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Joseph Smith.
Young Elvis.
Christopher Walken.
David Bowie.
Alien from Kolob.

214 images as of 12/10/2014 in this section. 658 total images as of 12/10/2014 in all four sections.

Dead Prophet Look-a-likes - Prominent Mormon Look-a-likes - Dead Prominent Mormon Look-a-likes

Many of the creators of these images post on the Recovery from Mormonism bulletin board.

Church Leader
Mirror Image


Jerry Falwell

Jack Ruby
side mug

Jack Ruby
front mug

David L. Politis
Deseret News


L Tom Perry

Roy Clark

Bob Hope

"Grandpa Munster"
Al Lewis

L Tom Perry

Russell M Nelson

Richard Nixon

Colonel Klink/Werner Klemperer

Phyllis Diller

Russell M Nelson

George McGovern

Russell M Nelson

Dallin Oaks

Yul Brenner

John Glenn

Mr Toad from Zippy the Pinhead

Dallin Oaks

Jesse Ventura


Mikhail Gorbachev

Vladimir Lenin

Dick Cheney

"Billy Corgan"
Smashing Pumpkins

Leonid Brezhnev

Nikita Kruschev

Richard G Scott

Jack Benny

Bella Lugosi

Richard G Scott

Brad Garrett

Jerry Falwell

Walter Cronkite

Richard G Scott

Bela Lugosi

Tony Blair

Pee Wee Herman

Robert D Hales

Glenn Ford

Groucho Marx

Albert Einstein

Robert D Hales

Robert D Hales

Al Gore

Robert D Hales

Jeffrey Holland

Jerry Mathers
"The Beaver"

Jerry Mathers
Beaver at BYU

plays supporting roles as droopy face mobster, including in "Mickey Blue Eyes" with Hugh Grant, as well as "Analyse This".

Young Jeff Holland

John Edwards

Henry Eyring

Stan Laurel

Pee Wee Herman


by Carl Anderson

Henry Nosering

Adam Sandler

Elmer Fudd

Penn & Teller

Bob Bennett
Utah Senator

Neal Boortz
radio talk show

Dieter F Uchtdorf

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Clint Eastwood

David A Bednar

Sean Hannity

Rush Limbaugh

Pat Sajak

Dead Prophet Look-a-likes - Prominent Mormon Look-a-likes - Dead Prominent Mormon Look-a-likes

Comments Section

After a brief look at your page, I wondered what serious sins, i.e. adultry, etc, caused you to be excommunicated. You can leave the Church, but you can't leave the Church alone. - 03/22/2009 - raybo, semi-serious sinner

About Qoentin Cook: Find a look-alike of Heinrich Himmler, the chief of the SS, in total front view. The similarity is amazing. - 04/16/208 - Ramses

Thanks for updating the GA look-a-like section. I still think that is one of the funniest areas at the Salamander. Also, thanks for posting the "new guys" Cook and Christofferson - you know, I've never even seen a picture of either of them before (ah, the joys of exmormonism). Cook does look like Karl Rove. Christofferson reminds me of somebody, but I can't yet place who - it only took me three years to figure out that Perry reminds me of Ed McMahon.

Anyway, one more addition: J.Reuben Clark looks like Edward G. Robinson - or Eleanor Roosevelt. - 04/16/2008 - D. P.Gumby

Hilarious! All of it! Thanks for the laughs!!! :))))))))) - 04/15/2008 - Some Lady

this is verry disrespectfull!! though some are rather funny, there needs to be more respect for those who represent nothing but good things. these men SPEEK for god!! - 04/14/2008 - anon

Hilarious ! And yes, I'm LDS and proud of it. - 07/15/2005 - anon


How come Joe Smith keeps getting prettier every time I see new Church depictions of him?

I hope my decendents do the same for me. (I want to look like Fabio)

Sincerly, Chris Walken - 07/14/2005

regardless of their religion, these are men who promote love, charity, peace, and faith througout the world, and you have no right to defile them. - 07/01/2005 - anon

Derrly Yeager, Satan from the other endowment movie also played Alexander Hamilton in the BYU production called "A More Perfect Union". See and - 06/29/2005 - anon

Some of the look-alikes are great and really funny. Others however, although funny, definately cross the line into what is considered "light mindedness." I highly recommend some modification in order to show some more respect to God and his servants. - 06/29/2005 - from gwozzy

Very, very funny "separated at birth" photos. The only one I didn't care for was the B.K.P. juxtaposed over the "goatse" photo. Not that it wasn't funny, it just didn't fit the theme of look-a-likes. - 04/30/2005 - anon

I'd never seen this site before, and I guess I wish it had stayed that way. Lampooning of this type to men and women who have spent their life trying to help others is just sick. Why do you need so badly to pull the good and great down to your level? - 04/04/2005 - from

LOL yes, Mitt Romney looks exactly like Jesus. - 03/30/2005 - anon

I am only going to be here once, so here it goes, I didn't find it funny, interresting but not funny, and i have to agree with anon the apostles r men of God and they should not be mocked in any form what so ever. I mean you all respect God right? Well as u mock his apostles then you mock HIM a well. Just think about it for me, and listen to the "small still voice". - 03/12/2005 - from mormon girl

Have some respect for Aposttles of the Lord. If you don't believe they are say it. If you do believe they are true and living apostles I don't think it is wise to mock them. - 12/25/2004 - anon

Guys, I'm LDS but this shit is funny! Keep it up, it helps us deal with the crap unispired leaders make us go thru. Oh, by the way...Im Brazilian and served a mission in Utah...What do you know, huh? Oh yeah, and Jeff Dawg does look like Walter Matthau! - 12/04/2004 - from Brazilian Servant

Dabble In Hoax = "Mr. Clean" "Cleans up questionable doctrine like a DELIGHTSOME TORNADO!" - 08/21/2004 - anon

OH MY HOLEY GARMIES that's funny!! Hey, try Vincent D'Onofrio for a Parley Pratt lookalike. - 07/17/2004 - from Tinkerbell

I laughed my head off...but do you think we can please leave the pictures of Christ off? Especially since no one on this site being lampooned has no idea who Jesus really is anyway.I especially loved the felon Hinckley being portrayed as ET...wish he would go "back home" to Kolob or whatever hell he's headed for! - 07/11/2004 - from Born Again Navywife

Gaston: "No one has ever held a church together like GASTON!" - 07/03/2005 - from Beauty and The Bishop

I don't get your site one little bit how does Adam Sandler look at all like Henry Nosering, Or Maggie Simpson with that Sheri Dew. Get it fixed man. Your site sucks by the way. Very stupid and no interest whatsoever. FREAKS! - 06/26/2004 - anon

Lucifer in the temple movie IS Michael Ballam. - 06/21/2004 - anon

Let's write a Wizard of Oz endowment, you get ruby red slipper instead of funny underwear. When you go the the veil you chant "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!" - 06/20/2004 - from gracie the heretic

what a bunch of pathetic losers...the people submitting these disdainful will probably censure this comment because you only want your evil comments posted on your website. So much for freedom of expression huh? - 06/05/2004 - John Ashcroft and J. Edgar Hoover

Oh man, you guys crack me up... even the ones I submitted myself I still find funny! Wirthlin as Hans Moleman, you crack me up! - 06/05/2004 - anon

I cant belive this::::::: THEY LIVE,,,,,, All space alike''' great job - 05/22/2004 - anon

BIGUM YUNG----------STIFF (STEVE) HUNG YUNG - 04/15/2004 - anon

I happen to know that the person lised as the second clone for Lucifer in the Endowment movie personnally. His name is not Kenneth it is Ronald. He is a very wonderful person. and readily admits that yes he played this part. He taught theater at the university I attended here for many years. Even though I am now an exmormon I stillhold this man in very high regards. He is one of those rare individuals who cares for those around him unconditionally. - 02/15/2004 - from KansasKitty

Wizard of Oz film lookalikes

Gordon B. is "the Cowardly Lion"

Orrin Hatch is "the Tin Man"

Thomas Monson is "the Scarecrow"

Marie Osmond is "the wicked witch of the west"

Gladys Knight is "Dorothy" (not many women to choose from!)

Super Dell is "Toto" - 02/08/2004 - anon

If Heber J Grant looks like Sigmund Freud and George Albert Smith looks like Sigmund Fried, then Heber J Grant looks like George Albert Smith. I can never tell them apart anyway. - 02/08/2004 - from bluesky

What is your point? Let's put your photo up here! - 02/08/2004 - anon

Tommy Smothers: " The Relief Society President always liked you best!" - 02/08/2004 - anon

I laughed my head-off. Thanks for starting out my day with the most true and non-stop laughter that I've least a few days. :) - 02/08/2004 - from medicinwolf

que falta de respeto hacia las demas personas ,me parece una pagina muy mal enfocada, a lo que en verdad es la vida de cada uno de nosotros basados en el respeto de parte y parte - 11/06/2003 - Vicente Fox

Maybe good to get some picts of the Mayor of Munchkin City and other OZ characters. They have to fit in there somewhere.

Saint Hinckley (STHinckly) is like one of those flying monkeys.

Enjoyed the page. The best! - 11/05/2003 - anon

It's so ironic that the rich veins of of comedic gold that adorn this site and evoke such gut-aching laughter due to our apostate perspectives could only produce yawns and shrugs from nevaMos who just don't get the nuances and oxy-Mor(m)onic punch lines. It only makes sense if you have been thru it even tho it still makes no sense even then. However, it does serve up a tremendous (for me, anyway,) bosom-purging, cathartic releif from years of sheepdum to be able to laugh out loud at the sheer tonnage of bufoonery belching forth for 170+ years!

Thanks for the mammaries and please continue giving 'em heck! (that is to say, give 'em telestial glory.) Elohim/her surely knows the assholes have truly earned it. Peace, my Brothers and Sistern. - 10/20/2003 - from Reggie of Mesa/Snowflake

In the spirit of Mormunndum's sacredest-not scariest of Holy Days, Oct 31st (Lord Lucifer's Masonic birthday!), how about some punkin' carvin 'n' slashin art likenesses of Morm's historical/hysterical heirarchy alongside their look-a-like gentile (or is it genital?) contemporaries?

What a hoot, fer instance, having Elder senator Hatch-cover with his buttbuddy Sen Ted "Punkinhead" Kennedy (quick, too, cause his head's about to blow, Captain!) as Ichabod and "Hatchie the Headless Nephite" (a Battle of Cumorah casualty, if you haven't studied your Scriptures).

I couldn't think of a more solemn way to observe this most joyous of Gord'n'the Lord's sacred season. Now, if anyone could help me with our yearly problem of Born Again Bible beaters who picket our Ward Halloween carnival accusing The Saints of Satanism. A real confrontation last year totally wrecked our Gypsy fortune teller's booth and their blasphemous leader ( a ringer for Lucifer in the Manti Temple-time Theater) wasn't even arrested.

What are the righteous revelers of the Ward to do now? Not only that, it's scaring the Lord's little lambs worse than Bishop Sore-un-sons spook alley. The wise old Bishop has them outSmarted, tho, by calling us to fast'un prayer right up 'til Hallow Eve. Fear not, tho the enemy deride, We must have Courage, cause the Lord is on our side!

Thanks for listening and for your prayers for us of the Arrum Farty-farth Ward. - 10/20/2003 - from Sister Ernest-teen Deavour

C'mon, guys, it's Ambrose BIERCE. You know, the dude who wrote "The Devil's Dictionary". You should read it; sounds more like Joseph to me. - 10/05/2003 - from The Church Historian of Snowflake

Okay, you apostate scum. What's with even daring to compare Church Authorites with..WOMEN?? If you Jack Mormon jerk-offs had your testimonies you'd know that women barely even have souls even worth saving, much less any stature to compare to the Lord's own hand picked MALE Apostles. Get a clue; you've gone too far now! - 10/05/2003 - from The Mesa Misogynist

I knew it! J Golden "Hear The Words Of My Mouth" Kimball is a ringer for Wilford "Oatmeal-for-Brains" Bramley after his AIDS medication no longer works. What better pitchman to rehab Church image? I believe it's the right thing to do. And couldn't there be a Quaker Oats - Men in the moon connection somewhere? - 10/05/2003 - from The Messianic Mesan

O K,Joseph EFF Smith as Sauron along with Orrin Porter "Smeagol" Hatched can only mean that Joseph,jun. is Frodo. Say it ain't so! It was a magik peepstone, not a magic ring. Also, the Prophet as "Marks-a-lot" Hoffman is prima facie proof of re-incarnation. Oh, my Heavenly Father! I hope Hoffman is ready when the Mob storms HIS prison cell. - 10/05/2003 - from myhandle'ssacrednotsecret

WOW! Joseph as David Boy..master showman and stage fairy. Hmmm...that could explain the sick fetish of the holy embroidery nipple ticklers. Clever-kinky, that Joey Boy. But I gotta wonder, why did he skip completely over the genitals in garmmie fashionwear and land that weird designer thingie at the knee? I mean, even the lowly bunghole rates a tent flap. But, no, wait. If Bowie were really the Prophet, he wouldn't have mis-translated the true spelling of Milk-his-dick Priesthood. Oh! Now I'm confused! Guess I better just go pray about it. I say these things in the name uv Cheeses Cried, Amen - 10/05/2003 - can't remember my temple handle

The A-pus-hole THOMAS Monsoon and Bishop THOMAS O'Bridebuns comparison is beyond uncanny; it's even past way too creepy. - 10/05/2003 - from The Galloping Gadianton

James E. Talmage and Marry'in G. Romney! Twin sons of polygamous mothers switched at birth? Stranger things have happened in this bunch. Like my grandfather being conceived in a polyandrous union in 1857.It's true; read about it in Low Moments In Mormonia History. Anything is possible when you deal with Morms. - 10/05/2003 - from The Prodigal Grandson

O K, so you smart alecs had better'd back off cause Brother Smith and Brother Wesson said Sam Colt might just pay you all a little visit. And that would put you apostates in a grave situation,if you get my aim, O K? Also find some better lookin' pictures of me. I mean it. - 10/03/2003 - from Whorrin' Orrin Porter Rockwell

So, how did Gladys Knight ever bome a knight? She never slew a dragon or nuthin. All she ever did besides sing is join some pathetic brainwashed cult. - 10/03/2003 - from Sir "Mark E Mark " E Peter's Son

Dallin Oaks doesn't really resemble any of those guys. He is really Elmer Fudd. Not only that, most Mormons aren't aware that Elmer Fudd was a Danite who used to hunt down those wascally apostates before the Manifesto was issued, but now he just hunts me. Him and Parley P. "Pat" Garret do. - 10/03/2003 - from Bugs " Billy " Bonny

Hugh Nibley reminds me of my favorite corn: niblets. 10/03/2003 - from The Jolly Green Giant

Hey all you white folks, how come you only gots ONE black face in da whole bunch? Don't make us call Reverend Jesse on ya'll. - 10/03/2003 - from Amos and Aindy

Howdy, ya'll. Ah jest wonted ya'll to know that Gordo the Hinkster wuzn't relatid to us; he wuz jest adopted. He nevvur could draink like the rest of us, so that proves ut he ain't relatid. Or Barney, neethur Aint Bee ain't neethur; do Ah look like Ah got Betty Davis eyes? - 10/03/2003 - from Aindy the Shareff of Mayberry

Hello, Cricket. I'm Seagull. Let's do lunch sometime. - 09/29/2003 - submission from Johnathan Livingston

Does anyone have pictures of Apostle J Golden Kimball? Wouldn't it be worth a try for the Morg to rehabilitate his image as they move to mainstream their image? His public relations and speaking skills stood above his contemporaries. And what finer exemplar of the principle of repentance is there? - 09/28/2003 - from The Masonic Mesan

Hey, does anyone know where Sen Borrin' Orrin' Hatched? Or where he may have filled a mission? I was just wonderin' 'cause the Martian thing is dam plausable....think about it: you got Quakers on the moon,ok?, then why not Mormon Political Sluts from Mars taking over D C? It fits into the Kolobian Master Race conspiracy theory anyway. - 09/28/2003 - the blackest of all Mesa's sheeps.

Cecil O Samuelson looks like that boy off Mad Magazine (you have him somewhere on the deceased section). - 09/28/2003 - anon

How about Michael Ballam or Ron Fredrickson for Lucifer? I think the latter did him in fact in an earlier version and also acted in the recent BoM movie. - 09/26/2003 - from Ramses (from RfM)

Greenspan must be living on borrowed time 'cause he appears to be disclosing the sacred hand sign representing the five points of financial (tax-free) fellowship. See for yourselves. Hasta la vista, chairman. - 09/20/2003 - from avengingangeldotcom

Good call on Bro Hoax = Gorby! But Gorbachev has to be smarter than Dallin 'cause he jumped off the burning ship BEFORE it sank. Good luck,Dallin, maybe if you just tattoed a map of Utah on your head like Gorby's you'd wise up before it's too late and before you bought another load of crap from the next Mark Hoffman. Try it, really. Just ask Gordo for a Holy writ of forgiveness to get tattooed. - 09/20/2003 - from jeezusrejectedmeforasunbeam

So now we know the reason for poor John Ritter's most untimely demise: he has gone on to prepare the way for Brother Roper aka Gordon Wrinkley! Let's just pray that Dear John recieves his proxy ordinances in time to greet Bro Roper! - 09/20/2003 - from faithenoughferchrissakes

Hey, if we're all created in His image, then why so damn many images? I mean, think about it, for chrissakes. - 09/20/2003 - from J. Golden Kimball

"Brigham Young and Russell Crowe - what do you have against Australian actors????" Brigham Young might be Australian, but Russell Crowe comes from New Zealand! - 09/10/2003 - from En Zedder

Ed Smart looks like the early Merle Haggard!

"It's a hard life just gettin'by with 9 wives and a kid..." Workin' Man Blues.... - 08/22/2003 - from PT Brigham

Parley P Pratt "The Eleven-Million Member Church"
Richard Anderson "The Six Million Dollar Man"
"We can rebuild the church. We have the internet technology. We can make it seem better than before!" - 08/09/2003 -

Gordon Wrinkley and ET! Man, I knew he was an alien from Kolob!! - 07/20/2003 - anon

I think the Son of Sam is a deadringer for JS. - 07/20/2003 - anon

Holy Ghost!! I almost blew barley pop out my nose laughing so hard. Too bad my wife is catholic, all I got was 'hmmm' Oh the joy and blasphemy. Is Donnie Osmonds head getting Bigger? - 07/18/2003 - anon

Spencer Kimball = Lucky the Leprecahn "Youll never get me HOLY charms!" - 07/05/2003 - anon

Dallin Oaks and Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan when he was bald....a straight on match! - 07/05/2003 - from Shiner Bock

I think Joseph Smith bears significant resemblence to "Gaston" of "Beauty and the Beast" - 07/05/2003 - anon

Michele Ruize and Ted Garcia are a couple of newscasters here in Los Angeles that people have always remarked that they look like Donny and Marie. These are not the best photos of them, but on TV the resemblance is great. Ted does not wear glasses now, but Ted is always saying that people mistake him for Donny. - 06/29/2003 - namaste

Ed Smart, Elizabeth's father looks like SW Kimbull. He is a bit younger but could be a grandson LOL. - 06/28/2003 - Jamie

The irony of George Albert Smith resembling Ho Chi Mihn is sickening, but they do have something in common.

Sidney Rigdon and Uncle Ben look like each other.

John Taylor and Helena Blavatsky, the foundress of Theosophy look a like. - 06/27/2003 - Shakjula

Russell M. Nelson and George McGovern - 06/27/2003 - from D. P Gumby

That was hilarious, especially to read the 4th comment in the comments section. That was even more hilarious!

The SWK lookalikes had me laughing out loud. He always was my favorite, dontcha know. (After all, he's the one who convinced God not to be such a racist!)

Side note: When I was a little kid there was an older gentleman in my ward who looked just like David O. McKay, who was the "prophet" at the time. Once I even asked him if he was David O. McKay. He was surprised, and I think maybe a little honored someone (even a little kid) would mistake him for a prophet. And he just laughed and said no.

I got older, into MIA (Young Women, for you younger *kids*), and started going to Girls' Camp, and this very gentle man went on these campouts and led nature hikes. He stayed alone in a teepee (we all stayed in teepees, though) and lived very primitively, and painted. Sometimes when I went on hikes he wasn't leading, we'd see him on a hill or something, painting. One day I realized he wasn't getting any younger, so I called him up and told him I wanted to buy one of his paintings. It's in my front room. I fondly remember him, and those nature hikes, whenever I look at that painting. And how I thought he was David O. McKay.

Just a memory. - 06/20/2003 - Deb from Texas

Omg, I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. You would think if god meant them to be men of god he would make them look distinguished! - 06/20/2003 - from OccultPlatypus

Dallin Oaks : The dad off that 70's show. Or maybe its "That SEVENTIES Show" - -6/20/2003 - anon

Parley Pratt = Fraser

Monson = Bishop Thomas O'Brien<
"OK Tommy. Where were YOU on Saturday Night?"
"Yes officer, I loaned my car to a fellow clergyman visiting from Salt Lake.

Brigham "Mormio" Young *** Brigham VIII I am I am

Orrin Porter Kascynski (sp?) Bruce McZONKIE = Henry Mitchell\Dennis the Menace

Bateman = Uncle Bill of "Family Affairs Can Be Forever" (Right, Elder French?") - 06/19/2003 - from Brigham Smith

I was with my TBM (True Believing Mormon) brother the other day, talking about politics, and I asked if he liked Don Rumsfeld. He said yes, because he reminded him of Packer. Then I said, "That's probably why I hate him." - 06/18/2003 - Gazelem

They're AWESOME! My favorite was Joseph Fielding Smith and Montgomery burns. It was perfect! - 06/18/2003 - Kristen

Now I have a true testimony of reincarnation. - 06/18/2003 - anon

How dare you!!! How dare you make fun of some of the greatest personalities our dispensation has known. How could you equate these greats with such inane personalities? I am deeply hurt and offended by your comparisons. You have belittled some of my heroes. My list is below:

GBH with Alfred E. Newman, a character who has given me joy for decades. Packer with Hitler and Mel Gibson. Hey, ease up here on the Aussie actors (even if he has turned into a right wing fascist catholic). And at least, Hitler made people think.

Perry with Bob Hope - FOR GAWD'S SAKE!!!! Hope is still making people laugh. Ever heard Perry make a funny? Nelson and Phyllis Diller - there is NO comparison. At least she heals with laughter. Oaks with Lenin! Tell you what, I'd line up with the people too, to have a look at the embalmed Lenin. Wouldn't queue for a minute to see Oaks but then we don't have to - he looks embalmed already.

Hales with Groucho Marx and Einstein - Even Groucho was a thinker. Sheri Dew and the Bride of Frankenstein. At least the bride had fashion sense. Benson with QUEEN ELIZABETH II!!!!! - now you're really treading on some toes. Millions, literally hundreds of millions of people throughout the world respect and honour THE QUEEN as Head of the Commonwealth. How many honoured Benson? 3 milion? Please, not the lion!

Lee and Bea Lillie - no one has a voice like Lillie Taylor and Rasputin - c'mon, get real, You think Taylor ever turned the head of an empress??? Brigham Young and Russell Crowe - what do you have against Australian actors????

Brilliant guys. Absolutely brilliant!! I stand in envy. - 06/17/2003 - AussieJohn

Actually, Monson really does look like Al. No wonder Al used to creep me out somehow. - 06/17/2003 - G.P. Gumby

One more would be to have Ezra Taft Benson / Steve Benson ! - 06/16/2003 - Tom

Funny, but I think that Orrin Hatch looks much like Burgess Meredith. - 06/16/2003 - anon

If looks could kill I'm a dead man laughing. - 06/15/2003 - Tom Donofrio

Heber J. Grant = Sigmund Freud - 06/15/2003 - from Kinsey Millhone

Dallin Oaks has to fit with Telly Savalas aka Ernst Blofeld in the early James Bond films)!

"You disappoint me, Brother Bond. I rather thought it would be more difficult to catch you in adultery. I'm afraid I'll have to revoke your pro-creative powers..." tell me that's not a match made in the celestial kingdom..." - 06/14/2003 - Blabber

Dallin Oaks looks like Patrick Stewart aka Captain Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise, don't you think? - 06/14/2003 - anon

Hey! Some of those guys are moonlighting. I'll bet they've got agents in Hollywood.

Oaks IS Yul Brenner

Kimball IS Yoda

I have a firm testimony that Monson IS both the Penguin and Al from Happy Days (I know with every fiber of my Jockey underwear that he can be in two characters simultaneously just like the Holy Ghost).

Who among us can even doubt that L.Tom Perry played Grandpa Munster on TV?

Excellent detection work, you guys! I wonder if these GAs are even paying an honest tithe on the massive income they've earned from their alter egos over the years. - 06/14/2003 - Perry Noid

Oh man, that was great. I called my wife in here, and we were rolling around on the floor laughing at that page. - 06/14/2003 - Mak

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