Word of Wisdom
How wise is this revelation?

Most Mormons have heated feelings on the topic of hot and cold drinks. Please submit your comments on this revelation found in Section 89 of the Doctrine and Covenants

"Legacy Mormons" sowing global confusion

12/05/2009 - Bruce K. Church (courtesy Salt Lake Tribune)

For 27 years I have had the opportunity to visit vast and varied regions of the world because of my employment with an airline. I can travel virtually free anywhere my airline goes, and practically free on most other carriers because of generous reciprocal agreements. This perk has afforded me the opportunity to be an ambassador for my country and my "peculiar" state.

No matter where in the world I go, when people ask me where I come from and I tell them Utah, the next words out of their mouths are almost always the same: "So you must be Mormon."

I always respond in the affirmative and tell them how wonderful I think the state and the people are, especially all the Mormons. I go on and on about the kindness of Utahns and the beautiful scenery and the many things and places visitors can see and enjoy in my "pretty great state."

I am sincerely proud of my Mormon heritage and my liberal Mormon family.

The next thing I do if I happen to be in a restaurant or bar is order a frosty cold beer and ask my new friends if they would like to join me. The confusion on their faces is to die for.

Bruce K Church - Legacy Mormon. "I thought Mormons don't drink," they say. I tell them that while most of them don't, I am a "legacy Mormon" whose family was in the LDS Church before the mid-1840s, when the Word of Wisdom was amended to discourage alcohol consumption, and therefore that rule doesn't apply to us.

"That's interesting!" they say. And they want to know more.

I usually provide a cornucopia of little-known Mormon beliefs and obscure parts of our history, telling them everything they've never heard about the church and affirming all the wild rumors that have been spread by our detractors.

They all seem relieved to be finally told the truth about our horns (I file mine down!) and how many wives we "legacy Mormons" are allowed to have at one time. Our conversations are always fascinating and friendly. People like to be told the "truth," especially if it "validates" their predilections and biases.

On occasion I have had in-depth talks and philosophical debates with European intellectuals. They are intrigued by our apprentice program for godhood and want to know how they, too, can become master of another world in a far-off universe.

Yes, Mormons come in many different shapes, thought patterns and styles. Think about it the next time you travel and have the opportunity to represent Utah as a "Mormon." After all, aren't all Utahns just a little bit Mormon in one way or another?

We have become so because of the way our Utah Mormon neighbors categorize everyone in our "pretty great state." We are variously labeled as non-Mormon, anti-Mormon, gay Mormon, Jack Mormon, excommunicated Mormon, active Mormon, apostate Mormon, and my favorite -- Utah County Mormon (our Taliban).

So, if you wonder why the world is confused about Mormons, wonder no more. It is entirely the fault of "legacy Mormons" like me.

Bruce K. Church , a 1977 graduate of the University of Utah, served a mission for the LDS Church in Tahiti and loves his Mormon heritage. His father and grandfather were LDS bishops. He works for an airline and lives in Murray.

Why Does God Hate Mormons? Got Obesity?

08/30/2009 - by Jenny from Recovery from Mormonism

Why does God hate Mormons so much? Why won't he send word that there are dangers lurking close-by that could take their lives. Why does he let them wander in ignorance.

The Unchanging God. The God who has a Living Mouthpiece on the Face of This Earth. Yeah, that one. What's UP with him not tweaking one of the prophets ears and saying, "Psst. Hey, Tommy! About that Word of Wisdom thing. There's something else I want to tell My People, My Chosen Children, The Valliant Ones that I'm Watching Over. ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING, TOMMY?!

"Here's the deal. More than 150 years ago, My People were at obvious risk with drinking hot water, strong spirits from barley, and tobacco. Okay, okay. I wasn't quite clear, but you seemed to have gotten the message that caffeine is okay. Good boy, Tommy. Anyway, I need to add a few things to that list because My Chosen are suffering and dying, they are unhealthy in the marrow and weak in the bones. They MUST be told to lay off those super-sized portions of sugar, fat, and salt. They MUST be told to increase their activity levels. Otherwise they are at risk for:

# High Blood pressure, hypertension - One-third of all cases of high blood pressure are associated with obesity High blood pressure is twice as common in adults who are obese than in those who are at a healthy weight.

# High blood cholesterol - 50% more likely to have elevated blood cholesterol levels.

# Diabetes Type 2 - non-insulin dependent accounts for nearly 90% of all cases of diabetes. Researchers estimate that 88 to 97% of type 2 diabetes cases diagnosed in overweight people are a direct result of obesity

# Congestive heart failure - obesity increases the risk of congestive heart failure, a potentially fatal condition in which the heart muscle weakens, progressively losing the ability to pump blood.

# Heart disease - heart attack, congestive heart failure, sudden cardiac death, angina or chest pain, and abnormal heart rhythm is increased in persons who are overweight or obese.

# Stroke - There is a link between obesity and stroke; this is particularly the case for people whose fat is situated predominantly in the abdominal region. Overweight people are more likely to have high blood cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, but these associations are not the only explanations for the greater stroke rate.

# Gallstones and gallbladder disorders.

# Gout - the condition may develop in people with obesity incidents are remarkably higher, Gout is strongly associated with obesity.

# Osteoarthritis - Obesity may be a major factor in the development of osteoarthritis, particularly of the knee and especially in women.

# Some types of cancer -such as endometrial, breast, prostate, and colon

# Complications of pregnancy.

# Poor female reproductive health - examples would be menstrual irregularities, infertility, irregular ovulation.

# Bladder control problems - such as stress incontinence.

# Psychological disorders -such as depression, eating disorders, distorted body image, and low self- esteem.

"Tommy. TOMMY! Hang on! This important! Tell them to eat whole foods, avoid processed foods and corn syrup. They are NOT FOR THE BODY and I wouldn't even waste them on sick cows."

"Tommy, you've got to help me save My Children."

But does that unchanging god do anything like that in these latter-days?


Why does he hate mormons?

Mixing Hot Cash With Hot Drinks

04/09/2006 - Randy J

After the men who were members of the "School of the prophets" were made to stop spitting their chewing tobacco on the floor for Emma to clean up, Smith interpreted the "hot drinks" to mean coffee and tea, as a means of making women give up something they enjoyed as the men were made to give up their tobacco.

Yes, and let's also remember that in the list of supplies that Brigham Young published for the Mormons to take on the trek west in 1845, he advised to take a certain poundage of coffee and tea.

Besides if I read the 89th section of the D&C it says that it's not a commandment and also iced tea should be completely in accordance with what it says.

The current prohibition against coffee and tea had nothing to do with the 1833 WoW. Rather, it originated in Utah in the 1860s, when Brigham Young saw a financial report which listed the amount of money that Mormons had spent on coffee and tea imported from "Gentiles" in one year (IIRC, it was $62,000.) Upon learning that, Young advised his disciples that if they couldn't grow their own, then rather than enriching the evil Gentiles, they should simply do without.

And that is the specific reason why Mormons don't drink coffee and tea to this day. It has absolutely nothing to do with "the Lord's law of health," but rather sprang from an economic issue. Of course, church leaders of today have to maintain that the prohibition is for health reasons, so that the false image of the WoW being an inspired "Lord's law of health" can be maintained in the eyes of the naive faithful.

The Acid Test of the Word of Wisdom

04/22/2004 - NSEWanswers

Another "nutty" conversation with a true believing Mormon (TBM).

Mormon: We don't drink tea because of the caffeine. God wanted us before science knew about the dangers of caffeine.

Me: But you drink Coke and that has more caffeine than tea. Chocolate also has caffeine but there is no ban on those items.

Mormon: Change that we don't drink tea because of the tanic acid, that's it tanic acid.

Me: So you don't eat walnuts either?

Mormon: Of course we do why?

Me: They have more tanic acid than tea. Why would God tell you to avoid tanic acid and not tell you about walnuts?

Mormon: I don't know, you are just a stupid anti who is trying to twist my words. I know the Church is true. Good Bye

Sweet Tea and Toilet Water

04/17/2004 -anon

While I was still active, I went to a friends house for dinner. His mother made the usual huge pitcher of sweet tea. My friend tried to explain that as a Mormon I couldn't drink tea as it was against my religion.

Her reply was priceless.

"Oh bullshit, there is nothing wrong with sweet tea. If he doesnt like it he can drink water from the toilet. I swear! Who ever heard of such bullshit that a Southern boy can't drink tea?"

The Measurable Commandment - better to judge you by

01/23/2004 - SLDrone of the Recovery Bulletin Board

I'm always amazed how focused and judgmental Mormons are about the Word of Emma, err, I mean Wisdom. Those wishing to hold fast to the fables like to point out how inspired and ahead of his time Joe Smith was to have even fathomed such an inspired code of health. This of course ignores some important facts, the first being that it wasn't Ol Joe's idea at all, but rather Emma's. It seems Joe Ol Joe liked to "hold court" with the boys who would be prophets, and Emma was tired of the smoke she had to smell, the boorish behavior helped along by booze, the ashes and chaw she had to clean up after.

"Joe", says she, "why don't we adopt the health concepts of temperance so common among other religious folk these days? Demon rum robs a man of his spirit and his dignity. All the churches are doing it, why don't we?"

"Holy Puritan Abstinence!", blurts out Joe, "me give up my divine elixir or the gods?". "Well mother" he says, "tell you what, let's make it optional. Let's make it a good idea, not a commandment. Please Emma, I'm dyin here, throw me a bone".

"Very well Ol Joe, I'll give you this on one condition. I've noticed yur eyes a wonderin over the sisters, if you promise to keep your hands off of em, I guess you can still have your cigar and liquor. A woman could do worse I suppose."

And so the word of wisdom was born. You know, the one Ol Joe himself never lived up to, finding comfort in a bottle right up to the last day. You know the one that says don't eat meat except in times of cold and famine, but it's ok to ignore that part. You know, the one that apparently teaches that it's ok to be 100 pounds overweight and slop down the hot cocoa with your six eggs and half pound of bacon, just as long as you keep your meaty mitts of that coffee pot. You know, the one that goes on and on about grain and meat and hot drinks and strong drinks, but it's ok to ignore all that. The only thing that matters is coffee, tobacco and alcohol. The rest of that stuff is still just in the wisdom category. So go ahead, serve up a healthy dose of sloppy joes, burgers and dogs smack dab in the middle of summer for the ward social. Just don't drink a beer with it or your going straight down to hell. WHY? Because GOD SAID SO!

Or was it Emma, it's all so confusing.


Every major scientific,medical and dietary group in the world recommends tea as being good for ones health. It is full of antioxidants and other healthgiving compounds. Why would god command us to not drink such a healthy food? - 12/12/2003 - anon

Until the late nineteenth century, when Parliament spent years and fortunes building comprehensive water-treatment and sewerage systems covering the entire country, nobody in Great Britain ever drank water. They drank coffee, tea, chocolate, wine, whisky, gin, and "small beer" -- ale with a very low alcohol content -- but never water. People think it strange these days when they read Charles Dickens writing about mere children entering a pub and ordering a pint of ale, but there was nothing unusual about it 150 years ago.

Until Louis Pasteur published his Microbial Theory, nobody could explain -- but everyone knew -- that people who drank water got sick and died. In fact, this common knowledge was so reliable that when the poet Shelley decided to commit suicide, he chose not to hang himself, stab himself, shoot himself, eat rat poison, jump off a tall building, or any of the other favourite methods, but instead . . . to drink a glass of water!

Sure enough, he was dead within days.

So one wonders why all those tens of thousands of early converts to the LDS church didn't all immediately keel over and croak. Surely it can't have been that the whole lot of them didn't believe for one second the Church's claims, and were just in it for the chance to emigrate to Utah and be given a farm, and were all boozing it up like they'd always done? No, no, perish the thought! They were blessed by the Lord, of course. - 09/22/2003 - from ShakespeareWales

The Church did not require all members of the Church to live WOW until the late 1920s. Coffee was included on the supply lists issued by Brigham Young. This probably help save the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of our pioneer ancestors because one must boil the water to make coffee! - 06/03/2002 - Elder Max Wellhouse

Booze in the Kirtland Temple

05/19/2002 - SuzieQ#1 of the Recovery Bulletin Board

"In the evening, they met for the endowment. The fast was then broken by eating light wheat bread, and drinking as much wine as they saw proper. Smith knew well how to infuse the spirit which they expected to receive; so he encouraged the brethren to drink freely, telling them that the wine was consecrated, and would not make them drunk.....they began to prophecy, pronounce blessings upon their friends, and curses on their enemies. If I should be so unhappy as to go to the regions of the damned, I would never expect to hear language more awful, or more becoming the infernal pit, than was uttered that night." - References from Mormonism, Shadow or Reality, by Tanners Mormonism Portrayed by William Harris, pp 31-32,

"Sunday, November 21, 1880....Brother Milo Andress spoke of blessings and power of God manifested in the Kirtland Temple. Said he once asked the Prophet why he (Milo) did not feel the power that was spoken of as the power that was felt on the day of the Pentecost?....when we had fasted for 24 hours and partaken of the Lord's supper, namely a piece of bread as big as your double fist and a half pint of wine in the Temple. I was there and saw the Holy Ghost descend upon the heads of those present like cloven tongues of fire." - Diary of Charles L. Walker 1855-1902, excerpts typed 1969, page 35.

Journal of Discourses Vol. 2, page 216. Statement of Apostle George A. Smith. Reference to the drunken party at the Kirtland endowment.

In a statement dated February 27, 1885, Mrs Alfred Morley made this comment: "I have heard many Mormons who attended the dedication, or endowment of the Temple say that very many became drunk....The Mormon leaders would stand up to prophesy and were so drunk they said they could not get it out and would call for another drink. Over a barrel of liquor was used at the service." - Naked Truths About Mormonism Oakland, California, April 1888, page 2.

Isaac Aldrich stated: "My brother, Hazen Aldrich, who as president of the Seventies, told me when the Temple was dedicated a barrel of wine was used and they had a drunken pow-wow." (ibid.,page 3)

Stephen H. Hart gave this information: "Mr McWhithey, who was a Mormon...said he attended a service which lasted from 10 AM until 4 PM, and there was another service in the evening. The Lord's Supper was celebrated and they passed the wine in pails several times to the audience, and each person drank as much as he chose from a cup. He said it was mixed liquor and he believed the Mormon leaders intended to get the audience under the influence of the mixed liquor, so they would believe it was the Lord's doings....When the liquor was repassed, Mr McWhithey told them he had endowment enough, and said he wanted to get out of the Temple, which was densely crowded." (ibid., page 3)

You might remember that David Whitmer called the endowment a "trumped up yarn," and said "There was no visitation." The Des Moines Daily News, October 16, 1886


07/12/2001 - anon

What I can't understand is why the prophet doesn't get off his ass and give us part 2 of the word of wisdom. That would be the part about

More people die from heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes than from lung cancer and emphysema.

Hot and Cold Debate of the 1830's

The Word of Wisom not so wise??? Historical info every exmo should know.

In the mid-1980s at BYU, I was assigned to skim newspapers published circa 1820-1844 for articles about Mormonism. I reviewed hundreds of publications and literally thousands of copies of newspapers. It was extremely time-consuming, but as a result, I became something of an expert on the time period. Here's something I learned about the WOW. In the 1820s and 30s, there was a raging debate over the health effects of drinking cold vs. hot drinks. The debate was evidenced in numerous articles by supposed "doctors," supported by anecdotes of people who died instantly after drinking a hot or cold beverage. There were even town meetings where the parties would square-off against each other. It seems irrational to modern folk, but the medical minds in Joseph Smith's era honestly believed that drinking fluids of excessive temperature (too hot or too cold) could KILL or injure you. This was an extraordinarily divisive issue. When the WOW came out (with its recommendation against "hot" drinks) the saints would have clearly understood it as speaking to this issue. Early Mormons would not have viewed the WOW as a prohibition against coffee and tea -- so long as the beverage had cooled enough to be safe. In hindsight, it turns out that the WOW chose the wrong side of the debate. From a public health standpoint, it would have been better for the saints (who lived on what was then the American frontier) to have consumed drinks that require boiled water, such as coffee and tea. By boiling the water, they would have killed the microorganisms that cause disease. Of course, the science of public sanitation was almost non-existent and they did not associate bad drinking water with health problems. Not so prophetic after all.

Yours in the [un]faith, I am

Other folks believe COLD drinks are dangerous

03/07/2003 - gallo801

When I was a mishy in France, the French had an aversion to COLD drinks. They would comment about Americans drinking beverages with ice was mal pour la sante. This comment about 19th century thinking about the TEMPERATURE of the beverage really makes sense. Having experienced how people were convinced that COLD drinks were harmful, I can now understand how people could believe that hot drinks could be dangerous. It's the TEMPERATURE of the drink Joe was talking about. I think I finally get it. And that was such a good comment about 19th century people would have been WAY better off boiling their beverages before drinking to kill the bugs. Hmmmm....any retrospective studies where you could trace incidence of cholera, etc. in 19th century Mormon populations where HOT drinks were not supposed to be consumed vs. gentile groups in similar situations where the water was boiled? But didn't the early Utah saints drink Brigham tea, etc.?

The tragic absurdity of the Word of "Wisdom"

If God cared so much about the health of the Saints to tell them that tobacco was bad for them, "long before science knew" (untrue, of course), then why had thousands of innocent men, women and children had to die horrible deaths because God didn't care to tell his prophet: "boil the water"? - 07/04/2001 - Pravda from the recovery bulletin board

Comments Section

I came upon this blog in my search for the real underlying truth about the word of wisdom and how it came to be. I come from a strong Mormon family background on both sides, going back to it's conception. For hindering reasons I can't explain, I have always sought truth in how things have come to be, and the way they are presented rather than true spiritual meanings.

When I came to the crushing reality that most everything I was taught to believe in my then 45 years of life to be a lie or flat out fabrication of reality to fraudulently manipulate me, a natural being, to further a hidden agenda; whether it be for good or evil. Tragically, with a heavy heart, I started to search for the real truths that, what is so sad to say, is the deception that most are living with. This faŤade is self evident and carries the fog of deceit and is deeply embedded in all aspects of government, education, health, spirituality and all realms of life. Thus, forcing me to have to sift through mountains of seemingly endless piles of crap to start my journey, to wherever that may be, is benign.

This torment has caused me to loose my connection with my family and those I love.It brings me anguish to watch my dad who is dying of cancer cry out in true sorrow for his fear that he will not be with me through eternity.Because of his ludicrous inceptions he suffers on without any clue. For these sufferings placed on the unwitting souls of this world, for whatever the guise, there peace in KNOWING that the real reason why one shouldn't drink coffee is at it's best trivial. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!! - 01/02/2014 - gorio


I have read this page and I'll be honest, I'm kinda ticked. I converted to the church when I was 20 years old, but I started to go to the LDS church when I was 12. I attended with friends because I thought the boys were cute - plain and simple. I continued to attend my own church, Harbor Light Christian. The Pentacostal faith was fun. To be truthful, I loved it; the lively music, the band, the food, the speaking in toungs, the pastor who yelled into the mic and raised his hands in worship, and the song "for fire". I miss that. Not because the worship was beautiful, but because it was entertaining. Not because it taught me anything about a Heavenly Father, but because it was like a party every sunday and I could wear whatever I wanted. Not exactly spiritual or philosophical...

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I believe it. I approached the Temple grounds in Mesa Arizona with a firm grasp on my prior beliefs and a knowledge that "Mormons are crazy".I left that same day knowing where I belonged, and it wasn't in the reaches of the chair throwing, holy roller pastor. It was right there at the Temple. I wanted to go in. I wanted nothing more than to be worthy of it, and I knew full well I wasn't in my current state. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest, and I couldn't swallow that lump in my throat when I stood by it. Nobody approached me; no missionaries, no well meaning members. The grounds were pretty much empty, yet I knew without a doubt what was true. If my former religion was true, and I was following it as perfectly as I could - and I was - the Lord would have warned me that it was wrong. But the spirit there said it was right. I must have been open to the spirit enough to receive that direction. My heart says it's true, my gut says I'm on the right path. I still pray to the same God, yet I pray more reverently, and above all, I have faith so strong that the word of wisdom is a drop in the hat in comparrison to all I have learned. So, I will follow the Word of Wisdom for no other reason than because I believe the LDS church is, in fact, the true church of God. Every fiber of my being confirms it. You can discuss it, argue it, make rude comments, and do your best convince the world on this ridiculous page (that probably reached less than 50 people), it's wrong, but nothing you say will ever make a difference. 14 million people believe it - that's the bottom line. It'll be true whether or not you agree, and if we are all wrong, well, it doesn't matter because the people of the church try hard to be good, God fearing people who live clean lives and attempt to make restitution for their mistakes. As Christians, that's what we all want. We all want to do it right. I'm not sure what some of you are trying to accomplish. Maybe you should ask yourself that question. Are you so bored with your own lives that you need to take a magnifying glass to ours? Do you have nothing better to do than to argue something that doesn't have an answer? You won't really know until you're dead, so I'm just not grasping why you bother. I'll let you know now, you sure aren't convincing me of anything, other than your narrow minded attempt to discredit something you obviously don't like, is poorly aimed and completely pointless. You do what you want and I'll follow what I believe, you have the right to comment on my beliefs and I have the right to point out that you haven't written anywhere on this page exactly what YOU believe. Until you have guts enough to state what you believe to be true, rather than disecting what you are convinced is not, you should probably have some respect and admiration for those who are not ashamed to follow a God and freely admit to it. And by the way, we DO NOT WORSHIP JOSEPH SMITH OR ANY PRESIDENT OF THE CHURCH. If you people would actually educate yourselves BEFORE arguing any point about the Mormon religion, you would be well aware that the center of our church is the one and only savior, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins, to save us, and to save you, no matter what you believe. Now go find a Book of Mormon and read it, so you can hold an intelligent debate with a little less ignorance illuminating your topic. - 06/27/2009 - Kerry


I married a mormon, who like most just blindly follow because she was born into it. Like most, she has no idea on the origins of these revelations. She doesn't drink coffee or tea just because her mommy told her it was bad for you. She however will drink alcohol a few times a year and loves bacon, tons of sweets and tanric acid containing walnuts.

It gets worse though, Brigham Young said if a white person ever mixeth their seed with a black person they should be put to death and that's the way it will always be. Well gues what? she married and mixethed her seed with a black person...twice. Just don't touch that coffee hun.

BTW, Utah is the number one state for internet pornography by a long shot, just don't touch that coffee. - 03/26/2009 - Joe


I have a question. Why add on and try to fix something that was never broken? God intended the Holy Bible (the one before Joseph Smith came along) to be used for all of ages. What makes the book of mormon so great?

Why would someone have the arrogance to change the Word of God? Why would God all of a sudden be like "Oh yeah, by the way. I forgot to tell you not to do this, this, and this and you need to do that, that, and that. In case nobody knew it, God doesn't make mistakes. He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. He knew where we would be today and he took care of that in the original manuscripts. Who has the right to add to it, or take away from it?

If you believe someone who was caught with underage girls and says marrying more than one woman is okay and didn't even follow his own rules when it took away something pleasurable from himself, then I think you need some sort of change in your life. And something else- how come Joseph Smith was the only one to ever "hear" from God or "see" these "tablets"? And when Brigham Young took over, all of a sudden he was making changes to suit his own purpose.

I am devoted to Jesus Christ and in no way am I trying to bash someone's faith, but going back to my original question, Why fix something that was never broken, and why believe someone who tried to do just that for fame and money?

I could go on and argue so many other points but I'll save that for whoever decides to answer me. - 02/28/2009 - Josie


In my teenage years, I did drugs and drank alcohol, and I couldn't go one single day without caffeine. I was very unhealthy and very unhappy. It was only through repentance, faith and REALLY hard work that I was able to overcome the vices of these addictive substances. When I started practicing the Word of Wisdom my whole life changed. I felt good on the inside and out. I made the change because I care about my body. IT'S NOT EASY to overcome addiction. That is why it's called the word of wisdom, because it's WISE to not get addicted in the first place. It has been a long and difficult journey. People of ALL faiths should try to be healthy. I follow it because I want to be healthy and strong. EVERYONE has the freedom to take all things they are taught and do with it as they please. ANYTHING that creates dependence is not good for you. I just ran my first half-marathon, I NEVER could have done that without my faith. God bless you with good health too, I pray that you can gain a testimony of this wonderful word of wisdom. - 04/10/2008 - heather, california


Hi all. One way to settle all the concern about the Word of Wisdom is to go directly to the source of revelation (which is how the Bible came into existence - through revelation to prohets and apostles). I know through prayer that the Word is Wisdom is a true revelation from God and the blessings contained in Doctrine and Covenants Section 89 are His promises to all who sincerely experiment on His word (John 7: 16-17)

I know my Heavenely Father aswers sincere prayer. I know His Son, Jesus Christ, is the Saviour of this world. I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is His Church.

Sincerely yours - 12/15/2007 - Sean Kelloway, Australia.


I am a current member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and found the previous article/comments about the ban on "hot drinks" rather interesting. I was told there was nothing wrong with consuming caffine in moderation so I don't understand why some mormons are opposed to the idea altogether. As for the hot drinks we do take it to mean coffee and all teas except for hearbal teas and I was told it was because of the tanic acid contained inside that was not good for human consumption. I was told tanic acid is used to tan leather with and the tanic acid basically does the same thing to our stomachs when we consume drinks containing the acid and I'm sure none of us wants our insides to be tanned! But I had no idea that there was tanic acid in walnuts. I guess I know which nuts to avoid now! This article has brought up many good points and many more questions even to the point where I'm starting to question my faith and my decision to join the church. While I firmly believe in the core gospel of Jesus Christ and his atoning sacrifice for all mankind I'm a little unsure of blindly following the word of wisdom which may or may not be ordained of God and passed down to man (Joseph Smith). While coffe may not be good for our bodies their have been many studies to show that many teas (especially green tea) are very beneficial as they are chock full of antioxidants so I think it's a shame we can't comsume these beverages as they do seem to be rather healthy. (Unless it's because they contain too much tanic acid. I'm not sure of that one.) Anyway, I'll be doing a lot of thinking now about hot drinks and will be asking my bishop/elders many questions about the word of wisdom until it starts to make more sense to me. - 10/26/2007 - June Wilkinson


Why do you have to be a hater? They believe something, you believe something. Orthodox Jews don't eat meat and cheese together, Muslims don't drink alcohol, Vegetarians don't eat meat, I don't eat liver because I think it's nasty. It's nothing to get huffy about. If you want to get pissy about something, find something pertinent to someone...anyone, like corruption in the government or AIDS awareness. - 10/19/2007 - Otis Holiday


My what a lot of strange and weird tales I just read. It pays to check your sources and then check them again! We as members of the Church of Latter-day Saints are expected to use wisdom in all that we consume. Herb teas that do not have tanic acid are okay. We all know that liquor can lead to early death and cigarettes can too. I stand by the Word of Wisdom as it was given to the Prophet Joseph Smith by the Lord. It was not given as a commandment in the beginning. People needed time to adjust and alter their life styles. But it is now given to the members of the LDS Faith as a commandment through later revelation to the Lord's Prophet. The test of time will prove these things correct, so hold on to your seat, keep an open mind and a honest seeking heart. - 10/04/2007 - julia True blue and Mormon too!


Why are only negative comments entered on this site? Will positive comments even be printed? Under 'Tragic absurdity of the Word of Wisdom,' how much evidence is needed to know that tobacco use is unwise? Horrible deaths from cancer by both sexes are common knowledge. MANY are due to tobacco use.

As to alcohol: use can cause breakdown of the individual, then friends and family; loss of employment, then spousal abuse, and often a precursor to the use of illegal drugs are some of the outcomes of alcohol abuse.

I have a strong testimony of the wisdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith when he brought forth the Word of Wisdom. I'm sorry that the rest of you have spent your valuable time looking for ways to disprove revelation. - 09/28/2007 - Linda in New Mexico


There are many comments where mormons try to defend themselves using scientific logic. This, as you have so expertly pointed out, proves to be fruitless. You want an answer why I don't drink coffee or tea? How about because a prophet of God told me not to! Think that's a dumb reason? Look at examples throughout the bible where God commanded something to be done BEFORE the blessing. Abraham and isaac, Peter walking on the water, Daniel and the lions den, Shadrach meshach and abednego cast into the fiery furnace- the list goes on. I choose to follow the council of God through his prophets. Why? I've had personal experiences that have led me to beleive such. If you don't want to live according to it, that's your choice. Good luck in life.

Yours truly, - 05/10/2007 - The tea-free mormon - Phly man


I WAS BORN AND BROUGHT UP IN Scotland and there were many door to door visits from very handsome men. I was later told that was a trick to lure more people to join the church. Needless to sat the latter didn't impress me at all. Also the ban against consuming caffeine. - 05/14/2006 - fiona Struthers

ya know, we are all so afraid of which we do not understand.

(for Pravda)...if God so loved the world, why did he allow you to be born? Wow. Such deep thoughts. - 12/13/2006 - Go do something positive.


I am a member of the LDS church, or a mormon. First off, the story about Emma not liking to clean up the tobacco after the meetings is true. However, Joseph Smith didn't just create the Word of Wisdom himself. He prayed to the Lord and asked the Lord how they should conduct themselves. The Lord revealed the Word of Wisdom to Joseph Smith to protect the members of the church. It is true the Word of Wisdom is not a commandment, but it was given as ?a principle with promise, adapted to the capacity of the weak and the weakest of all saints, who are or can be called saints.? (D&C 89:3.)

The other thing I wanted to mention was that missionaries (the handsome men that "lure" people to the church) only go to people's doors to find people who might be interested in hearing about the LDS faith. If they happen to be handsome, it's not their fault. Most missionaries are young men fresh out of high school, who volunteer their time to teach others about the LDS faith. The LDS church does not want to "lure" people to the church. They want to find people interested in the faith, so they can teach them more.

I don't know if anyone who reads this will believe me, but being LDS, I wanted to explain things to the best of my ability. - 07/27/2006 - a member of the Curch of jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


I am from Czech republic, and now I live in France for 4 months /excuse me for my English/I started to asociate with LDS and thrice I visited their chappel, then I started to study something about them and alsou you wwwldslampoon.com is very beneficial. It shows whats this Restored Church really is, I dont want have nothing common with them, I want to have Jesus as my Lord, not Mr Hincley or other men. Your page is funny, but I can imagine, that it is not always funny a humorous to see for example your neigbours and friends, who are LDS, and you love them, how they are leading astray. You helped me very much and continue go on.

Thanks - 08/25/2003 - Daniel


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