Salamander Readers' Patriarchal Blessings

The following real patriarchal blessings have been submitted by Salamander Society readers.

Wow! How dissapointing! My blessing by Willis Dee Severson - Patriarch

03/11/2008 - by Karen

Background: Is that all I'm gonna be? Seriously. I went to the 'patriarch' soon after I came back from Sri Lanka when I was doing tsunami relief. So I feel like everything he said related to his 5 minute interview before the blessing that had to do with the tsunami relief thing... If anyone is interested, I will post the entirety of my patriarchal blessing from 2005. It just bothers me to this day that, as a woman, I am expected to do the "womanly" thing... which is little. Does he not realize I will be the best LDR nurse once I have the time to finish college?

Our dear young friend and sister, Karen ***** H****(a little privacy please), by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood and as a Patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I lay my hands upon your head and, under inspiration from the Holy Spirit, confer upon you your Patriarchal Blessing.

Karen, your Heavenly Father loves you. You are one of His faithful, noble, and beloved daughters. Your faithfulness reflects the spiritual beauty of your soul. Your devotion to the cause of righteousness reveals a charitable spirit and a heartfelt concern for the needs of others. All with which the Lord has blessed you is willingly shared with others. You are blessed with a humble, compassionate, and honorable spirit. You love your Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son with your heart and soul, recognizing the Son as your Saviour and Redeemer. You will make any sacrifice that would open the door of the gospel to other, including your own family. Your purity of hear wants others to enjoy the blessings which you enjoy in the gospel.

You lived with your Heavenly Father in the pre-mortal world, and there you became a valiant spirit. You were gracious and tireless in your service to other spirits, always engaged in doing good. You were active in teaching, leading, and counseling the spirits seeking help. The pre-mortal world was a glorious experience for you. During your mortal ministry there will be glimmers of light from that experience revealed by the Holy Spirit to help you better understand your life in the pre-mortal world.

Your Heavenly Father knew of your spiritual stature, your caring spirit, and your personal need to be helping others. He knew you would be a spiritual teacher of light and truth in mortality and would persuade others to believe in His Beloved Son. He held you back to come forth in this final dispensation to teach and help prepare some of His children for the second advent of His Beloved Son.

He blessed you to find entrance into His Son's kingdom, and He will open the windows of heaven to you as you prayerfully seek Him. Search the holy scriptures faithfully and prayerfully, give your humble life in the service of others, be meek and lowly of heart, and be a witness of heaven's miracles.

You are blessed to have met your eternal companion, and you have been married and sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. Your endowment in the temple has blessed you with the keys and ordinances of eternal salvation. Through you faithfulness those keys will one day permit you to enter the Celestial kingdom and there reside with your Heavenly Father eternally. Be faithful, be obedient, and the promised blessings will become a reality. You made sacred covenants with your Heavenly Father. I bless you to keep those covenants and your Heavenly Father will keep His promises to you. Return often to renew covenants, become acquainted with the holiness and beauty of the house of the Lord, be taught by the Holy Spirit, and witness the love of the Savior.

Each time you return to the temple you will be blessing the lives of deceased ancestors and others who have not received these sacred ordinances. You have a humble responsibility to research your family history. Your faithfulness in this most sacred task will be magnified by the Holy Spirit. He will lead you to ancestors and to places of unknown origin. He will lead you by the hand as you prayerfully seek to do the work for these good souls. The temple is a spiritual sanctuary and will play a vital role in both your mortal ministry and your eternal salvation. You will find the joy an happiness that comes through temple service, knowing your responsibility in mortality is to both the living and the dead. Your salvation and the salvation of ancestors depends on the work you perform in the house of the Lord.

Karen, you are blessed to be a member of the House of Israel through Ephraim, the chosen son of Joseph who was sold into Egypt. These are the choice blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the blessings of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Through this chosen lineage will come your priesthood blessing which you must ear by following the Saviour, keeping His commandments meticulously, being in the service of others, and inviting those within the sound of your voice to come unto Jesus Christ and to believe in Him.

The mission of this Church is to invite and bring souls unto Jesus Chris. This is your ministry, and you will accomplish it by preaching the gospel, helping to perfect the saints, and redeeming deceased ancestors.

You have been foreordained to be a spiritual teacher. I bless you to search the holy scriptures prayerfully and faithfully and come to know the fullness of the gos;el as you are taught by the Holy Spirit. Use your knowledge and wisdom, and you are blessed with great wisdom, to strengthen and bless the lives of you brethren and sisters in the gospel and others with whom you associate and who may be searching for truth. I bless you with the courage to speak the words of truth to those around you without hesitation. Bear to them your witness and your love for the Lord, your testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Become learned in the prophetic words of the Book of Mormon. Research this holy book and come to know the fullness of the Lord's words and the goodness and greatness of the Saviour. Your life and the lives of family members will be spiritually blessed by the message of this sacred book of scripture.

I bless you with wisdom and understanding of all truths available to you. Seek both spiritual and secular education, as your Heavenly Father wants you to become well-educated in all areas. I bless you with the gift of discernment to know truth from error and to never be deceived.

Keeping your eye single to the glory of the Lord, your compassion and charity for others will heal the broken-hearted and discouraged. A portion of your ministry will be attending to the spiritual and temporal welfare of others.

You have been foreordained to lead and inspire young women and to spiritually strengthen Relief Society sisters. The young people especially will respond to your beautiful spirit and divine testimony as you lead them moved upon by the Holy Spirit. Your caring spirit, kind and loving way, and humble heart will welcome youth into your spiritual environment.

You are blessed with an eternal companion, four beautiful children, and other children would bless and be welcomed into your home. I bless you with peace and harmony in your home, to become one with the Lord in your household. The spirits of your children are from the throne of your Heavenly Father. They are His sons and daughters to be reared in righteousness to follow the Savior. They are to be taught the gospel within the walls of their own home by their spiritual teachers, their mother and father. Priesthood interviews by their father will teach them to honor the Holy Priesthood. They are to feel of your love and concern for their spiritual and temporal welfare. Provide for their temporal needs, but more importantly teach them to love the Lord with all their hear, might, mind, and soul, to love their neighbors, and to know the spiritual value of service to others. Be faithful in holding family home evenings, family prayers, and family scripture studies, and many avenues of opportunities, blessings, and solutions to problems will be opened unto you. Be in Sunday services together, and during the week plan appropriate, wholesome recreation. Karen family is your most sacred responsibility and will, through your faithfulness, become the joy of your life. Work together, play together, and spend spiritual time together.

I bless you and your good husband to work in love and peace with each other. Love each other, sustain and support each other. Let the Lord know of your love for Him by rearing your family in the gospel and rendering service to others. Share your love and your interests by doing things together to build a spiritual home with the Holy Spirit as your companion, teach her, and comforter. I bless you as you do, your children will respond by living lives of truth and righteousness, and they will grow to be leaders and teachers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Karen, I bless you to be physically, morally, and spiritually strong to meet all of the needs of your family and others you will be called upon to care for.

I bless you to go in peace and safety and to accomplish all of the righteous desires of your heart. Your Heavenly Father loves you. He knows of the love and faithful service you render to others.

I bless you to come forth in the morning of the first resurrection clothed in glory to receive your exaltation in the Celestial Kingdom. I humbly seal these blessings upon you, all through your faithfulness and in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Approved, Willis Dee Severson - Patriarch

I'm from the tribe of Judah

03/16/2007 - by Charlene

Here's my patriarchal blessing. It tells that I'm from the tribe of Judah, but as the Stake Patriarch knew my family was Jewish, I never viewed it as evidence of divine knowledge. There are some typos in it, but I have left them in--no divine spell checker for the Patriarchs!

Sister CMB, by the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood which I hold as the Patriarch of the ****NY Stake of Zion, I place my hands upon your head to pronounce your Patriarchal Blessing.

Our Father in Heaven, I humbly ask Thee to bless each of us with Thy spirit, so that I may be able to give to Charlene her Patriarchal Blessing, that her Blessing will always be a source of strength, comfort, and inspiration to her throughout her life.

Charlene, you are, indeed, a choice and noble daughter of your Heavenly Parents. You have been created in their image and likeness, and you have been sent to the earth in these latter days so that you can prepare for exaltation and eternal life, and to live once again with your Heavenly parents. You are richly blessed to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. the only true and living church of Jesus upon the face of the earth.

During the pre-existence, you were a faithful and valiant spirit who accepted the Plan of Salvation and Jesus Christ as your Savior and Reedemer. You rejoiced at the opportunity to come to earth to experience mortality, to receive a body, to be tried and tested in all things so that you could prove that you are worthy in every way to return and live with your Father in Heaven and receive exaltation and eternal life which is the greatest gift that he can give to you. Always remember who you are and why you have been sent to earth at this time. Never allow anyone or anything to take away from you the great blessing and promises that have been given to you as a daughter of God. I bless you that you may have the faith and the courage to be able to resist the fiery darts of the adversary and to be able to avoid the snares that the adversary will set for you in his efforts to remove you from the safety and security of the gospel.

You truly have a sweet and humble spirit and you are receptive to spiritual things. I urge you to cultivate this gift that you have received from your Father and to use it to strengthen your testimony, to increase your knowledge of the gospel, and to strive for perfection during the days of your probation. Listen to the prompting of the spirit that will come to you when you read and ponder about the scriptures, and when you fast and pray. the spirit will reveal to you the will of your Father in Heaven and some of the mysteries of Godliness. Charlene, learn to discern the voice of the spirit from all of the other voices that you will hear, so that you will never be led astray by wicked and cunning people who want to deceive you and take away the precious gifts that you have. Depend upon the spirit and do not rely upon your own understanding. Acknowledge the hand of the lord in all things, and you will be richly blessed to have the righteous desires of your heart granted unto you.

Charlene, you have been sent to the earth in fulfillment of promises given to you by your Father in Heaven during the pre-existence. You have been reserved to come to the earth in these latter days so that you may partake of the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I declare to you that you have been sent here so that you may accomplish the divine purposes that your Father has given to you. You are to become a savior on Mount Zion in behalf of your kindred dead, many of whom are waiting anxiously for you to take an active interest in their salvation. They cannot become perfect without you, and neither can you become perfect without them. When the sacred ordinances of the gospel are performed in their behalf, generations will be linked together for time and all eternity by the power of the Priesthood. Surely, you will become a part of your ancestors throughout this reat and important work that the Lord has given to you to accomplish. You are also to become a wife and mother in Zion and to bring choice spirit children of you Father in Heaven into this life. You and your husband will be richly blessed by being parents of choice spirits that your Father in Heaven has reserved to come to the earth at this time. I bless you with joy and rejoicing in your posterity; being a wife and mother in Zion will be the most important work that you will do during your life.

I bless in the Lord's time that the spirit will move upon you in an unmistakenable way so that you will know that you are to find your eternal companion, a choice young man who is a worthy Elder in Israel, with whom you will enter into a period of courtship that will culminate in your temple marriage when you will kneel at the altar and be sealed together for time and all eternity in the new and everlasting covenant of marriage. Your temple marriage will be the gateway for you and your husband to enter into the highest degree of the Celestial Kingdom where you may have an eternal increase worlds without end.

Charlene, you must be vigilant during the days of your probation. Put the establishment of Zion and the building up of the Kingdom of God first in your life, and all things will be added unto you.

The Lord has blessed you with a keen mind and intellect, and with the ability to quickly learn and understand. This gift will help you to obtain your education and to teach your children about this life and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I bless you that you will be able to attend college and prepare for a career that will enable you to support and sustain your family. College will also be the place where you will find your eternal companion.

Be faithful and dilligent in everything that you undertake in this life. Do the very best you can, according to your capabilities, to fulfill the duties and responsibilities that will be given to you because this is the way that you will increase your talents and acquire further knowledge that will help you to prepare to live in the Celestial Kingdom.

Charlene, I declare unto you your lineage. You are truly a daughter of Israel, through the loins of Judah, and you are entitled to receive all of the blessings that have been given to the posterity of Father Abraham, who is your progenitor. I bless you that you will come to know and to understand the importance and significance of your lineage as a daughter of Judah. Be proud of your heritage as an Israelite. Great blessings await you as the lord fulfills all of his promises made to the house of Israel in these latter days. Surely, you will have the opportunity to help your Father in Heaven to bring to pass his work and his glory as you labor in Zion and help to restore and gather together the House of Israel in preparation for the return of the Savior.

I bless you that you may have joy and happiness in doing the work of the Lord, in raising your family, and in helping your brothers and sisters. All of the work that you do, and all of the preparations that you make during your life will help you to fulfill the responsibilities that you will be given during the millenial reign of the Savior, and prepare you to receive your exaltation.

I bless you, as a daughter of Israel, that you may come forth in the morning of the first resurrection clothed with glory, immortality, and eternal life. All of these blessings I seal upon you, through your faithfulness, in the name of the Holy One of Israel, even Jesus Christ, Amen.

(Signed)RFB, Stake Patriarch

I love how the Lord needs my help in establishing the kingdom of Zion. What kind of deity can't do it himself? And I love how it warns me not to trust my own understanding--translation: blindly swallow whatever 'truths' we are feeding you at the time. And the biggest question I had after my PB, I never asked anyone, so I'll ask it now: Prior to receiving my PB, I had been quite ill and I received a priesthood blessing from my bishop who said that "no matter what you don't need to worry--you are guaranteed to go straight to the Celestial Kingdom due to your righteousness". Well, I guess the Bishop didn't expect me to survive, but I did. And when I received my PB and there was all the stuff about getting to the CK on condition of faithfulness, I wondered how I could have a "guarantee", but then have it rescinded. But the Bishop who had given me the blessing had told me that I could never tell anyone else the contents of that blessing, since it might upset others to know I was definitely going to the CK. When I first left the Church I half-expected to be struck down by a lightening bolt, but here I am! Thank God I am out of there. "Free, free, thank God Almighty, I'm free at last!"

Dear Sister Sarah Gross

02/14/2007 - by apatheticskeptic

Comments: The following is my patriarchal blessing I received when I was 12. I typed my blessing up a couple years ago, it is letter for letter what I have on my official copy.

Dear Sister Sarah Gross,

By the power of the great holy Melchizedek Priesthood and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I lay my hand upon your head on this Saturday afternoon to give you a patriarchal blessing.

You are the kind of girl that has earned your blessings before most people do. You have had good training from father and mother. But you also have a very active good brain of your own. You know how to keep the Commandments and you are willing to do the things that the Lord wants you to do. So, you were sent to your family on purpose because you would get the help at times that you need it from father and mother. You also have the wisdom to go to your knees quite often and talk to Heavenly Father and you are to do that the rest of your life. Gain all the things that you can to become that great and powerful woman that everybody respects. You will do that providing that you will live according to the laws, the commandments and all of those things that the lord is trying to prompt you to do. You will get so that you can recognize the promptings of the Holy Spirit to you almost like it was someone talking out loud to you. The things that you hear that the Lord wants you to hear, you will be wise enough on your own to go to work at it and see that those things take place so that you will become who you were sent here to be.

I bless you from this day forward that you will grow in wisdom and knowledge each day that you live. You will be kind to yourself by living the Commandments and paying honest tithings and doing those things that our Heavenly Father wants you to do. You can have a great life. You can be filled with wisdom and be filled with appreciation of life if you will work for it. That is what is important - you have to earn it. You have to work for it. So, from this day forward, Sarah, go talk to you Father in Heaven quite often. Get His feelings concerning you and you go work to make those feelings come to pass. If you will do that you will be very widely known by many people that respect and honor your name and that of your family. They will wonder why at your age you are filled with so much wisdom. It is because you are asking for it. Your heavenly father is not the kind of person that sees our need and then just comes down and sees to it that we have our need. We have got to ask him for his help and then he will go a little bit further to do it.

So I bless you that you will have a great life, a life where you can respect yourself and where you can respect all people. It mattereth not their color or their nationality. If they are keeping the commandments and if you see any way that you can possibly help them, you do so and you will earn many more blessings by being that kind of person.

We were sent here to help each other and to use the good things that we see and recognize and to use them with wisdom and not waste our time and eventually going down the drain. We are to build ourselves to be leaders in the kingdom. We will see to it that the kingdom moves forward with great force and rapidly it will cover the face of the earth. It will be a means of our salvation so that we can live in the presence of god the eternal father again and be taught by the master some more.

This mortal life is a great blessing. It is a proving ground to see if we can become who we were sent here to be but we have to earn that. So be ambitious and go forward with enthusiasm for life. Do not let the blessings that come to you sit idle, use them. Whenever you can, use every blessing that comes from our Heavenly Father for your own benefit and good to help other people. It all boils down to this that you were not sent here to be a failure. You were sent here to be successful. You can and will be successful if you will do as the promptings of the Spirit guide you.

I bless you with good health most all of your life. There may be little problems that you have, but you can work with those problems so that you will gain satisfaction and you can live a happy, normal life and thank Heavenly Father for your blessings. There could be many positions that you will be called to with the framework of the Church through your life. If any of those callings come to you as many should, take hold of those calls and battle forward as fast as you can with the assignment and be successful and do not give up until you are successful. Everybody will respect you and you will respect them. this mortal existence is not even the twinkling of an eye of what life will be after. Eternal life is forever and if we want to live in peace and joy and happiness forever, we have to make sure that we earn that. So you will go forward with that great thought in mind - that with the help of god the eternal father you will reach the end of the road as far as knowledge of what you are supposed to do. you will become a person that is far and wide and respected by all.

I bless you that you will be a very powerful woman and talk to Heavenly Father often. Let Him know of your thankfulness that He is there that He is alive, that Jesus Christ, our Savior is alive and that you are willing to help wherever you are asked.

Your lineage comes down through that great house of Joseph though the lions of Ephraim. Through your studying and through your praying and though the promptings of the Holy Spirit, it will be made known to you personally why it is so important that you come through the loins of Ephraim. People could tell you about that but you would not respect what they tell you nearly as much as if you earn it yourself and gain that knowledge because you were interested.

Please live within the bounds of your father and other's home being kind to father and mother and the rest of the family, living a good example before everyone wherever you go and be able to help wherever you can and you will become who the Lord sent you here to be.

I send you forth this day with all the encouragement that I can give unto you that you will obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit and be successful in you life and that you can enjoy to the fullest the life that you have.

This patriarchal blessing I confer and seal upon you by the power of the holy Melchizedek Priesthood and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. One more thing that the Lord wants you to know. He wants you to know that it is quite ordinary for boys that boys go on missions for the Kingdom. It is not nearly as important that a woman goes. She has a life and children to raise and I bless you that you will raise a family during your life and that they will all love you and that you can become a master of your soul with the help of God the Eternal Father. If you are called to serve a mission - go and do the very best that you can and you will find that it would be, if you want it to be, a great help in your life.

This blessing I confer and seal upon you by the power of that great Melchizedek Priesthood and in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Patriarch Kay W. Wilkinson

Here's my oh so special, secret and sacred Patriarchal Blessing

01/20/2007 - by ausgaz of Recovery from Mormonism

Brother Garry,

I lay my hands on your head and with the authority of the holy Melchizedek Priesthood I hold, I give you a patriarchal blessing. Garry, your blessing is to stay with you for the remainder of your days here on earth.

Your Heavenly Father is pleased that you hold His holy priesthood and that you are a member in good standing in church. You are an Israelite descended from Ephraim, the son of Joseph. This is the patriarchal line which has brought you to earth.

I bless you in your church callings, Garry, for you will be called to many different positions from time to time, to set an example and lead people in the work of your Heavenly Father here on earth. The calls you receive in the church are intended to give you practise and exercise in the knowledge of the gospel you have.

The time will come when you will be called to serve a mission for your Heavenly Father to seek out the honest in heart from this world of unbelief and trouble we are placed in. It will be a time of learning for you, a time to learn to rely on the arm of your Heavenly Father. You will come from it a strong and mature person, well able to cope with anything the world may present to you. Above all you will have an amazing testimony of the gospel that approaches knowledge and wisdom.

You will be called to positions of responsibility to direct the lives of the saints of God, to keep them on the path of truth and righteousness, as a judge in Israel. I bless you in your working day, Garry. As you meet the obligations and trials of your working day with a clear conscience and a prayer to your Heavenly Father you will overcome the obstacles before you. You will be able to progress in your work and find opportunities to study your real interests, the creative constructive work you desire in righteousness. There are many people who can help you if you but seek them out, they will direct you in a manner to fulfil those things you desire.

Garry, the time will come when you will meet a young lady who loves you dearly, someone you are able to take to the Temple of the Lord. She will be sealed to you for all eternity. The love between you will be your choicest possession and your greatest responsibility in this life for it is intended to last throughout the eternities and is a gift from your Heavenly Father. A family will be added to you to grace your days and give you experience. There will be wonderful spirits amongst them to bring you joy with their accomplishments.

Garry, the Lord is aware of you and you are numbered among His chosen sons. He has a busy and eventful future ahead of you. There will be times when you feel overworked, borne down by the pressures of responsibility. You must realize this is part of mortality, if you ask your Heavenly Father He will bring assurance to your heart that He knows of you and your problem and it will seem of small moment, for the future He has ahead of you is wonderful beyond your comprehension at this time.

His promise to you is sure and will not fail while ever you are keeping the commandments and doing what you know is pleasing to Him. You will be among those brought forth with the just at the first resurrection to greet your Saviour. I seal this blessing upon your head with the authority vested in me and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

The Patriarchal Blessing of
Bryce Anderson

"I seal you up against the power of the destroyer that you might come forth on the morning of the first resurrection. . ."

I'll admit that my patriarchal blessing did get a few things right. The name, for one thing. The name was dead on. To his credit, the patriarch never slipped and called me Bill, or Clarissa, or anything like that. But over the years since I received this blessing, I've been absolutely stunned at how far off most of his predictions for me turned out to be. A quick overview of the errors:

Such scattershot inaccuracy cannot be chalked up to coincidence. He must have been doing it on purpose.

More important, where was the nifty stuff? Where was the stunning revelation that I helped kick/push/drag Lucifer out of heaven? Why couldn't I have been promised a hundred wives in the Celestial Kingdom? Why couldn't he have made me an elite soldier in the final siege against Jerusalem? How about letting me assassinate the Antichrist? Somebody has to do it.

I didn't even get an interesting lineage. Ephraim? Bleeech! Everyone gets Ephraim!

In short, I got a cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste string of paragraphs so well-worn that ninety percent of the blessing was recycled from the one my older brother got. With only a few exceptions (those mentioning my current military service) the words could have described LDS expectations for every young man. When, near the end, the patriarch solemnly proclaimed that I was "one of Heavenly Father's special sons," I subconsciously added, "Just like everyone else."

Here it is, in all its insipid glory. Enjoy:

6 September 1995

Brother Bryce Corey Anderson, by the authority of the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood, I lay my hands upon your head and give you a Patriarchal blessing which will be as the Spirit shall direct.

Bryce, you are of a choice lineage, even that of Joseph, who was sold into Egypt, through his son Ephraim. This choice lineage entitles you to all blessings of the new and everlasting covenant if you are true and faithful in keeping the laws and ordinances of the gospel.

You are privileged to have been born in a family who have taught you the gospel and correct principles. Continue to follow their counsel and admonitions and they will bless you as you put these principles into practice. You will be able to teach the things which your parents have taught you to others.

You have been born through a long line of noble ancestry and goodly parents. Always honor your heritage and do that which is expected of you. Never let peer pressure lead you into paths which would be wrong in the sight of the Lord.

Bryce, you were one of the choice, faithful, loyal sons of your Heavenly Father in your pre-earth life. So your spirit was reserved to come to earth at this time when the fullness of the gospel was upon the earth and in the dispensation of the fullness of time to perform a special mission which you were foreordained to do. You have been given gifts and talents in order for you to accomplish this mission. So continue to develope [sic] them and they will be a great blessing to you, to your family, and your associates.

You have been blessed to be a member of the only true and living church upon the earth and to have received the Aaronic priesthood. You have been faithful in this calling. As you continue to be worthy you will be blessed to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. As you magnify your calling in this priesthood you will eventually become a joint heir with Jesus Christ and receive all that the Father hath.

As you honor your priesthood you will be called to many important and responsible positions in the Church. As you teach by the Spirit and follow the counsel of those who have a right to guide and direct you, you will be a great influence for good and be able to set a proper example to those around you. You will enjoy your work and callings in the Church.

You have prepared and are preparing to be a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You will be blessed, as you go into the mission field, to be well prepared and be able to preach the gospel with power and authority to those you labor among. Your tongue will be loosed and you will be able to bring some of your contacts, with the help of the Lord, into the Church. This will bring much joy and happiness to you. You will be guided and directed on this mission and again be able to return to your family and loved ones in peace and in safety.

In due time of the Lord you will have a desire to seek for a choice companion. Such a one will be raised up for you. Seek for the guidance of the Lord in making this important decision of who you should marry. You and your chosen companion will go to the House of the Lord and there be sealed for time and all eternity. You will become a father in Israel and you will have the desire to raise up your children with a knowledge of the gospel. They will be a great blessing to you and to their associates. They will have a love of home and appreciate the things you have done for them.

You will have a desire to continue your education after your mission and time in the service. This knowledge will give you a vocation so that you will never lack for the necessities of life.

Continue to go to the Lord daily in prayer and to read the scriptures on a regular basis, particularly the Book of Mormon. Your knowledge, understanding, and comprehension of the gospel will continue to grow throughout your life.

You will see many of the prophecies fulfilled pertaining to the second coming of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As you follow the guidance of the living prophets you will be protected from the trials and tribulations which are going to occur prior to this great event. One of your responsibilities is to help build up the Kingdom of God here upon the earth in preparation for His coming.

You will be an influence for good, not only during the time of your mission and afterwards, but also during the time you spend in the service of your country.

Strive to establish a home where peace, love, and harmony abide. Hold your family home evenings. Sustain and support your beloved eternal companion in her responsibilities that she might do likewise for you.

Bryce, as you go through life be of good cheer. the Lord will bless you with peace of mind, and hope. If adversity should come He will bless you to overcome these things through the faith which you will have.

As you keep the commandments and follow the prompting of the Holy Ghost you will be blessed to receive some of the gifts of the Spirit. Among these gifts will be faith, understanding, wisdom, and knowledge. These great gifts will greatly bless you in the responsibilities which will be yours.

Bryce, you are one of Heavenly Fathers [sic] special, loyal, [sic] sons and he loves you very much.

I seal these blessings upon you, Bryce, together with all former blessings which have been pronounced upon your head. I seal you up against the power of the destroyer that you might come forth on the morning of the first resurrection clothed with glory, immortality, and eternal life, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Saul Anderson Clark,


Bill's Patriarchal Blessing

09/05/2000 - anon

According to your desire I lay my hands upon your head, and as a servant of the Heavenly Father, a Patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, confer upon you your Patriarchal Blessing. I ask our Heavenly Father to answer the prayer that was given by your good sister, this night, that I may say to you the things that will be helpful to you, that will be a protecting, guiding influence in your life and a comfort to you as you go through life.

You, are already blessed greatly, because you have been permitted to come through good and worthy parents whose hopes and desires are for your success and for your happiness and who have sought to teach and train you in paths of truth and virtue. Because you have responded to these teachings the Holy Ghost has been your constant companion and has shielded you from the many evils that has surrounded you. He will continue to guard you, protect you, and help you in as much as you are true and faithful.

Therefore, remember the covenants that you have made and that you will make, Keep them holy and sacred before the Heavenly lather.

You are, also, blessed because you have been chosen to come through Royal Lineage. You are of the house of Israel, through Joseph, who was sold into Egypt. You are of the loins of his son, Ephraim. You shall receive your blessings through this lineage, through your faithfulness.

I bless you and ask our Heavenly Father to prompt me and to guide these things that I say to you and that it may be in accordance to His mind and will.

Bill, the lineage that has been pronounced upon your head at this particular time entitles you to all of the blessings of the First Born. To the blessings of heirship. To the blessings of faith, knowledge and understanding.

These things require faithfulness and endurance to the end, through which you shall receive all that the Heavenly Father has; and through which you shall be able to endure a greater weight of glory, even the weight of the highest degree in the Celestial Kingdom of God. Therefore, seek after these things for they are obtainable through righteous living.

I bless you in your home. I bless you in your mission. I bless you in every undertaking that comes to you, especially, that you may rejoice with your loved ones and continue to be an encouragement and a light to them.

Bill, Remember, the promise of our Heavenly Father to His servants, that if your eye be single to the glory of God your whole body shall be filled with light and there shall be no darkness in your and the body that is filled with light comprehendeth all things. Therefore, seek to purify your yourself before the Heavenly Father that light may be in you. If you will do this the time shall come when the Heavenly Father shall unveil His face and you shall see Him and be with Him.

At this time I commend you unto the Heavenly Father for your goodness, for your strength and for your willingness to serve Him and in as much as He has called you into His service I bless you with strength. I bless you in your mind. I bless you in your body and I bless you in your spirit. That your body may respond to the requirements that are made of it. That by keeping the great law of health, The Word of Wisdom, reap the promise that you shall walk and not faint, that you shall run and not be weary. That you shall be able to have the strength to accomplish those things which you set forth to accomplish.

I bless you in your mind that you may be alert according to this promise the light that is in you will bring comprehension and understanding.

I ask our Heavenly Father to help you. Sanctify this blessing for your good and for your help that it, together with the scriptures of our Lord, be to you a way of life. You shall have joy and satisfaction in the pursual of the life of the Savior of the world. The scriptures tell of Him and His ministry among men here upon this earth. Therefore, devote yourself to learning of the scriptures for they are they which testify of Him. If you will do this the witness that Jesus is the Christ shall come into your heart with greater power and you shall know and understand that no other event in history, no other principle of the Gospel is more divine or important than this most transcendent event of all the attoning sacrifice of the Savior of the world.

Therefore, Bill, believe in Him. Believe that He is and that He is the rewarder of those who diligently serve Him and keep His commandments and He will bless you and no righteous desire of your heart shall remain unsatisfied. Search diligently, pray always and be believing and all things that are for your good will work together.

I bless you, especially, with discernment, with the spirit that will help you to see clearly your true position before the Heavenly Father. Your heart shall go out to those with whom you labor, to those to whom you present the Gospel of our Lord. You shall be able to always retain a remission of your sins and you shall rejoice in the glory, and the power of Him who created you.

In the things that are true and good and just.

I bless you with discernment that you may be able to see the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, danger and safety, truth and error. You shall not be misled by the philosophies and ideas of the men of the world but revelation shall be your guide and your path of safety.

I bless you that you shall fulfill an honorable and righteous and joyful mission. I bless you in time that you may return home to your loved ones, and that you may seek further education and enlightment, that you may continue to be a source of a help to the Heavenly Father in building up His Kingdom and the establishment of Zion upon the earth.

If you are true and faithful and determined the time shall come when you shall have the privilege of taking a choice companion to the Temple of the Lord where you shall be married for Time and All Eternity. You shall become a father in Israel, and together with your companion, rear children in the New and Ever Everlasting Covenant of Marriage. You shall have the strength and the talent to build a home of your own and together with your loved ones, make it a place where the spirit of the Heavenly Father will delight to be.

Bill, if you will follow these things and seek to accomplish them I bless you that doubt, misunderstanding, misgivings and evil of every nature will leave you arid be replaced with faith, with knowledge and with understanding and with the determination to go forth and serve the Heavenly Father with all your mind. might and strength. If you will do this more power will come to you and the witness that you are approved of the Heavenly Father will come into your heart.

Therefore I bless you that you may go forth into the mission field as a servant of our Heavenly Father with strength, with great knowledge and understanding and with a witness in your heart; and as you have expressed it, the most important thing, a testimony of the Gospel of our Lord.

These things I bless you with and commend you unto our Heavenly Father, again, and say to you that if you will put your trust in Him your life shall be preserved until your mission upon this earth and when it is finished you shall have the privilege of going back into the presence of the Heavenly Father where you shall remain until the Morning of the First Resurrection when you shall be caught up to meet the Savior at His coming and you shall have the knowledge that you are approved of your Heavenly Father. You shall go forth and accomplish the things that are good for you to accomplish.

I bless you with these things and ask the Heavenly Father to sanctify this blessing for your good and for your help and say to you that if you will be faithful and true all the blessings that you need for your help and your good, for your guidance and for your protection shall be yours through your faithfulness.

To this end I bless you and ask our Heavenly Father, again, to sanctify this blessing for your good and for your help for I pronounce it upon you by virtue and power of the Holy Priesthood which I hold and in the name of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer, Amen


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