Sons and Daughters of Perdition

The Holy Ghost left in a poof after we denied his existence. The Strengthening the Members Committee is hereby relieved of their work on our behalf. If you feel that you qualify as a son or daughter of perdition, please join the list by submitting your name or handle and your new name of perdition in the box below. Please check for duplicate perdition handles as no cloning is allowed in hell.

As of 04/13/2014 there are 251 New Names of Perdition.

Additionally there is a separate list of "creative handles" harvested from the ex-Mormon lists and bulletin boards of the internet. These are real handles that people post with. Please nominate some of your favorite ones here as well.

First Presidency Baffled By Daughter of Perdition Puzzle

Nov 29,1893 - Presidents Wilford Woodruff and George Q Cannon meet with three apostles and James E Talmage: "That there will also be daughters of Perdition there is no doubt in the minds of the brethren."

Mar 26,1903 - Joseph F Smith tells apostles "there would be no daughters of perdition" in final judgement.
The Mormon Hierarchy - Extenions of Power, D. Michael Quinn, Appendix V.

Mormon Temple New Names warning to visitors. AdamDog -- black dog of perdition
Adrienne -- Reigning Vixen of Perdition
Al -- #1John of Perdition
Alan -- Punk of Perdition
Ama Eladi -- Native American of Perdition AKA Lamanite NOT of Perdition
Amy -- Nympho of Perdition aka Puddles of Perdition
Amy W. -- Flickering Flame of Perdition or FFOP
Angela -- Rebel Sister of Perdition
Annie-- Nurse of Perdition
Anton -- Scribe of Perdition aka Leather-clad Lederhosen wearing Purveyor of Perdition (LcLwPoP? I see lick-a-lolli-pop in there, but SURELY you couldn't ave meant that, could you Anton???? )
AussieJohn -- Priscilla of Perdition

Batjames -- Flying mammal of perdition.
Bird Lady -- The Hook-billed Featherless Chick of Perdition
Bishop Brick -- the profit(eer), see-er, and revealator of The Benevolent Buddies of God.
Bishop Levi Taking his ward down with him to perdition.
Blash -- Birth Defect of Perdition (Gene made me do it.)
Bobby -- HRH Queen of Perdition, aka Her Royal Majesty, aka HRH QoP (not to be confused with Elders Quorum President)
Bogidu --7 of 9, tertiary adjunct to unimatrix 01 of Master Mahan Son of Perdition
Brainbutter -- pixelmonkey of perdition
Breeze -- The Flatulance of Perdition, The Winds of Perdition, The Way the Air Feels on Your Bare Legs When You're Wearing a Skirt without Garments in Perdition, The Long-Winded-ness of Perdition, The Fire-Breathing Dragon of Perdition, The Winds of Freedom & Perdition,
Brigham Smith -- Prophet of Perdition
Bryce -- Guerilla Penguin of Perdition
BT -- High-Priest of Outer-Perdition or HiPooP (my particular favorite!)aka Master Baiter of Perdition
Buck Rogers -- Space & Time Traveller of Perdition
Byron -- Homeless Guy of Perdition (now where is that Bishop's storehouse?)

Calaf -- Philosopher of Perdition
Charles -- fallen angel of Perdition "has anyone seen my hand basket"
Christina -- Christian of Perdition (at least as far as the Mormons are concerned)
Cheryl -- Hoser of Perdition
Cindi -- Floozy Musician of Perdition (can you say "living in sin?")
Cindy (15-year-old) -- Teen Princess of Perdition

Dagny -- Reason in Perdition (RIP)
Dana -- Keymaster of Perdition
Danno -- Beach bum of Perdition
Dan Uhler -- Knave of Perdition (Known for chasing tarts of all kinds
Dana -- Grande Madame
Darryl (Aka Rhett Butler) -- White Knight of Perdition
Dart -- Jolly Apostate of Perdition or JAP
Dave R. -- Assistant to the Vice President of Perdition
David (Ft. Lauderdale) -- Litigator of Perdition
David J -- Savant of Perdition
Deanna -- Producer of Perdition
Debbie PA -- Groovy Chick of Perdition, Child of the Sixties
Don W. -- Pirate of Perdidition or G.O.D. H.E.A.D. P.O.P.

Elder Morgasm --a mormon orgasm (is there really such a thing?)
Elwood -- Soul Man of Perdition
Eric Bond -- Idiot Savant of Perdition
Eric Kettunen -- The Big Kahuna of Perdition, BKoP, also known as the Kingpin of Perdition (KoP)
Erinne -- Brown-eyed girl of perdition
Ether -- Fumes of Perdition
Every Member a Janitor -- Mopping up exmoism and hastening the work.
Exmorg -- Assimilator of Perdition
Exmormon Robertson -- You can do my temple work for me when you pry my cold dead fingers off my exit letter "High Priest of Perdition."
Exmostack--the Partition of Perdition

Fiona -- Belle of Perdition, our southern lady
fiskadoro -- old Lamanite word meaning harpooner, or some would translate as, "oops, i did it again".
Forbiddencokedrinker -- Feeling the caffeine instead of the Holy Ghost.
Former RC, Former LDS -- The Sensuous, Multiple-O-Giving, 3-Way-Loving Bondage Dom of Perdition
Frances -- Shy Sister of Perdition

Gail -- Ingenue of Perdition or The High Paid Ho of Perdition
Galadriel -- Polly Perdition, not to be confused with Molly Mormon
Gary -- Regular Old Son of Perdition
Gaylan -- Lucky Lady of Perdition
Giggler of Perdition -- High Wench of Babylon, She Who Doodles in Crayon on the Walls of Outer Darkness Whilst Making Silly Noises.
Gina -- Satanic Slut of Perdition
Greg -- Cowboy O' Perdition
gungholierthanthou -- And damn humble about it. Just ask me.

Harbinger -- Belly Dancer of Perdition
Heide -- Viper of Perdition
Helen -- Naturalized Immigrant of Perdition (and a most excellent one at that!)
Helen Cartwright -- Village Idiot of Perdition
Hold Your Tapirs -- Holding back ridiculous Mormon apologists.

Ian -- Haggis Man of Perdition
Insomniac -- C.F.O. of Perdition

Jabbress Marinae -- Mistress of Perdition
Jaime Kincaid -- Priestess of Perdition
James A -- Potent Tool of Perdition
Janice -- Grandmother of Perdition (GmoP)
Jason -- Beer Swiller of Perdition
Jean -- Dragonlady of Perdition
Jeff -- Hippy of Perdition
Jeff H. -- The Unconfirmed Son of Perdition
Jes -- Storyteller of Perdition or StoP (no pun intended, Jes, keep writing!!!!)
Jessica -- Reigning Princess of Perdition, New England Chapter or RRoP, NEC
Jesus Smith -- Hybrid of Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith made famous by Gordon Hinckley's slip of his forked tongue while being interviewed on TV.
JoAnn -- Over-the-Hill Flower Child of Perdition
John -- Porn Star of Perdition
John Lynch -- Scuba diving anti-mormon of perdition
John Stone -- Vagabond of Perdition
Johnny -- Gentle Giant of Perdition
Jonathan H. -- Vulvalover of Perdition
Jori -- Stripping Warrior of Perdition (has a better ring to it than Stripling, doesn't it?)

Kelly -- Gigolo of Perdition aka your local Republican congressman (GoP)
Kerry -- Bike Rider of the Purple Sage of Perdition
Kevin -- Umpire of Perdition (this one's got his work cut out for him!)
Kiarena -- The Ghost of Perdition
Kim -- Idiot Savant of Perdition
KolobKremeDonuts -- one eternal round
Kristen -- Babe of Perdition (you can call her BoP)
Kristinela -- Woman in Perdipause, not a daugher of Perdition
Kundalini -- Mother of Perdition

Lady DB -- Diva of Perdition
Latter Day Skank -- Empty Celestial Kingdom family seat Son of Perdition
Laura -- Pansexual Pervert of Perdition
left4good -- Ain't never coming back!
Len -- Interesting Sin of Perdition
Lise -- Head Bitch of Perdition
Loki -- Airline ticketing agent for Perdition.  Thanks for flying TractingAir, stopping in every city since 1985 B.C.!
Lynne -- Matron of Perdition, said with lust
Lyra -- Jezabel of Perdition aka The Ethical Slut of Perdition (ESoP)
Lorenzo's Ho -- Mockng Lorenzo Snow who fathered at age 84, fathered a child by one of his young wives.

Makurosu -- The Wrath of Hell
Mara -- Vixen of Perdition (available for blessings of the Wiccan nature)
Mark -- John of Perdition (similar to pimp, not the toilet)
Master Bateman (Masturbateman) -- the BYU alumni ex-mo who thinks old men should respect our youth more.
Matthew Foss --(will have my name written out in fire and all my friends at may come as well as all sons and daughters of perdition! No, Jeffrey Dahmer, you will not barbeque anything!)
Mike R. (aka Bivibob) ---- Cat-washing Monkey of Perdition
Miss Kathy -- (Pending name of perdition)
Montana to Rice -- Pigglet of Perdition
Moroni's Pizza -- Deliverer of Perdition
MSMom -- Mother of All Perdition

Nada -- Leading and First Lady of Perdition
Natalie -- Blonde Bimbo of Perdition aka Motor Mouth of Perdition, BBoP
Nephihaha -- Fourth Curelom of the Apocalypse (Famine, boy band and Perdition Dept)
Nolan -- Coxswain of Perdition (you just like the way that sounds, don't you Nolan?) aka Geezer of Perdition aka Crusty Curmudgeon of Perdition

Pen -- Conniving little bitch of Perdition.
Popped my Strengthened Sinews -- The temple was a horror to me at 19 and I attributed those feelings to my own lack of faithfulness. That led to 12 more years of guilt. It was my "Achilles heel," hence the popped sinews. :)
Postdumb -- a Hell-fire hot stimulating think
Pravda -- I left my heart in Saint Perdition
procrusteanchurch -- Power in me be upon my procrustean priesthoodsters.

Rachael -- Debutante of Perdition
Randy J. -- Hillbilly Redneck of Perdition
R. Budd Nixon -- Asshole of Perdition
Richard Lionheart -- Big Stud of Perdition
Red Wing -- A player on Perdition's hockey team!
Rhinestone Curelomboy -- Elder Robert Redford
Richard Packam -- GrandPoobah of Perdition or GPoP
Richard Walker -- Sake-Quaffing Samurai of Satan
Richard G. Spot -- Parody of Richard G. Scott, the sexually fixated apostle.
Rick -- Buns of Perdition (okay, I know it was just a suggestion, but you made it!)
Robert -- Patron Saint of Perdition
Roger -- Yuppie-Boy Guru of Outer-Darkness or YBGoOD (I love this one)
Ron E -- Ranger of Perdition
Ron E  Pope -- John Paul Hinckley of Perdition
Rosemarie Taylor-Perry -- Pagan of Perdition (mmmmmmmm!)
Ross -- Teddy Bear of Perdition, or TBoP

Sam -- Film Maker of Perdition
Sandy -- "Born Again" Agnostic Daughter of Perdition
Sara -- Atheists for Jesus (not quite good enough)
Sarah -- Eve, Snake Handler of Perdition.
Saucie -- Salacious Slutmistress of Perdition.
Scottysoprano -- The Fish that saved Perdition.
Sean -- Pimp of Perdition (all of us whores need protection, you know)
Sebastian -- Social misfit of perdition
Serratia -- Whore of Perdition, aka 'Ho of Perdition, extraordinaire
Shakjula -- Manicurist to the Great and Abominable Whore, Concierge of Perdition.
Seth -- Super secret and special new name of perdition.
Sheriff Taylor -- Local Widower Keeper of Law and Order and Dispenser of Common Sense Who Has a Laughing Stock for a Deputy and an Aunt Whose Meager Sense of Self Worth Comes Solely From Her Ability To Cook The Best Apple Pies in Mayberry of Perdition
Shimee -- Prozac Pumping Prophetess of Perdition
Skunk Puppet -- Parti-colored Aroma-therapist of Perdition
SL Cabbie -- Hades' Head-set Hack
Sonny -- Sonny of Perdition
Spanky BananaPants --Beer-swilling parasite of perdition (that's me!)
Stefanie -- Cynic of Perdition
stevejudy22 -- DARKMASTER - head of the EX-MO DARK JEDI!!!
Steven Clark -- Poonster of Perdition or PooP
Stray Mutt -- Lap Dog of Perdition
Susan the Interesting Sinner -- Dom of Perdition
Suzy -- Computer Hacker of Perdition, (she wants to be CHP, but I elected her CHoP)
SusieQ -- Victoria's Secret Sister of Perdition

Tami -- Babe Watcher of Perdition (BWoP) sorry guys Tami claimed it FIRST
Tanya -- Sun Devil of Perdition (that devil just gives it an extra oooomph)
Testiphony -- Best description of a Mormon testimony.
theMoonRising -- waxes and wanes, but always comes back for more hehehehehehe alternately, the Rebel Uprising of Perdition
TJ -- Court Jester of Perdition
Tom -- Sailor of Perdition
Tracy J -- Coffee Goddess of Perdition (that is just about automatic, since coffee is a Mormon swear word)
Tracy W. -- Good Witch of Perdition
Troy Bowles -- Fundamentalist of Perdition

Utahmonormore -- One down, a few thousand more to go.
Utah with love -- Perdition is my name, slander is my game

Valerie -- Rebel Redneck of Perdition
Valhalla -- Rocket Scientist of Perdition
Violotron --Gentle but tough, cat of perdition

Wag -- Father of the Black Masses (Let the name lull ya.)

Yooper -- (person living in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan) Trailer Trash of Perdition - from CAPTDAVEG

Zapotec --LeRoy, Purveyor of Perdition.
Zuul -- The Gatekeeper of Perdition

Creative and Catchy Ex-Mormon Handles

A Pasta Sea -- Italian exmo
A Tapir with No Name -- Down on the FARMS
Afraid of the Boogie Brethren -- also afraid of the big bad wolf
Alma the Tonguer -- The gift of tongues
Anti M -- twisted in Kansas
Anti Knee-Hi Levi -- cover those garmies
Auntie Christ -- also related to Anti-Chrysler, the Mormon assault minivan

Bivibob -- ??
Blankstare -- that's how how I feel every time an apologist, church leader or member attempts to explain a doctrine, or as they like to call them now, a policy. As in: Did they really just say such an incredibly stupid and false thing? Do they not realize that what they said just had them claiming their own church was false?
Boxed Elder -- related to Boyd?
Boyd's Little Factory -- EPA standards
Brainbutter -- just melts me
Brian the Christ -- The Life of Brian
Brother Laman -- elder brotherism at its best
Bruises and all sick cattle -- ?? nominated by Sebastian/Laura

Captain Hormoni & his mighty Stripling Warrior -- penetrating warrior
Charles-a-Rama -- manna from heaven. all you can eat
Choose To Research -- a dangerous acivity in Mormonism
Concrete Zipper -- Ya gotta love the visual image.

Conforming Sheep -- because I felt that characterized my life as Mormon. Plus, I like irony - conforming sucks!!!
Curelom Cowboy -- ride'm FARMS

Dagny -- The Atlas Shrugged chick
Dathon -- from Star Trek
Deconstructor -- no B.S. here
Deenie, the Dreaded Single Adult -- "Oh, she must be a lesbian.") The nick just portrays so accurately how Mormons feel about singles. It just cracks me up!
Dimmesdale -- the admired and beloved preacher in the Scarlett Letter (the one that got the lady with the big "A" pregnant but never fessed up about it).
Dreaded Single Adult -- what to do with this person?
Drinks Coffee on the Sly -- a rising Star-bucks

Elder Blarney Stone -- eater of Shamrock green Jell-O
Elder George Carlin -- Missionary of Mayhem
Eliza R Snitch -- Close to the inside action
Eloher -- Mother-in-heaven
Elohim_and_hers -- having it both ways.
EnochIpsen -- Happily avoiding mormons for all eternity
Ether/Or -- a play on either/or
Evil Knephite -- crazier than Korihor
ExScriptureChaser-- Seminary memory

Flew the coop -- feathers all over this board
Fluffinator -- Terminating all Mo-Fluff
Free-at-last in SLC -- behind the Zion Curtain
FunnyFARMS-- and FAIR-y-go-round

Gadiantumr -- another "umr" from the BofM
Gaffer -- used to be the hook guy on The Gong Show
GBH -- The profit or "Grievous Bodily Harm"
Girl in the Box -- or the fox in the box
Grape Nephi -- soft drink
Green Apron -- go "fig-ure"

Imaworknonit -- always working on something.

Haole Ghost -- the almighty Gawd sends me to appear to his faithful in the shape of a dove, to testify of the importance of sex, humor, mischief, and sex.

I hope you didn't confuse me with that other birdbrain, the HOLY Ghost. He's my identical twin, and a real sanctimonious twit. He works for Elohim, a real uptight asshole of a Gawd, no sense of humor, "sabbath this" and "tithe that" and "chastity this" and "no loud laughter that".... well, you get the point.

So, whenever you feel like thanking the TRUE gawd for the gifts he bestows on his children, just give the single-finger salute to the sky, signifying that you've received the Gift of the Haole Ghost.

That's it -- the sure sign of the bird.

Hardly Molly -- aptly apostate
Heavenly Fodder -- says it all.
Helamonster -- Helaman the Hulk.
'Hie/Goodbye to Kolob' -- coming or going?
Huckleberry Hinckley -- cartoon of a prophet
Hundred Proof -- wrote "For Young Women Only - Your Body Your Garage"

JackMormon'sWife -- I am and always will be married to a "Jack" Mormon.
Jerry the Aspousestate -- wife apostatized
Jesuszilla, Son of Godzilla-- My God's better than your God.
JoesHoNoMo-- telling it like no other woman can.
Joseph Myth-- the reality

King Folly-- exmo sermon
Kolobotomy -- finally finding peace within
Koo Koo for Kaukaubeam-- A real Pearl of Great Price
Koriwhore-- Book of Mormon provocateur

Laman was Right -- and so was Lemuel
Latterday Stout --- The real "spirit" of the last days
L.O. Him -- Heavenly Fodders' alter ego
Lucyfer-- Daughter of Perdition

MaKolob -- author of many hymn spoofs
Mason is Free -- Free Mason
mightykymba -- mighty in word and posting
Monomo -- hip hop exmo
MormonicPlague -- worse than crickets
Mr. X -- very symbolic

Nephihaha -- last laugh at the Book of Mormon
Nephitehorsewoman -- Rarely seen in the BofM
NLUC -- No Longer Under Control
numnuts -- not really so numb or dumb

Obi wan Kolobi -- The Farce is with him.
Outerdarkness -- it's personal, potentially offensive, and down right hilarious!

Pastor Harry -- Everyone's going to hell! Praise!
Playelder -- The official parody site of the recovery bulletin board
Polycarp -- ??
Poopstone -- What Joseph really got a face full of.
Pravda -- Nothing ticks off the bretheren more than the truth with a revolutionary twist.
princessvalium -- how do you spell relief
Profit Sinner and Revilator-- get down and real.
Redpill -- from the movie "The Matrix"

RattleDaySnakes -- Don't tread on me.
rpcman -- rpc stand for his kids.

Quetzalchristl-- temple new name Lazarus

SaviorSelf (cause nothing else will save you) -- Practical Religion
Samuel The Lamanite -- Zarahemla in Anchorage, Alaska
Seer Stoned -- truly visionary
Sh*tdetector -- keeps very busy on the bulletin board
Sheri DewMe -- in the book store
Shiz -- One hardheaded bad ass sh*t-kicking guy from fictional history that gets a bad rap. He was just misunderstood.
Sicklethruster Doubt -- Has two meanings. Originally, it was from D&C 4, "He who thrusteth in his sickle..." but later I realized it could reflect on my career. I am a dentist, and we have an instrument called a sickle scaler. Many people hate it, we use it to scrape your teeth, making that sound many people hate. I didn't intend for THAT meaning, but there it is.
Sister Doubt -- older, wiser and influential sister of Thomas
Sister of Jared -- don't forget about her.
SLDrone -- actually a rather active bee in the exmo hive
Slouching Toward Bethlehem -- poor spiritual posture or opposite of "stiff necked person"?
SpongeElder Squaregarments -- Primary "sharing time" favorite
SRM -- TBM on way to Ex-Moism. (Shhhh....he dosen't know yet).
Straymutt -- I can relate to this
Susan the Interesting Sinner -- admin of the recovery bulletin board
Sustained N' Released -- Released forever to Exmo-Land

Tall, Dark and Loathsome-- Laman and Lemuel were hunks!
Tapir Back Rider-- Fun at FARMS
Tapir Charioteer-- Rodeo at the FARMS
Tapir Whisperer -- Listening to the still small voice to escape Moism
Thanks for nothing, Joe-- Slamtoon contributor
The dreaded single adult-- and proud of it
The Holy Spearmint-- Wrigley's gumming up the spiritual works and sticking it under the church pew.
The Little Factory That Could-- thanks to Boyd
The Still Deluding Voice-- on the Recovery from Mormonism Board
Three somber men in dark suits-- Not the Three Nephites
Third Rock from the Breastplate-- out near Kolob
Tickle Me Alma -- to keep me awake while reading the BofM.

Violotron --??
Voce d' Sicce-- voice of/from hell.

x_mo_so_mo_no_mo - --a handle I use on Yahoo! chat when going into some rooms

Washed and Disappointed - -- from the fiasco of this Mormon generation
Well Endowed - -- taking them out through the veil
Wonk Ton O Dew -- stands for "we don't know" backwards
Word of Weirdom -- Word of Wisdom = Weird

YooperApostate -- Exmo Super Duper Yooper from upper Michigan
Yossarian -- classy and mysterious (missing him sadly, after accidental death by drowning in 2002)

Zelph, the white Indian -- just ask Joe


Shamdango is no longer with us

11/19/2009 - by Quetzalchristl

No, I'm not dead. I'm fine.

I have performed the sacred (and useless) ordinance of resigning from the LDS church and I have received a New Name, which I should always remember, and which I must keep sacred, and never reveal except to everyone online. The name is Quetzalchristl.

For those who feel jaded at having read my post, here's the payoff: My real temple New Name was Lazarus - which was also the New Name for every other male recipient that day in the Dallas, TX temple (both dead and alive).

Lucky for me, should I ever choose to return to the LDS church, Lazarus will still be my New Name. :)

Peed his pants laughing

03/20/2008 - by JackMormon'sWife

The first time my little Mormon kiddos ever allowed themselves to laugh out loud about Mormonism is when I told them about one poster's name. We were sitting around the dinner table. I was kind of introducing the concept of a whole other world out there that didn't believe the Mormon church was "true."

I had recently found an entire community of EX-Mormons on the internet and I was sharing a few basic concepts. Their dad made my discoveries sound all threatening and ominous. Then I told the kids there was a guy on Recovery from Mormonism named "Sponge Bob Square Garments."

My 9-year-old son about peed his pants laughing -- at the dinner table mind you. So sometimes these silly names do accomplish something. In our family's case, they helped de-mystify the scary world outside of "THE CHURCH."

I chose my nick because it popped in my head, as do all of my creative ideas. Can't explain it. Just happens. I am and always will be married to a "Jack" Mormon. It defines my existence. I wouldn't be even remotely tied to TSCC if it weren't for my husband and who his family is in Mormondumb.

My nick helps me ridicule "The Church" every time I use it. I just find the whole entire categorization of people within Mormonism ridiculous. (True Believing Mormon, active, inactive, less active, part-member family, Jack Mormons, Apostates, excommunicated, disfellowshipped etc. etc. etc.)

It's all a bunch of "happy horse crap" as my 70-something Catholic dad would say.

Comments Section

All religons are a way of bondage including yours! The Latin word Religon means to Bind! All Religons Bind you with Blind Faith! Thats why I AM a blasphemer & a heritick! - 06/12/2014 - EL Shaeai Kaddesh


you guys are all going to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 11/10/2009 - anon


I just Want to Tell the World that my temple name is: Eunice. EUNICE!!!! Is there any more awful name than that???? (Except for Hagar)

My husband's name is: Japheth.

I want to create a door sign that says:

Japheth and Eunice live here. THEY won't share their real names with you until they have judged YOU worthy to know them! - 01/11/2009 - neffie


Ready and waiting with a warm 'Glasgow Handshake' for Perdition aka I'm not a lost sheep ! Leave me alone, I know exactly where I am. - 09/04/2008 - Cybi


i think you dont have a real life leave those mormons in peace y take care of your own souls ,bunch of jerks - 01/16/208 - kleo mcphilips


I don't see Eli, Elias, Elijah, or Elisha anywhere. Have you any suggestions for the Perdition Meanings? - 11/02/2007 - Scot


Oh Goody! I'm officially a member of the club! For a while there I was hopeful I would at least make the cut in the Telestial Kingdom. Even having a smooth, round, nub in place of my penis seemed like an ok trade off compared to going to outer darkness. Thanks to everyone for allowing me to embrace my own eternal damnation in outer darkness! See y'all there! - 07/04/2007 - Latter Day Skank


There is a better chance of getting called from the grave by your Reccovery from Mormonism bulletin board name than the temple "new names. - 07/15/2006 - Buntaro


Found out that Mo'ism didn't know where to put me, so I really have no name. I've heard people call me that all the time, especially my wife when talking to another person. - 12/16/2005 - whatsizbucket


Will Hinckley clarify the First Presidency's stand on "daughters of perdition?"

Hinckley will say nothing. But more importantly, where are these daughters of perdition and how can I meet one?

I've pondered on wearing a scarlet A t-shirt while walking around download SLC. Will this help me locate the evil woman of my dreams? - 10/20/2001 - Jonathan


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