skin
and here they come the rogues and wanderers
to come and sign the Black Sheep Roster

I left the church because I was really bored and I hate BYU! I mean, all that golden plates stuff? C'mon! And don't even get me started on "morality." Besides, I feel that any group that demands adherence to doctrines, standards, principles, miracles and "faith" and all that other mumbo jumbo "Heaven/Hell" stuff is nothing more or less than . . .ok . .. wait . . .I guess that's most religions . . .. Ok . .. so, here goes. I left because any group or society that has a past riddled with good and bad history and some bad people who do bad things is not for me!! I repeat NOT FOR ME . . .ok . . wait . . .I guess that means .. every major religion too!

Ok, here goes: I left the church because I wanted a pony for my sweet 16th and my seminary teacher daddy didn't give me one!!! That sounds a little trite. How about: I left the church because Aaron Eckhart and Neil Labutte left the Church, and if Two-Face Harvey Dent can leave, then by golly, I'm out too! Don't even get me started on Richard Dutcher, cause if he and Kurt Bestor can leave, not to mention Tal Bachman . .then clearly I need to too!!! Wait . .I couldn't "sin" with impugnity so I left the church. No, no, I left because of the "sheeple" like my mother who made me sit through church, would not let me have sex or touch myself, all based God's supposed teachings. That makes me sound shallow: How about this instead: I sat back and thought. . actually used my brain that was given to me by mother nature courtsey of

Evolution, and decided that only fools and those with little minds adhere to any religion, let alone, "Mormonism." I now believe in my new religion . . science ..and the prophet Bill Nye the science guy and his counselors, Bill Maher, Richard Dawkins and the Amazing Randy! - 12/15/2013 - anon


I am definitely a black sheep, I have been atheist for 4 years, but officialy I remain mormon so that I can stay married and be my daughters daddy. You can tell who I am at church, I will be the one that usually wears a shirt that is not white. - 03/11/2003 - Scott

Bogus submission but funny enough to post here

Will Klinton - January, 1999, Disappointed to learn that Polygamy was not doctrinal. How am I supposed to populate my earth now? (courtesy of

How To Officially Exit The LDS Church

Name removal suggestions and stories. Please submit yours. If you are considering purging your membership in the LDS Church please check out these links which were created to answer numerous requests of these webmasters for assistance on how to exit the Mormon Church. Or just call the Mormon Church on their toll free number and ask for the Confidential Membership Department and ask for instructions: 1-800-453-3860.

Leaving The Mormon Church - How To Get Out Insights and suggestions on what to expect during the process.

For Your Information the following section shows the "Report of Administrative Action" which the brethren use to process data on those who resign their membership from the church.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Report of Administrative Action


Send to:
SALT LAKE CITY UT 84150-1010

This form is used to report (check one):

[ ]The request of a baptized and confirmed member that his or her name be removed from Church membership records. (Note: In the case of a confirmed member, name removal should not be used as a substitute for Church discipline.
[ ]The request of a baptized but unconfirmed person that his or her baptism be nullified.
[ ]The recommendation of a bishop or branch president that a baptism be nullified for a baptized person who refuses to receive the ordinance of confirmation.
[ ]The recommendation of a bishop or branch president that a baptism be nullified for a baptized but unconfirmed person who has committed a transgression since his or her baptism that would normally be handled by a Church disciplinary council if the person were a confirmed member.

Bishop or Branch President

1. Complete this form for each person for whom name removal or nulliification of baptism is recommended. (Note: If two or more members of the same family are involved, fill out a form for each person but complete the recommendation section on only one form. Attach the forms together.)

2. If a baptized, but unconfirmed person is accused of committing a serious transgression since his or her baptism, interview the person to determine whether the accusation is true. Recommend nullification of baptism only if it is clear that the transgression occurred and the person is unrepentant.

3. Send the following documents to the stake or mission president:

[ ] This form (completed and signed)
[ ] The letter from the person requesting name removal or nullification of baptism (if applicable)
[ ] A copy of the person's membership record or Baptism Record.

Stake or Mission President

1. Review the documents received from the bishop or branch president.

2. If a person requests name removal or nullification of baptism, or if the bishop or branch president recommends that a baptism be nullified for a baptized person who refuses to be confirmed, discuss the matter as a stake or mission presidency. If the presidency concurs with the recommendation of the bishop or branch president, ask him to send the person a letter (a)specifying the action to be taken: (b)stating that this action will cancel the effects of baptism and confirmation, withdraw the priesthood held by a male member, and suspend temple sealing and blessings (as applicable); and (c) explaining that the action can be rescinded only if the person sends the stake or mission president a written request for recision within 30 days. The letter from the bishop or branch president should include the name and address of the stake or mission president.

3. If the bishop or branch president recommends nullification of baptism for a baptized but unconfirmed person who is accused of committing a serious transgression since his or her baptism, discuss the matter as a stake or mission presidency. If the presidency concurs with the recommendation of the bishop or branch president, ask him to send the person a letter stating that his or her baptism is being nullified for conduct contrary to the laws and order of the Church. It could also include counsel to help the person prepare for future admission into the Church.

4. If after 30 days a request to rescind the action has not been received, sign this form and send the following documents to the address above.

[ ] This form (completed and signed)
[ ] The letter from the person requesting name removal or nullification of baptism (if applicable)
[ ] A copy of the letter notifying the person of the action to be taken
[ ] A copy of the person's membership record or Baptism Record

Date of notificaton letter sent to person _________________

Individual Information

Complete all information below Name of person (last, first, and middle, other)________

[ ] Member request transgession suspected
[ ] Member request threatens legal action

Birth Date (day, month, year)________
Membership record file number ________
Sex [ ]Male [ ]Female ________
Priesthood office held by person ________
Ward or Branch ________
Unit number ________
Stake or mission ________
Unit number ________

Recommendaton of Bishop or Branch President

If the person has requested name removal or nullification of baptism, briefly state the reasons for the request. Describe your efforts to explain to the person the effects this action will have on baptism, confirmation, priesthood ordination, and temple blessings (as applicable). State your recommendation, and provide any information you have regarding transgressions committed by the person. Use the reverse side or attach a letter if necessary.


Bishop/Branch President
Date .

Stake/Mission President

Follow up form letter to be used in Church's response to resignation letters
02/01/2013 - by Korihoresq

I have always been bothered by the way the Church handles resignations. As you probably know, if you send a resignation letter to the Church in Salt Lake, they punt it back to "local priesthood leaders" to handle. The Church sends the former member a form letter telling them this. The process sometimes takes quite sometime. Recently, a friend of mine resigned and received the form letter. I wrote this letter for him to send in. I now want to make it available publicly. Use of this letter does not create an attorney-client relationship. Use at your own risk. If you need legal advice, you should seek the counsel of a competent attorney.

Dear Confidential Records,

I am in receipt of your letter dated [DATE], in response to my correspondence dated [DATE] wherein I terminated my membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Though I am legally no longer a member of the LDS Church, your [DATE] letter strangely takes the position that, Òthe Church considers [my] request to be an ecclesiastical matter that must be handled by local priesthood leaders before being processed by Church employees.Ó

It is clear that the LDS Church does not understand the effect of my [DATE] letter, nor my rights under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. My letter was not a Òrequest.Ó My letter was a formal and final termination of my membership, effective the moment I sent it. My resignation is now effective and does not require the consent or ÒhandlingÓ of any Church official or Òlocal priesthood leaders.Ó

As you are aware, the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States guarantees my right to Òpeaceably...assembleÓ with those that I choose as well as my freedom of religion. The Supreme Court has recognized the right of citizens Òto pursue their lawful private interests privately and to associate freely with others....Ó NAACP v. Ala. ex rel. Patterson, 357 U.S. 449, 466 (U.S. 1958). Other courts have held that right of freedom of association applies not only to government actors, but private organizations as well.

In Guinn v. Church of Christ Collinsville, 1989 OK 8 (Okla. 1989) a member of a Church terminated her membership in the Church. In spite of severing the association, the Church refused to acknowledge the resignation and proceeded with disciplinary action against her, continuing to treat her as a member. The former Church member brought suit. The Supreme Court of Oklahoma held that, ÒJust as freedom to worship is protected by the First Amendment, so also is the liberty to recede from one's religious allegiance.Ó Id. Even the scriptures of the LDS Church acknowledge my Òsacred...freedom of conscience. Ò Doctrine & Covenants 134:5. ÒA church clearly is constitutionally free to exclude people without first obtaining their consent. But the First Amendment will not shield a church from civil liability for imposing its will, as manifested through a disciplinary scheme, upon an individual who has not consented to undergo ecclesiastical discipline.Ó Guinn. The purpose of this letter is to provide the LDS Church formal notice that, as a former member, I do not consent to Òlocal priesthood leadersÓ ÒhandlingÓ my ÒrequestÓ nor do I consent to being treated as a member of the LDS Church in any way. Please be advised that if the LDS Church takes any action that treats me as a member, in any way, I reserve my right to bring suit and to bring this matter to the attention of the media. I am deeply offended that the LDS Church refuses to recognize and respect my rights of freedom of religion and association under the First Amendment.

Providing confirmation that my records have been removed is a simple matter. It does not require intervention of Òlocal priesthood leaders.Ó As an international organization, the LDS Church should have the maturity to handle this matter timely and discreetly. After all, if an individualÕs tithing donations can be delivered to the headquarters of the LDS Church, then surely the same headquarters of the Church ought to be able to acknowledge a simple resignation without punting anything back to Òlocal priesthood leaders.Ó

This letter also provides the LDS Church notice that should any Òlocal priesthood leadersÓ make any defamatory comments regarding my termination of membership, including during so-called ÒcorrelationÓ meetings, I reserve my right to file suit. In fact, there is no reason why my resignation needs to be discussed by Òlocal priesthood leadersÓ at all. ÒUnder the banner of the First Amendment provisions on religion, a clergyman may not with impunity defame a person, intentionally inflict serious emotional harm on a parishioner, or commit other torts.Ó Madsen v. Erwin, 481 N.E.2d 1160, 1167 (Mass. 1985).

After I receive confirmation that my membership records have been removed, I want no further contact from the LDS Church or its members.


Comments and Stories of Departure Section

Our family has probably given over $100,000 to the mormoncult over a period of 25 years. I still have 2 adult kids brainwashed with it, though everyone else has found truth, sanity and a better life. It is for this reason my name is regretfully still connected with SLC. The reason recovering mormons are not permitted to talk at lds meetings upon resignation is because we are credible people who have been to hell and back and most know the truthful history as well as actual scriptures not selected ones to twist into doctrine justification.

Immorality may be an excommunicatable offense in the form of adultury. Polygomy is exactly that, adultury. The first 7 LDS prophets had these sanitized affairs and used the 'P' word to make it seem alright. To make it seem legit, the apostles and general authorities of those first 7 and a few tiers down also were making a mockery of marriage by seeing how many females they could notch on their belts as sexual conquests, money and labor sources. All these people should have been excommunicated by todays' standards, yet they are looked at as heros.

Will SLC ever give an honest account of the amount of money they take in and what happens with it? How much of your dollars that you sacrifice for your kids' education, health care, safety winds up in the male 'general authorities' pockets?

In school no one complains when you research a subject and look at all sides of data to reach an honest conclusion. Only a cult would object and insist on censorship of documents and history to be accessible to the public.

The date of resignation or excommunication has been gradual. - by cultnomore 10/24/2010


The miracles come only after your faith has been tried. Someday you'll be back after you've had enough tribulation. Maybe in the next life. Good luck! - 05/20/2009 - LDS counselor


01/12/2007 - Brent
When I was fourteen I was on a LDS Church ward road trip where we visited all the Mormon Historical focal point's thought out the Midwest, Actually it was a Brain washing propaganda trip.... after a week of all the faith promoting stories, I ask the bishop who was on this trip How he/one knows if the Church was True?, His answer was "Because the Church never has changed" this blew my mind, I had just learned in my 7th grade Utah history that Poloygamy was stopped because of pressure from the Federal goverment not because of some Revelation, I new that very moment when he said "Because it never Changes" He was telling me a LIE!


05/24/2003 - anonymous
I am a struggling 'officially in' but no longer believing member of the LDS Church. I am a returned missionary, former temple worker, and former BYU employee. I joined the Church as a teen and grew up at BYU. My first wife, who I met at BYU, left me for a younger man -- and named our son who she was carrying when we separated after that young man. I am now remarried to an incredible and very kind LDS woman, but I am afraid to tell her my true feelings about the Church. I am in a box -- spiritually and emotionally. The LDS Church has some wonderful members. I wish I believed its teachings and I miss the peace I felt as a member. But I no longer believe its teachings to be true. This is a sad day for me.


06/14/2000 - Debra
One unlucky evening in December, 1999, instead of my voice mail, the bishop suffered the distinct misfortune of reaching my live-in fiance (now husband)...

Let me preface this by saying that my dear husband views unsolicited telemarketers, survey takers, and other such interlopers much as a piranha views goldfish. He has been known to ask such people, if they are sufficiently persistant and annoying, what they are wearing (in a mock-suggestive tone of voice). When they sputter in outrage that his comment constitutes harassment, he gleefully points out, "But *you* called *me*...."

Anyway, from what I was told, his encounter with the bishop went something like this:

Hubby: Hello?

Bishop: May I speak to Debra _____?

Hubby: She's not home right now; may I ask what this call is in regard to?

Bishop: Well, this is Bishop __________ of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints...

Hubby: The Mormons?

Bishop: Yes, sometimes we are referred to that way...

Hubby: But Debra hasn't been to that church in like 15 years. And you guys keep calling.

Bishop: Her name is on my membership rolls, and I was just calling to see if she was interested...

Hubby (interrupting) She's NOT interested. She hasn't attended your church in 15 years! Don't you think that would indicate that she's not interested?

Bishop: Are you her husband?

Hubby: (totally ignoring the question) Man... she must be right. You guys must be a cult. You never give up. Fifteen years! And you're still calling her. That sounds like a cult to me.

Bishop: (taken aback) We are NOT a cult.

Hubby: Well, why don't you leave Debra alone, then?

Bishop: Listen, if she wants to be taken off the rolls, all she has to do is write a letter...

Hubby: Why should she have to do that? Just leave her alone...

Bishop: If that's what she wants, we will remove her name.

Hubby: She would appreciate that, I'm sure.

Bishop: Sorry to have bothered you. Good night.

Of course, I knew nothing of this (I had been at work for 12 hours) until a couple days later when hubby "casually" mentioned that he'd had "a little talk" with the bishop, after which I insisted that he recall for me every detail of what had been said.

A couple days after that, I received a voice mail message from the bishop stating that "the gentleman who answered your telephone" had expressed the idea that I wanted to be removed from church rolls, and since he had not received any communication from me in the past, he would undertake to remove me. I, of course, had thirty days in which I could abort this process by contacting him (he left his home and work phone numbers). I did not reply to this message.

This seemed quite strange to me, in light of the stories I had heard of people writing letter after letter, threatening to sic attorneys on the church, etc. I wondered if they would actually take me off the rolls just based on having heard nothing from me, and the none-too-cordial remarks from "the gentleman" who answered my telephone.

Months went by, and I heard nothing more. I wondered if the bishop had decided to "back-burner" my case for awhile and await personal contact from me before proceeding.

But lo and behold... a letter arrived in the mail dated June 1, 2000...

Dear Sister xxxxx,

This letter is to notify you that, in accordance with your request, you are no longer a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Should you desire to become a member of the Church in the future, the local bishop or branch president in your area will be happy to help you.


Gregory W. Dodge
Supervisor, Confidential Records Section

Hmmm... do you think accusing them of cult behavior is what did it? If so, I highly recommend it ;-) Calling them a cult is cheaper than paying an attorney to write them a threatening letter...

A *real* exmo at last, praise be to hubby's big mouth ;-)


11/01/1999 - Randy
Before the LDS Church was sued and was forced to change its procedures, it regularly excommunicated persons who simply wished to resign their memberships.

If a Mormon wanted to exit the LDS church, he was forced to endure an inappropriate, embarrassing church court. His resulting "excommunication for apostasy" stigmatized him in his community, fomenting rumors and gossip about his personal affairs, with his fellow "saints" speculating on why he "really" was excommunicated.

"The possibility of 'dignified withdrawal' or 'principled' resignation,' as various Mormons have called removing their names from the records, may be traced largely to the influence of one man, Norman Hancock of Mesa, Arizona, who brought an $18 million lawsuit against the church in 1985 for refusing to let him withdraw voluntarily. The next edition of the General Handbook of Instructions after the resolution of the Hancock precedent included provisions---for voluntary withdrawal.....In 1985 when these events occurred, the General Handbook of Instructions for bishops and stake presidents did not allow resignation. If someone requested that his or her name be removed from Church records, the only means for accomplishing it was a court resulting in excommunication."
(Case Reports of the Mormon Alliance, June 1998, p. 37 Lavina Fielding Anderson and Janice Allred.)


10/26/1999 - Deanna
I read on this list about someone with a similar problem. She called a certain man in Salt Lake who was able to help her immediately. He is: Brother Dodge, at (801) 240-1000. He is the membership clerk for the entire church. This woman's Stake Pres. insisted that she meet with him before he would grant her request for name removal. The woman called Brother Dodge and he called the Stake Pres to fix the problem. Her records were deleted quickly.


08/25/1999 - Bobby
For those wishing to revoke their membership in That Cult, mail your letters directly to:

Gregory W. Dodge, Supervisor, Confidential Records Section Member and Statistical Records Division Thirteenth Floor 50 East North Temple Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84150-3684 (801) 240-2053

I mailed mine to this address and three months later I received a letter acknowledging that I was no longer a member of That Cult, "in accordance with your wishes".

I did not send my letter notarized or certified (but, it couldn't removes EVERY possible dodge That Cult might try), but doing so *may* hasten this process. My letter did specifically state that I "refused" to deal with local Cult "authorities" and would file a lawsuit if my request was not promptly granted.

Hope this helps those who don't want ANY contact with That Cult... I so stated in my letter, and the last and only thing I received from them was the letter "releasing" me from my membership.


08/25/1999 - a whole family exits the church

Dear Sirs:

We hereby request the removal of membership records of our family from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, including: MRJ, CBJ, JAJ, LEJ, JVJ, and RDJ.

We request that any Church-prescribed waiting period be waived, and that this request be processed immediately, as our decision is unalterable. We request that the term 'excommunication' not be used in any correspondence concerning this matter, as we are voluntarily leaving the LDS church, and we do not wish to be the subject of any unnecessary conversation or innuendo among LDS members.

We wish our friends and family in the LDS church to know that we leave not because of people or personalities, or "sin" on our part, but solely because we have come to the conclusion, after years of study and experience, that the LDS church is not as it claims to be, "the only true church of Jesus Christ." Our research has discovered that there are major conflicts and contradictions in official versions of the origins of the LDS church---Joseph Smith's purported "first vision," the origin of The Book of Mormon, the Book of Abraham, and other writings and claims. We have sadly learned that the LDS church engages in a continuing campaign to redact, revise, and delete embarrassing details of Mormon history which, if known, tell a different, but more truthful story of the true origins and nature of the church. We have been dismayed to learn the details of such teachings as polygamy, blood atonement, the 'Adam/God' doctrine, the 'curse of Cain' doctrine, the origin of temple rites and the revision of same, and the unequal treatment of women; and in order to maintain the church's self-claimed 'divine origin,' the church's leaders and apologists intentionally omit facts on these subjects from church literature. A favorite LDS hymn reads "I believe in being honest"; the LDS temple recommend interview requires applicants to be "honest in your dealings with your fellow man." We are disappointed that the church as an institution is unwilling to exercise that same degree of honesty which it requires of its individual members.

We note that the LDS church has continually revised its teachings in order to align itself with modern mainstream Christianity, for the purpose of drawing in more potential converts. We believe that this fact alone belies the church's claim of being "guided by God in every footstep," and of being "the only true and living church." We feel that the LDS church cannot be a viable member of the Christian community unless and until it publicly disavows its questionable origins and former teachings, and eliminates current teachings and practices which we believe to be unChristian and unscriptural. For these reasons, we hereby resign our memberships in the LDS church.


<08/23/1999 anon
Subject: Exit letter - want to see mine?

I am presently waiting out my 30-day period before my name removal should be finalized. The ward split earlier this year, so I have never met this bishop. My husband is in the SS presidency, however, and told me he expected this bishop would be a decent fellow to deal with. So far, that's exactly how it's been. My one written contact from the bish was polite, to the point, and respectful. I made an effort to be polite, concise, and respectful when I contacted him in the first place.

As you will see, I didn't list any doctrinal or historical reasons for leaving - I simply said I was choosing to make a break with organized religion. Apparently, the bishop needs to list a "reason for leaving" on the paperwork he sends in. Doctrine and history can be argued - an unequivocal desire to move ahead without the "organization" is less likely to be subject to debate, and it gives the bishop what he needs to process your request.

I sent this letter to the bish, and sent a copy to the SP, with a Post-it note saying, "Dear Pres X, this is a copy of the letter I have sent to Bishop XX. I hoped it would speed up the process to have a copy sent directly to you. Thank you." Both were certified.

Here's the letter:

Dear Bishop XXXXXXX,

I'm writing to request that my name be permanently removed from the church records. My membership records are already on file with the XXXXXX Ward. I fully understand that the LDS Church will consider my baptism and temple sealings rescinded and void.

Since the procedure I'm requesting is strictly an administrative matter, I will respectfully tell you that I will not participate in any church court or disciplinary action, nor will I condone anything that would suggest my desire to leave is the result of any wrongdoing on my part. I have chosen to remove myself from any form of organized religion, as is my Constitutional right.

If you feel the need to speak with me personally to verify that this is indeed my desire, I will certainly speak with you in order to give you that assurance. My phone number is listed in the ward directory. I also know that you have been aware that this request was looming over the horizon, so hopefully this step won't be necessary.

I continue to be friends with the same people who have been my friends all along, LDS or not. I'm not angry with anyone, nor hurt by anyone, and I bear the members of the church no ill will whatsoever. However, I will not engage in debate any further about this issue. No missionaries, no visiting teachers, no dragging the process out with deliberation, please. I've made my choice, and I'm anxious for the administrative end of it to be completed.


cc: Pres. XXXXX (stake pres)

His reply, dated 2 weeks later:

Dear Sister XXXXX,

I am writing this letter to acknowledge reciept of your letter, wherein you requested to have your name removed from the records of the church. I have forwarded all the appropriate information to the stake president so that this might take place. This action will comply with your request to have no further official contact with the church. Should you desire at some point in the future to rejoin the church, readmission could occur after an interview with the appropriate authority and then baptism.

If you wish to rescind this request you may do so within thirty days of the date of this letter by contacting the stake president. His address and phone number is as follows: (snip SP contact info).

May the Lord bless you in your future activities.

Sincerely, Bishop, XXXXXX Ward

After hearing some disheartening tales from others who are not being dealt with fairly by the bish when they want to leave, this fellow was a breath of fresh air. ~smile~ My exit isn't finalized yet, but I'm hopeful it will be as straightforward and uneventful as it has been so far.

Yes, it's fine with me to anonymously use my letter on your web site. I can even provide you with the text of the confirmation letter. The entire process took nine weeks, and I'm happy to report that there were no stalling tactics or other shenanigans on the part of the bishopric. ;-)

Dear Sister XXXX,

This letter is to notify you that, in accordance with your request, you are no longer a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Should you desire to become a member of the Church in the future, the local bishop or branch president in your area will be happy to help you.

Gregory W. Dodge
Supervisor, Confidential Records Section

Even thought I have requested "no contact", I plan to write the bish one last, brief note, thanking him for expediting the process in a straightforward and mutually respectful manner. - 09/10/1999 - Anonymous


Kathy Worthington - 07/24/1999
Here's is a sample of a letter. Feel free to use it exactly as it is or to add your own comments etc. or to simply write your own letter. If you want them to get this done, you need to be sure to include the instructions about 'no further contact' etc. It MUST be notarized. Your local copy shop may have a notary public and so your bank or credit union definitely should. If you go to your own bank or credit union, they may not charge you anything at all for the service. Please get your letter done as soon as possible. DON'T SIGN IT until you are with the notary. They need to watch you sign it.


Your name and address

the date

Membership Records Dept
50 E North Temple
SLC UT 84150

Re: Request that you remove my name from church records

NAME your full name, including all variations of it that you've used as a member,
Date and place of birth,
Year and place of baptism, if you know it
Parents name's, if you're comfortable with giving that

This is to request that my name be removed from the membership rolls of the LDS church effective immediately. I wish no further contact with the church other than a letter of confirmation that I am no longer a member of the church. I don't want to receive any phone calls or requests for interviews from church headquarters or from local leaders or members. I urge you to take care of this matter quickly and without attempting to contact me or any of my friends or family.

Your records should indicate that this action was taken at MY request.

ADD here your reasons for doing this. (see samples below)

I will be looking forward to receiving your letter telling me that I am no longer a member of the church.


Your signature and name,
then the notary's signature and stamp

Comment Section

I have read the comments with interest. Please read what I write. I am commenting not to insult you or to recruit you. You have all read and experienced things that caused you to take the action about which you write. I admit parts of church history aren't sublime, but you also find parts of it are in error! Feelings ran high. People were killed for what they believed! I was raised Methodist and searched from the time I was 8 years old for the truth. The LDS church came to me when I was 22. I know that Joseph Smith contradicts himself on the nature of God in the KING FOLLETT DISCOURSE & THE LECTURES ON FAITH. He was in the process of learning himself. Many of you say members are misled, or stupid. I am a professional historian who specializes in intellectual and cultural history. I graduated with honors then continued to grad school. I believe the church has authority to act for Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I wonder if any of you have read the Old Testament. Wow, that's some tough stuff! I have read the Bible more than 40 times. I know it very well. I have also read the Quran, The Pentateuch and Haftorahs (Torah and Rabbinical Commentary,) The Book of Common Prayer, the writings of Martin Luther, John Calvin, Thomas More and John Knox I have studied the lives of the popes. In addition, I have read Augustine to Aquinas. And I read read Hume, Kant, Hegel, and Nietzsche (God Is Dead!) I've read them all from Socrates to Sartre plus the Positivists! Joseph Smith was not perfect, nor was any man other than Jesus. The Mountain Meadows Massacre pales in comparison to the acts of the popes and the "reformer" Martin Luther. Thousands died at the behest of the popes. I condemn it as I do terrorism. I do not believe that Brigham Young ordered that horrid deed. Young was a character. He said many things from the pulpit that were not inspired. Yet I believe he was a prophet. Have any of you heard of the Children's Crusade? In other news - Martin Luther encouraged German peasants to believe that they were free and when they rebelled at some abuses, he sided with the nobility. I go to Sunday school and hear so much nonsense and heresy that I no longer attend. Many are sincere but ignorant. Yet we are the most educated denomination in North America. There is so much hatred and intolerance in the world. I do not want to be part of it. There are bishops who become hypocrites. I realize that. There are also sincere dedicated, inspired bishops. They are fallible humans. God, however, is infallible. I have a niece who is a lesbian. At Conference we were told to love ALL people, LGBT included. The Church is true. I have never heard that blessings guarantee cures or fail because of the lack of faith of the recipients. I have been active for over 40 years. I think many of you are putting the church under a microscope and neglecting to consider how tame our history and beliefs are compared to others. I don't think you're going to hell. Perhaps you think I am. I do my best. It takes patience to listen to Bro. X rattle on at Fast Meeting. I think for myself, read and watch what I choose because I believe in personal revelation, not mindless rules for teens. Many of you went to BYU. I think it would give me a rash! You have exercised your agency and are happy- fine. I treasure my membership. I have seen the hand of God throughout history leading to the restoration. I thank you if you have been kind enough and open enough to post this. There's one more thing, Atheist? It's stupid, you CANNOT prove it. Agnostic? I have to give you that one. We'll all know some day. I wish you all well. I happened on this site uninvited, so perhaps i have no right say this, but I am surprised at the venomous remarks of some. That sort of bitterness can't be good for you. May you have joyful lives.

04/15/2014 - STILLL IN


Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Im sorry that you-all feel like you do but It is my belief that most of you didn't resign butt were excommunicated, Also most of You want to live in a way that you can do as you please And because you don't want to feel guilt you left the church. I feel sorry for all of Going to church and being around people who live being date+of+resignation+or+excommunication: never - Tiff B - 11/25/2013


I've known the church was a fraud for about 20 years now. I went through a few years of brave honest study and that was that. There is so much real information and actual evidence of this. No faith is involved. It's hard to get out of the church when it is connected to your family. I just love my family and I'm trying to take care of them and at the same time not let the church cause them harm.

date of resignation or excommunication: when possible - 09/17/2013 - Anderson


I really like the re-using of the same comments to make it look like there are more that have written in. My questions for so many of you, is what is the truth you have found, or bought into? That you have no responsibility, just live for yourself, what? - 07/01/2010 - Never


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