Gay and Lesbian relatives of General Authorities

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Ok First Of all who doesn't have some relative that is Gay or Lesbian? Just because that person has fallen away doesn't mean that is the GA fault or anyone elses. The homosexual didn't have a personal testimony of the gospel. Like everyone that is members and is talking so badly about the church. You know you do have freedom of religion if you dont like the Mormon religion don't go but you don't have to dog on it to make you feel better about not going and not living the gospel. Most of yall know that The Mormon church is true and are just scared and feeling guilty because you dont want to live up to the standards. Sincerely One Who Cares P.S. Feel Free to Email Me.. - 04/29/2004 - from


I knew Gerald Lund's (is he a GA now?) daughter in college. Her brother was in a relationship with the son of the owner/president/something of Coors. - 10/12/2003 - source remains publicly anonymous but is known to Lampoon staff

I served a mission in London from 1999-2001. While I was there, an elder who was the Grand Nephew of everyone's favorite apostle, Butt K. Packer, was assigned to serve with another missionary I knew. One morning, during Companion study, this elder noticed Packer's nephew seemed to have a giant erection. Later that morning, during breakfast, the aroused elder admitted to his companion that he had been spying on him during his showers, and that was indeed, gay. He was sent home shortly thereafter. - 05/17/2003 - anon

Cricket, can I say this?? I slept with not one but two grandsons of LDS prophets during my years in Utah. I had on ongoing thing with one of David O. McKay's grandson's (great guy) and a shorter relationship with one of E.T. Benson's grandsons (not so great guy). Both men are married with children. - 11/27/2002 - luckyman

Emeritus Elder J. *******'s youngest son, *********, is gay. ********'s homegrown Utahn wife M******* is a beard for him, knowing that ***** likes men. Somehow she thinks that being "sealed" to a GA's son will make her calling an election made sure. And I should know--****** is my sister!! - 06/08/2002 - anon (editor's note: Would the author of this note please email privately to discuss more details of this situation?

04/27/2002 - SLDrone of the Recovery Bulletin Board

Gerald Lund, the new G.A. loves homophobia more than his own son.

There was an old timer poster on this board (Oberon). I have not seen his post for a couple of years now. That poster is gay. For some period his "partner" was Lund's son. According to those reports from Oberon, Lund was incredibly cruel to his own homosexual son, first terrorizing and then denouncing him and discontinuing any relationship. Lund literally drove his son to near suicide before the son made the break from his father and began his recovery. I think Lund is a firm believer in the "pine box" philosophy, to the point of cruelty to his own offspring. I remember Oberon saying he was a horrible man.

09/26/1999 - SCRPIOBEAR

Of course they do. Everyone has gay and lesbian relatives. Reliable information? Depends on what you will accept as such. Spencer W. Kimball's grandson (no name given) was pronounced gay in one of the publications of Affirmation, a social/support group for gay mormons. No one from the Kimball clan ever refuted that. It was good enough for me.

04/04/1999 - source prefers anonymity

Gordon would have his gay grandson come to the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and bring his boy friend with him.

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