Temple of Forgivenss - Burning Man 2007

The closest evidence of blasphemy and mockery of things Mormon found was "The Messiah Complex Theme Camp." Enjoy the three volumes of photos of other noteworthy art forms on the playa.

The Messiah Complex. Coexisting faith.
We are one - coexisting. Time is now - coexisting.
Temple of Forgiveness day time. Temple of Forgivenss night time.
Dusty Burning Man. Fire chimneys.
Dance Part on Wheels. Brain and dance stages.
Black Rock International Airport. Eyeball on playa.
Colorful Blue Face art car. Penguins on the Playa.
Oil Worshippers at Sunset. Green the Man.
Playa lovers. More playa lovers.
Oil worship. Playa Rainbow.

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