Thomas S. Monson

The "warm fuzzy" specialist. Low octane doctrine. High octane emotion.

LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson died yesterday

01/12/2016 - by Anziano Young at Recovery from Mormonism

SALT LAKE CITY -- LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson died yesterday morning at Intermountain Medical Center in Murray, UT, following a long bout with pneumonia, advanced-stage Alzheimer's, three kinds of cancer, hookworm infection, and explosive diarrhea.

"He died surrounded by family," Monson's son, Clark, said. "At first, that is. There was a blinding light, and we all thought an angel was coming to take him home. But then, these things with bat wings started flying around, and this giant hole opened up in the wall, just like that movie 'Poltergeist,' which I totally saw because it was only rated PG...what is that called, a hellmouth? We didn't stick around to see what happened next, but when we got back to the room, he was gone."

Monson leaves behind a legacy of tearful stories, unattributed poetic excerpts, and fictional lugubrious widows, which often featured in his addresses at the Church's annual General Conference.

"We'll miss his stories, that's for sure," Ann M. Dibb, Monson's daughter and Second Counselor in the Young Women's Presidency, said. "He always left the heavy repentance talks to the hardliners like Boyd and Richard, so he could be all warm and fuzzy. Which just makes it weird that, still, the demon spawn dragged HIM down to hell, you know? Aside from all the anti-gay stuff, and misuse of tithing funds, and allegations of fraud, you just have to wonder why?"

Among the Mormon faithful, many have been asking the same question. "This is just another test, another tender mercy of the Lord," Elder David Bednar of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles sought to reassure members at a press briefing. "Heavenly Father obviously let Satan drag our prophet down to hell as an example to us, because he's so strong in the faith that he can make it, he can teach the spirits there, by the power of our Lord and Savior, even Lucif--oops, Jesus Christ."

"I think he got what was coming to him," controversial ex-Mormon John Dehlin reportedly remarked.

Monson is survived by his three children and several grandchildren and greatgrandchildren, all of whom have taken to wearing crucifixes around their necks and carrying holy water blessed by the Bishop of the Diocese of Salt Lake City, Most Reverend John C. Wester.

Monson's bald face lie as he concludes General Conference - April 1, 2012

04/01/2012 - by Battle-Ax at Recovery from Mormonism

In his closing remarks today at conference Monson said the conference center was packed, in fact he upped the anty and he said there was not one seat empty.

Well I work at conference and I am close to the front. Yes, it was mostly full but there were a lot of empty seats around dispersed throughout the conference center. Plus there were small sections in the upper levels that were empty.

He could see this plainly and at first I wondered why he would say that when it was so plainly not true. Then I got it. He was talking to the TV audience who couldn't see.

What was funny, a little boy a few rows from me looked at his dad and pointed to an empty seat in front of him. His father shrugged.

It was the boy's first lesson in the true fakeness of Mormonism.

It makes you wonder if he told this bald face lie to make a point how true are all his other stories - Paul Monson Dunn.

Click here to see for yourself.

Monson loves a Utah Jazz professional basketball game

02/20/2010 - by people at Recovery from Mormonism

I rode up the elevator with him at a game. - by Hopi

Back when Gordie was in charge, Monson popped into an elevator I was taking up to the suite level. He had a bodyguard. No tie. Not a single gray hair.

What I remember most from the evening was he ended up seated in a suite directly across from mine. He was pretty into the game but would not take his eyes off the court when the Jazz Dancers would do their bits (and shake them).

He would stop talking, put down his drink, square up his shoulders and stare like a lion.

Monson sits in the Huntsman's suite at Energy Solutions Arena - by Crathes

Monson sits in Huntsman's suite. In a prior life, I used to get comped by First Security Bank multiple times a season. First Security's (now Wells Fargo) suite was next to Huntsman's. Saw Monson there frequently. Huntsman served ice cream every game. Monson ate ice cream every game. He's diabetic???

Monson does like musicals. I sat two rows behind him while attending Utah Festical Opera's production of '1776'.

He does keep pigeons. Has since a child. He used to make money as a kid doing this. Now he does for relaxation.

Monson is capable of being an incredibly arrogant, inconsiderate person.

10/26/2009 - by William

I was a missionary in Germany in 1968 when Elder Monson came for a mission conference. As we were leaving he wanted to shake everyone's hand. He told one elder he really liked the way he carried himself, but didn't think much of everyone else. I thought it was a "teaching moment."

Five years later I was in a serviceman's branch in Germany. There was a priesthood meeting on a Friday night in Kaiserslautern with Elder Monson. Several hundred were expected to be there, but there was a snowstorm. A handful of us from our branch made the trip anyway. There were about fifteen priesthood holders there total, from all branches.

Since there were so few of us present Elder Monson had us all sit in the first two rows and he came and stood right in front of us and asked each of us to stand up and introduce ourselves. I was at the right end of the first row. He started at the left end and pointed to each man asking him to stand up. When he got to my end of the front row he skipped right over me and pointed to the man behind me and told him it was his turn. He did not want to know who I was. Everyone there looked at me as if to wonder what I had done wrong.

At the end of the meeting he had a question and answer session. I raised my hand several times, but he never called on me. Finally, I was the last one with my hand raised. He looked all around me and said "okay, so there are no more questions, we're done." Again, everyone looked at me really surprised.

For over thirty-five years I have wondered if I had the wrong impression of him. From reading the submissions on this site, I can see I do not. If nothing else, it was incredibly rude and inconsiderate of him to ignore me like that. And it was deliberate, make no mistake about it. It was an incredibly crappy way for an Apostle to treat a churchmember. I guess that was my reward for being one out of just fifteen priesthood holders who braved the weather that night to attend that meeting.

I have wondered whether it was a "teaching moment." If it was, I have no idea what he was trying to teach me. If I did something wrong, he should have pulled me aside, or had someone else do it, and tell me. Did he not like my clothes? Or the way I carried myself? Had there been some explanation it would have been legit. But there was nothing. All these years I have been left to wonder.

I quit the Church in 1985, long after these two incidents were forgotten. I have only remembered them recently, when he became president. Maybe you can be a prophet of God and act like that; then again maybe you cannot. But whatever else you believe about him, do not kid yourself, he is capable of being an incredibly arrogant, inconsiderate person. email: name: William

April 1, 2008

Thomas S Monson caught scoping out his next love bomb service project.

Widow Sues President Thomas S Monson for Harassment

President Monson caught scoping out his next "secret service project" at home of Widow Anderson. Monson is all smiles at what a great story this will make for his next General Conference talk.

by substrate - AP - Associated Prophets

Salt Lake City -

A Salt Lake City woman filed a civil suit against LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson for harassment. Martha Anderson, 72, complained in papers filed in Municipal Court, that Monson has engaged in a pattern of stalking and harassment over the last two years.

"I had just moved into the neighborhood," Anderson recounts, "and word must have gotten out that I'm a recent widow. One day a portly, elderly man appeared on my doorstep and told me he'd noticed my parakeets. Now, mind you, my parakeets are in a room facing the back yard, so immediately I wondered how this man knew about the parakeets? Had he been watching me? For how long?"

Monson, the suit alleges, offered to care for the parakeets upon Mrs. Anderson's death. "I've been in the neighborhood two days, and he starts speaking ominously about my impending death. What was I supposed to make of that?" she said, shuddering slightly at the thought. "I told him to get off my property, or I'd call the police."

Anderson thought that would be the end of it, but it was just the beginning. "I'd come home from work, and he'd be mowing my lawn or bringing me flowers. Once he brought about 25 kids over to paint the house. They didn't ask, and they did a crappy job. And I hate blue."

Mormon President Thomas S Monson being photographed by Deseret News painting Widow Anderson's home. "Then I started getting phone calls from people who had heard Mr. Monson bragging about his service to me from the pulpit. He didn't even get my name right: It's Martha, not Marian."

Eventually, a frustrated Mrs. Anderson phoned church headquarters to complain about the harassment. "The secretaries just gushed about his kindly service and said I should feel really blessed to have attracted his attention. No one took me seriously until I got a restraining order."

Despite the restraining order, the harassment continued: "Cookies and casseroles kept coming. He replanted my flower beds three times. He even went after my grandson. Brandon was pretty shaken up by the experience. He said that this creepy man had jumped out from behind my apple tree and tried to shove a train set into his hands. He told me he thought he was being abducted."

Salt Lake City police refused to enforce the restraining order. "Why would anyone refuse the personal ministry of a prophet of God?" asked an incredulous Sergeant Bob Jensen. "She should feel honored."

Monson's office issued a terse statement: "President Monson is widely known to have maintained a quiet personal ministry to the sick, the afflicted, and the widowed. We are saddened that anyone might take offense at his unselfish and Christlike service."

As she filed the suit this morning, Mrs. Anderson was firm and unapologetic. "I had hoped it wouldn't go this far, but someone has to put a stop to it. Think of all the defenseless widows who have suffered in silence from this insidious stalking. It's time to break the cycle."


S Monson and Pope Benedict exchange holy garments.

Client's experience told to me personally about Monson

11/18/2008 - by Rich

Several years ago a client came to my office for an appointment. He was clearly shaken emotionally. I asked if he was OK and he told me that he had just come from Salt Lake City and had been in the temple - where I didn't ask.

He said that Monson had viciously torn into an elderly female temple worker. At the time I was still True Believing Mormon and suggested that anyone can have a bad day.

But he responded that the attack was totally unacceptable on any day, let alone from a General Authority. Monson's claimed history of all goodness and light to the widows may indeed be total hype.

I've met Tommy & his wife.

11/18/2008 - by JJ

You're right. My impression of her was she was very unhappy and I felt sorry for her. I knew one of their granddaughters at BYU. She lived in my building. One time they dropped her off after a family get together. They both walked her to her apartment. I wondered why because of course he was seen and the word spread. The building was soon mobbed. Monson loved it. He was smiling and shaking everyone's hand. His wife just stood off to the side looking very sad. She probably just wanted to get home.

Here are a couple of sources for you

11/18/2008 - by jacyn

I have two True Believing Mormon family members who work at the COB. They can't stand TSM based on their personal experience. One of them supervises a large group of employees, several of whom refuse to work on a floor if TSM is on it. He's widely regarded as a pompous ass, even among the true believers who are unfortunate enough to rub shoulders with him.

Seriously, if a person is hated so much that mere employees/peons refuse to be near him, there is a real problem with that person.

Monson seen at the old Mountain Spa

03/27/2008 - by utahbigfoot

Thomas S Monson, Francis Monson Midway Utah Waters of Mormon spa. I saw him once in 1990 at the old Mountain Spa in Midway, Utah.

My wife and I had been swimming in the hotsprings there and were the only people there when he and his wife showed up. I sat next to him for two hours and neither of us spoke to each other.

By the way he wears black socks and dress shoes with his swimsuit.

My favorite Monson quote

03/27/2008 - by substrate

"Remember that faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other.

"Should doubt knock at your doorway, just say to those skeptical, disturbing, rebellious thoughts: 'I propose to stay with my faith, with the faith of my people. I know that happiness and contentment are there, and I forbid you, agnostic, doubting thoughts, to destroy the house of my faith. I acknowledge that I do not understand the processes of creation, but I accept the fact of it. I grant that I cannot explain the miracles of the Bible, and I do not attempt to do so, but I accept God’s word. I wasn’t with Joseph, but I believe him. My faith did not come to me through science, and I will not permit so-called science to destroy it'" ((Thomas Monson, "The Lighthouse of the Lord: A Message to the Youth of the Church," Ensign, February 2001).

Who says the church is anti-intellectual?

It seems to me that the church knows that its secrets are out of the closet. Anyone with 10 minutes and an Internet connection can find out any number of problems with the church's claims. Monson's advice here seems to be a response to that growing knowledge of the truth, and that response is a simple call for people to shut off their brains and listen only to the brethren.


Meeting Monson in Salt Lake Coffee shop

03/18/2008 - by barbApplebaum

I don't believe in God, and God certainly doesn't believe in me. (laughter)

I have spent most of my life living in good old Mormon Mecca. I was a foster child. Wow was it hard being taunted in grade school about how I didn't have a "Forever Family".

The majority of foster homes I lived in were Mormon. I wasn't a daughter to my various foster families and they made it clear to me that I wasn't a daughter of God. I became an unmarried mother at the age of 20 while in college.

I so loved my son I wanted to be the best mother possible. The pregnancy was unplanned, but I had choices and chose to raise my son. I finished college and entered the work force. Because my lifestyle was not of the "Mormon Norm" I encountered much humiliation and was discriminated against.

The Mormons always considered me unworthy, undesirable , trash, and more. I worked hard. 4 years ago I married for the first time. My son and I are close and I now have a grandson. However, in the eyes of the Mormon's that surround me I am simply not good enough.

On Saturday my family and I were in a traditionally non-Mormon second rate coffee shop having lunch. A man came up and spent some time with us. His name was Monson...yep the new prophet dude.

He was not arrogant, he was not intimidating. He was tender and kind. He felt I was worth his time. His showing up was unexpected as well as his warmth.

I must admit I was stunned he would even bother with a skinny 43 year old woman sipping on coffee. I liked him. I am still an atheist, but he did heal some of the pain of my Mormon experiences. If the prophet of God has time for me, what does that mean? (snicker)

Editor's Note: Today I contacted barbApplebaum on the phone to verify the story, location, times, etc. She actually Googled "Monson" to verify his identity and hit this site, thus her response. Monson visited and chatted for about 5-6 minutes and did not mention the LDS Church, but was "kind, warm and friendly." She was surprised that he would go out of his way to introduce himself and visit. barbApplebaum added, "I didn't see any angels come down or trumpets blow, but I appreciated his kindness."

Being around the guy made me see him differently

03/18/2008 - by Church Officer Worker

In one sense, I still see him as a sincere man trying to be kind to other people. However, working in the church office building and seeing his other arrogant side was an eye opener. His milk has to be extra chilled especially for him before church functions. You dare put anything in his office back in the wrong place or make some other mistake about what he wants and you're likely to get fired.

What Has Started My Doubting: The Calling Of Thomas S. Monson

03/18/2008 - by anonski22

I found myself thinking, "This is a prophet? This guy is about as prophetic as I am."

There is no special revelation, no great spiritual epiphany. All he is, is a guy who has moved up the beurocratic ladder, which is largely a by product of being involved with it his entire life.

I look at all of these guys, and almost all of them are inter-related in some way, somewhere in their family tree.

You will have your occasional pop-star, like Uchdorf, who the brethen realize has a charisma about him; but the vast majority of them are mearly life long chums and direct or distant relations.

Monson is no spiritual figure. He is an administrator, and autocrat.

I cant imagine what he will be like dealing with the public, with his INSISTANCE on giving talks as if addressing an audience of 12 yr olds. I have NEVER liked listening to Monson talks. As an adult, I cannot take that tone and demeanor seriously at all. Does he expect that act to fly with the world?

Top Ten Reasons Monson Is Better than Hinckley

03/11/2008 - by Substrate

10. You may get empty platitudes, but at least they sound vaguely poetic.

9. Someone had to stand up against improperly chilled milk.

8. Anyone who goes mano a mano with the Stasi has to be pretty tough.

7. All those widows can't be wrong about him.

6. "I don't know that we teach it" replaced by cute stories of Little Tommy and his train set.

5. If he can stand firm against reason and science, so can I.

4. Tough call, but I prefer Monson's kindergarten sing-song voice to Hinckley's homespun droning.

3. It's high time pigeon-raising got the respect it deserves, damn it!

2. Who's more spiritual: newspaper executive or PR flack? No contest.

1. I for one can never get enough of Monson's humble self-congratulation.

Monson Breaks Arm

02/02/2008 - by Substrate

A spokesperson from LDS Hospital in Salt Lake City confirmed that President Thomas S. Monson had been admitted to the hospital for treatment of a broken radius and ulna over the weekend.

"Yes, it's pretty bad," said church public affairs spokesman Don LaFevered. "Apparently, years of publicly patting himself on the back for his acts of selfless service have taken their toll on his aging bones. From what I understand, he was in mid-sentence in recounting a visit he made to an elderly widow when both bones suddenly snapped."

Doctors determined that the self-congratulation began many years ago when Monson gave a tanker car from a childhood train set to an impoverished neighbor. "Most people can let that kind of thing go, but not Tommy," said DeLoy Larsen, the childhood neighbor. "Every time I saw him, he would launch into the story, sometimes even wiping away a tear or two. Now mind you, it was a nice tanker car, but look where it led."

The compulsion continued through Monson's teen years and almost caused a medical disqualification from the U.S. Navy. But he was able to serve his country (and pat himself on the back for it) before returning and assuming the position of bishop in what he repeatedly has described as "the largest ward in the church."

It was the years as bishop that seem to have turned the behavior from occasional habit to obsession. The multitudes of widows in that ward provided innumerable opportunities to recount stories of Monson's legendary kindness: hospital rooms, canaries, ward dinners; we are all familiar with the stories, and each recounting stripped away another layer of cartilage from Monson's joints and weakened the bones that much more until they snapped.

Perhaps the most serious stress to Monson's bones came with the fall of the Iron Curtain. Monson's work in the former East Germany brought several conference talks and BYU devotionals recounting his leading role in defeating Communism. Former East German dictator Egon Krenz, with whom Monson worked closely, recounted that as early as 1985, Monson's arm exhibited signs of involuntary muscular contraction. "Yes, it was painful to watch as this man struggled to control an arm that seemed to have a will of its own. Of course, I told him he just needed to stop telling the stories, and the problem would resolve itself."

Church leaders met early today to discuss Monson's future as a general conference speaker. An unnamed source said the brethren were worried that, without the self-adulation, Monson would be reduced to reciting bad Edgar Guest poetry.

Monson is the Apostle of Alliteration

02/02/2008 - by Argar Largar

I saw Monson speak from the Marysville, Washington Stake Center a few years ago. This was also broadcast to many other stake centers. I had the exact same reaction as you but I was still going to church at the time. I recall emailing a friend saying he just kept telling story after story after story and there was no point. He was a Chatty Cathy doll and he kept pulling his own string.

He did, however, retain his title as the Apostle of Alliteration.

Frenzied Freiberg Temple

02/02/2008 - by Andreas

[sic] I was searching for a picture from Prs. Monson. Then I saw your crazy photo and your stories?!? I know a lot of stories from Prs. Monson, because I am a part of it! And I know why he is telling them. Because it is the Testamony of a man who is doing the Lords will.

To tell something about Prs. Monson you have to know the miracle in Eastern Germany which the Lord was doing through his Instrument Thomas S. Monson. If somebody had a huge part in knocking down the iron curtain, than it was Thomas S. Monson. I was kneeling 1985 in the sealing room of the Freiberg Temple with my parents and my brother and sisters and we had still the Eastern Communist regime, when we were sealed together as a family. What a big thing when you realize that the communists destroy churches and killed their own people while running out of their country. If you want to make fun about that Apostle then you dont know the Lord. He, the lord knows Prs. Monson and the service he did for him. Because he made that world wide miracle for the lord come true, to work out a plan to build a temple in a communist country and bless the country that the people had a chance to gain all the blessings of the gospel and all material blessings of the western world. So if you make comics about Prs. Monson you also have to make such pictures of Prs. Ronald Reagan ("Mr. Gorbatschow please open this gate ...") or Prs. Kennedy ("Ich bin ein Berliner"). Now I live in Frankfurt/Main in "Westgermany" having a super job in a german Investment Bank and being every day happy about the risk that Prs. Monson was taking while coming behind the "Iron Curtain" and spent love and hope to people in a dark country.

So, I hope to never see your pictures in the www again, because the only one that you hurt are yourself and the Lord. And please solve your problems that give you the idea to open up such a page.

Two Phallic stories told by President Monson

03/15/2007 - by hk112358

Two phallic personal anecdotes told by our next Prophet.

While on my mission, Monson visited us and told us a story where he got naked. It has exhibitionism and phallic-size connotations. I was not impressed, and felt the story was totally out of place to tell missionaries, particularly in mixed company.

Here’s the first story, in my recollection. He was pheasant hunting, and when he shot one, it fell into the river. His dog would not go in because of the cold. So Monson stripped off all his clothes, jumped in, and retrieved the “bird”. When got back on shore, he saw two hunters on the skyline of the nearby hill. Bare naked, Monson held up the “bird” called to the hunters said “Ain’t it a beauty!” Then one of the hunters, in a female voice replied, “You must be very proud of yourself!”

Cold water does not make a male particularly proud of his maleness; except for Tom. He must have a very large priesthood “bird”.

Here’s the second story. In a General Priesthood Meeting, 2002 or 2003, Elder Monson gave us a visual. It has masturbation connotations.

“One evening I decided it was time to take a leisurely bath; so I filled the tub with a lot of warm water, and then I peacefully lay down in the tub for a few moments of relaxation. I was lying there just pondering [pounding], when the soapy water reached the level of the overflow drain and began to flow through it. Can you imagine my surprise when, with my eyes focused on that drain, Herman [the pet snake] came swimming out, right for my face? I yelled out to my wife, ‘Frances! Here comes Herman!’ ”

Both stories have a naked male hollering at a clothed female! Lord have mercy.

Almost Naked Monson

03/15/2007 - by Ken Taylor

I pride myself in my own little Monson story that took place 25 + years ago.

When I lived in SLC, my family held a reunion of sorts at The Homestead in Midway, UT. Someone in the family mentioned that some of the GAs lived nearby and sometimes visited there.

A little later in the day, my brother came up to me all excited, saying he had spotted President Monson soaking in the hot mineral baths.

So, I just HAD to go look. I arrived to see him walking from the pool to the men's locker room. I followed him in there, and saw him walking toward someplace in sort of a hurry. I didn't want to be too obvious, but I wondered what it would be like to say, "I saw a GA completely naked!"

I watched him from across the room, trying not to appear too interested. He seemed in a hurry, and kind of nervous. He disappeared before I could see where he went, so I never got to see him TOTALLY naked. (Rats!)

But I do recall he was a big guy, and looked like he was pretty out of shape, and could use more exercise.

At that time, I was a TBMer (True Believing Mormon), so I chalked up his out-of-shape figure to being so busy doing GA work that he must have had very little time to exercise.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

I was teaching seminary in Mesa and Monson came

01/18/2007 - by Bill Gardiner

One of the first "stirrings of doubt" I had was when I was firmly ensconced in the box, and it involved Monson. I was teaching seminary in Mesa and Monson came down there and spoke in our stake conference.

I liked his talk. Then we moved back to Utah a few months later (1989). That year, Monson was the speaker at the annual "Night with a General Authority" they have every year for CES (Church Education System) people. It was always held in the assembly hall on temple square.

Anyway, Monson spoke. We were up in the balcony and could see him well. He was sitting there with his wife, and you could tell they didn't like each other very well. Then, when Monson stood to speak you could actually see him "turn on" and he proceeded to give a similar talk as he had in Mesa.

His inauthentic facade and duplicity was glaring! I wanted to puke, and I was a firm believer then! I went away quite disturbed. I even discussed it with my wife, and she also felt him turn on, and turn off. His wife was also interesting.

Another Jeopardy Contestant

01/16/2007 - by substrate

Thomas S Monson on Jeopardy.

Alex Trebek: Tonight we welcome to our show Tom, who works in Salt Lake City as an executive for a nonprofit organization. What kinds of things do you do in your work, Tom?

Tom: Oh, you know, the usual: quietly going about easing the burden of the poor and widowed, comforting the dying. But really, I prefer not to bring the spotlight of attention to myself. Did I mention the widowed?

Alex: Yes, you did, Tom. Let's play Jeopardy!

Tom: I'll take American Poets for $100.

Alex: This poet is considered the leading exponent of transcendentalism among American poets.

Tom: Who is Edgar Guest?

Alex: No, Tom, I'm sorry, but the answer is Walt Whitman.

Tom: I'll take American Poets for $200.

Alex: The work of this poet has been described as "dull, pretentious, pointless child-like paragraphs ... simply nothing."

Tom: Who is Walt Whitman?

Alex: No, I'm sorry, the judges were looking for Edgar Guest.

Tom: Maybe I should try a different category. I'll take Ancient America Speaks for $100, Alex.

Alex: This theory suggests that the Book of Mormon is confined to a relatively small geographical area in Central America that was already populated when the Nephites arrived.

Tom: What? Who's saying that?

Alex: Remember, all responses must be in the form of a question.

Tom: Oh, sorry. I'll have to ask Midgley-Welch about that when I get home. I'll take Shakespeare for $100.

Alex: Polonius gave this famous piece of advice to his son, Laertes, in Hamlet.

Tom: What is "fake it till you make it"?

Alex: No, the correct answer is "To thine own self be true."

Tom: I'll take Religious Leaders for $100.

Alex: This 20th century Christian was known the world over for acts of self-sacrifice, humility, and charity, including working with the poorest of the poor in bettering their lives.

Tom: Who is me?

Alex: I'm sorry, we were looking for Mother Teresa.

Tom: Oh, her. Well, she did what she could, I suppose, but look at our welfare program! Did I mention the widowed?

Alex: Can we get back to the game?

Tom: I'll take Definitions for $100.

Alex: This word is defined as "an attitude of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or in presumptuous claims or assumptions."

Tom: What is humility?

Alex: No, the answer is arrogance.

Tom: You know, Alex, I'm getting a little upset here. Everything is upside down here, which reminds me of that wonderful book, Alice in Wonderland. I wouldn't have come here if I'd known you'd take the plain and precious and twist it to suit your own purposes. As the poet Wordsworth said, "Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting ..."

Alex: I think we're out of time.

Tom: Hearts were gladdened, spirits were lifted, and stomachs were filled.

Alex: We'll see you next time on Jeopardy.

Tom: And that canary was her companion for the rest of her life.

Alex: Really, Tom, it's time to go.

Tom: Comrade Honecker told me that he had complete trust in the church, and we were able to build our temple.

Alex: Security!

Tom [being dragged away]: The tanker car was my favorite.

The Monson Preaching Style

10/05/2005 - runtu

Thomas S Monson puppy dog eyes I got into trouble when I was teaching at BYU and we were discussing rhetorical style. Conference was approaching, and I mentioned that certain speakers have noticeable patterns. I used the example of Thomas Monson, and I said that he will always use at least one of the following:

- a story about a widow in his ward when he was bishop of "the largest ward in the church."

- a story about when he was a boy and in which he refers to himself as "Tommy."

- the "passive triplet" where he puts together a string of 3 passive verb constructions: "hearts were gladdened, spirits were lifted, and stomachs were filled."

After conference, several students mentioned how they had suddenly gotten the giggles during Monson's talks. Oh, well. I'm headed for outer darkness, anyway.

Monson is the Apostle of Alliteration

05/22/2005 - Argar Largar

I saw Monson speak from the Marysville, Washington Stake Center a few years ago. This was also broadcast to many other stake centers. I recall emailing a friend saying he just kept telling story after story after story and there was no point. He was a Chatty Cathy doll and he kept pulling his own string.

He did, however, retain his title as the Apostle of Alliteration.

Tom Monson Takes the Cake

04/17/2005 - Son and Heir (of nothing in particular)

This is a 100% true account as far as my brain can recollect, names have been changed to protect the innocent. The guilty can fend for themselves as their names go unaltered. Go with me to the year 1995....

Working at the Church Office Building in church catering and then later at the Lion House opened my eyes to just how human the brethren are, and in fact, one could say helped my testimony to “mature” because it was often in spite of the humanity of the Lord’s servants that I knew the gospel was true. After all, if the Lord could call men with weakness and frailties common to the human race, to positions of church leadership then I might just have a chance at making it, not into leadership, but into the top kingdom.

There are little things which I would categorize as minor inconsistencies that I observed such as the almost nazi-like mannerisms of one Thomas S. Monson. My first experience with Elder Monson was when I was working at the COB during the busy Christmas banquet season. My job was to set up tables and chairs, arrange place settings, put down silverware, etc. Occasionally, we were asked to do some food prep. Unlike for any other General Authorities that I recall, there were always “special instructions” for Elder Monson whenever he was in attendance. He always had to have an ice-cold milk below a certain temperature, and there was invariably a carton of milk in the kitchen’s refrigerator with a thermometer sticking out of it for Elder Monson.

I once road the elevator all the way to the 26th floor with Elder Monson. Although I was too intimidated to make conversation, he did speak to me cordially, but did not strike me as being a very sincere person, let alone an apostle of the Lord. It wasn’t until later when I worked at the Lion House that I began to understand his reputation among the employees who had had the misfortune of working in any capacity under his tutelage.

I was present for an event which shattered my idealization of “the Brethren” forever. We had always been taught the unwritten order of things as it applies to church employment. Although not directly employed by the church, it was nonetheless our obligation to make sure to cater to the whims and demands of the brethren when those demands were exacted upon us. This lesson was driven home at an awful price that culminated in a dramatic end.

It was President Monson’s birthday and the quorums of the twelve and the seventy were going to surprise Elder Monson with a cake in a meeting to be held in his honor that afternoon. We didn’t receive the cake order until the morning of the event. The order came down to an employee by the name of Beth who was the pie and cake baker. Beth was not exactly what you would classify as a stellar true believing member of the church. Years of church employment and personal problems had left her somewhat disgruntled and jaded against the church and she resented and resisted the unwritten order of things.

On this particular day, she had several other cake orders to fill and she was falling behind. I could hear her resentful grumbling from the Pantry kitchen, and her resolution that went something like, “Well, Elder Monson is just going to have to wait for his precious cake, because I have other orders that have been on the books for months to do.” So, she saved the cake for last. It was a beautiful 3-layer chocolate cake which came fresh out of the oven with minutes to spare before the Administration Building employees were to pick it up. Normally a cake such as that would need a few hours of cooling time before it could be frosted, but alas, there simply wasn’t time. She slathered on the chocolate frosting in a fit of panic, piped out some happy birthday message in frosting on the top, and threw it in a box. It was on its way and soon forgotten.

The next morning there was an “emergency staff meeting” called by Karen Hildegard, the Manager. You could tell she had been crying. She, in what must have been the few moments of composure she had been capable of mustering that whole morning, proceeded to sternly recount the fate of the cake after it left the premises. In the time which elapsed between its departure from our kitchen to when it was opened for President Monson’s delight, the entire 3-layer cake had slid off into a virtual glob of melted chocolate frosting. Apparently, no one had opened the box at the Administration Building for a preliminary inspection.

Karen continued to passionately re-enforce the policy that whenever we receive an order for a General Authority, we are to drop everything and attend to it, and to do it better than we would any other order. Her voice was several orders of magnitude in emotion above anything any of us had ever heard before and she explained it in words similar to this: “I just had a meeting with the First Presidency in my office. Do any of you have any idea what it’s like to have the entire First Presidency in your office yelling at you? I know none of you want to know what that is like, and I will *not* be in that position again.”

All of it seemed so funny up until that moment. I tried to picture Presidents Hinckley, Monson, and Faust literally yelling over a stupid cake incident. It didn’t make sense. Men of God simply do not see things in that perspective. Surely men of god, the 3 highest-ranking men in the kingdom of God on the earth, the mouthpieces of God would not make another human being, especially one which reveres and idolizes them so, feel so little as to yell at them over a stupid mistake, a mistake that wasn’t even directly her fault. Everyone who knows Karen thinks she is a wonderful, kind-hearted, level-headed cool cucumber, but on this occasion, she had come unglued. It tore me up inside to say nothing of how it must have made Beth feel for being the cause of this public rant. That one took a great deal of mental shelf space.

My Tom Monson Experience

04/17/2005 - Marvelous

As Son and Heir posted a story about Tom Monson's birthday cake and the First Presidency, I thought I would share my Tom Monson story.

I served in the mission office for one of the current apostles. Because my family is TBM LDS, I prefer not to be more specific about this and other personal details. As a missionary, I met Elder Monson several times and was responsible for arranging for him several newspaper interviews. I witnessed firsthand his almost superhuman memory and soft spot for elderly sisters. He remembered members he had met in the distant past, greeting them by name. It was amazing.

Someone in the know (it could have been my mission president), related how Monson had manipulated the exclusion of President Tanner from a major media event in our mission so he could be the center of attention. This was my only negative impression at that time.

At BYU, I roomed with the son of the secretary to the Quorum of Twelve. He related many GA stories. These confirm what Son and Heir and others have related concerning Brother Tom. He is insufferably demanding and insensitive.

After graduation, I went to work for a stock brokerage firm in SLC. I introduced myself to the controller of a major company owned by the LDS Church and convinced him to invest their considerable excess cash in preferred bonds. My recommendation had not been made by any of the other numerous financial advisors competing for the business and the controller was prepared to give me the business. First, though, he had to present my idea to the board, which featured Elder Monson as its resident GA.

Well, Elder Monson had a relationship with one of the top brokers in my office, who either was, or had been, a stake president. Monson approved the transaction, but asked that the business be given to the other broker. When my branch manager broke the news to me, I was heartsick. It seemed so unfair, as our firm, and this other broker, would never have gotten the business if I hadn't come up with the idea and pursued the opportunity. I was expected to step aside and concede the business and relationship to the other broker. As a concession, he gave me half of the commission on the first transaction. Ironically, he stuck it to the Church and his mark-up was more than twice what mine would have been. However, there was so much more business to come that this was little consolation to me.

At the time, I was a young father of two and a faithful Elders Quorum President. I was trying to establish my securities practice and this was my first significant break. I couldn't imagine that Elder Monson would deprive me and my family of my just reward, so I decided to contact him. As you can imagine, I was tentative, as I realized how insignificant I was in the scheme of things. However, you will never get very far in the investment world if you are passive and I was determined not to acquiesce without a fight. Somehow I got his phone number (I think it was in the directory) and with considerable apprehension dialed. He answered and I quickly introduced myself and explained my predicament. I mentioned that I had worked with him in the mission field and I was an active Latter-day Saint. I knew the probability of him redirecting the business to me was low, but I thought I would get some sympathy at the very least. Instead, he asked me if my branch manager knew what I was up to. He then threatened to shift the business to a competitor. I hastily apologized for my impertinence and ended the call.

His response mortified me. It wasn't so much that he had treated me with utter indifference, but that my livelihood was in jeopardy. The blow was worse than the one my branch manager delivered initially. It was one thing to lose a big deal, and another to lose my job altogether!

I was deeply hurt by Elder Monson's callousness and coldness. His warning was calculated to put me in my place. I felt very insignificant and vulnerable. It didn't affect my testimony of the Church, but it sure destroyed any confidence in him. My experience confirmed for me his hypocrisy. He is all platitudes. There is no substance, only self-engrandizement. Although I'm inactive and non-believing, I still wish Church members well and shudder to think of Tom Monson as their leader. Hinckley is a moral giant compared to Monson.

You know what's almost scary? His memory is so incredible, if someone relates this post to him he just may remember the incident and be able to identify who I am through inference. Guess my decision about whether to remain on the books will be taken from me. Well, Tom, they say the best revenge is living well. I wouldn't trade my life for yours for all the hokey anecdotes in the world! Your punishment is having to live with yourself.

One word that describes Tom Monson perfectly

01/26/2004 - hermanuno

While a couple of GA's I have met seemed like really nice people (I was very young), there is one word that describes Tom Monson perfectly.... ASSHOLE! I probably could have been dragged back to momoism without a whole lot of effort by someone (not Monson, a female could have though) but just as easily was pushed the other way. Anyway at the time I was actually questioning a few things and still feeling a whole lot of guilt for "shaming" my parents, I meet Mr. Monson. I was 18 or so and working in a gas station. He comes in, I recognize him but say nothing except hello, he sees a long haired and bearded hippie looking kid and turns into the arrogant asshole he really is. He can't even say hello! Nothing comes out of his mouth. Not hello, thanks, goodbye..... nothing. Acted bothered by everything and everybody on the planet. He came in every few days for a year or so and finally did talk after the that first time, but never more than hello. He never said thank you. I never saw him smile or did he ever seem happy. He was exactly the same to any other customers. Of course some recognized him but he never seemed interested in another soul.

Not to say his behavior pushed me over to "the dark side" but he sure as hell didn't help bring me back. Of course he had no idea of the goings on in my personal life, but if this was a man of GAWD, one of his chosen, Why was he such an asshole? My thoughts of Gawd never were that he would be rude like Brother Tommy S. I mean what would Jesus do?

He can't keep an executive secretary

01/26/2004 - Marvelous

I had an experience with him that was very negative. He threatened my job. It's a story I've shared on the board before. He had no compassion for me at all, and I was a faithful member (Elder's Q Prez at the time) and had assisted him several times when on my mission. (He had been mission prez for my mission about fifteen years earlier and often returned.)

While in college, I knew the son of the executive secretary to the Q of Twelve. He had many stories of Monson's arrogance and insensitivity. For instance, Monson would throw a fit if the donuts for their weekly quorum meeting weren't the kind he liked.

At the same time, he seems to have a soft spot for elderly widows. I guess he feels they're worthy of his attention.

Heads are gonna roll

01/11/2004 - anon

I worked for an Architect firm in Salt Lake City who did a lot of work for the LDS Church. When we were restoring the Joseph Smith Building Downtown, Monson walk in one day and said......"Heads are going to roll if this thing isn't done on time". He was upset and angry. We all thought he was such an asshole from the way he was acting that day.

"That's the way to handle stake conference!"

09/13/2003 - ShakespeareWales

I don't have much sympathy with the Morg any more, but I must admit, I've always liked Monson. I met him once at a stake conference in Wandsworth, south London, I guess about 1989 where, as a young priest, I was acting as usher. It was a beautiful spring morning, and Monson was late, so, after we'd herded the faithful inside,we Aaronics all lay down on the grass for a spot of sunbathing. We didn't notice Monson's arrival until his entourage suddenly walked around the corner, Monson at the front. They all stopped suddenly, shocked at the sight of all these young boys spread about the lawn, ties off, shirts open, stretched out in the sun. Monson burst into laughter, slapping his knee, and yelled, "That's the way to handle stake conference!"

After the conference, we were lined up by the side door as Monson was escorted past us. Looking over his shoulder at us, he asked if we were the ushers he'd seen earlier, and then came back to shake hands with each of us, thanking us personally.

They are not all assholes

02/16/2003 - Zapotec

Many years ago, when I was a beardless youth, a group of us were putting on some kind of performance in the old Hotel Utah for some MIA convention. After the performance we were lounging around in a hallway, when along came Joseph Fielding Smith, and his wife, Jesse Evans Smith. He had always seemed to be a rather dour old fart to me, but he came over, shook our hands, and chatted with us amicably. He even smiled, as did his wife.

A few years ago the family of a young convert to Mormonism from my ward were heading out west to Salt Lake City. They weren't LDS, but the young man, not knowing the customs of the church, wrote Thomas Monson, asking if they could visit him while in SLC. Surprisingly, Monson called the young man, who got in touch with his family, and Monson gave them a private visit in his office, and treated them very cordially. BTW, they never did join the Morg, but they were duly impressed by Monson.

They aren't ALL assholes.

Thomas 'Tomato' Monson

Comment Section

Here lies the Pepsified body of Prophet Tommy S. Monson
Who ponderized the doctrine of Joseph Smith's johnson.
Failing to receive even one direct revelation from God
Croaked while shopping, gasping that gays were outlawed.
Cleverly used lawyer Dallin Oaks as his pitbull attacker
Tommy's now resting in peace atop Mister Boyd K Packer. - 01/12/2016 - by cricket


Wow, the haters are the members shown by actions. The rest are simply sharing. Seems that the member haters are not from S.L. Because we all know these are not just made up stories. Most members that work in hospitality on temple square leave the church. It is the absolute truth. I know many that work for the church and the S.LP.D. The stories Will curl your hair. And these are the least of the stories. I've met most of the 12 and liked them all except Monson. He Seemed arrogant. I really liked Anderson. If protecting a prophet takes hatred and Christ has nothing to do with hatred you need to do the math. Know one is perfect. So be carful protecting them as they are. In the end, everyone is judged. The prophet too, and don't assume to know the knowledge of Gods judgment to understand all ending outcomes. - 05/01/201 - anon


Your a sicko. Cant you do anything better with your life yah prick. Get a life and stop being so cynical. You're a joke seriously - 05/01/2015 - Elder


the people who putted this up are f$$$$$ idiots stop being allthat because he is a true prophet - 11/25/2014 - wina


Wow, you have to at least admit here is a man who has given his life in trying to help others. He may have faults, but he has in fact helped so many who have appreciated his willingness to serve. And even if you aren't willing to give him that, at least you have to grant that he has tried. I doubt he has much money or material possesions and has just devoted his life to his faith. But in reading this, instead of a man who has given his life trying to help others, it almost sounds like it is talking about someone like Justin Bieber.

This is a bad sign for the future of our society...whether you are Mormon or not... - 10/16/2014 - Ted


I'm not a member of the LDS Church, nor do I want to be. I just read your postings about Thomas Monson and was really surprised. As a Jew in Salt Lake City I've found that people are generally accepting and inclusive, if not inquisitive, about different approaches. I'm not really sure where you think you are going with this kind of publication. it seems like you have ignored one of the basic creeds in life, "respect your elders". Even if your opinions and beliefs differ from those of the popular community, I see no grounds for these harsh and defamatory statements. I think you should probably get a life before you start suggesting to others what they should do with theirs. When it comes down to it, we all worship the same God in our own way, Mr. Monson just seems to be putting a lot more effort into it than you are. Crinkle a little mor tin foil on your antennae my're picking up some pretty heavy static. - 10/15/2014 - Joe the Jew


Never in the world's history have God's prophets been accepted by the world in general. Only humble people recognize that prophet's aren't perfect, but as mouthpieces for God on earth. Get Real! - 10/10/2014 - anon


President Monson is a wonderful man, but nobody is perfect. There will always be people who hate the church, its leaders, and its followers. Then, there are people like you who post this gossip on the internet! It makes me sick! Get over yourselves and learn to open your mind to another world view.

A 15 year old shouldn't have to tell you this....grow up. - 10/01/2014 - Love not hate


All I want to do is just dance. When I hear brother thomas preaching the good word it makes me want to make a joyful noise unto the lord (Ps 100) it makes me want to jig and sway and shout praises to the Lord of Host who ispires Brother Thomas with such beautiful diction and dramatic story telling powers. The closest I've ever felt to the spirit was at a YSA dance wduring the last slow song of the evening. During that song my then fiancee - now wife - were dancing and spinning and talking about the beauty and power of the prophets message for our lives.

Life is about having a beautiful - and FUN - spiritual experience down here in our tabernacle of clay. So all i can say is: if anyone here is getting lost in the negativity of this slanderous website, and the slander of the apostates posting here, don't worry, remember the beatitudes - perspectuted for the lords sake - and just pray and just love and just dance. - 09/30/2014 - dance dance dance


your Photo Shop work is terrible. If you are going add Pres. Monson's (and Sister Monson's) pictures to existing photos you should do a better job - 09/22/2014 - bhw


I have patiently waded my way through the posts on this site and, if I may be permitted to make an observation; the majority of those who claim ill treatment, or indifference, seem to simply be taking umbrage at not being personally lionised.

Prophets are just ordinary men doing extraordinary things. They have obligations and schedules to meet and cannot be rightfully expected to gush over every roadside bowser jockey or audience participant at a whistle stop speaking engagement. I am just an ordinary person and you can bet that, when going about my daily toil, I do not fritter away time being overly effusive about every Tom, Dick or Harry I happen to come into contact with.

I am deeply saddened by those who needlessly dip their pen in vitriol . . . "Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins." - 09/20/2014 - 1Grandmama


Why Does A Living Prophet of God Need Lawyers? 2/18/14

The LDS church has always taught the following:

God is the creator of worlds without number.

God has all power.

God has the power to soften or Harden hearts.

God knows all things past, present and future.

God through the power of the Holy Ghost can reveal the truthfulness of all things.

God knows what everyone is thinking even before they think it.

Prophets are god's living oracles on the Earth and God speaks through them.

The living prophet is more important to listen to than all the dead ones.

All of this would make a true prophet an awesome force in a courtroom!

The scriptures are loaded with stories of prophets so courageous, fearless, and powerful they seem like super heroes. In the Old Testament we read about Noah building the arc while the whole population was mocking him, Moses boldly contending against Pharaoh repeatedly, Elijah contending against the wicked priests of Baal, Daniel cast into the lion's den for praying, to name a few. In the New Testament we read about John the Baptist losing his head for his beliefs, Paul writing his epistles while in prison, Jesus being tried and executed for his teachings, and the stoning of Stephen.

In the Book of Mormon we have the stories of Nephi beheading Laban to get the Plates of Brass and building a ship from scratch, Ammon boldly going into enemy territory to preach the gospel, Abinadi fearlessly preaching against wicked King Noah and being burnt to death for his trouble, captains Moroni and Helaman leading troops into one blood drenched battle after another, we could go on and on here but this should be enough to make the point.

To my knowledge there is not one scriptural account of a prophet so wimpy he has to hide behind lawyers.

According to the church the living prophet is easily the equal of the ancient ones from scripture. So what happened? How did God and his living prophet become such gutless weenies? Any one of the ancient prophets mentioned above if ordered to appear in court would see it as a great missionary opportunity, fearlessly show up alone at the court knowing that the power of god was with him and at the very least deliver a powerful and convincing argument on behalf of himself and the church. If Monson really is a living prophet of God and the church really is true and on solid ground, with nothing to hide, it should enthusiastically do the same.

If Monson does not appear before the British magistrate on the appointed date to answer the charges filed against him as ordered, the membership of the church and the world at large have every right to question his authority and the claims of the church.

Another serious issue is that by using strictly secular legal means to defy a court official's order is a huge act of hypocrisy. The church is constantly condemning secularism but it will be though secular means that the church will deal with Monson's situation. Additionally it would defy the church's own Articles of Faith as found in its scriptures. The 12th article states: "We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring , and sustaining the law." If these words mean nothing to the living prophet why should they mean something to his followers?

Surely there will be plenty of members with the same concerns as those expressed here and the great Google apostasy that the church has been experiencing the last several years will likely accelerate. The church may start asking "Where is Abinadi when we need him?" - 09/01/2014 - Observer


I have never met anyone as kind and loving as President Monson. I met him back at a stake conference back in 1968 in Long Beach, CA before he was a Prophet. . My husband was investigating the LDS church. My husband joined the church after meeting and taking to him. There isn't a perfect person on this earth. We all have flaws. We all make mistakes in our life. I'm now 67 years old and I've made plenty of mistakes but I'm still improving and learning. I'm sure Thomous S Monson is also growing and learning. He's lived a long time and I'm positive he has earned the right to be called a prophet of God as I have earned the right to be called Grandma by my 19 grandchildren. - 10/04/2014 - anon name:


When I was a teen, President Monson came to speak at a conference in my town. I received a confirmation then that he would one day be a prophet.

I wonder if you have considered why God sometimes allows us to experience human frailties in his leaders, such as Moses who needed a spokesman. I believe it's to help us relate more, but also because they ARE just people.

I think it's also a way to test our faith. Has he uttered any word of PROPHECY that was not clear? The mantle and calling of prophet doesnt make them perfect here on earth. But if the prophet utters a prophecy, he is no longer speaking as a frail, or even unlikable man as some say, but a prophet of the Lord.

Would any of you who are critical of President Monson be equally critical of Moses, and say he was not a prophet because he needed help to hold up his arms when parting the red sea? If he has alzheimers, God's work will still go forth. Even if other apostles must hold him up. - 10/04/2013 - testimonyreigns


How dare you attack this man of God who has spent the last 50 years promoting the common welfare of millions! I'm astonished and angry at the belittling comments of this influential church leader. - 10/05/2013 - Parley


So, let me say to my fellow MoBots (Mormon Robots)that when you put mere men on the Ivory tower or in a rock star status it's har dot imagine they can behave as so many in this forum have posted. Bottom line we're all humans and fallable, but when in the calling of a GA you're held to a higher code of ethics and living. Yet somehowmostof not all of them become assholes with the fame and fortune courtesy of the "Unpaid Ministry". When members treat them Extra Special they confrom to and expect special treatment, and in turn place themselves abovue the rest. Jesus preached about this type of Pride, but these guys and all the adorning MoBots that worship Jesus Smith and the top 15 are dedicated Kool-Aid drinkers. Wake up and learn how to think for yourselves. - 09/09/2014 - Avoid K. Slacker


Seems like a real prick. It's so sad and frustrating to know that so many people are blindly trapped in this false religion of bondage, hanging on the every word of a false prophet. The world would be a better place without Mormonism. I can't really say anything against mormon people, but I can say that I hate mormonISM. Just sad. - 08/24/2013 - AdamGod


You guys shouldn't make stuff like this!! What is he doing to you guys?!? Nothing so STOP what you guys are doing because it's not funny!!! How do you think he feels!! What if he did that to you!!! That's just called being a bully!!! - 08/14/2014 - anon


I didn't have time to read everything on this site. But I read people's opinions against and for President Monson.

When I was trying to be a TBM (True Believing Mormon), I went to meet President Monson. The event scarred me. He shook everyone's hands and smiled at them and said something. He shook my hand and barely gave me a second look. Looking back at it, he was probably just ready to be done shaking hands, but I felt at the time that I was unworthy.

This brings me to my next point. While my judgment was probably incorrect, the thoughts and anxieties I had were very real. I am no longer LDS and a lot of the strife and anxiety in my life (such as fear of death, etc) has largely subsided.

To all you active LDS people, I truly think that when people post about their negative experiences (true or imagined) on here, they are getting a little therapy out of it. They are venting a very real emotion.

So, if you so blatantly feel that you are right in your beliefs and are happy to bear your testimonies and insult people for thinking otherwise, why don't you put yourself in their shoes. Non-believers are bearing their "testimonies" of their truth and their experiences. Just as you don't like to be told you're wrong, neither do they.

Besides, no one is doing it to your face. Why don't you just get off this site if you don't like it? - 06/28/2013 - Reasonable Person


Prophets prophesy, seers see, and revelators reveal. Just try to tell me one real prophecy, or something seen, or revealed by Monson or Hinkley? And don't give me the Proclamation on the Family.

Anyone with half a brain tied behind their back could have written that. And don't give me the "oh but that is sacred material" crap. I want to see a real prophet of God. Where are they? I've seen the pictures of these two men shaking hands with the enemy using the secret temple handshakes.

I used to be a TBM, but after getting into real church history, it aint easy to attend church any more. Isn't it interesting how the Mormons hit up the Catholics for their history, but the Mormons have no clue of their own church history.

Again where are the wonders and miracles performed by apostles of God? Oaks says they are sacred and can not be shared. There's a good piece of meat to chew on. Oh, and Holland says that Joseph Smith is "still a prophet today." What a bunch of crap. - 06/15/2013 - Jason


Why is this man held so high when we all have the ability to receive revelation and live kindly and giving???? I'm not saying one way or the other, but we all have the ability to aspire to be more like God and not monson... Ask for "monson to forgive you" ? If anyone ask God to forgive you... If God were to appear on Earth, it's likely God would be in lay man's clothing, un-swayed by pointless material things, working in a soup kitchen feeding the hungry... People lack education and forethought ... I encourage everyone to truly educate themselves and decide for themselves... The relationship should be focused on one with God, not Mary, Pope, Monson, etc... - 06/01/2013 - Open eyes


For the life of me I do not understand what would make people put forth this much effort to try and publicly undermine anothers beliefs, or to ridicule one of the main staples of peoples love for and faith in God. What is being gained from trying to make Thomas S Monson look bad publicly? Are you hoping to pull members away from the Gospel? Good luck with that one. I never hear anyone at General Conference trying to bash others, even when others ridicule them. I wish people would realize that actions create perceptions. I don't see anything that reflects maturity or any form of respect for others on this page. I am not here to ridicule, I am hoping that possibly some rethnking will happen before anymore negativity is attempted to be projected on President Monson. He is a man of God, and deserves respect whether you choose to believe or not. I do hope you find the way to your own truth and testimony, and find a way to have a more positive and respectful outlook on life.

Best wishes - 05/01/2013 - OH-Cyrus


This garbage of a website is sickening. I poor pity you at the judgement seat - 04/29/2013 - Joy love


I personally know President Monson, and your claims are totally erroneous. Saying because he said the conferenence center is full (and your site claims it was not). I know they keep it full, to allow members a seat, and even fill other buildings with over-flow. Additionally, maybe people left early to get out of the traffic, when to the bathroom, etc. - 04/20/2013 - Jon


ojala y dios los perdone por estar insultando a sus siervos y que entre en sus corasones para hacerlos humildes. dios los bendiga y perdone - 04/15/2013 - anon


I see a pattern of the believing Mormons to type in all caps giving the impression that they are overcome with anger and to proceed to mock those who shared their experiences as being pathetic for having done so and to "get a life" but yet they can't see the hilarious irony in their having read the whole site and sharing THEIR feelings!! Their comments only made this site more entertaining! You gotta love religion! It really does make people uptight and blindly hypocritical! Remember brothers and matter which path you choose to climb the mountain...the view at the top is the same. "LOVE ONE ANOTHER" ~Jesus - 04/09/2013 - Goldie


What a bunch of lies on your part whoever wrote this. Thomas S. Monson is a great, great man. - 03/07/2013 - anon


Are experiences like this really going to ruin your relationship with God? Monson is who we need right now, even if you do not like him. No one liked Brigham Young either! He was tough and unyielding and even swore at times! But he got us to the Salt Lake valley and sent aid to the Martin handcart company. we need Monson today just like the pioneers needed Brigham Young then. I know President Monson is the prophet of god on the earth today, so deal with it. Besides, the guy is lovable! Love, -Fat Daddy, 16 years old :) - 03/06/2013 - Where are the men?


I implore everyone using this site to rememeber that men will always fail us and that the church itself is of God, our priesthood is only as strong as we make it and that eternal father deals w/ everyone in his own time and way, Our prophet is called to serve and to be a servant, I pray that president Monson is given the strength and wisdom to fill his stewardship. Lets be good to each other and apply the teaching of our profits, like Brother Joesph. - 02/05/2013 - john franklin ziebell




I love President Monson. I know that when he speaks it inspires me to be better and gives me a vision of my potential. That's a good thing and I don't need to be too bothered when others don't agree. To all the church members who stumbled on this site, don't worry about it, and especially try not to get angry about it. We respect people's rights to believe and say what they want, whether it is right or wrong, and we don't have a right either to respond with vicious, demeaning comments. I too will pray for those who left the church, but I won't pray for 'those sinners that I hope will repent before the judgement.' My sister left the church, and obviously there are a lot of emotions there, but adding anger to it is beyond worthless. I love her, no matter what she chooses to believe. I think it's funny that even as I reread over my comment, it really didn't capture the exact emotions I want to convey, but such is life. I am not sure anyone has left this site feeling inspired to be a little better, but here's my two cents of effort toward that end. - 03/27/2012 - Justin


I feel sorry for all the brainwashed mormons who never realize that they truely are brainwashed. Thomas S. Monson is a fraud just like ALL LDS leaders even down to the deacons cworum. I remember when I was the president in a teacherskvorum. I just chose the ones as coucelors which I liked ;) Good never answered my prayers and I had to chose someone. Oh yeah and I did pray to know whether the book of mormon was true or not and I felt it was WRONG! I know that the LDS church is not the church of Jesus Christ and I know that none of the prophets in the LDS church were called by God. How shamefull to have been a part of the LDS church... - 03/19/2012 - Me


So basically you fools think monson is supposed to be perfect given his position? That's the only thing I got out of this worthless unreliable blog. Your obviously just an angry fella trying to find anyway to make the prophet and church look bad, playing the devils advocate. We will see if your still laughing in the afterlife. - 03/08/2012 - Lol


One thing is for sure--President Monson would never think, say, or do anything like this site has done to anyone.

There may be misunderstandings about him, and maybe we expect him to be perfect because he's a prophet of God, but the truth is, he's human, he's worked hard to be as christ-like as he can be his whole life and God chose him to be a prophet because He knew that President Monson would be faithful. I'm sure people had plenty to say about Moses and Abraham and other prophets as they were just human too.

So lets stop trying to bring others down and start trying to serve and lift people up, then we'll all be a happier, less-pessimistic people. - 03/08/2012 - Shanshan


Met him once at the church offices. Not the COB but the building by the lion house. I was a retuning gulf war vet, and was struggling with PTSD and homelessness. I had gone to the offices to speak with anyone who I could share my ideas that I had to better assist veterans struggling. I knew that Mormon Inc were very charitable and had deep pockets. The man at the desk gave me the rub off and must have pushed a button because three of the lards dannite secret service showed up.

Just then, TSM was coming off the elevator and I recognized him immediately. I was friendly and shook his hand, and told him why I was there. The vibe I got from him was a pure deer in the headlights look and I'm sure he was wondering when his dannite bitches would escort me out. Anyway he proceeded to tell me, that had I stayed the course with Heavenly Father's plan, then I would be prosperous and not have the mental affliction of PTSD.

He then walked behind the safety of the bodyguards and turned and gave me the most smug smile I have ever seen on a human being... If he is even that. This guy rocked my radar as pure evil. None of the stories here shock me in the least. - 02/26/2012 - Mac - ExMo


You are a "hater", its sad, really. God Bless. - 02/22/2012 - bekind


I FEEL SAD FOR YOU! - 02/08/2012 - anon


I am saddened and worried that people cannot appreciate a simple act of kindness. :( It is the best work of the adversary yet...I am certain the Mr. Monson did not intend to offend anyone. Additionally, we are constantly evolving, and even though Mr. Monson is in a highly respected position in the LDS Church, he is still very human.

Don't allow the wool to be pulled over your eyes!!! Heavenly Father loves you and I hope you recognize His outreach through his servants. - 02/02/2012 ananimus


When one of you begins to perform as much service as Thomas S. Monson does, which is an amazing amount if you ever learn how he spends his time, then you can begin to criticize him and his so called "imperfections." But until then, it seems that this site is filled with hypocrites.

Anybody that is worth their salt would study a little bit more than believe random comments from a random website that could post anything that they wanted to and state it as a fact.

Let me ask one question; Does it make you feel good that you make blatent lies about a man that you know nothing about, to get other people to think a similar, negative way towards him? in other words, is it okay to commit a "sin" to accomplish your seemingly "righteous goals?"

When you start providing sources, then we can talk about the validity of these claims.

LOL you filter your comments!!!!?? Doesn't that prove something? If you've got guts, put this on your comments as well. - 09/15/2010 - Mark


Have been very impressed with Monson. Incredible energy and responds to many small and insignificant people in and outside the LDS church. We all can have a bad day. The LDS Church is a multimulti billion a year corporation. Such a business typically takes much of the humanity out of a leader. Thomas Monson continues to answer letters personally and conscientiously tries to be all things to all people. He will accomplish more for the LDS faith and for worldwide religious freedom in the years to come. Mark my words. You heard it here first. - 04/26/2010 - Doctor Proctor


Folks, the Martha Anderson story was a blog on April fools day. It's untrue. It's a parody. So he likes his milk chilled? He watches the dancers during the Jazz games? You mean, he's human? He has the weight of the church on his shoulders and the hyper-critical and bitter snipings of people like this biting at his heals constantly. I'd be in a bad mood too sometimes... - 04/24/2010 - Kirk


I am a teenager, I do not know how to process you for these charges, is an absurdity, a slander. unfortunately there is people like you to corrupt the saints of God. - 04/24/2010 - G. Bernardo


After reading post after post from people belittling Pres. Monson it's clear that many of these posts are from people who have personal issues with the Church for one reason or the other. These stories are petty and usually laced with sarcasm. I have been a member of the Church for 40 years and have learned that those who practice trying to destroy the reputation of a leader sincerely feel abandoned or done wrong. They feel compelled to "share" there experiences and anger. No advice or condemnation can be given because it seems clear they feel right in their actions. - 04/04/2010 - bt5080


Exactly how close was Thomas Monson to the East German regime? What kind of deals did they cut? It's not like there was a huge Mormon population behind the Iron Curtain anyway. - 03/12/2010 - anon




he unless you know him personaly no one has any opinon wether he is nice or not - 03/02/2010 - stupid asses


This is considered illegal to have teased a man this way - 02/27/2010 - president of google websurf (not really)


On your website you said "Monson started a televised Church devotional in the tabernacle recently by taking the pulpit and saying "Let us Pray" before bowing his head. This mainstream christian phrase to begin a church service is completely new to Mormon culture. "

Do u know where i can find a video of that. i've seen it before online but i can't find it? - 02/25/2010 - Todd


It's unbelievable. Really. I've noticed something here; when people fall, sometimes they fall HARD. Not just into not LIVING the doctrine THEY believed. You don't stop there. You can't live it, so you SLANDER it? People turned to fight against something that the rest of the world trivializes, it's clear you each have known a testimony of it before. Do yourselves a favor, and try to at least get back on neutral ground, or you'll waste your time mocking a prophet of God when you could all be getting along with your lives. - 02/22/2010 - Steve




This is totally rude, how dare you people, don't you have better things to to than talking badly about other people. President Monson was chosen by God and you people are no one to judge what God has set up. I truly feel sad for all you people for putting things like this on the internet,and as was said earlier"it takes one to know one". Iam sorry for how you feel, but don't worry am going to pray for you, so that all your anger and your problems go away soon....=)(All of this has come from a 13 year old) - 02/04/2010 - Lizzie


Interesting reading. Sounds like Monson has reached the depths of the TV (send money) beggars....errrrr...I mean preachers. - 01/25/2010/ - anon


Wow, what people won't do or say to justify their own existence. Bitter people still looking for someone other than themselves to blame. Get over it. - 01/20/2010 - Aaron


Man this website just gets more and more pathetic. - 12/24/2009 - Reality


This is what you people do with your lives? Make up stories about religious leaders?? What a bunch of werid loosers!!!! - 12/18/2009 - Your all suck


Not all of these are third-person accounts. I can related to may of these from other leaders in the church. I must say, I liked TSM as a speaker, but am a little dissapointed by the collective voice on him - how he has treated people when it matters, not just when the camera's on him, or 'he' is telling his stories of kindness. Joseph Smith did say, if someone speaks ill of you, take a carefull look at yourself and make sure it's not true. JS could have done with taking his advice when his wife alledged he'd be up to know good with the young girls staying at his residence. Back to the point, this is not about who we're expecting TSM to be, it's about who he and the church and the TBMs are claiming him to be, a prophet of God, and above even a special witness of Christ, which he's also supposed to have been for many years.

In the end, it's now up to TSM to take a look at himself, as we each must, ourselves, and weed out the trash, not lump it onto those close to us. - 12/15/2009 - lllewelll


It is so easy to point fingers and make others look bad because of your ill feelings toward the Church. Take a step back and realize that he that is perfect let him cast the first stone. President Thomas S. Monson is a man of God and has lived a life worthy of becoming the mouth piece of Heavenly Father to guide His church today. Reading anti literature and comments strengthens my testimony even more - 12/09/2010 - Tim


HOW SAD FOR YOU... - 11/12/2009 - SAD 4 U


I have always beleived in the Church since 1967 wheb I joined. I havent always been happy with leaders examples , but Even Peter smote off a soldiers ear. Even paul persucuted christians prior to his conversion. i am sure some negative stories are true. Im a good father of my kids and even I lose my cool and do and say things I later regret. Its apart of being human. Prophets apotels have always been chastised by God. lets just look at our own flaws and let God judge the rest of us. and Bless you guys who are hurt. I pray for you . - 11/11/2009 - Chorley


I Love Monson. I know he is a true prophet called of God. - 11/10/2009 - Guest


this is horrible. why do you waste your time doing this, i know he is a prophet of God, you dont have to be perfect to be one. God calls who he wants and he will qualify them. how dare you put on the world wide web sacred images from the holy temple. - 10/26/2009 - anon


I am very sorry for your ignorance! One day, you will be shocked when you find out that President Monson is truly who he says he is - a TRUE prophet of God. He will forgive you for your slander - Don't you have anything better to do than mock others. Shallow minds always say shallow things. I was looking for a picture of President Monson to use in a class and I saw your website. I had to shake my head and put you in the category of the last day idiots! That is as nice a comment as I can make to you! Guess the LDS church must obviously be true or else why would you make such effort to ridicule it and try to debase it? Makes me smile to think that you are bringing to pass the scripture that talk about men in the last day being lovers of self - amen brother! - 09/27/2009 - amen brother


You are an embarrassment, making fun of a prophet of God. Even if you don't believe in him aren't you ridiculous posting such lies. I feel sorry for a person that spends time doing things such as this. - 09/24/2009 - Noe


I don't care what all of you say. Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and was called to that position by the Lord Himself. The same goes for all other prophets called in this latter dispensation. - 10/16/2009 - Broman


sad very sad I accidentally clicked on this site, but you'll get your judgement - 06/16/2009 - jlhpmom


Holy crap, people! If your a True Blue Mormon and you are offended by this page, think of this: YOU SHOULDN'T BE HERE ANYWAY! You can get your TR revoked just for reading these sites. Naughty, naughty!

And some of you are just a little too defensive about the whole thing. So some people think Monson is a dick. Get over it. It's not like there are stories up there about him raping children or something. And trust me, I've worked in a few Christian organizations where people got too big of heads and demanded stuff like the chilled milk- and I promise that every time someone gets it for them, it just feeds that demanding, unbending spirit. D'ya think Jesus would get his magic undies in a twist over the temp of His milk, or do you think He'd make sure everyone around Him was comfortable and had what they needed? I don't give a damn about how much pressure the Profits are under or whatnot- they are still supposed to be serving the people, not themselves.

But- to Jay Davis, you alone make me positive that I will never be a mormon. The amount of hatred, self-righteousness, condemnation, judgment and smugness in your comment REEKS of everything I have come to know from Mormons. I have been an investigator, and the second I ask a question they don't want to answer I am told that everything I have heard from those "bitter, mean" apostates is a lie. Really- then why are their stories all very similar? Why can't you consider the fact that leaving the LD$ "faith" usually means losing friends and family, sometimes jobs, and even sometimes your own kids? If you read the stories of those that leave, they are heart wrenching stories of years of turmoil and agony over their decision. Most of them really, genuinely WANTED to believe and wanted everything they had ever heard to be true... But it wasn't. Leaving was far harder than staying. I have never met an ex-mo that left over a personal offense or because living the WoW was too hard for them. Losing your friends, family, job and the life you have known is much, much harder than living the WoW.

So, to those of you who blindly assume that everyone who leaves is a bitter, hateful, angry sinner- please open your hearts a little. Trust me, you have no idea what you're talking about. - 06/16/2009 - Glad to be a never-mo


LMFAO! This site was hilarious! I really enjoyed all the Monson Stories. The thing I find the oddest is the ppl on here defending Monson, the one who believe he is a profit, are actually the ones that are getting their garments in a twist. I thought you guys weren't supposed to be on here anyway. Anyone else notice this? How many times can someone whine "don't you have better things to do with your time?! LOL!!! Oh, and the TBM's making dire warnings/threats? I laugh at your silly self rightousness! I for one am glad people took the time to share! It made my day! I will be passing these stories on to everyone I know! ROFLMFAO!!!! - 06/15/2009 - Anon


the LDS Curch is a gigantic house of cards....when it collapses do all us jack-mormons get a chunk of the bank account too? - 06/01/2009 - farmerboy


The very fact that a website exists to tear down President Monson reflects the truthfulness of his call. Bye. - 05/05/2009 - Smith


One day when I was watching general conference I heard President Monson speak about Jesus Christ, His atonement, and Resurrection. I had felt the power of the Holy Spirit strong in my heart and deep in my soul several times in my life. But at that particular time I felt the Spirit’s power witness specifically to me that President Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of the Living Lord Jesus Christ who DID rise from the Tomb that ester morning.

I got on this site in the first place surfing the net looking for information on President Monson’s life but when I saw your site I couldn’t help to post my experience.

If you truly think that President Monson S. Monson is a pathetic fraud then he’s not worth your time to write these things to discredit him and point out his faults. There are other figures out there religious or not that you could spend your time talking about. Why through so much at President Monson if he is truly a fraud.

I’m not trying to pick a fight here, I’m just trying to maturely share my experience and share my opinion.

I truly think that all that who have written or said such negative things about him are either lying or maybe mistook the wrong man for President Monson for I know he is not like that.

Any prophet in his time was mocked and persecuted. Especially Jesus the Son of God was persecuted. The more slander and negative things said about President Monson the more it proves that he really is a prophet of God. - 04/23/2009 - Saint


It would adore to know who was the dull one that it wrote this? That immense lack of respect for the church and the prophet. Its action will be judged in accordance with, believes that the ressureição will go after for the biggest level in the kingdoms. Good Luck and that the spirit can show the burrice to it that is making and that vc can move. Signed: Nicole Stodulski from Brazil. - 02/20/2009 - Nicole


This is the worse page

This is an stupid page, but is more stupid the sucket his made it - 02/07/2009 - CHRISTIAN RAMOS


Lighten up people. I found this site, got a couple of laughs, and now I'm gone. - 01/12/2009 - ColtinCox


Are you serious... you go this much out of your way to bash on these people. You really need to find something better to do with your time. I've seen so many people attacking Mormons lately that I decided to look up a few statistics on them. You know what I found, first of all there are only like 13 million members in the entire world. That's not even 1% of the population of the planet. The sad thing is that I have found probably just as many websites like this one dedicated just on attacking them for their beliefs. I really don't mean to be rude I'm actually a religious person myself and I'm not Mormon or even christian but I just have to say get a fucking life you stupid idiots. If these people are really so horrible or wrong then great let them be wrong and do something valuable with your time rather than spending several hours writing web pages just to trash on them. The only reason Mormons have come to my attention lately was the Gay rights issue or sexual preference thing (prop 8), whatever you want to call it. I was a bit torqued at first at the Mormons from what I heard but as I have looked into the issue deeper and deeper I realized the Mormons had little to do with the outcome on the matter in the first place. Sure some of their members may have donated a good sum of money for Prop 8 but it wouldn't have made a damn bit of difference because there are 30+ million people in Cali to begin with that's more then double the entire population of the Mormon church!!!! Why the hell was anyone threatening the Mormons to begin with?? If there are any pissed off homosexuals out there they should be sending there little threats to every resident living in California not the Mormons. The residents are the ones who made or failed to make the vote on the issue and that's why it passed.

If there is a God it amazes me that he doesn't just destroy us now? The majority of the people of this planet are no longer worthy to have the bodies that He gave us if He exists. People don't even understand the basics of math anymore. Spend you time doing something that might have an actual effect on something, like voting on issues that you care about and leave these Mormons alone. If people would have used there brains to begin with Prop 8 probably would not have passed!! - 12/26/2008 - You have to be kidding.


Man this website just gets more and more pathetic. - 12/25/2008 - Reality

This is what you people do with your lives? Make up stories about religious leaders?? What a bunch of werid loosers!!!! - 12/19/2008 - Your all suck


Not all of these are third-person accounts. I can related to may of these from other leaders in the church. I must say, I liked TSM as a speaker, but am a little dissapointed by the collective voice on him - how he has treated people when it matters, not just when the camera's on him, or 'he' is telling his stories of kindness. Joseph Smith did say, if someone speaks ill of you, take a carefull look at yourself and make sure it's not true. JS could have done with taking his advice when his wife alledged he'd be up to know good with the young girls staying at his residence. Back to the point, this is not about who we're expecting TSM to be, it's about who he and the church and the TBMs are claiming him to be, a prophet of God, and above even a special witness of Christ, which he's also supposed to have been for many years.

In the end, it's now up to TSM to take a look at himself, as we each must, ourselves, and weed out the trash, not lump it onto those close to us. - 12/15/2008 - llewelll


It is so easy to point fingers and make others look bad because of your ill feelings toward the Church. Take a step back and realize that he that is perfect let him cast the first stone. President Thomas S. Monson is a man of God and has lived a life worthy of becoming the mouth piece of Heavenly Father to guide His church today. Reading anti literature and comments strengthens my testimony even more. - 12/09/2008 - Tim


You people are shameful. Get a life! President Monson is a prophet, seer and revelator. I've met him up close and have had many spiritual experiences by him, and anyone with the spirit of God can determine that he is a man of God. Your language and manners show that you certainly have no portion of the spirit of God. You mock President Monson at your own spiritual peril. - 12/05/2008 - Mahanri


this is ALL palpable CRAP. Your photographs have been doctored and your various "accounts" are fabricated. - 11/19/2008 - anon


Yes. I have heard from COB employees Monson has a bad temper.

I've heard similar stories about Monson the great. My parents worked in the Church Office Building as missionaries and he was the general authority both of them hated. My mom said Monson was a bigger SOB than Packer in her opinion.

COB employees say Monson goes through secretaries like mad because they hate him.

Church Office Building staff members I know say anyone who works closely with Monson either get fired or quit. He's not a fun guy to be around in the office I hear. - 11/18/2008 - Rubicon


I had no idea how much Mormons could sound like Scientologists untill a I read the comments on this page. The difference between a Cult and a Religion is that people who are part of a Religion can admit its flaws and don't base their self-identity around a cultural narrative of victimhood and seperation from the rest of humanity. It's finally clear to me that Anonomous is right to start paying attention to the bigger cult, the one which causes more harm. Soon you will see Guy Fawkes masks in your sleep. - 11/16/2008 - anon


I can't even begin to believe what goes through your mind to write such rude and untrue things about a true prophet of God. Maybe you think that there's no reason or rhymn to life but I can testify to you that if you would just humbly yourselfs and pray to God He will manifest the thruth of His church and His prophet, even Thomas S. Monson to you. I wish so much that you could feel the spirit of the Holy Ghost then I know you would believe. Even if you don't care about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints at least find it in your heart to care about the feelings of others. My deepest and sincerest prayers go out to you. - 10/29/2008 - Karri


I cannot believe people are obsessing over chilled milk. President Monson is a man that is trying to serve the Lord and be the best person he can be. This website makes me laugh that people would try to slander a good man by saying he likes his milk chilled! Please find more productive use of time. Here is a man who has dedicated his life to service and trying to help others. Instead of following his example and trying to help others, you are writing about his perceived flaws. Go do some good in the world. - 10/27/2008 - Brian




PEOPLE THESE DAYS HAVE NO SENCE OF COMPASSION AND LOVE in case you didn't know, he is the nicest guy in the world

so back off - 10/13/2008 - pissed


Thomas Monson is a model Christian. Such postings against him and the other prophets remind me of the People who killed Jesus Christ: who made points against Him despite the granduer and perfection of His life. President Monson is not perfect as the savior was, but he is God's prophet. Through Christ's atonement he is pure: and those two (Pres. Monson and Jesus) have and intimate and abiding relationship. Just as Joseph Smith and Paul of the old testament have noted, no matter how much men rage against the prophet of God; both the prophet, God, and the pure in heart know that God reveals his secrets unto the prophet. I know that the words of President Monson are the words of God - just as the Bible is the word of God (as written by His prophets). - 10/10/2008 - anon


These narrations are hard to read! My mind keeps registering 'Manson' instead of 'Monson', it is so hard to differientate between the two! - 10/06/2008 - Ramled Ramble


I think that this website is absolutely rediculous. I have watched President Monson my whole life and I know that he is a just, and caring man. Get over yourselves and let people know the truth. - 09/28/2008 - Rebecca


my suggestion would be to seek information in regards to the widows this man supposedly helps. My grandmother was befriended by a doctor who made house calls to the elderly widows in town and come to find out he was cleaning them out. Not only would he convince them to come into his office for imaginary illnesses or unnecessary check ups, he would admire items in their homes until they, out of niceness and believeing his sincerety, would give them to him, thus amassing so many antiquities that his house has rooms which are set aside as "museums". Of course from a legal standpoint there was nothing to be done....precisely why the wise manipulator chose elderly widows. - 09/18/2008 - anon


Thomas S. Monson, the man of sin...

I use to be a member of the LDS church, and would still be had not I seen Jesus Christ first hand and spoke with him one on one. The Lord showed unto me many things, and taught unto me many truths that I did not suppose. This started when President Hinckley was the prophet of the LDS church. During one of these conversations with God, the Lord told me that Thomas S. Monson is the man of sin spoken of in 2 Thess chapter 2. Then later did God give unto me other records from other prophets. Here is a piece of one of many records which do testify of the same.

5. or my heart did shrink in misery at all this and I did kneel down and I did weep; and brother Woodruff had come to my aid, but then I looked upon him and I almost thought I saw an evil person upon him then I noticed that it was a man who would hold my office in the future.

6. Now this man was named the monsoon and yet his name was Thomas Spencer Monson and he did speak as if though it were Satan and he did harden his heart before the Lord and he was truly the man of sin.

These were not the things I wanted to hear from God, but I tested them and I know they are of God and I do bloldly testify to the world of the man of sin, that those who have ears to hear and have eyes to see may know of this man and not follow him. - 09/15/2008 - GotFaith


WARNING: All you True Believing Mormons reading this page are in direct violation of the counsel of the Bretheren. Quickly change your browser to or push the ON/OFF switch before sensibility and reason overcome your frail emotions and defensive natures. - 09/12/2008 - King Korihor


You realize that when you put obviously photoshopped pictures of Thomas S. Monson (Obviouse due to poor quality) that you loose all credibility, even if your story is true. You must really have some unresolved issues if you have to make up everything for your arguments. Sad really. - 09/09/2008 - Captain


President Thomas S. Monson is a prophet called upon by God and through him, maybe you idiots who wrote all those crap about him will recieve forgiveness after you learn how stupid you were to write about it. - 09/08/2008 - SHIRLEY


I love President Monson. He is a man of God. He is genuinely Christlike - 08/31/2008 - Brent


These stories are so obviously concocted and misconcocted and could be material for someone to sue YOU. Silly people! - 08/20/2008 - dontbeliefeit


Hey, guys. The Mormon's "Strengthening the Membership Committee" will be mining this list for data in order to find and punish Dissidents. You Committee guys are from some Orwellian nightmare, hunched over your desks, poring over websites like this one. - 08/16/2008 - anon


This is my first time here at this site. I can't even remember how I got here. I am curious, however, why are the TBMs here making comments? Shouldn't they be doing the Lord's work or something? This site is a slippery slope and I'm suspecting that the TBMs here are already sliding. - 07/31/2008 - HeySuess


There is another side, or sides to every story. A man long ago told simple tales , or parables, as they were also called. It goes deeper if we take the time to ponder on it- and especially act on it.

I wonder if I would have dismissed the Savior as a "teller of simple tales" had I encountered him in his ministry.

"And with many such parables spake he the word unto them, as they were able to hear it." -Mark 4: 33 - 07/27/2008 - hmmm


Pres. Monson is such a great guy that he would probably have a good laugh at the negative things said about him and just move on. He loves people and isn't out to get retaliation or be defensive in any way. - 07/14/2008 - D-Mc


Just because you do not live worthily enough to feel the promptings of the Holy Ghost when you see or hear a Prophet of God does not mean you have to try and Vilify him! Believe me if you do not repent of the terrible things you have all written about now you will pay for it later. Thomas Monson truly is the Lords representative on earth today. Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ love you, how can you do this!!! - 07/11/2008 - Buggy Bun


How sad you nay-sayers must be. - 07/03/2008 - anon

I've been around Hinckley several times... but Monson only once. It was the early 90s and I was waiting in line at Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland in SoCal with my wife and kids. He was a turn or two (in the line) ahead of us. It was my faithful days. I kept thinking that he'd look up so I could nod at him or have him favor me with a smile. Not so lucky. He moved with the crowd, head down, not making eye contact with a soul, including his wife. I don't remember him saying anything to her or anyone else the whole half hour or so that we endured that line. At the time, I felt sad for the guy. Here he was in the happiest place on earth, and it looked like his wife had dragged him along an told him that he had to have fun. Or else. - 06/12/2008 - Monson too


Reading these stories true or otherwise, I have my doubts on a few but I can only think of the mistakes in my life. I am far from perfect yet still consider myself a pretty decent guy. As for President Monson he is only a man like the rest of us. From what I have read nothing seems so grievous that would prevent him from leading the Mormon faith. Who in this world is perfect let him cast the first stone. There was only one perfect person to ever live and that is our savior Jesus Christ. So my advice to those defaming this great man, take a look in the mirror tell me what you see. - 06/01/2008 - Only a man


President Monson informed us in his General Conference talk that he has been an Apostle for 44 years! That means he and his family have been supported financially by the tithes and offerings of the faithful Church members for over half his life. - 05/27/2008 - Sponge Tom - Temple Square Pants


O..K did anyone else notice that several or not all of the pics look like Pres. Monsons face was posted onto another persons body??? Notice especailly the picture of "Pres. Monson" painting the blue house! Laughable! - 05/19/2008 - W


i think this storie is bogus and stupid i can not put in to words how mad it made me even though i am onley 11 i know the mornon church is true Pre. Monson would NEVER do a thing likr that - 05/05/2008 - anon


Thank you so much for all of the things on this website. Each one of you has done a tremendous job in proving that Joseph Smith truly is a Prophet of our Savior Jesus Christ. He once prophesied to a friend that any member of the church who is excommunicated or otherwise leaves the church will then spend the rest of his days fighting against the Church and criticizing everything that the Church does. Each one of you has fulfilled that prophecy. And do you want to know why you all come here and talk badly about the Church and how stupid and boring it is? Because each one of you has a personal testimony that your life has become a living hell since you left the Church. You are so prideful that you don't want to admit that you were wrong and ask for forgiveness and each morning you wake up wishing you could just die. You hate going home each night because the spirit is not in your house. I seriously feel sorry for each one of you. You make immature ten-year old jokes about body parts and how boring General Conference is knowing full well that one day you will stand before God and you will feel so guilty that you will beg to be sent as far away from Him as possible. And a lot of you are going to read this comment and swear at me and call me names because you are unintelligent and can't come back with any better response because you know I'm right. Well here is a challenge for all of you. Want to prove that Joseph Smith was a fake? Then never for the rest of your life mention the name of Joseph Smith again and never do anything to persecute the Church. Do that and this Church really is false. But seeing how none of you can do that, this Church is true. Thanks for increasing my testimony. - 04/30/2008 - Jay Davis


Thus sayeth some guy, the TBM's view the great and venerable work of the only true organization on the earth and do quake exceedingly as they slurpeth their icy milk. They shalt go to their bishops and shalt explain the mighty power thereof, and shalt be admonished though they no not why. - 04/29/2008 - cake_eater


Do something with your life, don't mess with god and his disciples, i really feel sorry for you, at least have a little of respect. If YOU don't believe in this, then just stop to talk in this way to a person that you don't know, in the deeper of yourself, you wish to be like him. Go back to work!!! - 04/14/2008 - anon


You really are very disturbed. You also must have way too much time on your hands and apparently too much hate in your heart if you take the obvious time you do to create such phoney garbage. It will be too bad if you carry this sin with you into Judgement Day. I don't care if oyu respect this man or not. To be so vile about any person, even if you disagree with him/her or not, is a low life way to live your life. Get a grip! Stop wasting your time making up crap and go out and do some good in this world! - 04/12/2008 - anon


I cannot believe that you took so much time to bash a man of God. - 04/10/2008 - anon


you guys are eggs this is a man called of god and your mocking not only him but his wife because of religious beliefs you guys need to go loook in the mirror cause you guys are eggheads it's because of people like you people become refugees you guys are idiots!!!!!!! - 04/08/2008 - te atahuia


Now it's obvious the Hinckley years were the high water mark for the LDS Church.

Gordon B. Hinckley was the well liked, highly visible church leader that understood the church members liked to hear a joke or two, be reminded of their pioneer heritage and what those people accomplished, and the feeling that they belonged to something big.

Hinkley also knew the members of the church liked to see the prophet and went around the world on a Gulf Stream jet and private helicopter supposedly thanks to John Huntsman.

Hinckley rebuilt Nauvoo and other church historic sites making them grander than ever. He put Martin's Cove back on the map. LDS summer vacations were now visiting Nauvooland and pulling a handcart at Martin's Cove. Everything the church ran and owned became grander and more wonderful under Hinckley. The historic tabernacle was replaced with a half billion dollar Conference Center. BYU Provo received upgrades while Rick's College became BYU Idaho with a Harvard Business School Dean running the show.

Hinckley did public interviews and hired Madison Avenue to due the church PR work. He liked to refer to the book of Daniel and liken the church to the stone cut out without hands rolling forth.

At first Hinckley's plan seemed to work until in the mid 1990's a software program called Netscape made searching the internet easier. The internet changed the world much like the invention of the PC did. It leveled the playing field allowing the average person to have more of a voice, to more easily search for information and harder to hide information. The mainstream media and large organizations could not withhold information like it used to.

People who had left the church could tell their story in easy to find forums on websites. Church historical information could be looked up and compared. People from all over the world could tell their experiences. All this added up and showed more than ever, the LDS Church was full of bull. This was all happening at the same time while the LDS Prophet was doing public interviews denying basic church doctrine. The church leaders continued business at usual and the emperor had no clothes anymore.

Not to mention terrorist attacks on 9/11 brought attention on the Mountain Meadows Massacre again and when ground was broke to build Hinckley's "We're Sorry!" monument, forensic evidence of the massacre was found to show the surviving children told the truth and the Mormons cooked a story. Add in the FLDS polygamy scandals and abuse and Hinckley's public relations blitz was failing badly.

Now the church is investing $2 billion into a downtown mall project. Not to mention the church bought part of Main Street and turned it into a parking garage. The media and attention loving Hinckley is gone and has been replaced with Thomas S. Monson.

Monson will steer the church the same way Hinckley did but without all the grand public relation stunts. I think he will avoid talking to the press like Hinckley did other than press that he knows if friendly to the church. Monson's reign has already been somewhat of a disaster. Instead of bragging about the strength of the church and the rock rolling forth, the new prophet begs exmormons to return to the fold. It's a far cry from the begining of the Hinckley years where the church was mighty and the fastest growing.

Business as usual is going to run the rest of the sane members from the church and all that will be left will be a bunch of Kool Aid drinking wierdos. - 04/08/2008 - Rubicon


Hero worship seems to be part of human nature, both within and without the Church. I think we do a disservice to those in leadership positions when we put them on personal pedestal, even if they appear to be inviting it. We are setting ourselves up for disillusionment when they inevitably fall short in some minor way. We should respect the position, and think in terms of what we each can do to sustain the individual in the position. We all have our foibles. Don't "make the just man an offender for a thing of naught." I do remember having some private doubts about the authenticity of Paul H. Dunn in terms of some of his "self-congratulatory" stories. Eventually the truth about him came to light, and he was quietly moved aside. But I don't get the same sense about Thomas S. Monson. I admire his oratory skills, and find his use of personal experiences as being quite effective. I accept him as the Lord's prophet, and trust the Lord to work through him as He has done with all of the Latter Day prophets, regardless of any minor weaknesses or personality quirks they may have had. Even the ancient prophets and patriarchs had their personal failings. We all do. Only the Savior was perfect, and thanks to Him we all have the opportunity to eventually work out our individual imperfections. - 04/08/2008 - anon


I do not feel strong in the Church. I have not gone regularly in years. However, this page just reeks of pettiness and the kinds of complaints and stories that I have heard in many other organizations, which when I tracked them down, turned out to be basically false. I do not particularly care either way if they are true or false, I have no investment in the issue, but these stories strike me as empty and petty -- the stories of people with very little vision and small minds. Sorry, but that's how they read to me... based upon my experiences as a Consultant in Organizational Behavior. - 04/07/2008 - Not a TBM


i'm so appauled that you would even tnink that. you now none of thats true about him stalkng an older widow and you can tell those pictures were photo shot. - 04/06/2008 - kasandra


These pitcures are rude and insulting. Mormons are normal people just like Christians, Catholics, Jews, or Baptist. Don't judge a book by it's cover. We all want to be treated fairly no matter what. Please stop this nonsense and find something else to do with your pathetic time. - 04/02/2008 - Nephi


It amazes me that no matter how good a person is, people are always trying to slander their good name. Further, no matter how wicked a person is, people are always trying to make them look good.

Our nation thought it was no business of ours what went on in the white House with Monica Lewenski and Bill Clinton. That it's alright that movies stars take drugs, hire prositutes, and have affairs.(I mean, come on they're attactive people and good at what they do). And that musicians destroy the minds of our youth by their corrupt but catchy songs. (It's just a song, right?) But some people think it's their business to make sure someone like a prophet of a church has their faults exploited to the world on the internet.

If you think spending so much of your time ruining Thomas S. Monson's name and character is benificial, then why don't you spend that same amount of time trying to exploit people and things that are actually doing harm in this world. - 03/29/2008 - Samuel the arrow dodging Lamanite


Monson was a member of my church , THE CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS for years , he was also a FREEMASON, Rosicrucian, and member of the OTO .I knew him as a great lover of Gin. He will make a great 'prophet' for the church . This is my testimony. - 03/26/2008 - JR BOB DOBBS founder of the CHURCH OF THE SUBGENIUS.


Thomas S. Monson is a MAN of GOD. I agree with statements made earlier, that he has done nothing to deserve the slander written about him in this blog. How odd that some think they have to tear others down to build themselves up. - 03/16/2008 - Jeremy


Lets be honest here regarding that cake story.

Beth knew good and well that when you frost a three layer cake that is hot out of the oven not having time to cool that it will be a total mess. Beth should have had the good sense to plan better. It sounds like Beth had a real chip on her shoulder and was very passive-aggressive in what she did. Then she has the gall to be offended at the chain of events that she put into action by her negligence and failure to plan her work.

I am sure that it was very embarrassing for everybody when the cake box was opened up. Just as Beth knew that it would be......Beth obviously was hoping to create an unnecessary scene. She should have been severely disciplined for her deliberate and inexcusable conduct. - 02/17/2008 - Sister Betty crocker


People leave the church but they just can't leave it alone. To spend this much time belittling someone like Thomas S Monson proves you need to move on and worship in your own way. - 02/13/2008 - Rich


Monson an Intimidating Presence:

For years I was employed at ZCMI's flagship dowtown store, across the street from 47 E. South Temple - The Church Administration Building. As such, we were blessed with the lunchtime strolls of many general authorities. In my department, we had a special calling: to fit the brethren with their suits. I stand witness to Brother Monson's intimidating presence.

First, he is a large man. Second, he is an arrogant man. Finally, he is one of the most difficult customers I have ever worked with in a retail capacity. I certainly hope his ascendency to the big chair will teach him some humility. However, in my multi-year experience, he lost it years ago. - 02/07/2008 - Utahn by Birth


In the 1980's I was waiting for an elevator going down in the LDS church office bldg. The door opened, and there was Thomas S Monson, picking his nose. And dude, what a nose. He looked up and started brushing it with his hand, as you do when you've been caught booger mining. Had to restrain our laughter all the way down. - 02/05/2008 - notbrainwashed


wow, dude, you have way too much time on you pathetic hands! - 02/07/2008 - anon


I've appreciated reading the notes. Of course it is difficult to agree with all of them; however, there are those which cause me to stop and ponder on the things I've done, said or not said which may have caused pain, doubt or misgivings.

Please accept my deepest, most sincere apologies. I am Sorry.

To address the issue of milk & donuts - let us say, nothing beats a cold glass of milk and a warm apple fritter :-)

In regards to my spouse and I, I love her! I cherish her! She is my Eternal Companion and I can not think of life without her! This said..... life happens and we don't always agree on everything.

Please pause for a moment to ponder on the chore she's been asked to bear. There is no glory for the spouse, rather there is enormous burden placed on them. She is asked to gracefully, quietly and supportively assume life's burdens, alone.

Thousands of miles away I'll give a warm call to say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary - how are the children, how are the grandchildren and of course..... How are You? I miss you and I will see you soon. The song "I'm already there," takes on new meaning... as do the words "Till We Meet Again," now with Pres. Hinkley's passing. I prayed he'd live forever, and honestly thought he would.

Andreas, thank you for your kind words. May God Bless you.

By the way, might I add - I'm not so sure what I've gotten myself into this time. I've served with my share of Prophets and I haven't seen one make it out alive yet :-) - 02/04/2008 - TM


YOU are a fool! Those who speak of the lords anointed will pay dearly! Let alone a prophet of GOD! You have been overcome with your own foolish lack of understanding and pride. You like hearing yourself speak, I would guess because you have no real accomplishments of your own, and I would venture to say many failings, You now then choose to live in a glass house and throw stone in every direction but your own. Sad, very sad that you would even verbalize such trash, and to what end, the same as the adversary's! You are unhappy, and therefore have no other cause than to try and make others unhappy!! DO you realize who you have become?? WOW!!

May God do with you, that, which you have sealed with and by your own Hand!! It will serve as a witness against you in judgement!! Repent soon my lost confused and disillusioned friend! Repent! And go and sin no more.. - 02/04/2008 - What a sad read...


The picture of Thomas S. Monson with big eyes is creepy and unnessary, however, as a man of God and the now prophet of the church, he should be held at a higher standard, human or not. I can relate to some of the negative stories as I and people close to me have had similar encounters with the man. It's funny, you don't hear these type of stories about Spencer W. Kimball, Gordon B. Hinckley, or David O. McKay do you? They do seem to be plentiful about Pres. Monson though. Why is that? The fact that he is just a man and has a lot on his plate is not a great excuse, he should follow the golden rule like anyone else. A family member of mine had a brief, but unpleasant encounter with him once (I'm not going to get into it here)and his rudeness really rattled me and another family member who witnessed it. His actions were wholly inappropriate for a man of his stature or for pretty much any civil human being. Maybe he was in a bad mood - you might think an Apostle could deal with them better than most of us. By the way, I would never throw a fit over a melted cake, would Christ? Would you? Hey, the thing is still edible; you can chuckle about it, eat it, and move on. Everybody makes mistakes. We all have our human frailties and have all lashed out at people, but when they come from G.A.s they take on a different color - wrong or right from other's point of view. For the person who claims that many of the comments in this post are shallow, judgemental, and only their opinions; how do you know? Where you there? And of course, they are their own opinions, but they are formulated by experiences had with the man. If they are embellished or made up, shame on them, however I doubt that's the case. I am an active member of the church and will sustain him, but he does have a bit of a reputation as being difficult, and from my view he has earned it. That is not my problem or anyone elses' on this board it is his because of his actions. Thomas S. Monson is a smart man and has done plenty good as well, I know of people that have had gracious encounters with him and through his positions i the church has no doubt brought plenty of good and touched the lives of many. Of course it is human nature for people to dwell on the negative. Here's hoping that being a prophet softens some of his apparent rough edges and widens his compassion. - 02/04/2008 - Considering


I watched today as the LDS Church leadership passed from Gordon B. Hinckley to Thomas S. Monson. I felt the he was truly called of God to be the next prophet! I must confess I had some feelings before I watched the press conference. Feeling that I was not sure he was the right one to lead. But as I sat and watched I could feel the peace come over my body and a calm I needed. It was refreshing to hear him speak and feel the love and power in his voice. He did look a little nervous but who can blame him with such a great responsibility now resting squarely on his shoulders. I know he was called by God to lead His church at this time. I hope everyone will come to Christ and partake of the blessings of the gospel. I know it makes life so much more bearable and with Pres. Monson leading the church even more great things will happen. Now is the time to put aside our own pride and recognize that we are all here to help each other. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" We have never been called on to judge one another, but oft repeated is the admonition to love one another. So when we are presented with instances in others lives when they acted reprehensibly, let us remember that our lives, under such scrutiny, would turn up just as much dirt as the next person. So what do we do with others dirty laundry, We fold it up and put it away, and worry about our own laundry. I hope we can let go of the anger that plagues our society, it destroys not only families and friendships, it takes a serious toll on our health. To truly succeed we need to focus on the positive in our own lives and strive serve our neighbors. Love is the answer and as Jewel says "in the end only kindness matters" - 02/04/2008 - In Defense of Truth - Thomas Monson, Prophet of God


There is one fault of every member of the Mormon Church or any church, they are not perfect. And humility is difficult, especially for someone high in any public or corporate position. The person who is responsible for this website is not perfect, and must certainly is not humble. There is an attitude of 'gotchaism' present in our society today. We love to make the big boys fall into shame. Whoever the boss is, or whoever the top guy is, let's go after him and disgrace him! Let us look within ourselves for ways to be better people, and not look to others' inadequecies to make us feel that we are as good as they. We should always try to put ourselves in other's shoes before we say someone's shoes are muddy. - 02/04/2008 - jrf


the crappy cake speaks for itself.....and the long hair may have brought about some very sad memories, look a little deeper into his past.... - 02/03/2008 - boner


I find it amazing that almost none of the accounts are first person. They are mostly "I know someone saw this or heard this." That's gossip and you will never know if it is true. People always exaggerate when trying to make a point.

I do have to comment about the investor- If you called me and tried to undercut your senior brokers business and use your membership in the Church as a tool to get financial gain, then I would also consider moving my business from that company.

I met Pres Monson once at a family reunion of a girl I was dating. She was a niece or great niece of him. He was about as normal as any guy and openly talked to any and all that approached. I went over, shook his hand and had a couple words with him. I honestly felt like he was a good man.

Just my $.02 and my first person experience with him. - 02/03/2008 - anon


that puppy dog thing was mean. - 02/03/2008 - CRW


President Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God. I testify that I know it is true. - 02/03/2008 - Testimony Puppet


Don't You people have better things to do? - anon - 02/01/2008 -


Why be so angry? Even if any, and I mean any, of this is true, you need to dig deep into who you are. You still can find yourself. I'm praying for you. - 1/31/2008 - Why?


Come on, people. You have to remember that Pres. Monson is just a man and that nobody's perfect. Can you imagine the incredible amount of weight on his shoulders, trying to be the person everyone expects him to be? I'm sure it's hard. Church leaders are regular folks just like you and me, except they have dedicated their lives to serving the Church, and living a higher standard than we could even imagine. Everyday life for these men and these families isn't just floating around on clouds, feeling the spirit all the time, talking directly to God. When we actually see them as people with flaws, we can't let that destroy our Faith! They have jobs to do, worries, families. Millions of people to coordinate and inspire. They don't act like they do in General Conference every single day. It's not necessarily the man that we should respect and follow, but the position, the calling.

And I'm not saying this because I'm a believer or a follower. I'm totally inactive! - 01/31/2008 - steph


you really need to get a life. i feel sorry for you. - 01/30/2008 - tom


CREEPS! GET A LIFE! - 01/30/2008 - john


this is the most offensive thing ever. this is NOT true. how DARE you ever post such bull crap. please take this off.

what satisfaction do you get from trying to bring other people down? well, people like you need to be prayed for. oh, and grow up. - 01/30/2008 - malia


He is a wonderful apostle, A MAN OF GOD, who deserves all the respect in the world and the world to come. I can't believe that there are actually people out there, like yourself, who would rather spend time critizising, than listening. Which is obviously the case here. U got issues. Don't blame him, cuz you cant understand the message. try harder. Pray! - 01/29/2008 - Shelly


I knew nothing about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when the spirit told me that the Lord's authority rested in this church and that this was His true church. I loved the church I attended and was shocked at the thought of becoming "a Mormon." At the time African American males could not hold the priesthood and this troubled me greatly, but the Lord told me that this church was His and so I went forward believing God would take care of this as He truly loves all of His children. Over the years I have seen GA's acting as men. At times it was troubling, but I could never deny what the spirit of the Lord had told me and so my faith, belief and love for the Savior became stronger and stronger. It is for His kingdom I fight, not for the kingdom of the church leaders. I sustain the various callings and offices of the priesthood, but the Lord says, "Do not put your trust in the arm of flesh," and so when the men (and women) of the church show their human side (and that includes me), I remember that my trust and faith is to be in the Lord and it is my desire to stand up for the truth the Lord has sent forth - no matter what anyone thinks of me - in or out of the church. I understand why people leave the church, but I also know that there is nowhere else to go that can provide the fullness of the gospel. We've all had unpleasant experiences with others,and it really is hard when it's someone we think should always be kind and loving and should be setting an example. When it comes down to our judgment,however, it will only be between us, as individuals, and the Lord. We will not be able to blame Thomas Monson or President Hinckley or anyone else for the choices we have made. I would hope that we as the Lord's children will study His word - even if your belief is only in the Bible, and try to live by it so that peace truly can come to this earth. This trek isn't easy for anyone - we need what the Lord has to tell us. I hope anyone who reads this will want to know the love of the Lord. It's real and it will help you understand that nothing else matters. - 01/29/2008 - RT


I don't know President Monson from personal experience, but I am surprised that so many are quick to pick apart his every twitch to take issue with him. He is human, and so is not perfect, and though some people may have had legitimately negative experiences with him, 'let him who is without sin cast the first stone'. Monson is a man of God that is serving according to the will of the Lord, but it does not mean he is divine himself; just divinely inspired.

This man had done more for others by the age of 32 than many people can achieve in a lifetime. - 01/29/2008 - Incredulous


thomas monson = prophet 'anonymous or you have your reward'** - 01/29/2008 - J


If this is how members view President Monson, it would be interesting to read what our critics say of him. There are so many shallow and completely judgemental comments in the above section, and yes they are opinions only. This is the way that shallow and egocentric people behave. You may want to lift up your heel against the Lords anointed, but we learn in revelation that you will be cursed for doing so.

I love listening to the Conference talks given by this mighty Apostle. I share stories with my children that he has shared. We call them Tommy Monson Stories. In fact I found this site while trying to find a christmas story for my family in our Family home evening.

Study what he has written and you will feel the spirit of his words. I chose to believe that he is called of God. Furthermore my opinion of him has been strengthened by personal revelation, and not just some opinion formed in a once -off setting. - 12/07/2007 - jay


My friend sitting next to me thinks this site is funny. I Don't... well not all of it. I do not like the obviousely fake slander but it's obviously fake so it is not as bad. - 11/12/2007 - Mellvin Cluff


You are idiots...

I am an Asset Management Securities Consultant and I dont know of any newbie who doesnt get their ass handed to them their first 5 - 10 years. Multi Million dollar churches dont just hand business to unknown planners because they came up with a good idea, they go with the Rep's who have been helping them for the last 30 years. - 08/15/2007 - none


after wasting my time reading your article, I came to the conclusion that "It takes one to know one"(A_____e) that is! You have no respect for anyone including your self because if you did you would not use such language. You can express your feelings with out those words and still say what you wish. I am very glad that I do not share you point of view about Elder Monson.I am a very secure Lds member. - 08/14/2007 - anon


The puppy dog eyes pic is creepy.

And BTW - I'd be pissed too if there wasn't iced cold milk & my favorite donuts at a church meeting. And I'd chew some ass if MY birthaday cake was a pile of garbage!!! - 07/27/2007 - anon


I read into your website because I hold in high esteem this wonderful person, Thomas S. Monson. I was very disappointed that you would make fun of a person that is sincere, genuine, and has not done anything to merit the slander you give about him.

Please reach into your heart and ask Thomas S. Monson to forgive you for making light of his wonderful life. He is a man of God and deserves to be respected by us. If you will really study and pray about it, you will receive an answer of love for ALL men!

Sincerely, person who cares - 03/16/2007


Could you be so stupid that you can not recognize yourself when you desribed this magnificent person. Love yourself. Don't be and idiot or else. - 01/06/2007 - anon


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