Mitt Romney - Mormon President - United States of America

Mitt Romney present imaged haunted by images from his Mormon past.

Mitt Romney follows the policital heritage of not only his father, George Romney but of the founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, Jr. who both failed in their runs for the U.S. Presidency. Please add material or comments at the bottom of this section. Is Mr. Romney a "Mormon Mannequin?" This section is neither pro or con Romney. It's purpose is to bring out the Mormon culture dimensions of Romney's run for the Presidency. Many of the contributors to this section also post on the Recovery from Mormonism bulletin board. Related websites:,

Mitt Romney Mo-Churchian Candidate.

Willard Mitt Romney Bain Rat Madoff Trump.

Obama's invisible boot by grindael.
Barrack Obama boots Mitt Romney - "Obama's Invisible Boot" by grindael

Mitt Romney Vain Capital - Priesthood Equity - Latter-day $saint$.

Ode to Mittens

01/21/2013 - Jean Ann Esselink

You pursued a cutthroat game plan,
In your brutal Primary fight.
Wherever your opponent stood,
You scurried to his right.
You thought you'd shake the Etch- a-Sketch,
And start again anew.
And that's why we're not inaugurating you.

When a soldier in Afghanistan,
Asked if you had your say,
Would you reinstate Don't Ask Don't Tell
And told you he was gay.
You stood there without speaking,
When the crowd began to boo.
And that's why we're not inaugurating you.

You didn't speak when Sandra Fluke,
Was called a "slut" by Rush.
You were silent when your party,
Tried to take our votes from us.
You said nothing when Todd Akin,
Claimed that not all rapes are true.
And that's why we're not inaugurating you.

When asked if you would sign,
A woman's Right to Choose away,
You'd answer women only cared,
How much was in their pay.
You made Ann your link to women,
When she never had a clue.
And that's why we're not inaugurating you.

You embarrassed us in Europe,
Wherever you would go.
Ann's horse made the Olympics,
But you didn't even show.
You'd have let Michigan go bankrupt,
From Detroit to Kalamazoo.
And that's why we're not inaugurating you.

You thought, like you, that everyone,
Loved nothing more than money.
And shaving off a classmates hair,
Was your idea of funny.
You like your women bound in binders,
Unless they're pregnant in a shoe.
And that's why we're not inaugurating you.

You gave millions to the Mormons,
To Fund Proposition Eight.
You may have called that charity,
Gay couples call it "hate".
You threatened to kill Big Bird,
And you're married to a shrew.
And that's why we're not inaugurating you.

There are forty-seven percent of us,
For whom you had no care.
You claimed it wasn't our concern,
If you were taxed your share.
In your heart, you didn't love us,
And we didn't love you too.
And that's why we're not inaugurating you.

How The Gingrich Stole Mittsmas

12/17/2011 - Adapted from Dr. Suess's "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by cricket

New Gringrich Stole Mittsmas - from Mitt Romney Every Mo
Out west in Mo-ville (Utah)
Liked Mitt Romney a lot...

But the Gingrich,
Who lives far south of Mo-ville,
Did NOT!

The Gingrich hated Mittsmas! The whole Mittsmas campaign season!
Now, please don't ask why. Best deny "CULT" is the reason.
It could be that his head was screwed on to the "far right".
It could be, perhaps, that his views were too tight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all...
Was his "red state" voter chart was two sizes too small.

But, Whatever the reason, His chart or sniff from his political nose,
He stood there on Mittsmas Eve, hating the Mos,
Staring down from his nave with a sour Grinrichy frown
At the warm lighted windows below in their town.
For he knew every Mo down in Mo-ville beneath
Was busy now, hanging a "Mitts-letoe" wreath.

"And they're hanging their campaign banners!" he snarled with a sneer.
"Tomorrow is Mittsmas! It's practically here!"
Then he growled, with his Gringrich fingers nervously drumming,
"I MUST find a way to keep Mittsmas from coming!"
For, tomorrow, he knew...

...All the Mo girls and boys
Would wake up bright and early their Romney campaign to employ!
And then! Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise! Noise! Noise! Noise!
That's one thing he hated! The NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE!

Mo-money Mitt Romney Then fund raisers, young and old, would start phoning to fleece.
And they'd fleece! And they'd fleece!
They would start with BYU Alumni, a holy war chest to increase
Which was something the Gringrich couldn't stand in the least!

And then they'd do something he liked least of all!
Every Mo down in Mo-ville, the tall and the small,
Would stand close together, with Mittsmas bells ringing.
They'd stand hand-in-hand. And the Mos would start singing!

They'd sing! And they'd sing!
And the more the Gingrich thought of this Mo-Tab Choir bling
The more the Gingrich thought, "I must stop this whole thing!
"Why for sixty-eight years I've put up with it now!
I MUST stop Mittsmas from coming! ...But HOW?"

Then he got an idea!
An awful idea!

"I know just what to do!" The Gingrich laughed in his throat.
And he made a quick Mo-Missionary hat and a coat.
And he chuckled, and clucked, "What a great Gingrichy snit!
"With this coat and this hat, I'll look just like Saint Mitt!"

"All I need is a bicycle..."
The Gingrich looked around.
But since at campaign H Q, there was none to be found.
Did that stop the old Gingrich...?
No! The Gringrich simply said,
"If I can't find a bicycle, I'll make one instead!"
So he called Carl Rove. Then he took some old tread
And he tied on a back pack and away he then sped.

Then He loaded some gags
And campaign banners a snarl
On a Rove ram-jet sleigh,
Then he hitched up ol' Carl.

Then the Gingrich said, "Giddyap!"
And the sleigh started down
Toward the homes where the Mos
Lay a-snooze in their town.

All their windows were dark. Quiet snow filled the air.
All the Mos were all dreaming of victory without care
When he came to the first house in the square.
"This is stop number one," The old Gingrichy Claus hissed
And he climbed to the roof, empty bags in his fist.

Then he slid down the chimney. A rather tight pinch.
But if Santa could do it, then so could the Gingrich.
He got stuck only once, for a moment or two.
Then he stuck his head out of the fireplace flue
Where the "Romney For President" banners all hung in a row.
"These banners," he grinned, "are the first things to go!"

Then he slithered and slunk, with a smile most unpleasant,
Around the whole room, and he took every argument!
Sloguns! And sound bites! Boiler plates! Podiums!
Precinct boards! News cycles! Pamphlets! And dictums!
And he stuffed them in bags. Then the Gingrich, very nimbly,
Stuffed all the bags, one by one, up the chimney!

Then he slunk to the campaign box. He took the Mo's crees!
He took the Mo-pyramiding! He took the committees!
He cleaned out that campaign box as quick as a flash.
Why, that Gingrich even took their last can of Mo-cash!

Then he stuffed all the gooh up the chimney with glee.
"And NOW!" grinned the Gingrich, "This is how to stuff a Romney!"

And the Grinch grabbed Mitt by the knee, and started to shove
When he heard a small sound like the coo of a dove.
He turned around fast, and he saw a young Mo!
Sweet Molly-Mo, with that Mo-Spirit a glow.

The Gingrich had been caught by this young Mo-volunteer
Who'd gotten up for hot chocolate instead of a beer.
She stared at the Gingrich and said, "Santy Newt, why,
"Why are you taking our Mittens? WHY?"

But, you know, that old Gingrich was so smart and so slick
He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick!
"Why, my sweet young thing," the fake Santy Newt lied,
"There's a hair on Mitt's head that's sticking up on one side.
"So I'm taking Mitt home to my barbershop, my dear.
"I'll fix Mitt up there. Then I'll bring Mitt back here."

And his fib fooled the lass. Then he patted her ass
And he got her a drink and he sent her to bed.
And when Cindy-Jo Mo went to bed with her cup,
He went to the chimney and stuffed Romney right up!

Then the final thing he took
Was their last campaign flyer.
Then he went up the chimney himself, the old liar.
On their walls he left nothing but hooks, and some wire.

And the one speck of funding
That he left in the home
Wouldn't cover air fare for the Travelocity Gnome.

It was quarter past dawn...
All the Mos, still a-bed
All the Mos, still a-snooze
When he packed up his sled,
Packed it up with their pamphlets! The ribbons! The flappings!
The tags! And the spinnings! The teasers! The trappings!

Moroni Gingrich Rove Three thousand feet up! Up the side of Mount Crumpit,
Above Angel Moroni's trumpet, he rode to the tiptopt to dump it
"Pooh-pooh to the Mos!" he was Gingrich-ish-ly humming.
"They're finding out now that no Mittsmas is coming!
"They're just waking up! I know just what they'll do!
"Their mouths will hang open a minute or two
"The all the Mos down in Mo-ville will all cry BOO-HOO!"

"That's a noise," grinned the Gingrich,
"That I simply must hear!"
So he paused. And the Gingrich put a hand to his ear.
And he did hear a sound rising over the snow.
It started in low. Then it started to grow...

But the sound wasn't sad!
Why, this sound sounded merry!
It couldn't be so!
But it WAS merry! VERY!

He stared down at Mo-ville!
The Gingrich popped his eyes!
Then he shook!
What he saw was a shocking surprise!

Every Mo down in Mo-ville, the tall and the small,
Was campaigning! Without any pamphlets at all!
He HADN'T stopped Mittsmas from coming!
IT CAME! Somehow or other, it came just the same!

And the Gingrich, with his gingrich-feet ice-cold in the snow,
Stood puzzling and puzzling: "How could it be so?
It came like pioneer trekkers! It came like Bo Gritz!
"Swarms of seagulls and crickets, But mostly Mo-Rich!"
And he puzzled three hours, `till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Gingrich thought of something he hadn't before!
"Maybe Mittsmas," he thought, "Comes from Deseret Book Store.
"Maybe Mo-Church is stiff and a bore!"

And what happened then...? Mo-ville they say
That the Gingrich's large brain
Grew three sizes that day!
And the minute his brain moved even farther to the right,
He whizzed with his load back through the bright morning light
And he brought his rhetoric and noise once and for all to clear up the clatter
And he, ...HE HIMSELF The Gingrich carved up Romney's Rump Roast for the Republican Platter!


Mitt Romney on LDS Mission in France.

A Man On A Mission. Click image to view slide show by the Boston Globe about Romney's Mormon mission to France.

Mitt Romney and Dick Cheney speak to ultra secret, conservative religious 
group in Utah September 28, 2007.

Super Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney's hunter remorse with Dick Cheney and rifle.

Mitt Romney Mormon from outer space - it?.

Bill Maher on Mitt Romney and Mormons on You Tube.

Click image to visit website.

Mitt Romney, Angel Moroni, Eagle - Which oath is higher.
Mitt Romney Big Love by Cardinal Zelph.
Mormons Against Romney bumper sticker and website.

Click image to visit website.

Mitt Romney and the Law of Opposition in all things.
Temple apron Ex-Mormons For Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney's Underwear

11/10/2010 - The Grinch's Dog

Y'all been living in Utah too long, haven't you? I moved away years ago and find that people don't bash Mormons outside of Utah, and they really couldn't care less about Mormon garments other than the fact that it's an interesting curiosity.

So are Japanese loin cloths, Quakers' outer wear, Orthodox Jew's hairlocks, their own undergarments known as tsitsit--a fringed cloth, beneath their basic black hair locks and clothing; particularly devout Catholics' underwear called a scapular; Tibetan monks' red robes, nuns' and priests' attire.

What about that tall head piece the Pope has to wear? You need to read "The Varieties of Religious Experience" by William James. The Mormon garment defilement on this site comes off as juvenile, like 4th graders snickering in the back row at their Catholic School nun teachers, asking the other if he thinks she's got cooties in her hair from having it covered "like that" all the time.

If you want to bash something truly worth critiquing (okay, worth "bashing!"), let's talk male circumcision, which not only 90 to 99% of Mormons practice, but just as many Americans in general!

That's what I call mass of the last barbaric acts largely acceptable in our society? In all of the Western religions? (It is not traditionally practiced in Asian societies, and must have mortified them to discover what we do to our babies.)

I'll wear my snuggly winter-warm garments, symbol of sacred things to hold to heart, of hopes/ideals to strive for, and nothing more complicated than that, but wish they'd left my John alone.

Read here for a relatively respectful approach to an outsider's take on the Mormon garment (and on Mormons): Mitt Romney's Underwear

Headlines From A Romney Administration

by LongGone2 - 01/31/2008

Missouri Board of Tourism Launches Ad Campaign, “Stay in Branson and See the Garden of Eden”

Illinois Put’s “Birthplace of Polygamy” on New License Plates.

New York Launches New Ad Campaign Touting Scenery that Even God and Jesus Couldn’t Resist.

Hill Comorah Pagaent Opens on Broadway

Attorney General Dalin Oaks Orders FBI to Surround San Francisco. Gay Defenders Vow to Continue Resistence.

Oaks Denies Overcrowded Conditions in BYU Gay Reeducation Camps. Assures Investigators that Waterboarding is No Longer Part of the Program.

Supreme Court Justice McConkie Writes Majority Opinion to Uphold the Right Order of Prayer Law. School Systems Expected to Begin Implementing New Law Next Week.

President Romney Signed Bill to Give Mormons Protected Status Under Civil Rights Act.

Steve Benson, Deconstructor and Operative Known Only As “Eric” Placed on FBI’s Most Wanted List for Hate Crimes Against Mormons

Susan S/I Busted in Exmormon Information Distribution Conspiracy. Judge Orders Jail Time for Refusing to Sing for Justice Department Prosecutors

Queen Elizabeth II Refused Entrance to State Dinner for “Showing Too Much Skin”. “We also suspect that her crown is really a second earring,” an unnamed white House source affirmed...

Cape Canaveral: Space Probe, Nephi II, Launched Successfully. Expected to reach Kolob in 2025.

Smithsonian Opens Book of Mormon Exhibit. Public Tours Will be Conducted by Lamanites Who Had to Successfully Complete an Arduous White and Delightsome Screening Process Before Being Hired

First Dog, Seamus, Joins First Family for Trip Down Pennsylvania Avenue. Secret Service Has Trouble Keeping Dog on Roof of Presidential Limosine…

First Lady Anne Romney Hosted First State Dinner at the White House. The menu included la pomme de terre Funerale` and Green Jello Pot de Cremes and was accompanied by Vintage 2007 Sparkling Welshes Grape Juice. After dinner entertainment was provided by the Osmond Family Band in the East Room.

Marie Osmond Honored by the Kennedy Center for lifelong accomplishments and extraordinary talents. She joins a list of our nations’ most prestigious artists, including Leonard Bernstein, Anges deMille, Lynn Fontanne, Marian Anderson and Arthur Rubenstein. Although Ms. Osmond fainted during the ceremony, she assured her concerned fans that she was “just fine” and bravely stayed on for the rest of the ceremony and recovered sufficiently to perform a very perky "shuffle off to Buffalo" for the ecstatic audience.

Packer runaway best seller, “My Little Factory”, enters week 69 as top spot on New York Times Best Seller List.

President and Mrs Romney canceled trip to the Mormon Temple in Silver Spring, Maryland. Two members of Secret Service Detail failed to qualify for temple recommend. Building could not be secured for Presidential visit.

From the National Enquirer: “President’s Green Apron Mysteriously Disappears from First Bedroom” (and the body of the story)”…found being worn by White House pastry chef who claimed it was all a misunderstanding. He took the apron because the green color was perfect for hiding green jello stains.”

Here's another one - by blindguy

Roman Catholics have gone underground as the Romney administration, with the blessing of the LDS church (especially Bruce McConkie) closes Catholic churches, schools and hospitals. Priests and nuns are forced to marry (they were going to have to wait a year for their temple sealings). The Nicean (Apostles') Creed is outlawed for being "too Satanic and cultish". About the only groups that have it worse are atheists and ex-Mormons.

UFO community hopeful that Mitt Romney will disclose the truth

by Ian - 12/22/2007

Romney denial of Kolob. An article published on entitled "Mitt Romney, the best Candidate for UFO disclosure?" outlines a case that Mormonism is the only religion capable of surviving the earth shattering effects of extraterrestrial contact.

Although Romney has not made any campaign promises to disclose classified alien files, UFO believers hope that his theological perspective will lead to more government cooperation and acknowledgement.

Will this new help or hurt Mitt?

Romney as Civil Rights Leader

by AxelDC - 12/22/20077

Romney has a lot of nerve portraying himself as a civil rights leader. He and his church have been on the wrong side of three major civil rights battles in the past 40 years.

1) Racial civil rights: The LDS Church was openly, blatantly, officially racist until 15 years after the Civil Rights Act. They taught that blacks were less humans, descended from Cain and less valiant spirits in Heaven. They taught that the American Indians and Hispanics were descendants of apostate Jews, the Lamanites. They removed Indians from their families to place with white families to improve their lives. In 1989, they excommunicated George Lee for calling them anti-Indian. There is still a lot of unofficial racism in the church today.

2) Antifeminism: The LDS Church proudly helped defeat the ERA. They still limit women's leadership roles to women and children's organizatons. A woman's highest ranking in the church is "Sister", and the most prominent women are spouses of leaders. Women were taught not to work outside the home until fairly recently, and are given inequal status as missionaries. A man is still head of the home in Mormon eyes.

3) Homophobia: Mormons are among the most homophobic organizations in the US. They have given millions to fight gay marriage laws, and still excommunicate church members for being gay. Romney himself is the George Wallace of gay marriage. In 2002, when running for governor, he promised MA voters that he was a supporter of gay rights. In 2004, he did everything in his power to prevent gay marriage while he was governor, including begging the US Congress to amend the US Constitution. He used 1920s miscegnation laws to limit non-resident gay couples from marrying, an irony in itself. His antigay stance dropped his popularity to the low 30s and lead him not to seek a 2nd term in MA.

For Romney to claim stake any claim to King's legacy ignores the long history of regressive stances that he and his church have taken over the last 40 years.

I am a Mormon (cuss)....

by SD - 11/30/2007

Mitt Romney Mormon Elder France. My name is Mitt,

And if you don't like it who gives a shit.

I've got a nice face and I've got nice tits,

So if looks are what matter then vote for Mitt.

I go to the temple and wear funny clothes,

But it's sacred not secret so nobody knows.

Now Rudy Guiliani has had three wives,

But so did my Grandpa so what's the jive?

If opinions change, well, I'm not blind,

You can count on me to change my mind.

If pretty but empty is what you love,

Vote for the guy named after a glove.

Sponsored by the Committee for Flexible Conservatism

Top Ten Changes if Mitt is elected President

created by NotNow - 04/07/2007

10.The nation's capital will be moved from Washinton D.C to Jackson County Missouri.

9.The new White House will have spires and an angel Moroni on top.

8.The Oval Office will be decorated with mirrors and crystal chandeliers, and we will be referred to as the Celestial Room.

7.Introduction will be President and Sister Romney.

6.No more "Hail to the Chief".......It will now be "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet".

5.The Cabinet will be renamed.....The General Authorities.

4.All Cabinet members must be endowed and sealed to Mitt.

3.The State room will be replaced with a Cultural Hall.

2.The Washington Monument will be moved to Missouri and named, Joseph's Shaft.

1. Mitt will ride a white horse to his inauguration while singing, "Onward Christian Warrior".

Top 10 reasons to elect Mitt Romney

submitted by SL Cabbie (author unknown) - 02/28/2007

Mitt Romney opens Larry King Live interview with a word of prayer. 10) The National Cathedral could be renamed the National Tabernacle

9) NASA could commission a satellite to 'hie to Kolob'

8) The Secret Service could be renamed the Sacred Service

7) All official government prayers could include the phrase 'that we all can get home safely'

6) Napoleon Dynamite could get someone other than Pedro elected

5) The President could not only explain things in Layman's terms, but also Lemuel's terms

4) The President could issue pardons in exchange for 100% home teaching

3) Not only could he pronounce 'Nuclear' but also 'Mahonri Moriancumer' and 'Maher Shalal Hash Baz'.

2) At his inauguration he would swear on the Bible 'as far as it is translated correctly'

1) Finally a first family large enough to fill up the White House


Romney responds more generally when asked if he has participated in an endowment ceremony, in which men and women take vows of secrecy about temple rites and of obedience to the Lord, and begin the daily practice of wearing a sacred "temple garment" resembling abbreviated long underwear.

"I do attend the temple of my church … and people can learn about that by contacting the church," he says, adding: "I'm sure on the Internet you can find every single aspect of what's entailed." - 02/13/2006 - USA Today


Dick Morris looks at the four leading GOP presidential contenders in 2008 -- John McCain, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rudy Giuliani -- and notes: "The only one of these guys who hasn't had multiple wives is the Mormon."

Mormons for Mitt Romney and polygamy.
Mitt and Ann Rommey model their official Mormon underwear.
Mitt Romney help us by The Beach Boys and Gordon Hinckley.
Mitt Romney and Gordon Hinckley as the Beach Boys.
<Mitt Romney Wonderful talking doll 2008 model.
Mitt Romney smoozes Catholic vote.
Romney and the Tar Baby.
Romney Rambler 2008 model.

Mitt Romney and Queen Latifah.
Mitt Romney shrugs off temple questions.
Choose the Romney presidential campaign ring and band.
LDS Mormon Mitt Romney for President Button. Mitt Romney for President thong.
Pro Romney Gear

Mitt Romney and the Kolob Wave.

Mitt Romney Ann Romney five sons at Fenway Park. Mitt Romney with father, George Romney at 1964 world fair.

Ann Romney Interviewed by Kate Snow

Mitt Romney present imaged haunted by images from his Mormon past.
02/14/2007 - by ABC News

The Mormon Factor

Snow: I want to ask a few questions about your faith, and about religion, because it is such a topic, as you know, of conversation. Every time I think Romney's name, your husband's name comes up&it's mentioned. You converted.

Romney: I did.

Snow: To the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Romney: I did. I did when Mitt was away. He, he and I dated in High School, and I started first to ask him, you know, what do Mormons believe? When I was a, I think a sophomore in high school. And he left and went to Stanford for a year, and then off for two and a half years to serve a mission for his church in France, and during that time, Mitt's father was wonderful, and, took me to church on Sundays, occasionally. And I came to that on my own. It was, it was a good thing that I did.

Snow: Not something he asked you to do?

Romney: Not something he asked me to do, and when he came home, we were still in love, and we got married pretty quickly after that, and the five boys followed.

Snow: So as someone who converted to the church, and was once on the outside, can you understand people's apprehensions about it?

Romney: Yes. (Laughs)

Romney: I've been both places.

Snow: They don't understand it.

Romney: There's no, there's a lot of misperception. A lot of misunderstanding and misperceptions about, about the church, and that's unfortunate. It's, um, I, I had them too, before I joined. And so it's um, there's a lot that needs to be done to educate people about it, and to have an understanding that, um, basically we share the same values as probably most faiths.

Snow: In our latest ABC poll where we asked about this, 35 percent of Americans said they'd be less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who was Mormon.

Romney: And I think that the difference is that once they get to know this Mormon, they're fine with it. (Laughs)

Snow: It's not about, it's not about his religion? I know he has said that, that he would, he would answer to the constitution.

Romney: No, of course.

Snow: Do you think he has to give a speech about it, though? Do you think he has to do sort of a Kennedy-esque (speech)?

Romney: Well, I personally think he does. We'll see whether his staff and whether my husband comes to that same conclusion, and I'm actually anxious for that to happen.

Snow: People do have crazy ideas.

Romney: They do.

Snow: I mean, I know you know this. That show, Big Love.

Romney: I know, and that's so unfortunate.

Snow: It's really unfortunate.

Romney: It's, unfortunately, you know, polygamy, is, (laughs) Mitt has only one wife and polygamy has been outlawed in the United States for a long time, and you know, if you are involved in polygamy, you are excommunicated, there is, polygamy is not any part of this church.

Snow: In, in some ways, do you, do you like that you're going to be able to spread that message? That you're going to be able to shed a little light on a faith that people don't know much about?

Romney: No, I don't know if that's a byproduct of it, and it's not why we're doing this, but I, I would hope that all of these things bring light to everything where we, where people have misperceptions about not just this faith, but maybe someone else's faith, and that, and again, it was that same experience that I learned, um, with my MS, and coming to the conclusion that you really need to look to the heart and soul of someone, and see where they're coming from. And certainly if people look at our heart and soul, they will understand that we're in this race to make a difference, and to help, and that we share the values of most Americans, and um, yes, we have our faith, and you know, we do believe that Jesus Christ is our personal savior, so, you know, I think that a lot of people need to, to maybe get used to. vSnow: Could you see voting for someone who's faith you don't understand well? For example, I don't know, someone who is a member of Islam, or, or Jewish? Would you have any trouble?

Romney: I would hope that people take the measure of the man or the woman. And, and take that, and recognize too, that people have faith traditions that may be a little different, but looking for the similarities that, that bind us together.

November 16,2006

Mitt Romney Jeffrey Holland run for the presidency ticket.

Mitt and Jeff Run For Presidency

Mitt Romney and Jeffrey Holland claim to be the Lord's ticket for the presidency in 2008.

by cricket - AP - Affiliated Pharisees

Salt Lake City - Mitt Romney surprised conservate voters by announcing his run for U.S.president will include Jeffrey R. Holland, a sitting Mormon apostle as his running mate.

"I picked Jeff Holland as my vice presidential running mate because he's a tough ol' battle worn warrior. Just look at his face. He looks like he's been fighting in the political campaign trenches for twenty years!" bragged Romney.

Mitt Romney and Jeffrey Holland sustained a presidential candidates. Those murmurings started by the Boston Globe last week about Jeff Holland holding closed door meetings with Mitt Romney and prominent Mormon money men appear to be much more than just "faith promoting rumors" - the ACLU charged.

Romney timed his announcement to coincide with the Latter-day Saint General Conference so as to gather more Mormon momentum. Romney claimed, My candidacy shall roll forth unto the ends of the Utah, as the stone which is cut out of the mountain without hands shall roll forth, until it has filled the whole nation."

Romney addressed the solemn assembly of the twenty three thousand faithful conference goers using the "Thirteen Articles of Faith" as his proposed platform for the Republican Party's upcoming convention. All present then voted and sustained Brother Romney and Brother Holland as presidential patrons with power in the priesthood to be upon them and their posterity through all political primaries and through all generations of time.

Romney testified that his patriarchal blessing commanded him to run for the highest office in the land which would atone Mormonism founder, Joseph Smith's failed run for the presidency over a century ago. "With the Lord on our side and with all temple attenders placing the names of Mitt and Jeff on the prayer roll we will smite our enemies and win in a landslide!" Romney prophesied.

Dallin Jeff Holland righteously boasted, "When the Constitution of the United States 'hangs by a thread' Mitt and I will save the day as the Lord's Commanders in Chief."

Holland went on to challenge all Home and Visiting Teachers to not only hand out "Mitt and Jeff" campaign fliers but to email everyone they know, especially BYU alumni. Holland offered the password to his BYU email account to anyone who will help spread the good word.

When the ninety six year old Latter-day Saint Prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley was asked for his opinion about the exciting GOP news, he mumbled, "Oh, I don't know much about Mutt and Jeff. I didn't look at that comic strip too much when I was younger. I was too busy doing church work and ghost writing for the Deseret News. And did you know that GOP stands for Grand Old Prophet? Hee, hee, hee!"

Dallin Oaks, another apostle commented. "I am so relieved my good brethren will be running for the presidency. The thought of a female presidency like Hillary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice or Oprah Winfrey is too threatening to my Holy Masculinic Priesthood. To use presiding as an example, what I am saying is that women should not attempt to be manly presidents. Nor should women emulate the worldly ways of womanhood. A woman's destiny is to be a wife and a mother in Zion, not a model and a streetwalker in Babylon. Take my second wife Kristen for example, she's such a trophy and example even if she doesn't know how to sort socks."

Maureen Dowd from the New York Times grilled Romney, "The Mormon Church funding and sponsoring your campaign is a direct violation of IRS tax excempt rules and regulations. How can you brethren be so brazen?"

"Well Sister Dowd, it's quite easy. With Orrin Hatch and Harry Reid in congress we will change the Internal Revenue Service to the Internal Religion Service" boasted Romney. "Step aside Sister Dowd, "Today is the day of my power and I will will take the treasury of the United States and buy up armies and navies, popes and priests and reign with blood atonement and horror on the earth!"


I told my friend I left the LDS Church because I wanted a shot at being President of the US.

01/27/2007 - by Rubicon

I caught some hell from an old BYU roomate about me leaving the Mormon church. He hit the roof when I told him I had my family's records removed. I just got tired of his preachy, judgemental, obviousely Mormon griping and told him,"Look, I have asperations to be president of the United States someday and I don't need the Mormon Church taking that opportunity from me!" He was speechless.

Of course I was BSing him and I have no asperations to be president at all, but I was making the point that being Mormon in many ways is a social handicap. Maybe in Mormon circles it isn't but get outside of the Mormon Corridor and you belong to a wierd cult that believes in polygammy.

Mitt Romney Utah Ballot Box.
Mitt Romney Dear John by Boston Globe by Pat Bagley of

FLDS Polygamous Raid in Texas

04/18/2008 - by Adult of God

There was an ex-gov named Mitt
Who thought as vice prez I'm a hit!
But says old McCain,
The polygs are your Bain.
With that Texas manure, you're shit!

Mitt wants the Republican nod

12/28/2006 - by Num Lock

Mitt wants the Republican nod,
And begs the assistance of God.
He swore consecration,
He'll admonish the Nation
to hold to Old Joe's Iron rod.

Mitt claimed once to love all, t'is true;

12/26/2006 - by flattopSF

Mitt claimed once to love all, t'is true;
Though gay marriage he seeks to undo.
"Since their sex is kinky,
On this I'll be stinky —
'S'long as polygamy's taboo, too."

When asked re: his church affiliation

12/26/2006 - by flattopSF

When asked re: his church affiliation,
Who's the guy who'll be bossing the nation;
Mitt said "Are you a dope?
Hinckley knows he's no Pope!
As my Prophet and Seer he knows his station!"

Candidate Romney justifies his means

12/24/2006 - by cricket

Candidate Romney justifies his means by the ends
With Feminists, Abortionists, Gays and Evangelicals it all depends
On getting his smooze to float
So for him they'll all vote
Because in high power politics "Mitt happens."

There once was a candidate named Mitt

12/24/2006 - by Fallible

There once was a candidate named Mitt
Being a Mormon he's full of shit
To be number one
Would be lots of fun
But smart people won't vote for the twit

For answers, Mitt lies in the lurch

12/24/2006 - by flattopSF

For answers, Mitt lies in the lurch
About his polygamous church:
"Don't lightly disparage
A Mexican marriage:
Cuz my grampa's good name you'll besmirch!"

Mitt Takes the Oath of Office

12/23/2006 - A.R.

Mitt Takes the Oath of Office (Wearing a green temple figleaf apron and baker's cap, complete with white, soft-sole slippers, left hand on the Book of Mormon [held by Sister Romney with her face veiled], right arm to the square with the palm of the hand to the front, the fingers close together and the thumb extended):

"I, Brother Willard Mitt Romney, do solemnly swear under penalty of having my throat slit from ear to ear, my heart ripped out and by guts disemboweled, that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the Theocratically United States of the Mormon Kingdom of God on Earth and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the LDS Church Handbook of Instructions (along with my many wives whom I will receive as an eternal reward in the highest degree of heaven in the hereafter), doing so against all other peoples, faiths, sexual orientations and colors, as I am directed from Salt Lake City, Utah, by the modern-day Mormon prophet, seer and revelator, so help me Elohim."

(Instead of "Hail to the Chief," the band then plays "Praise to the Man Who Communes with Jehovah," followed by a General Conference, rather than an Inaugural Address)

Mitt Romney: politician first, Mormon somewhere further down the list

12/09/2006 - Stray Mutt

There's an article in todays NY Times about how Mitt, when running for the Senate against Ted Kennedy in 1994, wrote to the Log Cabin Club of Massachusetts (the gay Republican political organization) claiming he would be a better defender of gay rights than Kennedy.

Among other things, he wrote, “We must make equality for gays and lesbians a mainstream concern.”

And yet now he's a big opponent to same-sex marriage. His spokespeople split hairs and talk circles when they try to explain how Romney's position has always been consistent. No, he's just being a politician, chasing after votes any way that looks expedient. Forget personal standards, what does one need to say to get elected?

Like anyone else who rises to his level in politics, Mitt is mostly about what's good for his career. All that moral standard bearer stuff? Mmmm, not so much.

Mitt's undergarments mentioned on "Hardball"

11/26/2006 - Stray Mutt

I happened to see this edition of "Hardball" last Wednesday. I wanted to post about it earlier but the transcript wasn't available until today. At the end of a discussion about what role religion might play in the '08 election, talk turned to Mitt Romney:

>ALTER: That‘s right. If Prince Charming in the form of Mitt Romney comes along, you know, he could sway the people.

>MATTHEWS: ... Yes well what about Prince Charming? Do they like the cut of his jib or what?

>ALTER: The cut of his jib is pretty impressive on television. This guy makes a formidable candidate. Now there are all these questions about will the evangelicals, do they consider him a Christian or not. But when they actually tee it up and the whole Mormon issue comes to the fore, a lot of Republicans might conclude, hey, at least we know he believes in God...

>MATTHEWS: ...I think you‘re right, this thing about being Mormon, LDS Church of Latter Day Saints, I wonder whether it‘s going to be a front page discussion in the “New York Times” or in “Time” magazine or “Newsweek.” Will you folks in the weeklies start writing big pieces about what Mormonism is all about or will you let that go?

>ALTER: No no, we already actually did a cover story on Mormonism that was quite interesting in the past year. But this issue will get teed up. There will be at least a week of what I call—if Romney‘s a formidable candidate, what I call the undergarments week.

>MATTHEWS: Yes, I know what you mean, the undergarments that people wear under their clothes, yes.

>ALTER: And he will be asked those questions because nothing is spared in a presidential campaign. You know this better than anybody, Chris. Every question eventually gets asked if you stay in for the duration.

>MATTHEWS: I think religion is more important now than it was back in ‘60, Jon. I remember when the first Catholic was elected, it was about sort of class and old traditional arguments. But it wasn‘t really about belief. Now these are much more about moral belief that we‘re fighting about now.

>ALTER: Yes, George Romney didn‘t have to deal with it all when he ran for president in 1968, do you remember that?

>MATTHEWS: I know, I don‘t even think people cared.

>JAVERS: The other thing about Mitt Romney is that he‘s actually served as an officer in the church. I mean, sort of the equivalent of a bishop.

>MATTHEWS: Thank you Jon Alter, thank you Karen Tumulty, thank you Eamon Javers. And from all of us at HARDBALL and to you and your family, a very happy Thanksgiving.

It seemed like they wanted to talk more about the oddities of Mormonism and Mitt's part in it, but they ran out of time.

So will the Secret Service be let into the temple?

11/16/2006 - Tired of Wor and Sandy from Recovery from Mormonism

If Romney becomes a Presidential Candidate will the Secret Service be allowed inside the temple? Will the networks have cameras ready to show Romney toting his Quad into the LDS Church on Sundays? Will they be there when he attends a temple endowment session? Can you imagine what the public will want to know about what goes on in the temple Candidate Romney is attending? Won't that be fun!?

And you thought the garmie feel-up was bad. Wait until you get felt up by secret service prior to an endowment session with Mitt. ROFL!

My Song For Mitt

08/01/2006 - Dizz Knee

Zip up your doo-dah
Zip it today
You gotta learn what words not to say
Plenty of black folk
Won't vote that way
Zip up your doo-dah
Zip it today

Mittster's bloopers gettin' bolder
It's uncouth, insulting
You need better spin consulting

Zip up your doo-dah
Zip it today
Plenty of coverage
Whatever you say

Mitt Romney - Tar Babies

08/01/2006 - bitterroot

Maybe Mitt was talking about the latter-day TAR BABY". If so, will he lose the Mormon block vote?

In early 1832, opposition took a violent turn. On Saturday, March 24, Joseph was dragged from his bedroom in the dead of night. His attackers strangled him until he blacked out, tore off his shirt and drawers, beat and scratched him, and jammed a vial of poison against his teeth until it broke. After tarring and feathering his body, they left him for dead. Joseph limped back to the Johnsons' house and cried out for a blanket. Through the night, his friends scraped off the tar until his flesh was raw.

— Richard Bushman, Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, p. 178

Where Romney's loyalty lies

07/24/2006 - Alan C. Robinson - Melbourne, Australia

I'm from Australia currently working in Malaysia and, as a former bishop, branch president and district president of the LDS Church, I am well aware of the influence that church leaders, in particular the prophet, have over its members.

As such, would Mitt Romney take directions from the prophet of the church if he were elected president? Of course he would! And any pretense that the prophet or the church wouldn't try to influence him on matters important to them is just fantasy.

So, should anyone vote for a president of a country who can be directed or influenced by others? Of course not! And those who try to promote that being a member of the church is incidental to the office of president, or any other position for that matter, needs to have a reality check!

The fact that Mitt has a temple recommend indicates that he has already given his total obedience to his leaders in all matters.

Salt Lake Tribune letter to editor 07/24/2006

If Mitt became President

07/10/2006 - byPuli

I can see it now if Mitt became President. Every Monday would be Family Home State of the Union

Joseph Smith would replace George Washington on the $1.00 bill.

Hurricane Katrina would be declared the United State's baptism and 10% of our tax money would have to be paid to the Mormon church.

We'd suddenly find ourselves with two Vice presidents instead of one - a first and second VP.

The Senate would be reduced to twelve members and the House of Representatives to seventy, and citizens of the nation can vote to confirm Mitt's appointments to the new Celestial Legislature.

What a nightmare!

Top Ten Campaign Slogans Mitt Romney Will Have To Repeat Repeatedly To Get Himself Elected President

04/16/2006 - by Blash

10. Shhhhh! (Whispering) Between you and me, I've known it's a complete load of crap since I was eight years old, but you gotta cut me some slack. Daddy's attorneys wrote a clause in my Trust Fund provisions that cuts me off cold turkey if I ever get myself X'd or even hint in public that Joseph Myth lied.

9. I know that we used to teach that, but we quit back in 1978 because our PR firm's focus group studies discovered it was decreasing new baptisms by 28%.

8. Yes, that was an embarrassing moment in our history, but traveling through mountain meadows can be dangerous in other ways as well, you know. There's like poison oak and stuff. And snakes. You know snakes can kill people too.

7. I'll admit that the President Woodruff's revelation to publicly cancel "polyfucking" was curiously timed with the admission of Utah into the Union. Yeah, and I supposed you would have passed up all those federal matching funds from Congress? Right. Don't forget that the actual "polyfucking" continues under the table to this day. We knew the Federal Bureau of Intercourse could never keep tabs on that many dicks - well-hidden so much of the time (wink). Clever, don't you think?

6. As much as I hate to admit it, the rumor that I lost my virginity in the back seat of a '59 Rambler American is unfortunately true. It's not unfortunate that I lost my virginity, but a '57 Chevy would look a lot better on my resume'. On the bright side, at least it wasn't an Edsel or Nash Metropolitan.

5. I hope the fact that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth won't lose too many votes for me. You gotta understand, though, that it was a character building experience having to order the maid to pick up my toys every Saturday night. That experience taught me the leadership skills I will carry into the White House.

4. Graduating Magna Cummin Maipants from the J. Reuben Sandwich School of Law was indeed an honor. Learning how to lie convincingly (like my role model, Dallin Oaks) Monday thru Friday added to my previously well-practiced skills to lie convincingly on Sunday -- particularly Fast Sunday.

3. Well, I think running the country is very similar to CEO-ing the Winter Olympics. I'm already well-experienced at bribing officials and judges to get my way. And if bribery doesn't get results, I can pull out all the stops and threaten coerced attendance at General Conference. I hate to resort to cruel and unusual torture tactics, but when it's for the greater good, I think it can be justified.

2. No success can compensate for failure to get elected. If I have to sacrifice my family to gain the White House, then, Hey! I'll be the president of the whole country. How cool is that? Who needs a family if you are the president?

1. After I am elected and safely installed in the White House, I might just strap on enough balls to get myself excommunicated. I could invite Gordumb to the White House and hold a Press Conference, and tell Gordumb on National TV that Joseph Myth lied and I know it, and Gordumb is a phony fraud, and I know it. On the other hand, I could remain a member in good standing and command the Smithsonian Institution by Executive Order to change its name to the Mythsonian Institution, and then command it to use the Book of Moron as an archealogical digging guide.

It would be fun to watch the Mythsonian experts trying to figure out how far Zarahemla is from the Narrow Neck of Land. They could consult with FARMS and get advice on where to dig. And when all they dig up is dirt and rocks, the FARMS scholars could research the Book of Moron and see if dirt and rocks were mentioned anywhere - thus proving once again that it's the most correct book on earth.

Commander in Chief Mitt Romney's Top Ten Priorities Upon Taking Office

03/30/2006 - by cricket

10. Replace office of vice president with offices of First Counselor and Second Counselor

9. Reduce current size of Cabinet from fifteen to twelve to match the number of oxen supporting Mormon temple baptism fonts.

8. Call the Three Nephites to assume the Office of Homeland Security.

7. Disconnect the "Red Phone" from the link to Moscow to a link to Salt Lake City's Church Administration Building.

6. Order all military personnel to wear Mormon temple garments for protection from bullets, fire, knife wounds, weapons of mass destruction and sexually transmitted disease.

5. Suggest to Gordon Hinckley that he call Hillary Clinton as first non-Mormon General Relief Society President in order to get more Democrat votes for his second term.

4. Call Boyd K Packer to head up the Federal Bureau of Investigation into any and everything of a personal nature to young men.

3. Rename the Department of the Interior to the Department of the Inferior and call his wife Ann as the director.

2. Begin each cabinet meeting with gang-like handshakes, tokens, signs and penalties and conclude the meeting with the "True Circle Jerk Order of Prayer."

1. Make Re-formed Egytian the official language of The United Nations.

So Mitt Romney's trying to round up Jewish support: hmmmm....

11/13/2005 - by Tal Bachman

Mitt Romney mug shot. Can you imagine this in a press conference?

"Governor Romney - of all the books in the world both religious and secular, which of all of them do you consider to be 'the most correct book on earth'?"

If he says anything other than the Book of Mormon, then I guess we know what kind of Mormon, and man, Mitt really, headlines could read "Mitt Romney at Odds with LDS Leaders", etc.

And if he says the Book of Mormon, we point out then that Mitt assents to the claim that Jesus was born a Jew because the Jews were the only race depraved enough to kill the Messiah (II Nephi 10:3), that anti-semitism is the JEWS' OWN FAULT (II Nephi 29:5), and that the freedom of the United States of America is in peril BECAUSE JEWS ARE HERE (Ether 2:8-12).

If there are any astute reporters out there, Mitt's presidential run should be really entertaining (does someone want to send this to a reporter friend?).

Questions to ask Romney in a hypothetical press conference

11/13/2005 - by bishop Rick

1. Mr. Romney, do you believe that the American Indian's skin is dark because their forefathers were cursed by God?

2. Mr Romney, do you believe that the original inhabitants of the Americas were practicing Christians hundreds of years before Jesus was born?

3. Mr Romney, do you believe that God views religions other than Mormonism as "abominations"? (See first vsion account)

4. Mr Romney, do you believe that black people's skin is dark because they are descendents of Cain, who was cursed by God for killing his brother Abel?

5. Mr Romney, do you believe that there is an old guy in Salt Lake City who receives revelations directly from God?

Mr Romney, if you are listening: Massachusetts evidently know little or cares much about Mormonism. The U.S. Presidency has much bigger stakes. If these kinds of questions were not asked in your gubernatorial campaign, you can bet they will be in your presidential. If I can offer you some advice, take a couple of weeks and honestly study the origins of your religion. Look at both sides of the issue. Leaving that cult you are bound to before you run for president might lose you 3 electoral college votes (Utah) but is would probably gain you a lot of respect and votes elsewhere.

Mitt's Bio

Born March 12, 1947, in Detroit.

EDUCATION: B.A. 1971, highest honors, Brigham Young University; M.B.A. 1975, Baker Scholar, Harvard Business School; J.D. 1975, cum laude, Harvard Law School.

CAREER: 1975, Boston Consulting Group; 1977, Bain & Co.; 1978-1984, vice president of Bain & Co.; 1984, founded Bain Capital; 1990, took two-year leave from Bain Capital to return as interim CEO of Bain & Co., 1994, Republican U.S. Senate nominee in Massachusetts; 1994-1999, Bain Capital; 1999-2002, president of Salt Lake Olympics Organizing Committee; 2002, elected governor of Massachusetts.

FAMILY: Married to Ann Romney, March 21, 1969; five sons, five daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren.

Mitt Romney Mormon Church donation slip.

Comment Section - 188 as of 12/12/2012

Go find something productive to do.......with all the problems going on in the world, you stuck on mormons.....I know this is harsh but the only words I can find are....your an idiot. Go help world hunger, find a way to our pressure on our congress to get along or help improve the morality of our nation. - 12/12/2012 - Lance


What can I say? Your blog speaks for itself. Soooo, are you bitter because you are gay? Evangelical? Do you like to do things in Utah that are illegal because of Mormons? Do you not get enough attention from your Mother? Were you dropped on your head as a child? Just curious. - 05/03/2012 - John


I guess I'm wondering why you spend energy trashing on people. Seems like you would be a lot happier if you focused your energy on something positive. just a thought. :) I'm not sure who's going to win to be the president of the United States, but certainly I'd hope in the year 2012 that people will look past one's religion, race, gender, and color. haha. Otherwise I suppose we get caught in the awful ditch of bigotry. good luck with that. - 03/23/2012 - anon


You folks really need to get a job: or find SOMETHING to do. Scheeeeze! I've never seen so much garbage in one place in my life. Oh ......and here's an update for you - the USA has freedom of religion. Imagine!!! - 03/07/2012 - cburrell


You forget that your a human being and a son of the powerfull heavenly Father...look deep inside yourself and think what if that was your father or your mother, i can see you dont care and most likely will laugh at this comment, but dont forget that someday you too like everyone in this life will have to die and meet their maker, will you be ready to face him and for attacking the beliefs of others when you have no reason to be doing what your doing lack love, understanding, compassion, your stuck in a material world witch you will never escape because your mind is too weak to surpass the flesh we truly feel sorry for you, you think your so smart? the truth is you have nothing...i can see your a miserable person who dosent have anything better to do but try to ruin others realities when you never did anything with yours but cultivate laughters that will only last you moments of plessure, then same old same old back to your miserable pointless reality that has no destination, no beliefs, no knowledge of what awaits you on the other side, your lame reality that has no true happiness but just living one day at a time not knowing how to spend your time just living to live aimlessly, look around you this very instante what do you have? who loves you? how long will all the things you have last?...yeah you dont have anything and you dont even know who you are...your the true puppet of of the evil system that has taken control...your actually laughing at yourself and thats what it has to offer confussion, lies , loneliness, fake people who think they are so smart but really are a bunch of losers who naturally have bad habits. we pray for you all and ask for mercy upon your souls because you have desicrated and offended the powerfull father, he lets you do what you do to in order to see how evil your hearts truly are and so he can unleash his rath upon you in due time...enjoy your laughs while you can. you can keep acting like you know it all as some super smart society but you actually dont know anything ...ever though about that? anyways enjoy your time in hell salamanders. - 02/10/2012 - your inner conscious


I was wondering where all you bigots have been hiding. I understand that you are blinded by the evil one. You probably think you are being a good Christian but you will never understand real truth. I would love to debate any of you fools and show how you don't even know your own bible. - 02/04/2012 - Cdub


Q: Know why crows are black?

A: They wouldn't help the seagulls eat the crickets. - 02/01/2012 - no mo


How can this guy be takes seriously with his post!!!! I think 1/2 the people on here are only 1/3 as smart as Romney's worse 1/2. get it? - 01/31/2012 - the plow


I find it very concerning that a website like this is making fun of the Mormon religion. And furthermore, I wouldn't be concerned by Mitt Romney running for president as a Mormon.

After all, Timothy Leary ran for governor of California, and what Timothy Leary wanted was to legalize LSD.

Thanks to Mitt Romney's religion, I am absolute certain that he would never try to legalize illicit drugs. Timothy Leary probably would, even though he found out it could be harmful after twenty years of research. At least, one of the things the Mormon religion prohibits is drugs, and it's a very good think to be against drugs. - 01/29/2012 - Anders


If you can truly separate church from state (remember the great country was based on love of God no matter how you worship him, but not in secret or wearing mystic clothes. If you recall, the Mormons butchered a wagon train of peaceful pioneers by command of the ecclesiastic leader and by command from who knows where blacks could become "priests or they (the Mormon religion) lose their non profit position. If I could believe this separation I would give Mr. Romney my vote. Governor Romney prove it to me. - 01/10/2012 - usafsarge7


This sight is beyond disgusting--to take such an honorable, good man and use every infantile trick in the book to bash and demean him, right down to his under garments. You have clearly gone to far and must be desperate in doing so. Mitt Romney is so beyond your inablity to comprehend true class and refinement, that you have resorted to this type of squaller. You should be ashamed of what your pathetic actions reveal about your level of decadence and lack of honor. How disgusting that you would attempt to smear and misalign America's only hope for restoring dignity to a decaying America (Thanks to the liberal Democrats)when it truth, Mitt Romney is the only candidate who has the skill and know-how to turn our economy around and create thousands, then millions of job to restore dignity to working-class people. It is incredulous that you have sunk to the level of what you display on this sight. It is hardly worth reading through, and definitely not worth responding too because it is too infantile and immature in its expanse. Please go home and grow up before it's too late for you. Mitt Romney is so far above you level of maturity that it is no wonder you can't comprehend him and have to continue to slither with the slime that suits you best. - 10/05/2011 - Caprice


I feel bad for you. Good luck with the rest of your life. - 11/09/2010 - anon


i want all to know that read this that this is all a bunch of crap and i am completely offended by this website. i don't appreciate what is being displayed here and i don't care if you're mormon or not this isn't right. i am mormon and if you're going to talk smack do it behind closed doors because no one wants to hear this kind of gossip. not to mention that how you portray our religion is totally off the mark. DON'T TALK ABOUT THINGS YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND! some of these things are considered sacred and you are violating their rights and their private lives to worship a holy god that loves everyone including the people who posted this stupid website and have no respect. why should a man's religion matter in politics anyway?? our country was built on the belief of god and now everyone is trying to change that. what are we if we don't believe in something pure and good? i hate how people show disrespect for what they don't know for themselves. i love the gospel and if you don't i don't care. just respect it. i put my name on because i want everyone who reads this to know that i kayla noakes find this offensive and don't appreciate anyone involved. - 10/17/2010 - kayla marie ann noakes


I feel sorry for the other of this site. - 10/02/2010 - anon


You need some new writers. You're lame, I can write better stuff than this. Lmao, it's obvious you are a former or disgruntled mormon, and I would not grace a rag such as you post with anything I would create. - 09/23/2010 - boku545


Sounds like you are a Bill Maher wannabe. Get a life! - 09/13/2010 - anon


You are one hateful group... demonstrating inordinate resentment against the Mormons. I wonder why it is that the mormons get the attention of so many whack-jobs like you? I've been to Salt Lake City a number of times during the mormon conference and see many "interesting" people demonstrate against mormons and their beliefs. Some of the same messages and images I see them hold up. I wonder why mormons are such a preferred target, and not other religions? Quite franquly, makes me feel more empathetic towards the Mormons and the Mormon church. If your intent is to turn people off, you are failing miserably. Are you guys christians? If so, how about demonstrating some principles of Christianity, such as, I don't know- "do unto others..."? - 09/02/2010 - Cam


you are a dead man. - 08/28/2010 - anon


The world has bigger problems than this mindless bullshit. Get over yourselves. /end of arguement - 07/31/2010 - You all are idiots


You are really showing how ignorant you are by posting those horrible things! - 04/30/2010 - Show some respect


What a sad state of mind you are in! You are a sick, twisted, little coward that has nothing better to do than twist and turn the truth. We will all see what the truth is when the end comes. Good luck! Too bad you will be burnt to a crisp instantly! - 04/27/2010 - anon


You who created this site , don«t know what you are doing ,you should help and love human beings, what you are doing is destroying many lives with all these bunch of lies, a disrespect for all, you are a servent of the devil, I feel pitty for you ( loser ) .

May God have mercy of you . You Poor devil's son. - 04/22/2010 - anon


CTR stands for Choose the Right (Republican) and 100% profit goes to Deseret Book.

The vote Romney thong as shown is from cafe press and has nothing to do with temple garments on that site you could stick a picture of the creature from the black lagoon on it if you so wish.

With the slander and lies on your page if it were not for the under average intelligent of the population this site would not exist . I could spend all day debunking this site. I know that whomever created this site will not take it down under any circumstance. its not worth my time however it is hurtful and dishonest and i hope that as your gain in years and maturity you can understand that it does no good to anyone and you can move on to bigger and better things - 04/08/2010 - - Richard


"Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

I love you and hope you find some happiness in your life. All I see is a life full of hatred and sadness and it is truly sad. "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

I cant imagine anyone feeling love from your messages of hate. youre very good at tearing down beliefs yet you dont offer what everyone should believe. So i see your whole goal is to get everyone else to be as miserable as you are. - 03/30/2010 - Joseph


Esse e um grande desrespeito a religiao de outras pessoas. Acredito nos Estados Unidos, achava que aqui as pessoas respeitavam mais a religiao e crenca uns dos outros, isso e muito triste e sem valor.

"This is so disrespectful to the religion of other people. I believe in the USA still. I thought that the people had more respect to the relives and religion of other people, this is just to sad and of poor value. - 03/22/2010 - Justice


This site is offensive ... because Mormonism is offensive.

LOL! good work, Salamander guys. Very creative and spot on, indeed. The people posting here claiming there are lies can't point out the "lies" b/c POLYGAMY was practiced, TEMPLE ceremonies are silly that's why they're "secret" not sacred, Romney does SWEAR AN OATH in the temple to the Mormon church first, only, and above all like any old Mormon, and Mormons DO plan WORLD DOMINATION. - 03/04/2010 - freeurmind


This whole Mormon thing is profoundly funny, AND disturbing, AND informative.

When a group of people is isolated for too long, they start to act silly. Some tribes start worshiping bugs. Some throw sacrifices into a volcano. Some make up wild stories and develop goofy rituals. It happens all over the world.

It is one of the reasons Western people tend to 'look down' on 'lesser developed' 'natives.' From island Voodoo to Aztec idol worship - the 'West' has always used this behaviour as justification for slapping some sense into the culture in question.

THE THING THAT MAKES THIS DIFFERENT is that these LOOK like well organised, sensible 'White-folk.' Efficient and modern in every way... until you LISTEN to them!

As a group, they are as mad as baboons! I see it as comforting. It is nice to see White-folk make asses of themselves for a change. ...And OH BROTHER, do they ever make asses of themselves!

Magic underpants and talking white lizards... makes L.RonHubbard look sane. 'Ain't no crazy like white-folk crazy, 'cause white-folk crazy don't stop!'


-P.S.: I think you guys are even funnier than the Nazis! - 03/03/2010 - anon


This website is only a disservice to the person who created this site. The debate in this site shows no validation or credentials that prove these claims. Anybody who's smart can see that. Good luck in convicing people your perspective on the religion, cuz you're REALLY going to need it. 10/28/2009 - C


You're an idiot who exploits a church over facts you have no clue about. You are the devil himself. You are dispicable and will be punished so later on. Good luck in your non-existant future you fool. -/09/14/2009 - anon


He's mormon. So? If you're afraid of religion getting involved in the government look at Obama. Apparently he was previously Muslim right before he ran for president. So who would you rather have as president? A harmless mormon or an ex-terrorist. Or is he actually "ex"? =/ - 08/03/2009 - E-Ric


What a hypocritical thing to do... to slam Mr. Romney because of his religion. So much for "tolerance" that the left is always preaching.

How come you don't do this same thing for Democrat Harry Reid, leader of the Senate, for he is just as Mormon as Romney is, but NOOOOOO, because he is part of your left wing agenda, you leave him alone, right?

So your left wing political bias shines through loud and clear! - 05/24/2009 - AWR


You are stupid if you knew the feeling we can have inside this religion you wouldnt do this Why dont you study more instead of making jokes what an childish YOU ARE AH YOU MAKE ME MAD NOBODY TALKS ABOUT MY HEAVENLY FATHER IN MY FACE! ONE DAY YOU WILL SEE ONE DAY JUST WAIT - 03/10/2009 - Gabi


somebody has way too much time on their hands putting all this crap up. - 03/05/2009 - anon


is this a joke- because none of its true - 02/21/2009 - anon


I wonder how many people are making fun of Barack for his... monkyish looks. Or Hilary because she is a woman. I mean seriously. Romney knew what he was getting himself into. By running for president he was opening himself and his beliefs up for public scrutiny. Get over it people. This is funny. And I bet you have made fun of people or something a person believes in for the sake of funny. Bunch of Hypocrites - 02/10/2009 - Ally




Ignorant breeds contempt. Education opens the eyes of understanding and eliminates deception deceit falsity and untruth. - 12/14/2008 - Don


Jesus suffered for your sins man...and by the looks of this website...he suffered far more than most just for you. Keep in mind that you'll have to suffer for all these sins if you don't repent (Recognize, Feel True Sorrow, Make Amends, Ask God for Forgiveness, never repeat the sin) Get've got lots of 'amending' to do. 12/14/2008 -Jake


Absolutely disgusting. That's all I have to say. - 11/30/2008 - anon


I came across this site while searching for something totally unrelated and found it interesting, but totally misleading, full of inaccuracies, and abounding in ignorance about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the world in general, and science. When those uneducated in the science of genetics, like Dore, get their doctorate in that field, then they can comment on the DNA studies cited. Which, by the way, contain faulty science. The researchers had a goal in mind and then manipulated the data to prove their hypothesis. Unfortunately, this is a common, but thankfully infrequent, occurrence in the scientific community. - Dr. Dutch - 11/29/2008 - Dr. Dutch


HILARIOUS!!! - 11/26/2008 - salamander


It's too bad that people feel a need to be so hateful and deceitful. What you have posted is false, misleading, and rather childish. But I'm not offended; in fact, it's all rather funny ... but the joke is on those who write and believe the garbage on this site about the Church and/or Mitt Romney. - 11/08/2008 - b4genesis


Please read the book of Mormon....will you? and if you do so, may i invite you to ponder the things written threin...and ask the Lord in faith, believing that He will manifest it unto you, if the book is true...or not... - 10/27/2008 - Moronaroni


Pleasse visit my blog to deal with your hate: - 09/25/2008 - name: Weston


Most of your text is libelous. The words attached to most of the pictures are completely untrue. - 09/12/2008 - Concerned reader


A person Who spends a lot o time only trying to blame someone can not be a good person anyway - 08/25/2008 - Ricky


translate, if you want... Por causa de pessoas como você o mundo torna-se um tanto pior... acho que você poderia gastar seu precioso tempo edificando as pessoas em algo que poderia ajudá-las... Reflita e tenha certeza de que um dia você irá prestar contas de todas as suas palavras e atos... - 07/30/2008 - Jean Carlos


...que pena por quien creo esto... el solo hecho de tratar de difamar a alguien... pues... solo se condena...asi que creadores o creador de esta pagina.. ya tieenes tu lugar preparado...bye - 07/13/2008 - hola


There's no reason to joke with any religions. Mormons think of these things that you take light as symbolic or sacred. You make fun of Mormons about not giving blacks the priesthood, yet you're being as prejudice against a group of people. - 07/07/2008 - anonymous


Do you waste time in this things??? Poor of you, what ever religion you attack, you will never destoy it.

Keep doing it and at of your days, you will have a wasted life.

Go and feed the poor, do what Jesus did. I don´t imagine him doing things like you. - 07/03/2008 - Me


I am ashamed to see this site, I am a mormon. And I say it loud and clear, I am not ashamed of my religion, on the contrary, I love sharing it. My religion is sacred, it's precious to me, and I don't appriciate the things you've put on this site. Every religion is different, why single out the mormons? What has Mitt Romney ever done to you? What have Mormons ever done to you? - 05/30/2008 - Amber C.


If Mitt Romney had been a missionary in the U.S. he would have even more enemies for knocking on peoples doors who were trying to sleep in on Sat. mornings. - 04/11/2008 - nohinckster


You should be ashamed of yourself - 04/02/2008 - anon


Way to be the bigger person... dont you feel so much better now that you have tried to cut down a religion? i ask yo0u to pleas stop all this garbage you are posting! it dos no one any good to make fun of at poke at some ones faith! - 04/02/2008 - Logan


Hey "Non Mormon Front Line Fighter", You are the one who needs to get facts straight.

I spent over 40 years of my life in Mormon meetings listening to them belittle, make fun of, laugh at, and run down other religions....even in Sacrament meeting...even in the TEMPLE. Until they changed the temple "scaremony" in the late 80's and early 90"s, they even had a Protestant minister playing Satan's toady. That was removed when Ed Decker told the world about it in his book, The GodMakers. but I went through the temple in the early 1980's, and it was still there then. When I was growing up, and even into my adulthood, the term "born again Christian" was made fun of and belittled in the Mormon wards I lived in.

Since I became a notorious "born again Christian", I have not once heard one Christian belittle a Mormon or Mormonism. Most Christians don't know enough about the filth of Mormonism to make any kind of statement about them at all. I challenge all Mormons to go to the website of the "Voice of the Martyrs" to see what it truly means to be "persecuted" for your faith. These people are going to jail and dying for living for Christ. All Mormons can complain about is having their poor little "feelings hurt." That's not persecution, and they need to grow up. You also need to not believe your Mormon friends, because they will not tell you the truth about their beliefs. What they tell you is not the same thing they are saying in their wards and stakes. Go to a reliable website like, and they will tell you the truth about Mormonism.

I want to know if you are a Christian. If you are, I suggest you start to read your Bible, in context. The Bible rips Mormonism to shreds. (Especially the New Testament) I know, because I have read the Bible, in it's entirety, and my husband and I have been and are continually blown away at how many things in Mormonism it disproves.

Don't be deceived, my friend...It is a religion of lies. I know...I lived those lies for far too long. Praise Jesus that I have His truth, His Way and His life in MY life now! - 03/06/2008 - navywife


This site is funny as hell. I can understand why the Mormons who see it are offended. It exposes alot about them and their funky cult religion. I grew up in Arizona in a small town that was about 25% Mormon and I know first-hand about the world-domination their cult preaches. I have read the Book of Mormon and many of the other publications they have.

I have also read the ORIGINAL version of the Book of Mormon and the NUMEROUS other versions that have followed. The fact that their "gospel" is constantly under revision should be reason enough for them to reject such drivel. When a "gospel" has to be revised time and time again, it only proves it to be a fraudulent publication from the beginning. And I know of no other religion in the world that has actually changed their doctrines.

As for the comparison of a Catholic, Jewish, or any other religion-oriented presidental candidate to a Mormon candidate - I know for a fact that a Mormon's first allegiance is to their cult and that they have to swear to that allegiance with every temple visit. Speaking of temples, I also know of no other religion in the world that actually PROHIBITS over 2/3 of their followers from entering their own religious buildings. Most Mormons have never been in "their" temples, as they are not "worthy" enough.

If you seek knowledge about this dangerous, mind-controlling religious cult, you can obtain publications through a very worthwhile organization called Concerned Christians. They are dedicated Christians who assist Mormons who wish to leave their cult, do so without reprisals, without being alienated from their children, without physical battery, etc. Thank you for allowing me to post my thoughts. - 02/16/2008 - D


How can anyone take this crap seriously. It's all propaganda BULL SHIT!!! (Excuse the language my Mormon friends.)Find a real life instead of spending all your time tearing down other's religion. And if you are going to protest and make an argument, GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT!!! YOU ARE TOO IGNORANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. DO RESEARCH, THEN MAKE AN ARGUMENT. Seriously Carol, I'm sick and tired of ignorant people futilely trying to tear down this peaceful and wholesome life promoting religion. I'd like to find a Faithful Mormon who slanders and tears down someone else's beliefs. YOU WILL NOT FIND IT!! They are good people. You need to leave your personal prejudices aside until you are no longer an ignorant, uninformed person. Do the research, READ THE BOOK OF MORMON, make up your own informed mind about it, THEN AND ONLY THEN will you be taken seriously when you slander. However, If you do and honest search and study I'm sure you'll find the religion to be not quite as a "cult" as you expected. And lastly.... GROW UP!! - 02/15/2008 - roughneckbilly - The Non-Mormon Front Line Fighter


Yes wwlll I believe that all of these negative comments are plain ridiculous!!!! For one you are totally toying with sacred things!!!! Also what right do you people have to come and tell us that we are a cult??? We are a church just like anyother church!! Yeah we might have different views but we're all human and for crying out loud we should look out for each other and not tear people down!!

Oh and by the way Polygamy isn't anymore and there were adequate reasons for it!! Don't jump to conclusions!!!!!! Don't you have anything better to do than rag on others???? - 02/15/2008 - Whitley


Wow. How much did you pay to get this garbage to the top of the search page? From your not too funny list, we can only see the shallowness of your hatred. As it is our belief to turn the other cheek, we are sure you will be begging us for handouts when the time comes. Good luck to you when the time comes. - 02/15/2008 - Anonymous


leave this man alone he is a god - 02/14/2008 - mothman26101


yall are dumbasses....he's the best Candidate since Ronald Reagan....maybe even sad he pulled out....he'll be back in it next time though.... - 02/12/2008 - DW~USMC


i beleve in the mormen im a mormen so quit bad mouthing something you dont - 02/12/2008 - sweety


I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, which everyone calls Mormon, and I ask that you please reconsider your actions. this is very rude and improper, and I ask you to ask yourself, how would you feel if the religion you belong to was mocked all the time, was crucified with phrases, pictures and etc mocking you? not only you but what you stand for and believe in? but you know if you think about it, thanks for creating this, just goes to show how much you really need the true gospel in you life..and if you do post anything else, please get your facts right and reconsider your actions?!?!?! but have a great day thank you, oh and you are welcomed to attend our meetings and hear the word of the Lord. - 02/11/2008 - Urshla


I think that Romney would be a good president. He has morals and has been married to the same woman his whole life. This shows a respect for women that other men can only dream of having. The legacy of Bill Clinton was declining morals and BJs in Junior high school bathrooms. Wouldn't you rather have a God inspired man like Romney instead of a Pornography inspired man like Bill Clinton? If I was you I would get down on my knees and ask God who you should vote for, then vote your conscience. That's what I'm doing and for the first time in my life I know I am making the right decision. - 02/10/2008 - Mormon Guy


I almost jumped off a cliff when i saw Romeny was stepping down. He's the best chance we've got - 02/08/2008 - SugarDavis


He's Gone!!! Praise God! I did hear part of his speech to the conservative convention..."He's stepping down because he LOVES AMERICA??????" Give me a break. He stepped down because McCain had over twice as many delegates as Romney had...and Huckabee was right on Mitt's slimy tail. He stepped down because he's a LOSER!!!!

Praise God! Now maybe America has a that we are no longer threatened with the sliminess of the Mormon cult! - 02/08/2008 - navywife


this is the most rediculously inaccurate site i have ever seen. just so all of you ignorant people know mitt romney is LDS and we do not practice polygamy. we are only called mormons by the ignorant public. thre is another group of people that the public call mormons that split off of the LDS church. we often get confused with this smaller religion that does practice polygamy. don't talk about things you don't understand. who ever posted this site and anybody that has contributed to these lies need to get a life and leave other people alone. get your facts straight. - 02/08/2008 - anonymous


you are an idiot no sabes nada imbecil muerete - 02/08/2008 - mosiah


Romney has had success everywhere he has been and touched, and your a stupid, fat liar who sits at their computer looking for ways to bring everyone down because you are the Devil's minion, and because you are miserable, you want everyone to be too.

Contact the REAL Mormon missionaries, and let them teach you everything you know. I don't care if you think you know everything, just get off your butt and do it!! I think then you'll find the TRUTH, and you will know it when it hits you. - 02/04/2008 - Get a life, devil worshiper!


you guys are retarded. get a life! - 02/04/2008 - Nicole


Are you kidding me, this site makes me sick to my stomach! There are people starving in africa, people who are living on the streets in our find land, you make a site like this. You honestly make me sick. I hope you sleep well at night making fun of good noble people who have done nothing to you. You are a waste of skin - 02/04/2008 - anon


What an awful website. - 02/03/2008 - anon


I don't know why you have felt the need to make such a hateful and disrespectful website. In our country, it is illegal, unethical and immoral to discriminate on the basis of Sex, race, religion, national origin or sexual preference. Would you just as easily make a website attacking Obama's blackness or Hillary's femaleness? I think not. YOu should be ashamed of yourself.

I am not Mormon, so I can say it - you are shit!! - 02/03/2008 - STP


I love being a Mormon. It's brought lots of joy and happiness to my life. It's sad that there is so little respect for things other people think are important but it's part of life. - 02/01/2008 - Mormon4life 52>




i know this church to be true and believe that anyone who slanders it isnt bad but misunderstands the principles of our teachings. Way to cut and paste whoever did this. Its done realy poorly. - 02/01/2008 - anon


People have many reasons for hate, and I have to tell you I am Christian in every sence of the definition, and can't see ho wa person could waste this much time to trash one person because his beliefs are slightly different... If you live by Christian principal, it shouldn't matter if the savior is in Heaven or on some off-named planet... at least Mitt's not of "Muslim" heritage, pretending to be a devout Christian (we all know who I'm referring to!) - 01/28/2008 - Gary


Your Romney rants are a bit over the top but one thing is for sure. In the tenants of the LDS church: Believers MUST follow their leaders with blind obedience. Their Prophet, Joseph Smith, was the voice of God on Earth. Each president that followed was also elevated to the level of Prophet on their entering office therefore the current president of the LDS church speaks the word of God. Mitt Romney being a "Good and Faithful" member of the Church must obey the word of the Prophet. Therefore a vote for Romney is a vote for Gordon B. Hinckley current president of the LDS church.

Now for a little personal observation. I live in a predominantly Mormon town in the Southwest. I will not say which one for fear of my life (I'm not kidding). When I moved here the neighbors came over on a weekly basis asking if i needed help. I thought that was very nice, though I believe in self sufficiency so I never took them up on it. They weren't deterred. They would bring over fruit, baked goods, little gifts.

Again very nice. But soon came the invitations to "visit" their church. Soon the invitations became more frequent. Then they would knock on my door on Sunday at 6AM just to see if they could "Invite me to church and breakfast." I refused. One day the neighbor showed up with two missionaries. He wanted to show my family a video. We watched and then I was asked if I wouldn't like to have a Bible study in my home. That was it. I told them my views on religion in general. They left and said they'd pray for us.

The visits stopped as did the offers for help. My business started to go downhill but as I run the only businesslike it in town I still got some LDS patronage but I'll be moving ASAP. Now here are observations on the City Government and how non Mormons are treated. Every member of the City Council and the Mayor is a Mormon. All public facilities including the City Pool are closed on Sunday. The City park is taken over every year for Pioneer Days, a Mormon Celebration, at tax payers expense.

The County Fair commission refuses to allow the Fair to run through to Sunday and all vendors must be off the premises by 11:59PM Saturday. The one liquor store in town must close at 9PM regardless of which day of the week. Yet the local Circle K owned by a church Bishop sells liquor and stays open until midnight but does not sell liquor on Sundays. I could go on but you get the idea. Is it possible that this is just a microcosm of what might become of this country if Romney wins?

I for one am voting for the one conservative that isn't spewing religious rhetoric. Who? That's my secret. And what happens if the economy, the environment or law and order collapses while I'm in this town and the good ol boys come to show me the way out of town? Hmmm. I've got the fire power and three thousand rounds to persuade the 2,450 Mormons in this town to think twice before they take on this Gentile. - 01/27/2008 - TANSTAAFL


Perhaps this is the ex-Mormon, anti-God way to anathematize the LDS Church by the power of their speechless and dumb gods. Such bellicosity is out of control and needs to be stopped. I hope no one believes what these perverted people have said on this odious site. The words were fatuous, effete, impuissant, macabre, and false. These writers are ribald, scurrilous, pugnacious, and are guilty of prevarication because of their nonsenssical bigotry toward the LDS Church. What they say is extraneous and does nothing for America to help them decide on a President. Can anyone reading this hateful content or seeing these distasteful garbage really believe that these anti-Mormons possess anything even remotely resembling piety? These people are immensely deficient in their discipleship to the Savior. That is axiomatic by their disgusting words and pictures. That tells a lot about the truth of the LDS Church.

I invite all to spurn what they say and to learn the truth from our Giving Maker directly through prayer. Invite LDS or Mormon missionaries over and read the scriptures with real intent. The absence of comforting feelings that are listed in Galations 5:22-23 and that are from the Holy Ghost confirm that these people speak lies and seek to destroy goodness. Does it not tell you the lies of these people prove whom they serve? Does that not show they are diametrically opposed to God and that the LDS or Mormon Church is in line with God's teachings? I know Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that He has restored His Church in the last days as prophecied so much in the Bible (Ephesians 1:10, II Thessalonians 2:1-3, Revelations 14:6, Amos 8:11-12 etc . . .). If you want to know more, please ask an active LDS member or go to or It does not resemble this odious filth. God bless! - 01/25/2008 - jmightymouse - Joe


Did you hear that last year the leader of the Mormon church visited the Pope? Yes, they met in Utah to discuss religious issues. They both agreed to telephone God directly to seek the truth. A few weeks after the initial meeting, they met in Rome. The leader of the Mormon church was frustrated, saying the Mormon church was out of money because the telephone call to Heaven cost trillions of dollars. The Pope replied 'trillions of dollars, it only cost me 20 cents, local call'. - 01/17/2008 - CultBi


It'll be fun when we all can laugh about our misconceptions of reality in the after life. Until then.. if you are confused and need some serious clarifications? go to one of the best sights for clearing up the mormon questions you might have. Its pretty evident this site reeks of animosity. - 01/17/2008 - Weighbothsides


Wow, there really are a lot of IGNORANT bigots in this country. Hope you decide to stay home on voting day. So sorry I fell upon this website. It looks more like of a way to belittle beliefs and try and smear Mormonism more than talking about the facts of Mitt Romney's campaign. By the way have we forgotten about religious freedom in America???? Evidently.

Thank you all for being mature....once again. - 01/11/2008 - Rachel Frivance


Well, I would say you have a certain level of wit, but lack respect. Make fun of the Mormon Church if you want, but when you show those pictures of the Romneys wearing temple garments, you've gone over the line. Mormons consider those articles of clothing to be representative of their faith, and are SACRED to them. It's wrong to make fun of things people hold sacred, whether you agree with them or not. It's one thing to joke about Brigham Young and make those top ten lists, but quite another to make fun of temple ordinances or garments. Would you make fun of Jews who wear kippah and tzitzit as symbols of their devotion to God? Grow up. Some things really should be respected, whether you like it or not. - 01/11/2008 - Cocolat


Get a life. Someone has way too much time on their hands. Get a job and do something productive. - 01/11/2008 - bill


you don;t know what you are talking about - 01/10/2008 - anon


So many things so much stupidity so much time wasted from you here trying to make a point of whatever you tried to show or say. I say...get a life! I'll bet you will make a great leader or something if you just let it go and make up your mind. There are so many things in the world right now that you can write about that will really give you the attention that seems you are looking for..don't you think so? but I guess we are free to say and think whatever we want right? feeling sorry 4U. Diego. - 01/10/2008 - Diego


Wow, this site is really grown up of you. You bash someone's religion and put up a bunch of garbage and post it as fact. I guess it really is possible for every country bumpkin in this nation to get a website. I'm not a member of the LDS church but am a christian and think this is ridiculous. Get a life. - 01/09/2008 - anon


This site is funny as hell. I love getting the pot stirred and you are doing it. If it shows one thing, it is the truth about Mormanism-- IT IS A CULT - and no different than James Jones Group who all were poisoned some years ago. Only difference is that current Mormans keep a pretty low profile and quietly kill their detractors or but them off. Read the "Morman Murders" book- can't remember the author right now, but you should be able to find it if you don't live in Utah. Funny site and a little from all sides. Have o go see if there are ones on Hillary and Obama and McCain.. Peace to all. - 01/09/2008 - pied porker


I am assuming that most (if not all) of the libel is written by those who consider themselves liberal. Free thinkers, the kind of people who want peace and for everyone to be accepted. Surprisingly enough, it seems that many people who embrace same sex marriage and abortion support those things because they believe in equality and that there is no room in this ever shrinking world for prejudice. Latter Day Saints do not oppress women, in fact, many women are in many authoritative positions within the church. Not all mormon women get married, or simply live out their worth as support for their husband. LOOK UP SHERI DEW!!!!!!

I am tired of how closed minded and hypocritical self acclaimed liberals are. I had a room mate the same way that could not respect my own personal choices, such as not drinking smoking pot or watching R rated films. He was a self declared liberal and I'm now convinced after living with him that it was only because he does not want to be accountable to anyone or anything.


By the by, Jesus was a pacifist and I'm sure having someone that believes in him to that extent would be beneficial to the collective goal of bringing our soldiers home! - 01/09/2008 - anon


someone asked some questions about whether Mitt would go to temple as the US Prez and how would it work re FBI/security/non-mos in the temple (why wouldn't they just assign him Mormon agents?) This poster also said what if Mitt had to go the whole term without attending temple.

I was thinking about McTemples and then laughed to think of a McRomney temple, one that is dedicated just to him for the duration of his presidency (if that occurs). (Or it could be a MittTemple, haha). - 01/09/2008 - Susan


CTR means choose the right. not Choose the Romney. Whoever posted this is messed up. this is not right. - 01/09/2008 - Clueless in Salt Lake City


Would like to add my comments in regards to such amuzement and disrespectfull web site which I consider the worst I´ve ever seen in spite of being brazilian and not living in USA. I´m Mormon too and I have learned how to be a better person following the church meetings and the prophets teachings, have even served as a Mormon missionary here in Brazil having a bunch of american friends Who are the best people I have ever met, all of them are Mormons they have settep up a great example here and I bet there as far as I know I´m quite sure I know the history of your country better then you otherwise You would never say such things against the church and the mormons.At least you could respect his beliefs and also the Church of Jesus Christ instead. In regards to polygamism Why don´t you guys read the whole Bible first before making such comments? as far as I know polygamism was once a commandement that can be easily found on your ENGLISH BIBLE Kings James version.

I do repeat the best people I´ve ever met are Mormons my best american friends and they are a great example in their communities Do you know Why? Because at the same time you were probably bulding this web site they were doing something useful to your people and country. - 01/09/2008 - Ricardo Salgues


Wow -- It doesn't say much for a group of people who have enough time on their hands to spend it bashing a religion. It looks to me like Mormons are busy doing good for this world while the creators of this site are busy being idiots. Way to go, losers. - 01/09/2008 - grow up


Im not mormon and I'm offended at this site. This reminds me of the propoganda websites that radical islam puts together to slandar jews and americans.. No shame. you are no better than the terrorists.

If you want to attack him, attack his policies. He has issues. But to include the ugly anti-mormon stuff is horrible.

Every mormon Ive met at work is standup person. what is your problem? - 01/08/2008 - URbigots


Love all the mormon responses. "I feel sorry for you" "what did we ever do to you" "you're a bigot", yap yap yap. You hit it dead on man!

This IS a cult. And anyone that truly believes this bullshit IS a complete idiot. keep up the exposure on this sad cult of lies. - 01/08/2008 - drewarden


Wow - I was looking for some information about candidates for presidency and found this website. I probably should not be waisting my time, but what the heck, I can spare a few minutes.

It's amazing to me the time and effort people spend hating others when they call themselves Christians. YES!, there are a lot misconceptions about Mormons and their beliefs. It's amazing how much people know, when they don't know anything.

As a non-mormom myself, I'm bothered by this site and its hatred to people period. I personally work and know many mormons and have taken the time to learn about them( NO I have not converted. I'm a hard working American that believes and family values, but I love my weekends to re-charge the batteries, If I converted I would have to give that up - I know is selfish). I have found them to be loving people, of high integrity and character.

YES, I have also met others that they call themselves Mormons but do not live what they preach. There are all types, but I believe that MOST of them are good people. Should we judge ALL just because of the FEW that are not perfect.

I guess that's is why other countries think that ALL Americans are perverts and pedophiles because of the few that are.... we call that STEREOTYPES, and is usually done by those that are not well informed. Most countries were people are poor and uneducated can be easily manipulated and influenced by the media, but us here is the U.S. we have access to ANY information we want.

The U.S. the land of opportunity, which by the way is wasted by MANY of it's citizens, because they take it for granted. FREEDOM is tastless to those who have always had it. Our ancestors including YOURS left England in the 17th century to escape religious persecution, and you are trying to bring it back. Thnak you for taking us back a few hundred years.

Mormons practiced polygamy, so what, they don't anymore. They divorced rate is one of the lowest amongst any other religious groups. They believe to be married to be same person for all time an eternity. That's a lot more than I can say for many other religions. Specially in this day and age of a disposable society. If you are not happy, don't try to work out your problems, just throw it away and get a new one. Doesn't Romney only have one wife and some of the other candidates are on their second or third.

Leave the past where it belongs and the mistakes that happened cannot be undone. Changes have been made, move on.

Yes when the church was restored there were many things that I beleive where OK with at the time, but the church has evolved and changed since the beginning but always for the better. Why do other Christian religions teach their followers to hate others. I thought we are suppose to love other. Why not use that time to help those in need and be more productive in our communities.

Why not spend some time looking at the wonderful things that Mormons have accomplished and their UNIQUE church system.

I have this guy that comes over my house every month and brings my family coookies during the holidays. I lost my job and he and his friends were there bringing food and helping anyway they could. My church doesn't even know I exist.

Do not judge others by the way YOU LIVE. Hidding behind the FREEDOM of SPEECH to spew your hatred, channel your anger into making our country a better place for our children and grandchildren.

Nobody is perfect, and no religion is perfect. Live and let live. Get over yourself and your personal hangups about Mormons. Go get yourself some self-steem and use your medium for good instead.

To be honest and I'm in awe of what a 14 year old boy built in only a couple of hundreds years. Mormons have accomplished a lot more than other religions that have been around a lot longer. Think abou that. - 01/08/2008 - A Non Mormon (Editor's note: This was probably written by a Mormon posing as a supportive "non-Mormon" in order to add a soft touch to the bizarre features of Mormonism.)


You are rediculous! Why would any person persecute someone else who believes in strong families and has faith in jesus. He is christian just like everyone else. You have to be pretty sick to make up all of these lies about mitt romney. - 01/08/2008 - anon


While 'googling' different candidates I came across your site and your "lampoon" of Mitt Romney. On that page you state the page is neither pro or con Romney. Indeed.

I am not a Mormon and would never be one, for reasons you would probably not understand. But I am wondering something. Your site seems to be dedicated to ex-mormons who have become disaffected with the church. Your disaffection seems to encourage you to this lampoon. Good enough but I wonder what other 'organized' religion is above lampooning? If you left the Mormon church and joined another I believe you could still effectively lampoon your new affiliation. Do you? After all if you have decided to be a Christian then you have chosen to believe in a God who who gave his angels eternal happiness unearned, yet required his other children to earn it; who gave is angels painless lives, yet cursed his other children with biting miseries and maladies of mind and body; who mouths justice, and invented hell--mouths mercy, and invented hell--mouths Golden Rules and foregiveness multiplied by seventy times seven, and invented hell; who mouths morals to other people, and has none himself; who frowns upon crimes, yet commits them all; who created man without invitation, then tries to shuffle the responsibility for man's acts upon man, instead of honorably placing it where it belongs, upon himself; and finally, with altogether divine obtuseness, invites his poor abused slave to worship him!

Sincerely - John, Fort Worth, Texas - 01/04/2008 - John


You guys are intollorant bigots. Living proof of hateful ignorance. Pick up a book and educate yourselves. I challenge you. - 01/21/2007 - robin


This is a pathetic excuse for a website. The content found here is neither accurate or appropriate. Please remove the offensive material. - 01/15/2007 - Jon


Poor Mitt Romney. Ironically, for all the ridicule he is given for being a mormon, he doesn't have a prayer of becoming President. The red states of the South don't like those cult people from Utah and MCCain has already swept through and collected all the big GOP money and endorsements. - 01/11/2007 - Southern Red-State Reader


If my Great-Grandfather spent time in the Utah Penitentiary for unlawful cohabitation (polygamy), and were running for public office, I wouldn't be cracking jokes about it. Americans may be open-minded enough to understand that the LDS has worked to distance themselves from that doctrine (few know about the Celestial polygamy thing, or dead-dunking) -but related to a convict? Might go over differently.

George Romney: Incarcerated for UC October 10, 1885-March 13, 1889. Fine: $300. Utah Penitentiary - Source: Public record and "Judicial Prosecution of Prisoners for LDS Plural Marriage," list of prisoners compiled by Rosa Mae M Evans

- 01/11/2007 - Rabbit


I am deeply sorrowful at the comments and pictures put here. I support your right to choose the candidate that you feel would be the best for this country. However I am very sad that you choose to use a method that only demeans yourself, and makes you look ignorant to any one that knows any real facts about Mormonism. I fear that you are using Junior high tactics when you could be putting your efforts towards building up what you believe in instead of tearing down others faith. Without faith mankind would collapse. It is what keeps us going and what causes us to give charity and kindness to others. I know you will laugh at my meekness- but I also know that you confuse meakness with weakness. It is much harder to be meek in the face of adversity than it is to be offensive and misleading. I encourage you to do the right thing and stand for what you believe in- with out tearing down others faith. Thank you for your time. - 01/11/2007 - anon


This all makes me much more interested in learning about Mormonism. Anything so sanctimoniously denigrating to anyone or anything else (especially when written so shallowly), is simply not credible. Likewise, my perception of Romney as a viable presidential candidate is only enhanced. No way could he have accomplished all he has, if any word you have written is true. I guess that is why his is a life time of achievement, while your time and life energy is wasted whining and complaining about things you really probably know very little about. - 01/07/2007 - Patience


We know through DNA that the native Americans are NOT of Hebrew descend. They came from Asia and DNA can even pinpoint the region where they came from - it is the area around Lake Baikal. The Polynesians originated in Taiwan.

What this means is that the Book of Mormon is a crock. Joseph Smith made it all up. There never were any Nephites or Lamanites.

You can believe what you want to believe but "feelings' do not trump facts. Mormonism is a FRAUD.

I would never vote for a man like Mitt Romney who believes this crap. We do not need another delusional president who thinks he has a direct line to God, look at the mess Bush got US into.Wise up! - 01/03/2007 - Dore


I think what disturbs me most about Gov. Romney is that he is extremely hypocritical and wishy washy. When running for Governor of Massachusetts, he went soft on abortion, and supported pro-choice voters. He has also been extremely soft on gay and lesbian marriage, as proven by the fact that Massachusetts is one of the major "players" in the fight to pass homosexual marriage in the US.

I live in the DC Metro area..if Romney had indeed been standing out against either of these topics, as his moral "Mormon" background should have led him to do, the Washington Post and the Baltimore Sun, both extremely liberal papers, would have barbequed him. They didn't. They seldom if ever mentioned him.

Now that he is leaning towards the White House, he's changing his tune to look good to the Christian Right, which is one of the major groups that need to be swayed in the 2008 election. That is very hypocritical...he tells the voters whatever they need to hear. He's a liar.

Plus, as an ex-Mormon, I know if he became President, and the so called "prophet-who-doesn't-prophecy" in Salt Lake wants him to veto soemthing or push a bill...he won't listen to the voters, or his advisors, (unless his advisors are all Mormon, which is very likely with a Mormon President!) he'll do what the "pseudo-prophet" says. It's called "obeying and not speaking evil of the Mormon lord's (aka, Satan) anointed."

Mormons, never very politically astute, at least not in Utah, (this is obvious, I mean, look how long has that no account bozo Orrin Hatch been in office!!!) will vote for Romney for one reason and one reason only...because he's a Mormon.

That's a horrible reason to put a man in the White House. Since Hilary Clinton is most probably going to be the Democratic candidate, should we not all try to find an independant candidate to support that will block them both? We need to vote against or for Romney on his past record and where he stands on the issues...not because he's a Mormon.

Religion has to be the stupidest reason to put a man in the White House ever. - 01/01/2007 - navywife


And, just how stupid do think people really are -- IDIOT? Your bigoted anti-Mormon comments speaks volumes! - 12/19/2006 - anon


Your attacks are barbaric and against the very foundation of this country. "No religious test" required for office. I forget where I read that. Great to know that you can so candidly criticize the history of a church, refer to its members as morons, and come up with clever *cough* variations of words associated with the church.

Have you ever met an LDS or Mormon person? I suspect you (unless truly deranged, which is not beyond the realm of possibility) would find a good friend, neighbor, and American, regardless of your distaste for equality and rationality.

To call the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints a cult would be the same as referring to all Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, etc. as a cult, as the similarities are vast. That is a weak equivocational moot 'point.'

Your word for polygamy is vulgar (nice creativity on that one), so I will continue to refer to it as polygamy in my response:

First of all, why shouldn't a person be able to marry multiple wives? Will it "destroy the American Family" that you are so concerned about? If a man can marry a man, or a pet dog, then a man or women should certainly be able to marry as many men or women as they please.

Secondly, how is the previous practice of polygamy (read: over a century ago) significant today? The LDS Church has long since banned its practice, and those who participate are excommunicated.

Refering to Mitt Romney's "tar-baby" comment is hypocritical, as I would challenge you to find a SINGLE person in the United States who has not uttered some form of slur against another culture, whether out of sincere racist beliefs or not. You refer to Mormons by a derogatory term 'morons' in this very convoluted attempt at political commentary. Thanks for making that point easy to counter.

I felt compelled to respond to some of this drivel with intelligence, if you feel compelled to intelligently argue your points it would surely result in embarassment, thus I wouldn't encourage it. If you'd like, email me:

Have a very sad and pathetic life, you immature, sadistic, racist pile of dog shit. - 12/01/2006 - Disappointed American


Mitt kinda reminds me of Ward Cleaver except he has so much more revealed information. June was pretty damn hot, she used to change clothes just to do the dishes. I'm pretty sure the prophet Joseph would have made her his 65th wife had he been born in the dispensation that had reruns on tv land. Here are my recommendations to all Mormon geeks that have absoulutly no doubt that they're right and normal people are wrong. (1) study the pearl of great price, book of abraham chapter 3 verse 13 to learn about Kokob, which is star, Olea, which is the moon and Kokaubeam which signifies stars. (2) Watch space shuttle launch on TV, laugh at dumb scientists who think shuttle is going to space instead of going into Kokaubeam. (3) Wear magic underwear, have secret code name and know how to give secret handshakes, believe that Jaredites crossed ocean in homemade submarines in 1000 bc. (4) Run for president. (5) Think you're normal and write dirty comment to (6) Get buried wearing goofy green apron tied around your ass. (7) be a chickenshit mormon asshole. That should about cover it for all you holier than thou pricks and your fucked up mormon bullshit. - 11/20/2006 - lerm termler


Is this really what you people have to do with your time? I guess I'm one to talk because I stumbled onto this site myself and now I'm wasting my time writing - but really people - don't you have some sick and afflicted to tend to? Someone that Christ has called upon you to help? Or you could keep wasting your time making up your "clever" rants. - 10/24/2006 - Wow


I think the creator of this webhsite is an excommunicated mormon who is trying to outpour his grievances against the church. This is an "I Hate Mormons" Website and is full of lies and deceit, just like the author's father, Satan, who is the father of lies and deciet. - 10/24/2006 - I Hate Mormons Website


I love the images and jokes. Mitt is an airhead. Mormons are idiots. - 10/23/2006 - zionita


I guess bigots like you will always have to tear somebody down to make yourself feel better and superior. I imagine in the 60s (or if you were alive then) you were tearing down people because of their race. Since that is no longer politically correct you move to their religion. - 10/20/2006 - Doug


I would like to let you know that a lot of things that are said on this website are done in the pure concept of misunderstanding. You never took the time to learn about the church the right way; it is clear that the only things you ever listened to were things put on display by anti's and those despised with the work of the Lord. I hope that you will take the time to learn what the church, the Lord's gospel, and the people of the church are really like. You will not be disappointed. I really hope you reconsider your comments as they do not help lift up anyone. Thank you. - 10/12/2006 - RC


looks like your anti-mormon/ anti-romney message board backfired on you

btw- i cracked in, discovered your IP address and am in the process of discovering your true id- ha ha ha. young smart mormons with high powered computing machines!!!! oh, and next time- do the html code yourself- its not that hard.

i hadnt decided about the whole mitt romney thing but after seeing this- ive decided. hes got my vote. - 10/04/2006 - bryan


Love your site! Internet is a great place, we can use as much information as possible about the dangers of LDS cult. Thank you! - 10/01/2006 - m


What kind of self respecting people will allow horribel things like these come out of their mouth? What you say about others says alot about you. (Matthew 12:34-37) - 9/30/2006 - christine


Interesting. I think his religion will be a definite obstacle to the White House. Why all the bitterness though? It sounds like you have inside knowledge on his religion. - 9/29/2006 - Ryan


Having never known a Mormon before moving to Salt Lake ten years ago, it was up to the LDS church to put me in their favor or not. I approached this with an open mind, willing to give the LDS the benefit of the doubt.

It didn't take long to discover that this is the most egocentric, power-grabbing, absolutely CROOKED legislature in the US, and most other governmental entities are the same.

The legislature and most of the other entities are owned and operated solely by the geriatric autocracy known as the "First Presidency" of the church with the lemming-like "70"'s. Stake Presidents, Bishops and members of the church all falling properly into line and rolling over when the 96-year-old "Prophet, Seer and Revelator" prophesise, postulates, formulates or flatuates, for his word - no matter which end it comes out of- is law!

I accept for a fact that the reason so many highly intelligent, otherwise reasonable people accept as fact the fable that Joseph Smith, a convicted con-man, threw a couple of rocks int a hat, stuck his head in after them and proceeded to "Interpret" the entire Book of Mormon for a non-existent language he refered to as "Reformed Egyptian". Of course, he only allowed, according to Mormon history, four people to see these golden plates - and all four were later excommunicated from his church.

Why do I accept the fact that soo many follow the Book of Mormon, the Pearl of Great Price and the Journal of Discourses? Because they have been subjected to daily barrages of this peculiar theism virtually from birth. When barely able to talk, they are called upon to make "two-minute talk" in front of their ward (church) which must always end up with a version of "I know the church is twoo". As they progress in life they accept without question that they owe the church 10% of their income, 10% of their time, fasting the first Sunday of each month and giving the money they would have spent on food that morning to the church. - 09/27/2006 - LiveinSalt Lake


What a sad commentary on those who write this tripe. So little of what you write is correct. In fact, much of your drivel is internally inconsistent. (To help you understand those big words and phrases, that means that one part of your "writing" contradicts another.) For example, you state that Mitt Romney graduated from the J. Reuben Sandwich (a clumsy and pathetic attempt at humor) school of law. Later on, in the Mitt Romney bio section, you state accurately that he graduated from Harvard Law School. You also urge Romney to leave the cult to which he belongs before the election. By doing that you suggest that he will lose only 3 electoral votes (Utah's). If you would do a little research, you will discover that Utah has 5, not 3, electoral votes. Of course, accuracy is apparently not very high on your list of priorities. Let me introduce you to a wonderful method of fact checking. It's called a search engine, like Google or Ask Jeeves. In a matter of seconds you can discover all sorts of wonderful facts, like how many electoral votes each state has.

hen I first read your moronic ramblings, I was upset. Now I am only amused. You are obviously a former Mormon, most likely kicked out of that church because of your unhealthy obsession with all things sexual. At least half of your sophomoric diatribe contains clumsy and vulgar references to sex. If you can't think of something more substantive and relevant to his qualifications to serve as President of the U.S. to say about Romney, say nothing. Better yet, get out and meet some people. Get some sun. Don't spend all your time staring at the computer screen, marinating in your own bile. Your paranoia and borderline personality disorder will diminish over time. Good luck! - 09/20/2006 - robert


You have no idea what you are talking about, and you should not meddle with sacred things. Mitt Romney is a good man and would be the best president in the history of the U.S.- i know because my parents knew him personally, and so do i. By the way, our religion is not a cult, is not something that you give up lightly. Take this site off while you still leave some people un-influenced by your false slander. - 09/12/2006 - anon


This site is funny and we all make fun of our own and others religion constantly so deal with it. Would you ask/or hold a Catholic personally responsible for paying for sins to be forgiven, if there was a preganant Pope who was murdered, if Vatican if full of homos in robes, if they abuse children and if wine and wafer actually do transubstantiate?

No you would not and you cannot do it to Mormons either. There are even some LDS who know our religion is pretty screwy but its still ours.

Also some of the pictures are funny but the comments are a little too angry to be funny. - 09/10/2006 - post LDSman


It may be "illegal" for UTARDS to talk negatively about Mormonism, but in the real world (read: the rest of the U.S.) it's called freedom of speech. You people crack me up. - 08/30/2006 - getoveryourselves

people really need to get a life.

To be so vehemently against anyone's religion is abhorrent and you should all be ashamed. I know this will fall on deaf ears and just give you more fodder for your pathetic rants, but leave it alone.

Also, don't act as if you are being noble by doing this to alert all of those Mormons or anyone who is being 'fooled' by the LDS Church. - 08/08/2006 - Disgusted


Mitt Romney would be the best president this country has and ever seen. Shame on you attacking his religion. Just because you don't have the truth, doesn't mean you need to attack it. Well I guess you do, because that is what the devil and his followers do. Go to hell. - 08/03/2006 - T-Bone


Run, Mitt, Run!!!

It's cool Great-Gramps was in the Utah Penitentiary for polygamy if you can joke about it (the polygamy part, not the incarceration for it). Is it also ok to joke about Joe Smith and 14 year-old Helen Mar Kimball? Question from the press: Mr. Romney, do you belong to a religion invented by a pedophile and philanderer? (No, Emma was not ok with plural marriage, and it was not acceptable in the U.S. during his time, either.) - 08/03/2006 - Rabbit


i find the pictures and the content on this site offensive and distastful. If all you do is put pictures up and write offensive things about ones religous beliefs you should be put in the same camp as the nazi's. completely out of line, low class and you have to be a serios group of complete jackass' to stoop to this kind of level. - 07/21/2006 - anon


Mitt Romney the man should not be attacked. Regardless of your viewpoints on his religion, when you attack him as an individual, it goes beyond the threshold of decency. Ad hominem attacks are not as effective as other methods of preventing someone from gaining the seat of presidency.

The best thing to do is keep people educated about your underlying concerns. Your comments on Mormon temple ceremonies, the apron, et cetera can all be turned into good points without being forced to result to libel and slander. Let people know who "Heylel" is and why you believe Mormons follow this individual as their "God". In doing so you will be forced to reveil the Mysteries to the public, which is in essence what JS did with his followers. And while you're at it you can explain the Cabalistic movement to put things into perspective for the unknowing Jews.

Right now, by smearing him, you make yourself look bad. - 07/11/2006 - AllThingsConsidered


This is sick and wrong! Get your facts straight before you post crap like this!!!!!! You have no Idea! This is so lame and i hope the law gets involved! - 07/10/2006 - Sickend MORMON


The MERE thought of a cult moron becoming the President of the United States, is a very very very very SCARY thing, and I hope with all my soul that ALL US citizens will be informed continually and consistently about his cultic religion. JUST what the US does NOT NEED::::: a cult president, and we thought we had problems with the Muslims. GREAT JOB on your website and your slamtoons. KEEP up the excellent work and figure out some why to put all of your information into the mainstream media. I am just a nevermo that is terrified of the cult and watch everything they do. - 04/23/2006 - carol


Carol, keep watching what we do. Your hate speech doesn't work- it never will. People will and continually are being changed by the truth about what the LDS church teaches. There is a reason for the success of the church and wether Romney wins election or not, there will be an outcropping of support for the LDS church and its teachings. I want this ignorant and hate-filled website to continue to promote its views. All who hear you speak will turn towards the LDS church and the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work. - 11/26/2006 - Jason


I cannot believe that one would be so shallow, ignorant or narrow-minded as to post such horrible things. First of all, I believe that it is good to be politically active and aware, and it's fine if you want to debate a canidates stance on issues... but it is WRONG morally and legally to attack their religion. I am sickened by the pictures and comments on this site and ask that you please take them down. They are offensive and mock something that many hold to be sacred. And "bishop rick", get your facts straight because they are incorrect. - 04/22/2006 - R.A.


Is this legal? Slandering a religion and a person for their religion? I'm going to find out. - 04/22/2006 - yourahypocrite


I find the material on this site offensive and upsetting. I ask that you please remove all material, pictures and phrases relating to the Mormon Religion from this site. Thankyou. - 04/22/2006 - anonymous


What about his Great-Grandfather being a polygamist? - 04/16/2006 - P'Ville Jack


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