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"Choose the Right" began in LDS Primary, the Mormon sunday school program for children ages four to seven. Now adult Mormons claim this as their "Primary" fashion statement. Check out the tacky competition below. Inspired by Conformist and Sara of the exmormon.org bulletin board.

Add your own acronym to the 165 alphabetical listings as of 08/15/2015.

Self-righteous neighbors? Give them the finger.

Click image to actually order a "Choose the Left" ring.

Chose the Romney ring and band.

Chose the Red - University of Utah.spacer image WTF - What the Fuck items and clothing

Mormon CTR Acronyms

Ex-Mormon CTR Acronyms

Consult The Rock
Choose The Rock
Cookies, Treats, Refreshments
Cash Tithing Recommend
Confess The Rock
Clean the Restroom
Clueless Temple Rats
Caffeine Theologically Repulsed
Caffeinate Thy Rectum
Called To Reproduce
Called Torture Regardless
Can't Tell Really
Can't Tell Right
Can't They Read
Can't Think Rationally
Can't Think Reasonably
Can't Think Right
Can't Tolerate Reality
Can't Turd Right
Captain Teancum's Regiment
Carrots, Tomatoes and Radishes
Castrate The Rebellious
Cease to Reason
Censor Truth & Reason
Cerebral Testimonial RigorMortis
Change the Revelations
Changing Temple Rituals
Chant Temple Rituals (Oh god hear the words of my mouth!)
Chase the Revenue
Chase The Rich
Chastise The Repressed
Cheap, That Ring
Cheating Through Revelation
Cheesy Tacky Religion
Children To Rape
Choose the Reich
Choose Their Relatives
Choose the Republican
Choose the Retarded
Choose The Revenue
Choose the Rich
Choose The Right
Choose The "Rite"
Choose The RONG
Choose This Ring
Choose To Reproduce
Christ The Redeemer
Chronic Theological Revisionists
Choose the Romney - for president, of course.
Circus Three Ring
Clean The Rifle
Clenched Tight Rectum
Climb The Ramiumptum
Choose to ram
Closed To Reason
Clueless TBM Robots (True Believing Mormon)
Clueless Temple Rats
Coddle The Rich
Coffee To Remove
Conceal The Reality
Contest To Reproduce
Continuing Total Revisionism
Control That Penis
Control That Pussy
Control That Rabble
Control Through Religion
Convert Ten Retards
Convert The Rich
Coping Through Repression
Copulate to Reproduce
Corporate Thinking Robot
Corporation of Tight-assed Robbers
Corral The Renegades
Cougars, Terrible Rebounders
Count Thy Rings
Count Tithing Receipts
Cover Thy Rod
Covet the Republicans
Covet This Ring
Cram the Religion
Cram the Revelations
Cranky, Tired Rabbits
Crap To Remember
Crucify The Reasonable
Crucify Thy Reason
Crummy Tips Religiously
Cucumber Temple Raffle
Cult that Represses
Cumoms...They're Real!

Curse The Rock
Called To Rage
Called To Rebel
Calm the Ruffled
Canned Testimony Regurgitation
Cannot Tolerate Religion
Can't Travel to Rome
Can't Trust Religion
Can't Trust Rigdon
Cash for Trash Religion
Catching Tail Rocks
Catholics Totally Rock
Cause They (are mostly) Republicans
Cause They're Rotten
Cause to Regurgitate
Cease to Remember
Certainly Tithing Required
Change the Rules
Chariot Tapir Rides
Chastise The Republicans
Cheap Temple Ropes
Cheap Tin Ring
Check the Revolver
Cheerfully Teaching Racism
Cheesy Testimonials and Rants
Chew The Rice
Children for Theocratic Revolution
Children Thoroughly Rastified
Choke the Righteous
Choke The Rod
Choose the Rectum
Choose the Rod
Choose To Rave
Choose to Rebel
Chose to Research
Chose to Resign
Choose to Rock
Choose To Run
Choose Trojan Rubbers
Church That Lies
Christians Totally Rock
Clear Thinking Refuted
Clear Thinking Rules
Climb The Rameumptom
Close the Rebelling
Close to Rebelling
Close to Rioting
Close the Refrigerator
Clued To Reality
Cock Tease Ring
Cognition Thoroughly Repressed
Color Them Red
Come Taste Reality
Come to Reception ( but you're not invited to the temple wedding )
Completely Terrible Reasons
Con-artists Telling Riddles
Confine Their Roles
Conformity Through Repetition
Confound The Righteous
Confused Tortured Revisionists
Confusion through Religion
Conscientious Tithing Reamers
Contrary to Reality
Contrived Theology Reeks
Controlling Theocratic Repression
Convoluted Theological Racism
Corny Tasteless Religion
Corrupt The Righteous
Count The Reasons
Cowboys Take Risks
Cram the Rectum
Cram Thy Religion
Crash Team Racing
Creating Thorough Reverie
Creative Theory Revisionists
Creepy Temple Rituals
Cretinous Temple Rats
Critical Thinking Required
Criticize the Religion
Crumple That Recommend
Cumorah Testing Range
Curelom Tastes Rotten
Curry Too Rich
Curse This Religion
Cut the Rubbish
Cut Them Right

CTR Reviews from Amazon

June 2010

This review is from: Stainless Steel 5/16 in. (8 mm) Ring w/ in. CTR in. Cut-Outs (Jewelry)

I wear it but I still cannot choose the right. I try to, but every time I have a choice between choosing the right and choosing the left, I choose the left. - Elizabeth "Libby" (Salt Lake City, UT)


I wish this ring had better instructions. - Boyd Packer


Better GAS MILEAGE, lower oil consumption! - Anders Tronsen


Now; if it would just help me pick the next Lotto combination! - Idaho Kid


This is a great ring to complement another ring I already own. I previously purchased a CTL ring, now I have a CTR ring. I can put them on the appropriate hands and never suffer confusion about which way to turn.

If I need to go left, I just look for which ring has an L! And the same for right hand turns, which hand is wearing an R?

What a great solution for my directional dyslexia- Presto


Yea, wherefore, it came to pass that the ring was good.

I, Joe, having purchased this ring from Amazon.com, wherefore I was not very good at imitating King James English, wherefore my style of writing was much like that of Joseph Smith, for behold, and lo, yea, said Smith did use many run on sentences and misplaced Elizabethan words. But yea, I do digress, and do sin in my digression, much like the sin of Adam of old, which was not so much a sin as a transgression against Jesus, yea and lo, the name of Jesus is Jehovah, yea, but Jehovah is the name of the Father, yea and also of the Son, and the Father is the Son and the Son is the Father. And the name of the Father is Elohim. Yea, and Michael is the God of this earth. Wherefore this same God hath spoken to me and told me that the ring is good, and thou shouldst buy it, and rejoice in the prosperity of thy seed, and the prosperity of their seed, forever and ever, yea unto the next generation, much like Star Trek. - Joseph M. Maddock


I testify that this ring is true. I had just done the family shopping with the small amount of funds remaining after paying tithing. After putting the groceries away, I went to tend to my eighth child but I had a nagging feeling at the back of my mind.

I glanced down at my left hand (I wear this [...] CTR ring as a marriage band after we hocked my wedding ring set to send our triplet sons on a mission to Provo, Utah) and was suddenly prompted by a still, small voice to .. CLOSE THE REFRIGERATOR!

Sure enough, in my haste I had left the freezer door ajar! I firmly closed the door thus saving our family's only meat for the month (a nice 5 pound pork butt) and a large bag of frozen hash browns for making funeral potatoes!

The windows of heaven have truly opened for me and the blessings have poured down since I've been wearing this CTR ring. And that's no baloney. - Anibas


Hoping for a ziff version.

This ring completely changed my life and my temple worthiness. I also find that when I wear this ring, I am able to translate documents from reformed Sumerian to French. I cannot give the ring 5 stars as there is still room for improvement. If the makers were to release a similar version made of the metal ziff, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this would allow me to translate reformed Egyptian into English. - Joseph


And it came to pass, Lo, I beheld this ring, and saw that it was of curious workmanship. And it came to pass that it was wrought of steel, yea, even surgical steel. I did take unto me this ring, and all manner of righteousness did manifest itself unto me. And it came to pass that I did give this ring unto my brother, who did also wear unto himself this ring. And so it was until the forty-and-fifth year. - Sister of Jared


I've been through the mormon temple ceremony, and they gave me a secret name. The name was "Aaron"

I was pretty ticked off that the name was so lame.

I kept going through and they would give me other secret names for dead people. Their names were all lame, too. "Joseph. Dan. Samuel."

It would have been a lot more fun if they gave cool secret names, like Mohonri. Oh well.

This ring was great though. I get to violate the spirit of the ring when I wear it while posting things like this, and it gives me a thrill each time! - Mammon


The perfect gift for those wishing to advertise their righteousness. - mormonness


Ouch, those sharp edges will be a painful reminder of the "patriarchal grip" or "sure-sign-of-the-nail".

There's always a bit of confusion among the faithful as to whether CTR stands for "Choose The Right" (as in Republican) or "Choose the Rich" (as in more and more tithing). - anon


One ring to rule them all.

First off, I am NOT a superstitious person, at least until I started wearing this ring.

I read some great reviews on this ring, and wanted to add a little bling to my otherwise boring hands. This ring did the trick. The first day I wore this ring, the women came out of nowhere. I was hit on several times at work. I got three phone numbers before lunch. The women all saw my ring, and when asked what "CTR" means, I would say "Cannot Truly Resist," which explains their interest in me. No joke!

Next, on my way to the bank at lunchtime, I happened upon a couple of gold bars that fell off the back of the armored car. Nobody noticed, so I just picked them up. They were worth thousands. So I think the ring can also mean "Can Take Riches." I just ordered 8 more boxes of these rings with the money I got from selling the gold bars. Score!

Lastly, I was on vacation in Costa Rica just last week. We had a tour in the jungle, and while there, a mountain lion sprang on our group! I ducked to hide behind a fallen log, and as I was ducking down, I noticed the lettering on the ring again, and the words "Choose to Run" came to mind! I ran my butt off and barely escaped. Thanks to this ring, I am now alive to tell you that this ring possesses magical powers which will bring you fame, fortune, and glory. Believe it!

I testify these things are true. - djdj

Making reviews on CTR rings at amazon.com

11/20/2009 - mechtronika and others

This ring is very helpful when it comes to remembering what to order when I am at Arby's.

CTR stainless steel ring. Update #1:

This ring is a marvelous work and wonder. The curious workmanship of this ring uses the same material that was used in the weapons of the ancient inhabitants of the Americas. The properties of this ring go beyond reminding me of the correct choice of fast food -- the ring seems to have a will of its own and constantly reminds me to choose the right.

I have also noticed that since wearing the ring I have not been stabbed, shot at or hurt in any other life threatining manner. This ring truly works in mysterious ways.

I know that this review is true.

Update #2:

OK, I've worn this ring for some time now. I am somewhat concerned that the ring is compelling me to do things that I would not have done before. For example I've recently accepted the calling to be the Ward Nursery leader. This is simply a calling I would have never taken. However when the bishop extended this calling to me, I was about to say no when an intense, warm feeling that originated from my finger and went straight to my bosom compelled me to say yes. It was as if some power descended on my agency and bound my tongue until I chose the right response.

Also, I've never watched all sessions of General Conference. I was planning to sleep in Saturday morning when *BAM* a shock from my ring woke me up at 9:59 MST and continued to burn until I turned the TV to KSL. The ring didn't do anything to me as long as I continued to watch the session. It wouldn't even let me go to the bathroom during a hymn or a talk given by the Relief Society presidency. The ring compelled me to watch every session including the priesthood one.

I'm afraid that the ring might do something to me next Sunday if I don't volunteer when they pass the sign up sheet around to work on Sister Smith's roof.

Update #3:

I finally overpowered the will of my CTR ring and took it off.

To my surprise the affects of wearing the ring flashed into my eyes! I had a band of white and delightsome skin on my ring finger that stood out like an ensign to the world!! Even without the ring I have a reminder (I call it "The Mark of CTR") to choose the right. However it isn't as strong of a reminder as it is when wearing the CTR ring. For example I've started to like the smell of coffee.

Update #4:

I decided that all of the above was my imagination and put the ring back on.

Update #5:

I have been called to the Stake High Council.

Update #6:

I can't bear this anymore. The CTR ring has stripped me of my agency. It won't let me do anything it doesn't want me to without being burned or zapped. I have decided to travel the heart of Provo, Utah and climb the mountain with the big "Y" on it. There I will destroy the ring... if I can...

Wish me luck.

My addition - by jcrs80

Lo, I beheld this ring, and saw that it was of curious workmanship. And it came to pass that it was wrought of steel, yea, even surgical steel. I did take unto me this ring, and all manner of righteousness did manifest itself unto me. And it came to pass that I did give this ring unto my brother, who did also wear unto himself this ring. And so it was until the forty-and-fifth year.

I just submitted one - by Gazelam

This ring completely changed my life and my temple worthiness. Before receiving this ring as a gift, I would commit unspeakable acts with my right hand. Needless to say that has all stopped. I also find that when I wear this ring, I am able to translate documents from reformed Sumerian to French. I cannot give the ring 5 stars as there is still room for improvement. If the makers were to release a similar version made of the metal ziff, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this would allow me to translate reformed egyptian into English.

Great gift for JW's - CTR = Charles Taze Russell, founder - by SoHo

Funny thing happened on the bus today

11/18/2009 - lily

I take a bus to and from school most days. It's just more convenient, and I get to read/study/whatever.

So, today I'm sitting on the bus, reading "Under the Banner of Heaven." There was a guy standing near me (it was packed) and he was holding onto the pole right by me. He saw what I was reading, and switched a ring from his other hand to the hand holding the pole.

His ring?


It took all I had not to laugh out loud. First- I live in an EXTREMELY non-Mo area. The chances of running into a Mo is sooooooooooooo low. Running into a Mo while I'm reading that book? Laughable.

Second- what did he think he was doing showing me his ring? Is it a magic amulet to ward off evil? Was he trying to intimidate me? Or just... I don't know... show me his priesthood? Either way, I found it HYSTERICAL.

It was not lost on me that he knew what the book was, too. :)

An ExMormon Moment at a Kinko's in Orlando

03/22/2005 - Mujun

I'm on the tail end of a business trip to Florida, looking forward to flying back to California tomorrow. On Sunday, I was attending a trade show in Orlando. I went into the Kinko's in the convention center to print a couple of documents. A salesman attending the same show came in, stood next to me, and asked if he could use the same printer and cable when I was finished. I noticed from his badge that he was based in Utah. I told him that he would have to ask the Kinko's staff because they had loaned the cable to me, and I was responsible for returning it to them.

The guy seemed a little miffed, and said, "Hey, I'm not going to steal it or anything." I told him that I believed him, but that I still was responsible to return the cable to the counter.

I thought I should try to lighten the strangely tense moment, so I asked him what part of Utah was his home. He told me that he was from Salt Lake City. I told him that I was originally from Southern Idaho, so I was quite familiar with Salt Lake City. He then looked down at my hand on the counter and asked, "Is that a CTR ring?"

I was surprised at the question, having forgotten that I was wearing a ring on my right hand, but I held it up and answered, "No, actually. If you look closely you'll see that this is a 'CTL' ring. It's kind of a joke."

He responded, "I don't get it." I said, "It stands for Choose the Left. It's a political statement."

He said, "Hey, that's cool. I was for Kerry all the way." He still looked a little bewildered, and was short on time. I didn't explain the other interpretations I've heard and used for the ring, such as Couldn't Take Lies or Chose to Leave.

I suppose it was a missed opportunity to make a bolder statement of unbelief, but I can't say I'm unsatisfied with the pace of my recovery. It's gone much faster than I thought it would. Every day, I find myself more comfortable in my apostate skin.

Of course, I never confirmed that he was a Mormon. If he is, perhaps his political leanings will help him find his way out someday. After all, I spent 38 years inside the church, arguing with other church members who told me that it wasn't possible to be a good Mormon and a Democrat. Now, I'm not sure they were wrong.

Funny thing about my Japanese CTR ring

03/12/2005 - t-bone

It's only one character, which stands for; justice, righteousness, morality, honor.

Strange, isn't it? It almost says, "To thine own self, be true." I have a really nice caligraphy that I made of the character on my fridge, too.

I would still wear the ring if it wasn't in the shape of a CTR ring. I feel funny because the year I got it, we didn't have much $ so I just told my wife that's all I wanted for my b-day. I thought it would make a great story someday when I became a bishop or something. Look what I did! Look how faithful I am!

Sad thing is, they use the same character in Japanese and Chinese.

Tacky Copy Cat Rings & Merchandise

"Endure To The End" are great gifts and reminders of vow commitments, temple blood oaths, athletic determination, spiritual goals, or even health challenges such as morbid obesity, dependence on Prozac, Viagra and Coca Cola, eating disorders and Jell-o allergies. Designed by Douglas Osmond, the ETTE ring is worn by most all of the Osmond family members. Whether at home, at Branson, Missouri or on tour, or at the dentist, it serves as a great personal reminder. This is the ring of the new millennium. Available in Narrow Minded Band for $21.95 plus $2.95 S&H (US), and Wide Load Band for $26.95 plus $2.95 S&H (US). Made from Sterling Silver and Fool's Gold.

"Armour of Gaud" Notice the 6 different symbols in the creative design of this ring, reminding us to "put on the whole armor of Gaud"--Ephesians 6:11-18

...having your loins girt about with a garmie wedgie
...having on the breastplate of righteous silicon implants
...and your ass shod with the Preparation H of the gosmell of truth
...above all, taking the shield of kevlar wherewith ye shall be able to quench the fiery darts of the ex-Mormons
...and take the Holy Grail of salvation
...and the swoosh of the Spirit, which is the Word of Gaud - Price: $439.99

Chastity Temptation Rectitude-ometer Manufactured behind the Zion Curtain by My Little Factory LDS Special Products, Ltd. - Packer Technologies Division. Comes with 10% refund if chastity is lost while wearer is attending Youth Conference, BYU, BYU-Hawaii or BYU-Idaho. Proven secure and effective when worn either under or over the garments. A male version is being evaluated by the LDS Correlation Department and The Strengthening the Members Committee.

Comments Section

Next you will be making fun of the cross. Pathetic display of hatred and ignorance - 02/04/2013 - Proud Mormon

LOL on "called to rebel" - 07/09/2009 - El-flaco

what a jerk face. just because you dont believe in something doesnt make it right to go around making fun of it. do you think you are cool or something because your acting inmature. mormons dont go around making fun of other people so why are you doing it to them? This is the stupidedt website i have ever seen in my life. is this what you do all day. make others feel bad so your selfestem will go up. Get a Life. and just so you know. i wear my ctr (CHOOSE THE RIGHT) ring all the time. in fact i even have a tan line from it. everyone i know says it is the coolest ring they have ever seen and they wish they had one too. so you can go on being a loner just because you are jelous you dont have one too. - 10/13/2009 - your an idiot

LOL on "called to rebel" - 07/09/2009 - El-flaco

Ok...I really want that WTF ring too! since that is the first thought these days that comes to my mind whenever I hear somebody speak on behalf of mormonism! - 03/30/2009 - seeingtruelight

With all this banter, no one has found a link to a site where they're making WTF rings? Really? Some jeweler out there is missing their chance ... - 12/14/2008 - ex-mo dyke

Someone has to make a CTRL ring. After all, Control is what it's all about! - 04/08/2008 - Katmandu

Those who mock believers in GOD (no matter what the religion is), are mocking GOD himself. So evidently you don't believe in GOD. And if you do believe in GOD, pray to GOD, acknowledge GOD and mock him. Woooooooo to your soul, for you are following the devils path. - 04/01/2008 - anon

CTL--Church That Lies - 03/29/2008 - RUXMO

I have a CTL ring now I want a WTF ring to go with it! - 08/14/2007 - MISFIT

ur gay. and you know nothing about the LDS church. even though you claim you know ALL THE "history" behind it. - 09/30/2006 - get a life.

Sad, sad, sad... - 06/25/2006 - Submission from mr. anonymous

There is a new slogan out to tick off the holyer than thou folks who figure any right minded Mormon would only cheer for BYU.


A Crimson and White T-Shirt with the familiar CTR shield but with the new slogan are available. These are seen quite a bit at U of U games. - 09/08/2005 - from Uof Uman

In the 1970s, Gay Mormons covertly co-opted the CTR ring and would wear them on their left pinkies as a way to identify each other. I'll never forget my first Psych 101 class at the U of U in 1979. I sat down in the huge auditorium and a hot blond guy sat next down next to me. Not only did he have a CTR ring on his left pinkie but his left pinkie fingernail was painted come-hither-and-fuck-me pink as well. I wasn't out of the closet yet (that was still six years away!) so I freaked out and bolted from my chair and sat elsewhere. He never sat near me again. Poor guy, I feel bad. I kept noticing guys around campus wearing them on their left pinkies and was shocked at how many Gay Mormons there were at the U!

Then in 1991 when a group of us radical MoMo Homos got together to form Queer Nation in Salt Lake, we adopted the CTR as part of our official apparel. Deseret Book or whoever makes the rings had just come out with a line of them with different colored shields. We all went and bought a whole slew of them with the pink shields and wore our CTR rings proudly when we protested Mormon homophobia at General Conference in 1991 and 1992. I love subversion! - 08/07/2005 - from Connell the Barbarian

This web site makes me want to produce porn for ex-Mormons. Now all I need is to get one of those CTR chastity belts and a bunch of temple garments. - 07/25/2005 - from BlackArt

Maybe you could reverse the R and the T; for CRT Choose Religious Tolerance. Or how about BHB for Bring Hitler Back. HYG for Hitler Youth Grad. Don't forget MCCG; for Mormon Concentration Camp Gard. STF for Stoke Them Fires, because if you get your way you're going to have alot of bodies to burn. KAC Kill All Christians. KID for Kill Infidal Dogs. You guys have a lot to live up to. Hitler and his croonies killed 6 million. You guys better get started soon. You damned Nazi.

Yeah, Yeah I know the drill you won't post this one. Got to sensor that email. Maybe you guys can call this site The New Pravda. Hey thats another one TNP. - 05/01/2005 - anon

CTR- Choose the right- leave the church! - 03/30/2005 - anon

Being a long standing member of the Mormon community, albeit a non-practitioner in the religion, just mearly a observer, I have noticed a massive flux in the amount of elders in the organization wearing the "CTR" insignia. This some what baffles me because of the childish connotaion it represents. This is why I choose to believe the acronym stands for "controlled through religion". - 12/04/2004 - anon

When I lived in SouthEast Idaho, we always said that CTR meant "Cook the Rice." We all wanted ERR "Eat Rice Raw" rings. - 11/04/2004 - anon

Where's the link to the WTF rings? I want to support the World Trade Foundation... - 09/30/2004 - anon

CTL - Clitoral Tounge Lashing - 08/29/2004 - from Lornedawg Humplegg

I want a WTF ring!

In the Navy, WTF stood for "What The Fuck?" - 06/27/2004 - from The Mad Jesuit

Agreed. I would prefer a WTF ring to a CTL ring. - 06/23/2004 - from Jaiotu

CTL: Chose To Leave - 04/17/2004 - anon

I REALLY REALLY want the WTF ring. Now THAT I would wear with pride! - 02/28/2004 - from Baka Boy

Wow, this heaps more fun than Primary ever was. - 02/21/2004 - x-bandelero


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