Boyd K Paradox - Artist, Apostle, Prophet, Enigma

Boyd K Packer as a young man. Today Boyd K Packer generates strong personal reactions from both Mormons and "gentiles." Amidst criticism from his own beloved brethren, "You can't stage manage a grizzly bear. - Dallin Oaks refering to Packer's involvement in the 1993 Paul Toscano excommunication" and being teased as the premier "Genital" Authority for his infamous "Little Factory" sermon to "Young Men Only," Packer has raised a large family and created a small museum full of quality paintings and wood carvings.

The Packer paradox paints him as kind and spiritual vs. eccentric and controlling, a master teacher vs. mesmerizing and monotonous, truth seeker vs. historical revisionist, a people person vs. homophobic and anti-intellectual. Is Packer's art work an outlet for repressed anger. Is living in a gated and wooded home along a river bottom an attempt to get close to nature or isolate himself from the world?

These images may help you solve the Packer puzzle? In addition to the images on this page, you may see a three dimensional online view of a few of Packer's works on display at the Museum of Church History and Art - Boyd K. Packer - The Lifework of an Amateur Artist from Nov 2003 to Sep 2004.

The following photos were taken by an amateur photographer and do not do the well crafted and beautiful displays justice. The audio track of birds singing in the background added a soft touch to the experience. The white spots on a few of these images are reflections from the glass display cases.

Boyd K Packer connecting art and home and family.
Boyd K Packer artwork to connect the generations.
Boyd K Packer choosing subjects and material.
Boyd K Packer early arthwork.
Boyd K Packer junior and senior high school art.
Boyd K Packer as pilot.
Boyd K Packer with flight crew.
Boyd K Packer in uniform.
Boyd K and Donna Packer newly weds.
Boyd K Packer cutouts of birds, animals, and people.
Boyd K Packer and son in workshop.
Boyd K Packer portrait of his children.
Boyd K Packer sketch of book and basketball.
Boyd K Packer sketch of Smith and Clark.
Boyd K Packer with falcon.
Boyd K Packer peacock painting.
Boyd K Packer pheasants.
Boyd K Packer 1940 - 1950 sculpture.
Boyd K Packer Noah's Ark.
Boyd K Packer Jesus portrait.
Boyd K Packer oxen pioneer painting.
Boyd K Packer plow painting.
Boyd K Packer among the members.
Boyd K Packer in China.
Boyd K Packer bohemian birds.
Boyd K Packer yellow warbler.
Boyd K Packer duck pair.
Boyd K Packer marsh birds.
Boyd K Packer monarch butterfly.
Boyd and Donna Packer photo.

For another section devoted to people's personal interactions with Boyd Packer
through the years click on "An Especial Whiplash of the Lord."

Comment Section

First, I must say I am impressed. I didn't know a man so angry and full of hate could be artistic, and he really is good. I have two observations.

I think birds are special because they have no visible genitals and no visible sex organs of any kind. (They are extra special because with wings, I think it would be almost impossible to touch yourself [in the little factory area], no matter how bad you wanted to.) It might also suggest a longing for the power of flight, a troubled and guilt ridden adolescent, who is uncomfortable with his emerging sexuality, who longs to fly away, maybe back to the simplicity and innocence of his youth.

Also, notice Jesus praying in the "atonement" position - how far away he keeps his hands from the genitals. (all of his pictures have very careful hand placement)

I'm not Freud, but that's what struck me. And Boyd, if your reading this (as if!), as much as I resent you for all the pain and torment you caused me as a youth, I must say you are a talented artist. It seems as if WAY down beneath that cold and steely exterior, there may actually be a little boy longing to come out. - 11/02/2005 - ZelphRules

Dear Pres. Packer,
I am Irene Aloc from Daet-Philippines stake. You inspired me a lot. I salute you for your concern in our youth today. More so,your love for nature and the way you express it with your wood craft and paintings inspired me. I am an artist in my own simple way. I am using oil for my paintings.
Long live President Packer!
- 02/28/2004 - Irene Aloc - from

Boyd K Packer is the KGB of the mormon church. - 01/16/2004 - anon

Boyd on KSL evening news last night

11/10/2003 - Søvnløsener

Carol Makita did a story about President Packers gentile, kind nature, his love of art and love of animals (well maybe not kittens)

I keep tuned because it is amazing/entertaining to watch the spinmasters at work.

Anyway, there is a collection of his carvings on display at the MOCHA (Museum of Church History and Art). I have to agree, they were really quit good.

The story was titled, "Man of Faith, Man of Art". It did a nice job of helping President Packer to appear innocuous and loving.

Looks as if Edleman KNOWS who is next in line and doing some preliminary spinwork.

Sister Makita keep referring to Boyd as President Packer.

Just getting the tithe paying faithful use to the idea.

Personally, I hope the 'stage managed grizzly bear' takes the reigns of power. On the other hand, it seems many were fearful/excited for ETB's raise to power, and the worst that came of that was a shitload of Book of Mormons flooding the earth's second hand stores.


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