Mormon Temple Proxy Resignations for the Dead

Performed October 22, 2005

Proxy Resignation Un-ordinance: "By the power of myself I un-baptize and resign you from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for and in behalf of ________________ who is dead and cancel all necro proxy ordinances, endowments and silly sealings that Mormons have shamelessly inflicted upon you through all generations of time and throughout all eternity. In the name of Elvis Presley who is presumed dead, Amen."

Jessica proxy resignation.
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Proxy resignation for Emma Hale Smith.
Proxy resignations for all modern prophets.
Proxy resignation for founding fathers..
Buring bosom proxy resignation.
Jose Cuervo golden contact.

Three faces of Eve at Mormon LDS temple endowment.

Mormon Prophet Resignations
All Other Resignations
Joseph Smith, Jr.

Brigham Young

John Taylor

Wilford Woodruff

Lorenzo Snow

Joseph F Smith

Heber J Grant

George Albert Smith

David O McKay

Joseph Fielding Smith

Harold B Lee

Spencer W Kimball

Ezra Taft Benson

Howard W Hunter

Gordon B Hinckley (status pending)

Emma Hale Smith

George Washington

Elvis "The King" Presley

All Holocaust Victims

George Washington

Thomas Jefferson

John Adams

Benjamin Franklin

Zelph the White Lamanite

Paul Matthews

Robert Broadbent, Sr.

LDS Mormon baptism for the dead, proxy, vicarious temple work.


01/13/2009 by Logic

Just got the letter from the bishop informing me that I have thirty days to pull my head out of my ass or I will not be able to enter the kingdom!

Thats it? Thats all? All the bull shit I went through for years, getting rubbed with oil while naked, committing to kill myself or be killed, having a gallon of olive oil dumped on my head over the years, having multiple groups of fat ugly men gather around me and stress my neck with the combined weight of their hands, blessed and giving blessings, all the sacrament hebe jebe, wearing the mighty whitys and wearing out the knees of my pants and this is all I get one simple letter.

I think they could at least invite me over and do as I have seen the televangelists do and have me stand in front of them smack me in the head and say "COME OUT, YOU ARE NOW DISENDOWED"!"

Alternatively, maybe this is a new ceremony they can do at the exmo conference every year. LOL

Mormon Church Becomes Proactive, Starts Doing Proxy Work for the Living

03/20/2008 by Primus

AP- Salt Lick Shitti, Utuh

Don LaFlavor announced today that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints would start a new program this week of doing temple work for the living. Members took this announcement with mixed emotions. We asked Sister DeCork what she thought about the changes.

"This is just inspired of the Lord. My apostate daughter has been living with her non-member boyfriend for the last 6 months. Now my husband and I can go into the temple and get them sealed for eternity to each other without doing all the mucky-muck work of converting her boyfriend and then waiting a year to go to the temple."

Another member said, "It's wonderful and marvelous. I have had all of my nonmember friends baptized by proxy. Now I am not the only member of my social group. They are ALL members now!"

However, not all is well in Zion. We talked with Brother Finton McCune who said "What is the point of lying to the Stake President about a member you don't like with allegations such as adultery, when their stinkin family members can come back in and have them rebaptized the next week! I hate it!"

Naomi the White Witch, a Wiccan, was surprised to go to her mailbox and find a letter welcoming her as the newest member of the LDS Church.

"Oh, you bet I was surprised. I mean I have a brother who joined a couple of years ago who has been trying to get me to study the religion, but I really had no interest in it whatsoever. Then he goes and does a baptism for the living, making me a member. I don't think it's legitimate, but now I have home teachers coming by and dropping off cookies and writing me little notes. It got so bad I had to put a hex on one of them."

One intrepid member took the names of all of the regular posters on the Recovery from Mormonism website and had them rebaptized members. A regular poster, Wine Country Girl said that as soon as she got ahold of that "Daniel C. Peterson, she was going kick his big fat ugly butt."

Daniel C. Peterson couldn't be reached for comment at this time.

Gawd Dammit! - by anonomous guilty guy

Now I have to go out and commit adultery again just to get outta the KKKult.

Oh well! Here goes...

This has already been done... sort of. - by monomania

A cautionary tale:

I had a neverMo great-grandfather who lived well into his 90's. A year after he died, being the good TBMs (True Believing Mormon) that we were, we went to go do proxy temple ordinances for him. Imagine our surprise when we learned that it had already been done, five years previous, while he was still alive. Some overzealous distant cousin who did not even know the man assumed that he must dead since no one has ever lived past the age of 90. All I know is that my great-grandfather would have been none-too-pleased to know that he was a dead member of the Mormon church while he was still alive.

Douse the Mouse

06/15/2005 by Brandon Burt of Salt Lake City Weekly

Mickey Mouse is alive and well, at least as far as the folks at Disney are concerned—and they should know. According to some prankster, however, the famous rodent is not only dead, but also eligible to be baptized, endowed and sealed (with wife Minnie) in the LDS Church Temple.

While conducting an investigation into the extensive genealogical database operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, researcher Helen Radkey discovered records detailing the mouse’s family tree—complete with clearance for temple ordinances.

According to LDS Church doctrine, since some never receive the opportunity to become Mormons during their lives, church members may engage in rituals like “baptism for the dead,” to allow benighted souls to posthumously convert.

We doubt a cartoon mouse would ever be baptized, even by proxy, but the fact that some random ne’er-do-well was able to enter Mickey’s record into the database seems to indicate that system security is not what it should be.

Fortunately, church authorities found a way to maintain some control—according to Radkey, after she made her discovery, they banned her Monday from the library.

Top Ten Reasons the LDS Church has not kept its May 1995 agreement with Jewish groups and has continued to dunk dead Jews not related to the LDS Church Members

04/17/2005 by Tazzie

10) The names of hundreds of thousands of dead Jews have mysteriously appeared in the ordinance lists of the LDS Church since May 1995.

9) Many Mormons do not know that the names Chaim, Menachem, Moshe, Shlomo, Finkelstein, Anne Frank, Albert Einstein, Golda Meir and David Ben-Gurion have something to do with Jews.

8) Some Mormons think that the [Jewish] Three Stooges and Marx Brothers might want to be LDS.

7) The LDS Church has had no control over its temple submissions, therefore it could not stop the flow of the names of dead Jews into its temples, along with wives of Popes, dead cows, and Adolf Hitler and his favorite Nazis.

6) Some Mormons think that Auschwitz was a factory that made electrical switches and plumbing supplies and that Treblinka was a place that produced blinking lights.

5) The LDS Church has to keep it members busy at all costs, therefore why not keep throwing in the names of thousands more Jews?

4) Some Mormons thought it was a pity to let all the Holocaust memorial books for Jews and lists of Jewish Holocaust victims go to waste.

3) LDS temples have to be kept fully operational and regularly supplied with names--any names.

2) It can take ten years for some Jewish lists to circulate and process in LDS temples, therefore why stop a good thing?

1) Dead Jews can't tell the live Jews (who signed the agreement) that Mormons keep dunking them.

Mormon LDS baptism for the dead, youth temple trip.

Top 10 Proxy Problems at the Celestial Gate

08/13/2005 by Tazzie

10) "No, seven endowments and twelve sealings can't be used to count as one baptism."

9) "You're not entitled to extra celestial privileges just because you've been baptized fifteen times!"

8) "I'm sorry, but someone else with that identity is already here."

7) "Elvis, are you sure the information you have given me is correct? We show ten different ordinance records for you and none of them seem to exactly match your personal history. Are you sure your name is not Elves Presley?" (Actual entry in online IGI.)

6) "What do you mean you don't know any of the people you've been sealed to?"

5) "You say you don't want to be sealed to either of your first two wives, only to your third. We can't find any record of a third wife. You'll just have to take your pick of the first two -- or maybe you can find someone who will trade."

4) "You took vows of celibacy as a Jesuit and you don't want to be sealed to a spouse? It shows here that you're sealed to Dozie Duff -- and Dozie wants the sealing to stay intact!"

3) "Now, Henry, we know you authorized the executions of two of your wives, Anne Boleyn and Kate Howard -- but our records show that you've been sealed to them multiple times. While we do understand that you do not want these wives, who now have their heads back and are still very upset with you, for your eternal reward, you're sealed to both of them...."

2) "I don't care if you were a Catholic Pope and the Vicar of Christ, you can't bring your mistress in here unless you're properly sealed to her."

1) "If you're Jewish, then your name must definitely be down here somewhere."

LDS temple baptism proxy for Holocaust victims.

Comments Section

have you ever try to learn about what we do instead of blasfiming against the will of god! you make yourselves a god that fits you well taht do not demands much to sacrifice as did JOB. I pray that truth may it known to all the world! and repent of your sin! - 09/01/2014 - anon


I'm an ex-mormon. I'm not a bittter ex-member of the church, though, but I can tell how resented some people are about the church because probably their bishops suggested them not to stick cock up their male asses or some shit for the likes.

The reason why I quit church is just because I no longer believe in a god. However, I do believe that if you believe something the way mormons do and don't go against your own humanity, then you can be happy in a religion believeing there is a god or whatever.

Due to my involvement in science (I'm a cosmologist) I got to realize that there is no need for a god or a belief, however, you can gain advantages when you believe in something, such as mitigating the anxiety many people feel about their own deaths. Greetings from Chile! - 04/02/2013 - Strennus


what a waste of time, you should be doing this about the terroirsts/muslims. After all when was the last time a mormon strapped a bomb to themselves and took innocent lives? - 05/24/2012 - Klingon Skousen


People are being brainwashed tai fit from someone who went through the terrible experience of having their significant other try to leave ther church and hear what happened when they were a child. Waiting in line to be baptized for someone they didn't know. being forced into it and then being told they were no longer family and no longer has friends.. But these pictures are great lol - 04/24/2012 - mormonsfiance


I honestly think that if anyone looking at this site thinks that anything on this site is worth laughing at or getting up set about, needs to spend more time off the computer and more time with their family and friends. I am appalled at everyone that has made fun of the LDS church through this sight, and I am appalled at any LDS member for looking at this site. People you all need to get a life one that does not involve the computer. And for anyone that is thinking of making a sarcastic remark about how I should practice what I preach, guess what your the ones that truly need the help that only a professional can provide. - 03/25/2012 - Warren Jeffs


I want to apologize on behalf of all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have sat in unrighteous judgment of you or anyone else's beliefs. That is wrong and should NEVER happen. The church doesn't condone such behavior and it is truly heartbreaking when members behave in a way unbecoming of the name of Christ. You have every right to be saddened and upset by the poor behavior you have experienced in your years in the church. I, too, know how disheartening it is when you find yourself disillusioned by the imperfect members, and sometimes church leaders, around you. President Gordon B. Hinckley said it best, "There is so great a need for civility and mutual respect among those of differing beliefs and philosophies. We must not be partisans of any doctrine of ethnic superiority. We live in a world of diversity. We can and must be respectful toward those with whose teachings we may not agree. We must be willing to defend the rights of others who may become the victims of bigotry. "I want you to know, that I spent many years angry and hurt because my fellow members behaved in a way that was not in accordance with the commandments, teachings and counsel of the leadership of the church. It is difficult when you look up to imperfect people who have become rigid in their tradition. I've been a member of many other organized religions prior to converting and know that this is not just a Mormon shortcoming. One of the hardest lessons for me was learning to separate imperfect human nature, from the loving expectations of a higher power. I understand and identify with your anger where Mormon culture is concerned but sometimes Mormon culture isn't the same as Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint doctrine. Christ taught acceptance, charity and love WITHOUT exception. Obviously you feel your experiences were different and I am so sorry. I hope you find peace, love and acceptance. - 03/24/2012 - Jaci


Really though? It's sad you don't have better things to do with your life than to bash on a religion that only stands for good things. Shame on you. - 03/23/2012 - S


Why do the Jews care if their dead ancestors are baptized by Proxy anyway? Its just a ceremony. If its not true, then who cares and if it is true then they just saved your @#$! - 03/07/3012 - anon


If you want to learn about something, don't talk to a bitter ex-member. Read, learn and talk to someone who knows what they are talking about. I had a friend from another church that converted to mormonism, she said the way she knew her church was wrong, is the fact that they bashed another church constantly during their services. Another person has mentioned that LDS church members do this to other churches and if this is true then shame on them but the sin be upon the sinner not the whole church because it is NOT something that has been taught or ever will be taught. We believe that the LDS church is the only true church on earth. That doesn't mean that other churches don't have truth. That doesn't mean that there aren't other beautiful people out there. If you think about it, Jesus didn't teach one thing and then contradict himself a second later, he is a never changing God. His gospel does not change, so if it doesn't change, then there is only one true church/gospel that is going to be what he taught. I look at it like a puzzle where our church has all the pieces. Other churches have much of the puzzle too, just not all. We don't mean to say that in an arrogant way either, just in a matter of fact way. In fact, hopefully everyone believes that their church is the only (fully) true church, otherwise why are you there? Jesus wouldn't make up excuses as to why his church was the only true church, he would just say it matter of fact, take it as you will. I believe that most people in this world are good and try to do good things with their life, Mormon or not. I believe that everyone is at different levels of learning and everyone has different levels of testimonies. People are not perfect but the gospel of Jesus Christ is. I am saddened to see the adults above making a mockery of something they once believed in and fought for. You people took a vow in the Temple to live a certain standard and now that you have chosen to back out on that vow, which has cost you your church membership, you are mad at the church??!! and now you make a mockery of it? That seems a bit hypocritical. You will meet your maker one day and for your sake, I hope you are right. - 03/07/2012 - anon


Keep in mind, your un-baptizms will not be any good if the people you are un-baptizing decide they want to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior. - 02/24/2012 - Dave


Very sad. Nothing else needs to be said. 01/12/2012 - Kris

WOW How sad it is that so many people have nothing better to do than bring down A church of Jesus Christ. Each one will have to explain their own behavior to Heavenly Father some day. The Church does baptize for the dead to give them an opportunity in Heaven to choose to accept or not.. You guys are so full of satan it is terrible...I am sorry I ran across these pictures trying to find prophets for a lesson for Children.. Isn't it sad children couldn't even look up their prophets without coming across such hatred.. One who hates others must surely hate themselves. One who loves themselves, loves others. Your job is to repent, my job is to Forgive like Jesus did.. - 03/15/2010 - CT


To the Mormons here complaining that their religion is being "made fun of" take a look in your own back yard. I grew up Mormon in Idaho/Utah and we FREQUENTLY "tore down" other religions and you did too. Think about it and remember all your ridiculous statements about other religions said in passing. You have never judged non-mormons in your entire religious career? Never? Really? Truthfully? Come on, really think hard, I'm sure you will come up with something. You know that you believe that only your church is true. That, in itself, is a form of tearing down other religions. Your church wants you to feel persecuted and you engage in those feelings with gusto. Admit it to yourself. The poor Saints, so ridiculed by others OMG! Your church spends billions of your hard-earned money on whatever and you keep giving because they make you feel as if you'll go to Hell if you don't. Who's picking on whom there? My point is this. Mormons are no better than any other religion about belittling other religions and probably worse. BTW Fuck you all who worked on passing Prop 8 (no, we're not brainwashed) - 11/14/2009 - gayexmo


The Mormons who are disturbed and disgusted by this site should take a step back and look in the mirror. You have no problem telling other people what they believe or do is wrong. My roommates were Mormon. They were so rude to me because I wasn't Mormon and wasn't interested.I was never rude to them or diarespected their beliefs.They'd ask me if I had morals and values.I had known them less than a week.they didn't even know me. Like the LDS church has a monopoly on things like this. The Mormon church attacks other religions by saying that they are all not true and have fallen away into darkness. How is that respectful? How is calling the catholic church the great and abominal church kind and understanding(which you claim we should be)? I have never been treated as bad as I have been by Mormons in goodstanding. They always take little shots at my beliefs. They tell me that what I believe is not true. I've had people be so nice to me and when they find out i'm not Mormon they ignore me or treat me like dirt. Then they'll say things like "I can't believe you're not Mormon, you're so nice" ugh please! There are plenty of people out there who aren't mormon who are nice. So take a step back and look at how you treat people who aren't Mormon(I guess more specifically non mormons who aren't interested in the church). That is what's truly disgusting. - 03/25/2009 - we're sick?


I'm an exmo who thinks this site is hilarious and wish I'd found it sooner. To all the Mormons here whining about how disrespectful this site is and blah blah blah and eternal repercussions and blah blah blah, don't you have some scriptures to read or a small child to brainwash? No one is interfering with your right to believe what you want, so don't interfere with our right to laugh at those same ridiculous things, we can't really help it if Mormonism provides us with so many things to make fun of. I love it also how all the comments from Mormons are about how unfair this site is to them etc. Are there no thoughts at all for the deceased Jews? The same people writing these comments would be horrified if the tables were turned and Jews were baptizing their dead Mormon relatives. I have heard many times of the church wanting to baptize people who clearly and unequivocaly decided they did NOT want to be Mormon during their lives, so all this talk about giving people a choice after they die is ridiculous, they made their choice while they were alive. Is it so hard to believe that not everyone in the world wants to be Mormon and many people have happy, successful, fulfilled lives no thanks at all to TSCC??? - 12/15/2008 - Mor(m)on


Does anyone else have the image of the guys in white shirts and ties with their bikes and helmets trolling around the after world for those receiving these proxy baptisms to 'accept' their baptisms for the dead? Is there no escape from the missionaries? For those LDS offended by this site, well join the club! We and our forebears just want to be left alone.

Let us all have a brief chant that we can recite while at a Family History Center to undo all of our poor defenseless ancestors from the rituals of a belief that was never theirs to begin with. "May all of my people be freed from rituals not of their choosing in this world and others for all eternity." - 12/12/2008 - anon


So if being picked on makes the mormon church true does that make the Jews more true they actually have to fight. and Muslims are being bombed back to the third world by our government so they must be the truest.... this site rocks - 11/30/2008 - monkey MO


Wake up Mormans, you've been brainwashed. Try a coke, drink a beer, take off that underwear, you won't be struck by lightning. Live your life before it's over. - 09/23/2008 - truth-b-told


Hey folks, don't tie your shorts in knots over this babtism for the dead. It's no different from a guy mentally undressing a beautiful woman. She doesn't know he's doing it and it does't mean a thing. - 08/29/2008 - nohincster


As the new Poux-Bahh, I here by authorize and bless, and SKEET(yes you read correctly) all over this dutiful,yet fuckin awesome web page,which needs to be submitted to the SLC Weekly as soon as possible ! Rock On And remember. RELIGION KILLS but ECOLOGY PRESERVES! P. S. X-MO'S HAVE MORE ORGASMS - 04/15/2008 - Prezzy Monson


My ex made the silly mistake of telling his NEVERMO parents that he'd done temple work for many of their ancestors, including their parents and deceased brothers and sisters. His parents had a major hissy fit and went on some rampage and had my ex and our children removed from their wills. (The upside is that none of us ever have to see them again). Then they paid some guy $500.00 to "Undo" the temple rituals and had an official letter sent declaring this and demanding my ex to cease and desist any more such shennanigans.

Is anyone out there aware of such a service? Not that I find any of either side valid, but it is strange that someone is claiming to have such authority. It sounds like a quick way to make a buck off the vehement anti-mo's but sort of dishonest. I wonder if I could start a service to cast out the Relief Society Demons and help women overcome the need to put strange food in green jello, or to make charts with smiley faces on them for household chores, or that infuriating need to have a scripture or prayer to preceed any event or meeting.

I've always found the temple practices to be so bizarre but one thing I've never understood or agreed with was the rituals on behalf of the dead. When I would participate in the "Sealing" of some couple I would feel terribly guilty. There we were, messing with someone we didn't know a tiddle about. WHat if they were miserably married, hated each other by the end of their lives, looked at death as the only release from the hell of forced marriage? Now, according to the church they are sealed for TIME AND ALL ETERNITY!!! Sounds pretty damning to me. - 03/26/2008 - Insanad


"This just shows that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. What other religion has to fight as much as we do to just believe." (Posted by A Worried Mormon 10/31/07

Uhhh...There are at least two other religions who have had to fight more than Mormons. Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses, both of which were gathered up and put into German Concentration camps among other things. Where were the German Mormons when all this was going on? Oh yeah that's right, they were off to war murdering their fellow British and American "Brethren". I also find it interesting that the only Mormons persecuted during that time were the few who rejected the notion of Nazism, of which the Mormon Church fully supported. Read Matthew 5:44; 2 Corinthians 10:3, 4; Matthew 26:52; John 15:13. Oh wait, I just remembered the book of Mormon trumps the Bible when it comes to getting backed into the corner of not being able to defend your beliefs from the Bible. - 03/20/2008 - anon


Wonderful! I love you guys!

I hope no one did temple work for Tolkien, I'll have to use my cat as proxy and undo it.

You guys are awesome. - 02/02/2008 - Bre


you are disgusting, defiling sacred things that over 17 million people believe in. nobody is controlled, everyone has their free will to do what they want - 02/01/2008 - anon


May Jesus and Mary bless you for formally nullifying the Latterday Apostates blasphemous 'baptisms.' - 12/13/2007 - Joseph


Hey, the truth is what we think it to be. If it makes people happy to do baptisms by proxy for deceased--so be it. I am sure each and every person who has posted on here has done something offensive or disagreeable or has a belief that someone else does not agree with. Why LDS people have to get on here and post things that are rude I dont know, and why "anti" LDS people have to get on here and post things that are rude, I also dont know! People have "free agency" and can make choices in their lives--either to slam the door when Mormons come, or to open the door and go from there. People then can later choose to decide they made a wrong choice, or not. But why people have to be so mean to each other is way beyond me! If any of you were in a room together, you could find one thing about each other you liked and grow from there. Celebrate our differences instead of hating them! PEACE!!!!! - 12/12/2007 - Tabitha


This is retarded. I dont care what religion or beliefs anyone has you dont make a mockery of other people. You know you feel like crap making this site for a reason because its wrong. - 11/28/2007 - everyone


This site is great. I read all this bullshit by supposedly upright Mormons who think you must believe in their church because you do those funny ordinances to undo the other funny ordinances.

Of COURSE you know it doesn't mean a damn thing because the first dumbaas ordinance didn't mean squat either. The word irony doesn't seem to mean jack to these knotheads.

Apparently all these true blue Mormons make me sick with their ridiculous, arrogant attitude. I think they ought to go do something worthwhile, like apologize to all the people they bamboozled into getting baptized, beg their forgiveness, and quit knocking on people's doors on Saturday mornings. - 11/12/2007 - Millie


I feel it is sad to trash something so sacred. This is a true sign that these are the latter day's. This just shows that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true. What other religion has to fight as much as we do to just believe. We have Anti's all over. Even for the Pagent there are Anti people screaming untrue things through mega phones. Satan works really hard on putting us down, but the Lord will prevail. All of the people who were involved in this are going to be held accountable. I stumbled on this site looking for baptism pictures for my son. (who is alive) I am upset that people that have been shown some of the most sacred things of the church. Can make a mockery of them. There will be eternal repercussion for these types of behaviors. I can understand falling away from the church because we all have hills and valley's. However, if you know anything about what goes on inside of the temple's, then you truly know you are heading for eternal damnation. We can all repent. There is only one sin that is unforgivable and that is denying Jesus Christ. This web site is a slap in his face, and all will suffer as Jesus suffered. We can either except the atonement and strive to do our best, or we can make a mockery of it and suffer as Jesus did and feel the pain that he did. I pray that not many people pay close attention of this site. Most that will advocate this site are children of good families that just want to rebel, or people that just like to find fault and mock anything that is good. I know Joseph Smith was a TRUE prophet of God. We have a living Prophet today that helps guide us to returning to our Father in Heaven. Good thing that we have a merciful Father in Heaven, for the people that have been involved in this that didn't trully understand what they were mocking. - 10/31/2007 - A Worried Mormon


I am appalled that some would be so insensitive to put those clothes on such special people! I have close friends that are mentally and physically handicapped, as those in the images, and I couldn't ever imagine doing something so gross to someone that can't help themselves. To put them in poses that would demean them, and the belief of those that truly have a fellowship or a sense of doing the right thing in there life. I applauded the creativity, but really? I am glad you didn't display what was done when the cameras were off.

I can see why one would go to great lengths to do some type of show to prove a point that in reality not that necessary. I would like to see the money and the time spent on a site that's more towards something for the greater good. Like getting Fords, and Dodges off the road, something with more substance.

Don't get me wrong, I understand what was indented, but hand puppets or some type of computer generated graphics, something creative that would be up the same lines of using some baby kittens that were drowned in a mud puddle, and then hanging them in a tree to prove that "Cats aren't welcomed around here!"

I know that there are those that aren't proud of what they do, and they are probably feeling a little foolish for what someone has done to them, or what they have done to others? but to do this to people that don't need to be subjected to such "lack-of-conscience" and demeaning, grotesque display of a sycophant, to his or her, mental capacity that they would be so low to not just put themselves on display. What has to take place in ones life to use such awesome people as "puppets?"

I anticipate you using old people in a convalescent home next, but I hope that you don't. - 01/15/2007 - greasemonkey


You have one sick site here. It demonstrates one thing very clearly - you have alot of time to waste posting this junk. You must not work or have a family. How sad... How very pathetic. - 12/22/2006 - Marty


If you do not believe in the Mormon teachings why go to all the trouble of doing Resignations? If you believe that they are lies why would you be so mad to find out that your ancestors had Ordinances done for them? Why do Resignations for Church leaders if it is not true? Help me understand why you are so afraid of Ordinance work that you do not believe in. I am appalled to see any religion made fun of regardless of who is participating in the mockery, member, non member or ex member. Why waste your time undoing something that you do not believe in? Some people mock what they do not understand or believe, but it does not make it right and it does not set them free. But exposes them as the unkind and rude people that are in their hearts. I am glad to see that you do not claim to have any real authority to undo the Ordinances that you are mocking. Everyone has the right now and after they are dead to accept or not accept the Temple Ordinances done for them or by them. What you do has no effect on that. It only makes you look foolish. You will some day be judged for you actions. Is your fun was worth the eternal consequences? - 12/20/2006 - truth


Hi Im Elder Garcia soon to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I'm sorry that you are full of hate and disgust towards our Church but aswell I find you pathetic and disgusting just to let you know you have no authority to wear those garments thus the things you have done only show your true cause to tear down a church may the lord forgive you for your pathetic ways of being

Sincerly - Elder Garcia - 12/14/2006


This seems slightly redundant to me, since the ordinances-by-proxy don't take effect unless the subject (victim, whatever) wants them to. The whole point of proxy is that, IF you are dead and decide you want to be baptized, endowed, etc., then the ordinance has been done for you in the only place it can be done (on Earth) - if you look around and say, yeah, nah, I'm good without that whole "mormon" thing, the ordinance, though done, has no effect. But hey, I do lots of redundant things just for the fun of it - and it looks like you guys had a blast! =) - 12/08/2006 - usedtobemormon


this site is ridiculous. it is all false - 12/08/2006 - anon


It is amazing to me how something sacred and respectful, as now been made a punchline. Why do Mormons do baptisms for the dead? It isn't to make them Mormon. Had anyone paid attention to the plan of salvation lesson, I think this question would be answered. Is baptisms for the dead wrong? Obviously not as it was even done in the Old Testament era. Why stop with LDS members, take it back to the days of Moses. Or was it only okay then when prophets were on the earth? Go ahead Editor, make your side note. - 11/25/2006 - Maybe


you don't understand u should read first. the book of mormon. - 10/19/2006 - o my me


you will meet Christ some day - 10/19/2006 - jose


Go to The Hell Fuckers. Devils. Go to the hell - 10/16/2006 - Tony


i am sorry to disapoint you but you should get your facts straight before you write things like this. how would you know if we baptiz people from the holocaust. the reason we have baptizms for the dead is to let the spirt of them to choose to take on the responability of taking on the true gospel of jesus christ and to be saved and repent on the things they did wrong before the day the lord comes down to earth on the last day. so i would do reasearch next time you write something about mormonism unless you know it is the truth and not something that you heard out of some persons mouth that may not know the truth. - 10/11/2006 - unknown


It is truly only people who are insecure in themselves that they feel the need to tear down other people. Seriously, get a life, and spend your church time studying things that are important to you, like I am assuming, the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I'm pretty sure he said something about loving your fellow men. I don't see any love on this page. I wonder, who teaches the doctrine of HATE???? - 10/09/2006 - DA


You are sick. You are all sick. Sick, sick, sick. - 01/09/2006 - anon


el infierno te estara esperando - 10/01/2006 - anonymous


Have you ever tried going to an LDS church? Have you ever tried to have an open mind about the church? Why in the world would you waste your time trying to bring down a church that is NEVER going to go away. In fact, it's getting larger and stronger every day. I hope you will keep that in mind the next time you try to make fun of my life. 09/20/2006 - Me


Its funny that this website takes the time to try and undo these ordinances? This tells me you guys actually believe there is some truth to the ordinances...interesting! - 08/13/2006 - anon


How can you say, "We were not attacking someone else's religious practices", when as a memeber of 'The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' I felt really hurt when I saw the pictures and comments made on this website. You might have your own beliefs and maybe 'Mormonism' isnt for you but you have no right to make a mock of things that people feel are very important in their lives. One other thing, obviously you people dont understand the 'Mormon' religion, if you did then you would know that those people who have died and have proxy baptisms performed for them are not forced in the next life to become 'mormons'. All that the baptisms allow, are for those people to make the decision for themselves.

Please GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT. - 07/17/2006 - KLJ


Thank you, thank you, thank you. I always felt uncomfortable around the church (my family goes back to the original settlers), and when I began really learning the truth, it made me feel ashamed of my Mormon background. All these years I have avoided ever even mentioning it. Now I am in touch with other escapees, and talking about the fear and emotional pain-- and now I'm laughing. Oh, it feels so good.

I know squat about temple ceremonies (I even managed to get out of being baptized, and it was years before anyone noticed, by that time I was gone), so I guess I need help getting my grandmother unsealed from someone who only has one name (my aunt did that, after my grandmother's death, how icky, it's like having my grandmother stolen from me. I want her back). And how do I get my parents unbaptized? They are dead, but would appreciate the thought. - 03/26/2006 - Dee


I found this site completely by accident, I honestly don't even remember what I was looking for in the first place, but I think it had something to do with Jeff Foxworthy's redneck jokes. Anywho, there I was dinking around on the web when I came across a page advertising "you might be a mormon if". Having spent some time in SLC do to business, I thought I'd take a gander. Do those "jokes" make sense to other people? What the crazy is Giddianhi (spelling?)?

But I digress. I was curious to know about your religious background. I gather you all were once mormons and are no longer followers. I've never been a follower of any sect of any religion because I tend to feel they're all back-biting, self-righteous whore mongers who couldn't pull their collective heads from the anal cavaties they currently have them stuck in. I've studied religion at college and I've found one tenant to be true of them all, especially Christians. They all believe in saving others, to convince everyone else that their way of thinking is the path to righteousness, or happiness, or whatever. I know mormons are no different, but I suppose I was wondering if the god you believe in tells it is "right" or "good" to do your best to undo other religions, or specifically mormons.

If not, then maybe you should take a look at the Koran, or the Bible sometime. Lots and lots of errors and contradictions. A funny read, that Bible, if you look at it. Did you know it tells you that Peter was married, despite the Cartholics protestations to the contrary. Or that Christ was a liar and a cheat, not even able to follow the laws of the god of the Old Testament, which would bring to mind a power struggle in the eternal realm, two gods of vast power fighting it out like the Olympians. Just food for thought. Mormons, Jews and Jehovah's aren't trhe only crazies out there, following some cult-like mass of propaganda and tradition. None of them look into the heart of the matter, only take the surface and either twist it to see what they want, or disregard what proves them wrong. History is full of religious meandering like that (Constantine, I'm looking at you...).

I'd be happy to know more about actual facts you've found out about the mormons, but I do expect full documentation, not unlike a bibliography we had to attach to reports in school. You might be amazed at my religious and philisophical library, it comes in handy in sales and marketing. Or you can ignore me, pass me by and post a distorted format of email to make fun of me too. Your choice I suppose. One of the advantages of not being religious or even a follower of a philisophical point of view is that I can pick on everyone. Also, it frees up my weekend nicely. - 11/26/2006 - reggie991


I laughed until I cried. It is so good to see young people taking control of their lives; and, escaping the cult of Mormonism. I'm sending this to my Jewish friends. One of whom is part of the organization of Jewish leaders going after the Mormon Church for not keeping its agreements not to do proxy baptims and temple rite ceremonies for dead Jews. Good going! - 11/11/2005 - OhiOexmo


I think that it would be beneficial to actually baptize all the dead moslem terrorists, including the Saudis, Iraqis, Yemenis, Sudanese, Palestinians, Somalis,Libyans, Algerians, Moroccans, Tunisians, Jordanians,Syrians,Egyptians, and Pakistanis and any others that i missed. - 11/07/2005 - B.S,.Bovinefeces


How therapuetic that must have been! Great catharsis, sorry I couldn't have been there myself. - 11/06/2005 - Grace


My sister is spitting nails because she just found out that her deceased husband, whom she loved greatly and who died 3 years ago, has been temple sealed to his deceased ex-wife that he divorced before marrying my sister. His daughters did his endowments and sealings to their mother (the ex-wife), doing an end run around my sister. Is that 'legal'? Can the sealings be undone since temple marriages can be dissolved? Can the endowment be undone because he was not religious and didn't want it done? - 11/01/2005 - S


It would be funny to find Cain on the list. Even funnier to find Sherlock Holmes. - 11/01/2005 - anon


You guys rock! More power to you! The disrespectful practice of baptism by proxy should be banned. Just because the dead can't speak, doesn't mean they should be taken advantage of. - 11/01/2005 - miss chief


You people really make me sick. To mock that what others hold as sacred is just plain wrong, regardless of what religion you are, were, or will ever be! Just sickening! - 10/31/2005 - Sickened
Editor's Note: Yes, about as sickening as LDS people baptizing deceased Jewish Holocaust victims into Momronism. That is much more sick and twisted than this website could ever hope of becoming. We won't even mention Joseph Smith having sexual relations with teen age girls as being "sickening."


Now I'm really worried! As a joke I registered my dog with I had to have the poor puppy put down last July. Do you think they will wait a year and baptize her? She really wouldn't like that! - 10/31/2005 - Auntsmackie


Did anyone do proxy resignations for the Mountain Meadow Massacre victims?

The men, women, and children who Mormons murdered at the first 9/11 terrorist slaughter, the same victims who the Lee family subsequently mormonized?

I would have attended these proxy rituals if I'd known about them. Glad this work for the dead victims of mormonism is being done. I'll thank the exmo officiators since the dead no longer can. - 10/31/2005 - Cheryl


You've lost none of your sting. Wicked, wicked, wicked...but I had a few guilty giggles. Jeez after all these years I still feel guilty laughing at stuff like this? - 10/31/2005 - AussieJohn


Last Saturday evening a small group of us performed proxy resignations for the dead. In a manner similar to the Mormon ritual, we placed our hands on the head of the person who sat as proxy for the deceased, and said a prayer resigning the deceased from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and canceling all the church ordinances they had received. We performed this ritual for all past presidents of the church, some relatives of conference attendees and (en masse) for all of the Holocaust victims which the church has proxy baptized.

Some people were disturbed by what we did. This shouldn't surprise anyone. The church has a cult-like hold on its members' minds, so almost anything we do to free ourselves from its grasp will disturb and offend people. The mere fact that we left the church offends people. That we tell people the church is false and that its founder was a liar offends people.

But are mormonism's "sacred" rituals different in this regard? Should they be off-limits? Is what we did analogous to making fun of an orthodox Jew's phylactery? No, no and no.

Let's start with the last one. We were not attacking someone else's religious practices: we were addressing our own. The rituals we performed came from our own religious heritage, history and background. These are the things we were taught and raised with, things that have entered deeply into our psyches. The church does not own these rituals any more than we do and has no control over them. They merely use them for their own purposes. We did the same.

Why do this sort of thing if it offends people? The original post had a good summary: we were exorcising demons. We human beings love to believe that were are rational creatures, but that is far from the truth. Critical thinking skills are hard to gain and difficult to maintain. Most human thought and decision making is done through emotion and instinct. Our brains are built that way. Rational thought is a recent add-on, and is a non-natural mode for our brains. It requires practice and is failure prone.

The human mind is very good at summarizing things as symbols. We tend to group thing into hierarchical relationships, see things as good or bad, see people as in our group or outside it, etc. These symbols are a powerful part of the way we think and feel. The church has spent years indoctrinating us and positioning these symbols in our minds in a manner in which the church would like us to think. Music, priesthood and temple rituals, the way meetings are run, church leaders and their manner of speaking, etc. are all burned into patterns in our brains and control the way we think and react.

In order to truly free ourselves it is necessary to address these symbols, examine them for what they really are and sometimes turn them to our own purposes. This is what we were doing in that night. Some may consider it mocking, but I prefer to see it as taking back control of our minds and hearts. We were showing that we are now in control of our lives and that the corrupt organization no longer has any power over us. I think we were successful. - 10/31/2005 - CZ


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